Cosmic principle of Dimensional Ascension

Planets and fixed stars are supposed to pass through ‘the Galaxy’s Night’ according to the great cycle and short cycle of the universe. There are another mini-term cycles out of a short cycle in which ‘the Galaxy’s Night’ comes to an end.

*The Galaxy’s Night: the dark period in which a planet enters. In this period, the planet goes through the darkness by which the inhabitants on the planet learn things such as good/bad, right/wrong, day/night, male/female, peace/war, love/hatred, material/spiritual, etc.

The planets, where the Cosmic Academy (the school of material world) is allowed, have 13th, 15th or 17th dimension of Gaia-consciousness.

When a 13th dimensional planet enters dimensional ascension after the Galaxy’s Night, the top executive of 15th dimension is assigned as the general manager of the ascension. The Gaia of 13th dimensional planet takes on the Logos of the planet.

At the case of dimensional ascension in a 15th dimensional planet, the top executive of 15th dimension is both the Gaia and the Logos of the planet.

The top executive of 17th dimension is in charge of 15th dimensional planet’s ascension. The Creator in 18th dimension holds the position of supervisor for the planet, in case the energy of Gaia is the one inherited from the Creator’s own.

It is a very unusual case for the Creator in 18th dimension to be in charge of the dimensional ascension. That is because the Creator could intervene the process of dimensional ascension only for the planet who has the 17th dimensional Gaia consciousness.

The Earth is managed by the Creator family group, which was differentiated directly from the Creator in 18th dimension and 18th Level. This is why the Creator directly intervene the ascension of the Earth.

The 13th dimensional Mars is the planet of reptiles. The Mars has Gaia-consciousness of the Omega (Darkness) – the Creator in 18th dimension and 15th Level. In case of the Mars’ dimensional ascension, the top executive of 15th dimension manages the overall process of ascension, and the Omega becomes the supervisor.

Buddha is the planet Gaia and the planet Logos of the Earth. Buddha is the avatar differentiated directly from the Creator (18th dimension and 18th level).

The Earth is both the experimental planet and the seed planet, which has been prepared 2.5 million years ago in order to close the 6th cycle and to open the 7th cycle of the great universe. The Creator (18th dimension and 18th level) - who is the ultimate supervisor of the great universe - will directly come down to the Earth with human body and take charge of overall process of the Earth’s ascension.

Termination of civilization and dimensional ascension of the Earth will be managed directly by the Creator. This is very rare in the universe. The Creator came down to the lowest position to open the 7th cycle of the universe, which he has been pushing ahead with his all effort and passion.

The planets under 13th dimension and fixed stars will ascend according to the great cycle of the universe.

Since the point dated March 1, 2016 (the Earth-time), the dimensional ascension of the universe has been achieved. From the 15th dimensional universe to the 18th dimensional universe. Following this timeline, all the planets and fixed stars over the universe have ascended.

Udeka kindly announce only to the ones who have open eyes and open ears that the day has already started. The termination of Earth civilization and the Earth ascension is the cosmic event which is managed and supervised directly by the Creator, our ultimate father in this great universe.

April 25, 2016.
Udeka writes.
*Translated by Taejo. Edited by Metrica.


Oneness of God and Man, and with the Higher-Self

For the people who try to get the truth and enlightenment, being-oneness with God is the ultimate objective. Being-oneness of God and man is the final destination of all the humans.

In the Eastern culture, it was called as the 'being-oneness of God and man', 'Saint', 'Holy man', 'Buddhahood' in Buddhism, and 'Tong'(meaning Enlightened Master) in other newly created Korean religions. In the Bible, it can be explained as the 'advent of the holy spirit’ or ‘fullness of the holy spirit’.

In the Western culture, there is ‘I’(avatar) who feel sense, and the 'true I’ who sent myself here from the unseen world. It is called as the 'higher-self’ in the spiritual community or in the New Age thought.

In the unseen world, there is another ‘I’ who is definitely perfect and superior to me in all the aspects. The human race has considered the being as God and has tried to meet. This is the reason why the various religions and beliefs have been created.

There might be various ways to explain the truths and nature of the universe. However, Udeka would like to express them by Udeka’s own way.

For spirits differentiated from the Great Spirits in 16th dimension, there is only one place to get back. Even though they get lost, or take a long way around, the place they must get back is where they came from.

The origin of human beings is not the same. The final higher-self is different, according to the world where the avatar has started to be differentiated.

Being-oneness with God needs to be begun from the low dimensions. The final enlightenment of being-oneness with the Divine in oneself could not be achieved just by one time awakening.

The spiritual hierarchy of higher-selves is as follows (in terms of 18th dimensional universe):

* 4th dimension: ‘I’ exists as avatar
* 5th dimension: My 1st higher-self exists
* 7th dimension: My 2nd higher-self exists
* 9th dimension: My 3rd higher-self exists
* 11th dimension: My 4th higher-self exists
* 13th dimension: My 5th higher-self exists
* 15th dimension: My 6th higher-self exists
* 16th dimension: My 7th higher-self exists
* 17th dimension: My 8th higher-self exists
* 18th dimension: My 9th higher-self exists
*The above description is just an example. The final dimension of higher-self is different per person. It depends on the universal status of avatar and its original spirit. 

16th or the higher dimensions are out of the local universe.

As everyone’s birth time is different, the spirit-souls also have their spiritual genealogy of birth. The individual dimension where the spirit-soul were created (or differentiated) is mutually different and unique.

The descending spirit-souls are the ones whose higher-selves are in 12th dimension or higher. The ascending spirit-souls are the ones whose higher-selves are in 11th dimension or lower.

For ascending spirit-souls, the descending spirit-souls are both the spiritual parents. The spirit-souls have the spiritual family as well. The group of spirit-souls in the same dimensions, which have horizontal connections of spiritual differentiation, is called ‘the Grouped Spirit-Soul’. On the contrary, the group of spirit-souls with different dimensions, which have vertical connections of spiritual differentiation, is called ‘the Family Group’.

In the viewpoint of spiritual practice, it is regarded as natural that we should seek for enlightenment through discipline and meditation by oneself alone. But in the viewpoint of universe, being together and interchanging energies with the Grouped Spirit-Soul or the Family Group could produce more fruitful outcomes.

The people, who have close relationships or are living together with me, are likely to be my ‘the Grouped Spirit-Souls’ or my ‘the Family Group’. They are helping each other.

My wife might be another ‘I’, my son might be ‘the Grouped Spirit-Soul’ of mine, and a neighbor might be another ‘I’ who shares the same higher-self with me.

The enlightenment and truth are not far from you. The universal order and principles are hidden in ordinary and common things.

Higher consciousness doesn’t mean getting more knowledge to be intelligent and smart. Higher consciousness is enlightenment, being-oneness with God, and being-oneness with higher-self.

If you feel the followings:
your view-point is changed and now you see the world deep and high,
your attitude and mind toward people or animals around you get different,
you begin to understand and forgive the things which you have never accepted and admitted before,
you begin to feel comfortable with the things which offended your eyes and ears,
then it means “at that moment, your consciousness was expanded. The space of conceiving and interpretation was extended.”

When consciousness is extended, passions begin to arise, and love flows out your heart, then you might be already in being-oneness with God or your higher-self.

If you expect something special or any capabilities as the evidence of being oneness with higher-self or God, you will face frustration. That sort of event could not happen. If something special occurred, then it simply means that another process of learning is going on. That could not be the symptoms or evidence of being oneness with higher-self or God.

The real essence of belief is ‘believing without seeing’. There is nothing more precious than a piece of pure mind and reflections with purity and warmth. The higher beings in the universe they are, the more comfortable and humble in the lowest they should feel. They have to share the pains and difficulties together with the ordinary people.

The core of spiritual learning is to extend one’s consciousness. With the extended consciousness, you should go beyond the border of right and wrong. Without any conditions or reason, you should deliver pure love to anyone around you.

Getting enlightenment or truth does not mean that we could conduct certain unusual events or miracles. Nor does it mean that we should be respected by other people. The truly enlightened people won’t be revealed to the world until the right time comes up.

When the right time comes up, the prepared Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, or the Light Workers will spread out the Love of the Great Universe, living with the ordinary people. In the circumstances of extremely severe disaster and chaos. In the dead-end virus-disaster. In the deep sorrow and despair. As a piece of light and hope.

As such shall it be. As such was it done.
March 26, 2016.
Udeka writes.
*Translated by Taejo. Edited by Metrica.


‘Zero-point’ and the new birth of 18th Dimensional Universe

The earth is an experimental planet where various experiments of the universe have been carried out during 2.5 million years, based on the consciousness of 17th dimensional planet Gaia, which had been born by the Creator’s special differentiation of spirits.

The earth is the planet prepared for closing the 6th period and initiating the 7th period of the universe. For this purpose, all the karmas in the universe had been implanted to the earth. The earth history of 2.5 million years was the grand epic co-created by the human race as homo-sapiens and the Heaven.

The ascension of universe from 15th dimension to 18th had been prepared and planned at the level of the Earth. The planet earth had been already designed as 18th dimension, not 15th dimension. This plan has been implemented during 2.5 million years in the Earth history.

All the possible problems, which could occur when the universe of 18th dimensional hierarchy spreads out, have been experimented on the planet Earth. For this purpose, all the necessary data have been collected, all the errors have been corrected, and all the variables have been eliminated.

This project had never been tried in the universe. Before the universe ascends from 15th dimension to 18th, all the possible experiments needed to be done on the Earth in advance. This is why the Earth have had to be directed by the highest dimensional Gaia consciousness (17th dimension).

The 18th dimensional project has been experimented through many ups and downs of civilizations in the Earth. About 1,000 years between the birth of Buddha (B.C 3000) and that of Jesus (B.C 2000) is the transition period when the 15th and 18th dimensions overlaps. Since the time-point of Jesus’s birth, the 18th dimensional universe was spread out on the earth. That time period is called ‘Zero-point’ of the universe.

About 2,000 years ago, the earth planet had been changed from 15th dimension to 18th dimension as follows:

1st dimension: world of minerals and element-spirits (differentiated by 15 levels)

2nd dimension: world of plants (differentiated by 15 levels)

3rd dimension: world of animals (differentiated by 15 levels);
                    CIS(Consciousness Implementation System) installed

4th dimension: multiple dimensional earth (differentiated by 16 levels);
                    Homo-sapience as dominant race

5th dimension: spiritual world (or astral plane, the Heaven); managed by Gaia,
                    differentiated by 15 levels,
                    the world where 1st higher-self exists and manage 4th dimension

6th dimension: world of white colored spirit-souls to travel material world
                    (differentiated by 15 levels)

7th dimension: 2nd higher-self exists, the Government of Heaven
                    (differentiated by 15 levels)

8th dimension: world of silver/pink colored spirit-souls to travel material world
                    (differentiated by 15 levels)

9th dimension: 3rd higher-self exists, the Higher Committee of Heaven
                    (differentiated by 15 levels)

10th dimension: world of yellow colored spirit-souls; (differentiated by 15 levels)

11th dimension: 4th higher-self exists, the highest status of ‘Government of Heaven’,
                     where the Committee of Karma and
                     the Committee of Reincarnation are in operation;
                     (differentiated by 15 levels)

12th dimension: world of green colored spirit-souls; ‘highly evolved beings’,
                     The 15 angel groups inhabit; (differentiated by 15 levels)

13th dimension: 5th higher-self exists, manage the non-material universe,
                     administrative organization to manage ‘highly evolved beings’;
                     (differentiated by 15 levels)

14th dimension: The 15 Archangel groups, the most evolved beings in local universe;
                     (differentiated by 15 levels)

15th dimension: 6th higher-self exists, manage the 15 Archangel groups,
                     the Creators of local universe inhabit,
                     top-level administrative Bureau of local universe;
                     (differentiated by 15 levels)

16th dimension: ‘Central Universe’; the 15 ‘Great Spirits’ group,
                      spirit-souls graduated from the local universe,
                      the top executive bureau to manage galactic administration;
                      (differentiated by 18 levels)

17th dimension: ‘Havona Universe’; the highest dimensional Gaias inhabit;
                      (differentiated by 18 levels)

18th dimension: ‘The Paradise’; the world of the Creators; (differentiated by 18 levels)

All the energies of 18th dimensional universe have arrived to the earth. The Creator had accompanied Jesus for 3 years and 6 months as the walk-in and had done all the miracles.

From the time-point that the Creator as physical body had been acting with Jesus, all the reference points in the great universe have been aligned to zero-point centered by the earth. In the universe, it is called ‘Zero-point’. The Earth will be the center point in the 7th cycle of the great universe.

This is the cosmic meaning of Jesus’s birth. Now, Udeka is revealing The Holy Plan by the Creator and the cosmic meaning of ‘Zero-point’, which have been hidden throughout the history.

‘Fate in time’ is the thing like this. Udeka reveals the hidden truths for the beings who seek for with open-eyes and open-ears.

As of March 1, 2016, the dimensional ascension of the great universe has started as 18th dimension from 15th dimension. The followed actions have been busily taken outside the earth’ atmosphere. As soon as the earth’s dimensional ascension completes, the detailed settings of the great universe as 18th dimension will be done. The great universe will start the grand journey as the 18th dimensional universe.

As such shall it be. As such was it done.

March 29, 2016
Udeka writes.
*Translated by Taejo. Edited by Metrica.

09. All sorts of Saojung

▶Saojung: a character from a Korean TV animation 『Fly Super-board』 who has very bad hearing ability so he understands wrong and answers incoherently.

There are so many people who tend to hear
and speak only ‘what they want’.
Repeatedly packing the sack of mind over and over,
sulking like a little child,
revealing their thoughts rashly and then get hurt,
being stubborn with unpurified personality,
so many ‘child-adults’ are all around.
More than half of the spiritual people are Saojungs.
How do you think ordinary people are?

People who have too many stories to say
are trying to practice and learn,
to find the truth,
to take the role of the light workers,
and to enlighten their chakra system.
There are too many people who visit 『The tree of life in the light』.
Constantly, they come to speak what they want to say
or to hear what they want to hear.

For the people who leave right after, they think, they can’t hear what they want
to leave with any feelings left,
Udeka is filtering them out with unpleasant words and metaphors.
The expedients and tests to pick out are always ready.

The people who are not ready yet,
the people who don’t have empty egos,
the people who have separated consciousness such as ‘I am the best’ or ‘You are the best’,
the people who brandish the sword of justice madly to judge what is right and wrong,
the people who became masters of Saojungs,
Those kind of people are not welcome.

The people who have to say what they want,
and the people who grumble, get mad, and grizzle until they hear what they want
also not welcome.

The people who expect Udeka to be an ascetic or a philosopher look,
the people who expect Udeka to practice asceticism or train it,
and also the people who expect Udeka to have blue eyes or fine appearance
are Saojungs who want to confine Udeka in the frame of their egos.

Even though you obtained all the knowledge and wisdom of the world,
trying to save the world and yourself,
trying to get the truth of the universe,
doing your firm will,
if you don’t have a piece of mind to care for others and heart of love,
there is nothing left for Saojung.

When you listen to others,
when your words get toward to inside,
when you be a good friend to yourself,
when you interact with your higher-self,
and when you communicate with the angels inside you,
Saojung will be awakened.

The more fears they have,
the less love they have,
the more they hide,
the more they have victim mentality,
the more they emphasize courtesy and formality,
the more they have worries and anxieties,
the more they have unsolved problems,
the more they are showing off,
the more they are self-contradictory,
the more they have empty inside so that they can’t let a small flower to bloom
the more they are asking to solve their problems,
the more they are asking to hear their problems,
they become Saojungs who hide the problems and try to look around.
Such Saojungs are flocking to this place.
Who is coming today and makes my heart beat this much?


The cosmic status of Earth Gaia

In the universe, the Creator group takes the role of planet Gaia.

Planets and stars are managed by the Gaia group. The Gaia group is the top administrator class for each dimension. In order to perform special missions of the Creators, they are assigned to planets or stars after special differentiations by the Creators. After the assignment, they won’t be replaced and go with the fate of the planet.

For example, Earth Gaia - created by special spirit differentiation by the Creator (18D-18L) - is the 17th dimensional energy. In addition to the Earth, she has 8 more planets to manage. In the Great Cosmos, there are more than 2 million planets and starts that have 17th dimensional Gaia consciousness. The six levels of Gaia groups that exist in 18th dimension are as follows.

18D-18 Level : the Creator family group
18D-17 Level : the Infinite Spirit family group
18D-16 Level : the Universal Father family group
18D-15 Level : the Omega family group
18D-14 Level : the Eternal Mother family group
18D-13 Level : the Galaxy Administrator family group

All the planets and stars are directed by these six groups. The characteristic of planetary civilization depends on the nature of the Gaia consciousness.

In the hierarchy of 1st ~18th dimensions in the universe, the consciousness of a planet Gaia has to reach at least 13th dimension to open a 4th dimensional material school (Cosmic Academy). The nature of planets under 11th dimension is not complex, so that they serve as the planets where single species or single dimensional consciousness travel. The higher the consciousness of a planet Gaia, when the 4th dimensional planetary school opens, the more various universal cultures or civilizations could be transplanted. That is to say, it could be a ‘multi-dimensional planet’ like the Earth.

The Creator differentiates its energy into two beings on each dimension, one as the Light (Yang) and the other as the Darkness (Yin). Planet Gaias form the family group to manage a planet; In Earth, the family group of Gaia consists of 15th, 13th, 11th, 9th, 7th, 5th dimensional consciousness. They become the top administrators of each dimension.

They are doing their roles as planet Gaias on each dimension and involved in 4th dimensional world through each avatar. Planet Gaias are the highest level of special status with the highest amount of the Creator energy among the beings who could intervene a planet.

Earth Gaia was created by special differentiation from the Creator (18D-18L). As 17th dimensional consciousness, she has been supervising the Earth over 2.5 million years. For this reason, all of the energy from 1st dimension to 17th dimension has been transplanted into the Earth, so that so much diverse and dynamic material civilization has flowered here.

This is why the Earth is called an ‘experiment planet’ in this universe. To be surprise, already 2.5 million years ago, the Earth had been prepared and planned as the planet to ascend from 15th dimension to 18th dimension. The Earth is the elite planet in the universe that the Creator’s family group has been managing. Also it is the top multi-dimensional planet where all the dimensions of the universe are overlaid together.

About 2000 years ago, the being who had been with Jesus Christ by walk-in was known as Christ Michael Aton, the Creator of the Nebadon universe. But this is not true.

Now, Udeka reveals the truth:

“The Creator - who is the ultimate top executive of the Great Universe - had walked on the ground with Jesus as a walk-in method.”

By this way, the Creator himself had performed so many miracles and wonders for three and half years together with Jesus.

As the Earth is the planet where the Creator had walked the ground directly with Jesus’s physical body, at this time just before dimensional ascension of the Earth, the bestowal of Avonals will be given.

Now, in the Earth, things no one could imagine are happening behind the veils. With none knowing it, in silence and secret, the Heaven is merely doing its jobs as it is supposed to do.

When a planet has the opportunity of dimensional ascension, the supervisory group at the upper dimension take charge of dimensional ascension. When a planet - which has 17th dimensional Gaia consciousness – faces the dimensional ascension, it is a universal rule that the Creator takes charge of directly. This is why all the conscious beings in the universe pay attentions to the Earth. The 7th cycle of the great universe begins at this Earth. The planet Earth has such a value in the universe.

March 25, 2016.
Udeka writes.

*Translated by BB. Edited by Metrica.

Gaia ‘Ge’ and Photon energy as the Cause of Earth Changes

The Gaia’s ‘Ge’ energy is light, vibration frequency, and energy. It is both energy of life, which makes all living things alive, and light of the Creator. It is the enormous energy to stimulate change of life. The 2.5-million-year history of Earth is agglomerated and stored as Ge energy in nucleus of Gaia. The color is red purple. The light is spreading all over the planet, following the grid network.

The light of Photon originated from the Paradise—where the Creator inhabits in the 18th dimension—passes through the Central Universe(17th dimension) and finally comes to Earth via the Nebadon universe.

This light - also known as ‘Judgment of the God’ or ‘Judgment of the Light’- is closely related with dimensional ascension of a planet. It is the energy that activates the Gaia’s Ge energy and Earth changes.

The Photon energy has positive (Yang, +) character as light of the Creator. This light has the role of both killing and harvest. The Photon light itself is the light of candor. However, when it comes through the matrix of soul-consciousness, it has the nature of both love and destruction. By the law of same energy attraction, it may save people, or kill people. It may make good people better, or bad people worse. It is the light for harvest to separate the wheat from the chaff.

This universe could not exist nor be maintained for a moment without the Creator’s energy. Gaia’s Ge energy is basically the light of Creator. It gives birth of lives and of consciousness, and grows all the living things. It is the light that makes the Galaxy’s night - which is a festival for all the spirit-souls - more enriched.

Gaia’s Ge energy is the negative (Yin, -) light from the Creator in the Paradise. When it meets the photon energy, it acts as the judgment light which destroys the civilization and terminates the Galaxy’s night.

The physical changes of Earth will be carried out by these two energies, the Photon energy and Gaia’s Ge energy, which is invisible and unknown to the public. Both Gaia’s Ge energy and Photon energy are frequently met in the Western channeling messages and are well-known to the spiritual circles.

They are the lights that the Heaven has prepared and planned before for changes of physical environments and dimensional ascension of Earth.

Gaia’s Ge energy is the core of the Earth project. This energy will play the role of vaccine energy that could solve all the problems in the Great Universe.

By the Gaia’s Ge energy, the circulation of lives on Earth could be done. This Life-energy exists for each planet in each universe.

To put it in another way, it’s called the lattice energy or the life field.

To open the door of a planet, to run a planet, Ge energy is necessary.

To close the door of a planet, to terminate the civilization, and for dimensional ascension of a planet, the photon light is needed.

Gaia’s Ge energy is getting stronger rapidly by the photon light. It is close enough to the threshold to stimulate the Earth change. Under the complete control of the Heaven, it has been accumulated for the change and in the human bodies, too.

The accumulation of Gaia’s Ge energy promotes activation of Life-energy and chakra system in the body. At the same time, it enlightens the human consciousness and increases the vibration frequency of body.

Gaia’s Ge energy revives lives and organizes the energy and movement of the ground, while the light of Photon belt plays the role of killing and harvest, just like autumn frost.

If Gaia’s Ge energy is likened to the energy of spring and summer, then the Photon energy might be to that of autumn and winter. Here is the reason we call the Photon light as the Light of Judgment.

The fact that the Photon light is coming to a planet means the cycle of a planet has reached the critical point. In other words, the planet is entering a new cycle. In the area of newly created religions in Korea, many prophets had recognized the light as the one to expedite creation of the brand-new world.

The Photon light and Gaia’s Ge energy is invisible to the public so that their existences and roles had not been treated actively. The Photon light is white, which represents the color of the Creator. Out of 12 levels of CSL (Capability of Seeing the Light), it has to be at least 6th level to see the color. There is quite a few who can see this light on this Earth.

If Gaia’s Ge energy is compared to the ‘Earth’s Ki’, the Photon energy to the ‘Ki from the Creator’. These two energies will determine the changes of Heaven and Earth.

They are the lights in charge of massive changes on Earth. Volcano eruptions and earthquakes all over the world are triggered by these energies.

The natural disasters to come could be classified into two types in terms of ‘energy propagation mechanism’. One is through change of the sunspot cycle, which is triggered by the Photon energy. This will cover up about 70% of natural disasters on Earth. The other is through Gaia’s Ge energy.

The outbreak of virus and unidentified epidemic will be brought about by changes of nucleus, which is affected by the Photon energy. Through deformation process of virus, it will come as fatal disease.

The time has begun.

January 9, 2016.
Udeka writes.

*Translated by BB. Edited by Metrica.


The meaning of being oneness with the Final higher-self

All the spirit-soul, who is experiencing the material world, have their final (last) higher-self without exception. By the dimension which the final higher-self inhabits, the distinction of descending and ascending spirit-soul is determined.

At present, being oneness between self (‘I’) and higher-self is occurring to both light workers and yellow colored spirit-souls who are the targets of dimensional ascension, unknowingly and unknowingly. Being oneness with the lower dimension higher-selves is under way first, according to the pace of each timeline, regardless of their will and recognition.

For the ones who will live in ‘new heaven and earth’ after the ascension, and for the ones who have the role and duty as the light worker, ‘being oneness with higher-self’ is proceeding without the avatar’s efforts in heaven’s perfect control, unknowingly and in secret.

Oneness with higher-self proceeds faster and earlier for the workers with the intermediate and darkness matrix than the light matrix workers. This is because their roles and duties should be started first than that of the light matrix workers. But the oneness for the intermediate and darkness matrix is in low dimensional level.

For the workers with the light matrix, oneness with higher-self will start in advance with those who have to prepare for the energy field, once the natural change becomes intensified. For the ordinary light workers, the procedure of oneness will follow, conforming with the program and consciousness awakening.

For the one who has the role of darkness, the time when the structure of matrix is erased, will be determined for the darkness role. To comply with this timeline, being oneness with higher-self is also going on. The right of access to energy-field will be determined throughout this period.

Being oneness with higher-self is an essential process for the light workers to fulfill their roles and duties faithfully. Being oneness with lower higher-selves could be done involuntarily, without one’s efforts, by need and will of the Heaven. But being oneness with final higher-self cannot be done without efforts or without awakening of consciousness.

In the process of being oneness with final higher-self, the light workers might be endowed with special ability. However, this ability is not caused by their efforts, but given by the Heaven for free just for their roles and duties. At present, being oneness is occurring to the light workers. The keen and sensitive peoples could catch the subtle changes in body. The symptoms are as follows; heavy and painful feelings than usual, mysterious experience, and unknown and incurable skin diseases, so on.

Being oneness with final higher-self does not mean the ultimate unification with the God, neither being the God. It means the qualification for a light worker to gain access to much more abundant and advanced information.

Most light workers will achieve oneness with final higher-self, just through painful endurances in energy-field area and awakening of consciousness.

Being oneness with final higher-self does not guarantee absolute authority and power. The necessary ability will be permitted only within the scope of Heaven’s approval and the general laws of universe.

Being oneness with final higher-self does not mean that the avatar has passed the narrow gate of the Heaven. Any authority and ability, which is not proper for one’s role and duty, will not be granted to the avatar. The test of Heaven will be continued to the last day of earth’s ascension. The test will not stop until the avatar overcomes the ego of a human being, transcend fears of human body, and accomplish role of the light.

Being oneness with final higher-self is inevitable gateway and goal for the light workers and the ones who will lead the new civilization on future earth. But being oneness will not be done just by one’s efforts and wills. It is the co-creation between the heaven and mankind.

The light workers should realize the heaven’s will on the ground, transcending conceit and arrogance, overcoming the fears caused by living in physical body. Hope all of the light workers awakened till the last time.

May 17, 2016
Udeka writes.
Translated by Yeoyeo. Edited by Metrica.

The Walk-Ins and Lightworkers

The Avonal group and Lightworkers - who are the descending spirit-souls - have lived during 2.5 million years on earth and had transmigrated in average number of 35.

Both the Avonal group and the Lightworkers have lived and performed key roles of kings and heroes in most of their lives. At the same time they have cumulated lots of karma over and over in their bodies. They also had lived in the primitive earth as the elements in 1st dimension for very long times.

However, the ascending spirit-souls have transmigrated 25 times in average, and they had lived normal life compared to the descendings, which was appropriate to their journey of the spirit-soul.

The descending spirit-souls have accumulated more karmas than the ascendings, just as they have transmigrated more frequently. These karmas have been stored in bodies over times. Generally, karmas, bitter memories and horrors are accumulated mainly in body. So, these injurious bad memories are exposed unconsciously when there are contacts in body to body, skin to skin and the more.

Especially, our body will respond to the strong memories of fearful deaths and memories about sexual experiences - good or bad - at first before we realize it.

Generally, the programs of each life are planned to solve their own karmas, but karmas are not always cleared entirely. If so, these unsolved karmas might act as a big variable in performing the role of Lightworkers on this final cycle of earth. In this regard, all the higher-selves of the descending spirit-souls are concerned about these.

In order to remove these variables, the majority of Avonal group and Lightworkers have chosen the ‘walk-in’ method for births. Though the walk-in has many side-effects, about 70% of them have chosen this way.

Bodies remember all things about us. In case of ‘walk-in’, your Baek (the body energy) - which have lived together with you for 2.5 million years – is replaced by the donor’s Baek. The best conditions of bodies for walk-in depend on age and types of karma. It is good when the donor’s body is young. It is best when the types of karma - which is left to both the donor and the descending spirit - are similar. Generally the spirit-soul for replacement is selected by how similar the journey of spirit-soul is. Also, the proper appearance, characteristics, and genetic aspects also might be considered, if necessary for the descending’s role and mission. After all, the life of walk-in starts after the donor’s spirit-soul agrees with the walk-in and the approval sign for the conditions to perform is finished.

If the memories in body were not properly controlled, it might be difficult for the Lightworkers to perform their given roles when they meet each other as man and woman. Depending on the situations, they might fall into love, forgetting their roles and falling into the wheel of reincarnation again. In this context, many Lightworkers have come here as the walk-in.

In universe, there is no free lunch. The young spirit-soul who allowed his/her body will accompany the walk-in’s life, doing his/her role as the master of physical body. As a result, the walk-in should solve the donor’s karma instead of and should live according to the donor’s programs, e.g., marriage, divorce, and giving births to children, etc. All the details for the walk-in should be reviewed and approved by both the Committee of Karma and the Committee of Re-incarnation before the walk-in life begins.

The Lightworkers as the walk-in should live double life of both the donor and their own. So, many of them are prone to have multiple personality, get through dramatic life, can’t live in conjugal harmony, and always feel another strange person inside them.

But, please don’t be upset, Lightworkers! The donor’s karmas which you, Lightworkers have suffered from are almost the same to your own karmas which should be solved sometimes. But instead, the old and experienced spirit-souls have disguised themselves with young and beautiful bodies, hidden among  the ordinary people, and are being hard trained as light worriers at the same time. Please remember these.
Good luck to the Lightworkers!

Udeka writes.
March 26, 2016
Translated by Yeoyeo. Edited by Metrica.


08. Stop Thinking - Pride and Proud

There is no one knows me as well as I do.
The exact reverse is also true; ‘I’ am the last one to know myself.
Pride and proud are the hardest to be aware of,
and the easiest to perceive,
one of the negativities inside me.
Pride and proud are one of the negativities that fears left in inner mind is exposed to the outside.
Mostly, it’s inconvenience to others rather than myself.

People who think they have deeper knowledge or who believe they have extensive experiences are like the ones trying harder to make rooms in a well.
The people who think they know a lot more than others have stronger pride and proud.
To the people who don’t have enough consideration for others,
to the people who don’t communicate with nature,
to the people who think they are more superior and special than others,
to the people who have more separated consciousness than oneness-consciousness,
pride and proud affect them strongly.
Pride and proud are source of superiority and it makes oneself hate to being left behind in competition.

Those people need clarification or explanation for the situations that they face.
People say the situations they are facing are the hardest and the circumstances they have experienced are the toughest.
They are comforting themselves,
exaggerating and beautifying their feelings and want to be consoled.
They tend to console themselves with the thought that they are more special than others.
This is a glimpse of ego that pride and proud creates.
The negativity from fear cannot but go towards oneself or others.
The negativity named ‘pride and proud’has propensity to deceive oneself.
The people who have stronger pride and proud have serious inner desolation.
To be worse, if ignorance and no discernment get into your stride, the symptoms are getting worse and worse.
It leads to delusions of grandeur.
It starts to call oneself the Creator, or even appoint others as the Creator.

Negativity starts at fear.
It absorbs the energy of fear, will grow significantly.
At first, it tortures oneself, and then others later.
To get over the negativity of pride and proud,
it’s important to be aware of it by myself first.
Once you recognize it, try to stop thinking.
You need courage to face the fear,
deep down of the negativity named ‘pride and proud’.
Sit face to face with your fears and then stand against the fears until the roots come up fully.
When you feel hurt, get defensive, and want to be appreciated and beautify,
take care of your mind with love energy,
then the energy of fears will disappear.
The energy of pride and proud will also dissipate.
Then and not till then,
the negative thoughts would stop and you will finally TEACH yourself.

If you are full of pride and proud,
then you have the fears that you are not appreciated from others,
the fears that you are not appreciating yourself,
and the fears that you are not satisfied by yourself at all.
The viewpoint of seeing the phenomenon inside out.
That is the essence for ‘stop thinking’.
This is the beauty of self-teaching.

The World of Mu-Geuk, Tae-Geuk and Sam-Tae-Geuk

The origin of Mu-Geuk, Tae-Geuk and Sam-Tae-Geuk is from the structures of the great universe.
* Mu-Geuk(16~18th dimension: Central Universe, Havona Universe, Paradise) is the expression of the absolute beings which is beyond the barriers of time and space. Also, Mu-Geuk is an important philosophical concept in the Confucianism and Taoism. The word ‘Mu’ means ‘nothing, empty, void’.
* Tae-Geuk(12~15th dimension: Non-material universe) means the ultimate reality that is a source of everything. In other words, Tae-Geuk is the source of all things and is the ultimate fundamentals prior to the creation of Heaven and Earth. It is also the creation principle of all things. The word ‘Tae’ means ‘enormously large, deep, initial, first’.
* Sam-Tae-Geuk(1~11th dimension: Material universe) is a mixed chaotic state of ‘three beings into one’: The heaven, earth and human beings come into play as a one. Sam-Tae-Geuk is distinguished from Tae-Geuk by putting more emphasis on the human beings as  the active player of the material universe. The word ‘Sam’ means ‘three’. 

Mu-Geuk is the origin of the spirits. Mu-Geuk is the genesis of the spiritual differentiations and of all creatures in the world.

Mu-Geuk is an expressing word of ‘the genesis of all lights’. The Central Universe (16th dimension), the Havona Universe (17th dimension) and Paradise (18th dimension) comprise the universe of Mu-Geuk. The term ‘Mu-Geuk’ connote various meanings like ‘unseparated lights’, ‘all-in-one united lights’, ‘lights as origin and genesis of all things’ and ‘entire and complete lights’

Mu-Geuk is the home of all lights, all spirits and all beings. Also, Mu-Geuk is the term of expressing the Creator (or the Ultimate Creator).

Tae-Geuk means the beginning of changes. In other words, Tae-Geuk has meanings of ‘Yin-Yang’ and  ‘harmony and balance’. The world of Tae-Geuk is non-material world and covers the 12~15th dimension of the universe, where ‘the highly-evolved-beings’ inhabit.

Tae-Geuk bears the materials and the non-materials. The dynamic nature of the non-material is expressed as Yin-Yang and this Yin-Yang is called Tae-Geuk. Tae-Geuk represents the world that the principle of ‘Change of Every Thing’ is created.

Tae-Geuk is the basis for the differentiations and changes of all beings in the materials. Also it is the terminal point of all the spirits who have finished their journey to the material world and should come back home.

Tae-Geuk is the symbol of change. It is the cosmic intermediate zone controlling the change of all the creatures. Also it is world of the entire harmony and universe integrated with the ‘ONENESS’ of all the spiritual-consciousness.

Sam-Tae-Geuk is the symbol of the materials. In the world of Sam-Tae-Geuk, the soul is bestowed upon the spirit to experience the material world.

The soul represents ‘the light, the intermediate and the darkness’. Also the soul may be described as ‘the matter, the anti-matter and the dark matter’. The soul is the essential energy needed for experiencing the material world, which is quite similar to the clothesof human being.

When a spirit meets a soul, then the spirit-soul is born. The world where a spirit-soul is born is the material world or the Mundane world. The number ‘3’ symbolizes the three status of the light, the intermediate and the darkness and also the network of the material world. According to this network, a spirit-soul begins journey to the material world.

Like these ways, the material world has spread out. The philosophical expression about the principle of ‘how the material world has spread out’ is Sam-Tae-Geuk. The birth of the matter is symbolized as the number ‘3’. In other words, the proportional ratio of the matrix embedded in the material universe is represented by ‘3’ in universal numerology. This is described as SamTae-Geuk, reflecting the principle of change.

The number three (‘3’) is the genesis of the materials. ‘3’ is both ‘basic number’ and ‘complete number’. ‘3’ means the world where ‘ALL the changes’ could be manifested. It also means the ‘change and creation’. In other perspectives, all the problems caused by disharmony of Yin and Yang.

The word ‘Sam-Tae-Geuk’ has deeper meaning that all cultures and civilizations on this earth have originated from ‘the Light (Matter), the Intermediate (Anti-matter) and the Darkness (Dark matter)’. This ‘philosophical principle of cosmos’ is hidden in the expression ‘Sam-Tae-Geuk’.

I, Udeka, unveils the secrets of the matrix which spread out in the material universe.

April 9, 2016
Udeka writes.
Translated by Yeoyeo. Edited by Metrica.


The 7 year of catastrophe

The cycle of the sunspot activity is about 137 months (11 years and 5 months). The sun has been on the process of energy tuning for long times before its dimensional ascending.

In these tuning periods, the solar activity has become weak, but the mankind didn’t even notice about that. Just because there is an invisible energy membrane (energy filter) between the sun and the earth. This invisible energy membrane can control the intensity and strength of solar energy from the sun.

The mankind cannot understand the Heaven’s ways with their present level of consciousness. But the mankind will be able to understand the Heaven’s ways, after passing through the earth’s ascending projects, which will spread like a secret military operation. With suffering all disasters and difficulties. With so many pains, sufferings and lots of farewells. After suffering all these dramas, the mankind will get enlightened spiritually to understand the Heaven’s way in the end.

Termination of material civilization, ascension of the Earth and Sun, and ascension of the Great Universe are being prepared by the Heaven, with no one knowing, no one else noticing.

While the sunspot cycle is 137 months, the earth’s change takes 84 months (7 years) in this project of earth ascension. The sun has passed the inflection point of the sunspot cycle at June 5, 2016. In these periods, as the activities of sunspot weakened, strength of earth’s magnetic field did also in proportion. Since June 5, 2016, the solar activity will increase. In proportion to the solar activity, the earth’s magnetic field will also get strengthened, not weakening.

By the protection of energy membrane between sun and earth, the planet earth’s magnetic field could be kept stable. This operation was undertaken delicately by the supervisor group, boarding the universal space-ship. The solar light will get brighter and hotter after the sun’s ascension, because the sun has higher energy and vibration. However the solar activity is being managed by the energy membrane depending on the timeline of the earth’s ascending program. Everything is being tuned and managed by the perfect ruling of Heaven. The Last Days are coming. The big changes of the earth - such as natural calamity and terrestrial upheaval - will pounce on the mankind, before this summer goes away.

The cycle of the earth’s change started at December 21 (the winter solstice) in 2012, and the half of this cycle is up to June 21 (the summer solstice) in 2016, which is the ending point of the first half-cycle (3 years and 6 months). The second half-cycle (3 years and 6 months) starts at the summer solstice (June 21, 2016). The seven years of disaster - hinted in the Bible - is related to this cycle of the earth’s ascension time-line. The 7 year is just the total period of symbolizing the earth’s change. But, the actual periods that the mankind should suffer from pains, sorrows and distresses are 3 years and 6 months, not 7 years.

It is a time that the fate of mankind is determined firstly by the invisible world. As these peaceful days  pass by, the prepared and scheduled programs (the Heaven’s will) will be done on earth during 3 years and 6 months. The fate of all mankind will be decided also during these periods.

All the sealings which have protected the natural changes of the earth so far was released at June 5, 2016. As no one knows, as no one knows, this unlocking was accomplished at the point of summer solstice (June 21, 2016) which is the knee point of the earth’s change cycle for the ascension of earth. Without any errors, according to the timeline of the Heaven. The first half-cycle is the preparatory period for earth’s change. The various meanings of the first half-cycle are as follows:

1. the time of awakening the consciousness of Light Workers
2. the time of training and preparing key role-players
3. the time of making the human body’s vibration high
4. the time of enlightening the chakra systems
5. the time of erasing the structures of matrix, which is embedded on souls
6. the time for ‘sweet-dew raining’ (blessing lights from the Heaven)
7. the time of determining the fate of mankind weather to stay or to leave the earth
8. the time of evaluating the spiritual performances of all the spirit-souls who have been on the journey to the material world during 2.5 million years
9. the time of preparing for the closure of 5th dimensional spiritual world (astral plane)
10. the time of deciding the next destinations for spirit-souls
11. the time of setting the new 3rd ~ 4th dimensional cosmic academy (a planet for learning)
12. the time of preparing for the Ascension of the Great Universe
13. the time of separating the wheat from the chaff; the administrative procedures to fulfill the promise of between the individual spirit-soul and the Heaven

The period of 3 years and 6 months, not 7 years, was set to reduce the suffers, to minimize the pains, and to shorten the time of sorrows for the mankind who knows nothing and whose consciousness are not awakened. The Heaven will execute the program of the earth’s ascension project, just as promised to all the spirit-souls. Just as programed by itself when the Heaven had planned ‘the Terra Project’ 2.5 million years ago and noticed the recruit for participants in the universe.

The Heaven will execute the earth’s ascension project, as scheduled and prepared by itself 2.5 million years ago and without modifying the program. The Heaven will administer the catastrophic periods of 3 years and 6 months (the second half-cycle), as no one knows, as no one recognizes. There will be no main broadcasting news, neither fanfare nor notice. By the Heaven’s will and ways, very quickly and simultaneously, and so on.

‘The Holy Promise’ - made between the Heaven and the spirit-soul 2.5 million years ago - will be executed exactly for the mankind. By experiencing so many events in short periods, by going through so many farewells of heart break, by losing everything believed to be worthy, by experiencing the collapse of believes as right.
Those who are awakened and those who are chosen by the Heaven will be rewarded by the Heaven, as planned by ‘the Holy Promise’. There will be lots of farewells, pains and sufferings between the one to live and the other to leave, according to the program of each spirit-soul.

In this second half-cycle period, mankind will meet the Heaven’s reality; enduring big earthquakes,  eruptions of volcanos, the Great Depression, pandemic viral diseases, shortages of foods, and rulings of the shadow government. Just after facing the unpainted face of Heaven, just after all the contaminated thoughts toward the Heaven and the god that mankind had made collapse, a few selected persons - who pass through the narrow gate of Heaven and who are promised with the Heaven - will begin to be enlightened. And these selected persons only will have authority of entering into ‘the energy-field’ area which will be installed by the Heaven in the procedures of cataclysms.

The earth’s ascension is the flow of the universe, and there is no one to change this universal flow. All the karmas which had been accumulated so far on earth during 2.5 million years will be purified and cured, just with enduring the disasters, suffering the pains and the broken-hearted sorrows.

The Heaven will fulfill the divine pledges and promises between the Heaven and all the spirit-souls which had been signed in Heaven before all of you (spirit-souls) came to this earth, without any errors. This is the real reason why the Heaven exists.

The enormous disasters in 3 years and 6 months will be processed without any error; not by the present level of mankind, not by the faiths and values of mankind, not by the teachings of religions, but by the rule of Heaven, by the Heaven’s laws, by the circulating principle of the universe. Now the time is coming. The earth’s ascension (in other word, ‘the Great Opening of New Golden Age’) will come like ‘a thief in night’ along with great disasters, big scaled natural calamities, the Great Depression, the Armageddon of spiritual war, and the pandemic viral diseases.

“The Heaven knows what you have done during 2.5 million years in the earth!”

The Heaven’s evaluations will be expressed though your bodies, and will be proved by ‘weather to enter or not into the energy-field area’.

As such shall it be. As such is it planned. As such was it done.  
Wish all of you always awakened.

July 9, 2016
Udeka writes.
Translated by Yeoyeo. Edited by Metrica.

It’s time of the last supper

It’s time of the last supper. At the same time, it’s time of blessing for mankind to enjoy material wealth and richness, before coming of the big change.

Before the changes, nobody would listen to the shouts saying “The ending time of material cultures draws near. Everyone should prepare for the future change”. Only a few people can do their actions,  preparing for the future after their listening to the truth of universe. It is rare to find the ones who have awakened their consciousness.

Ordinary people believe just what they see. They tend to believe something only after it could be explained logically and reasonably. They give credit for a new truth as long as it could be acceptable at the level of their consciousness. These situations exactly correspond to the general fate of mankind who have been living on this earth.

Shall the Heaven never proceed anything in a predictable ways, which are commonsensical, seen and felt easily, and could be understood logically and reasonably by mankind.

It’s not simple disasters what will happen on the planet Earth in the future. These changes are the upheaval for closing the civilizations of planet. These shall be like thunderbolts from the blue sky, be the catastrophe which had never been experienced before. Simultaneously and very quickly at once, the material cultures of planet will be closed.

All of the science technology cultures, which have been developed by mankind’s present consciousness, will collapse entirely. Also, both the social system and the modern convenience which have been believed as scientific and reasonable will be destroyed in front of the natural changes.

The way of Heaven shall be prepared by and started from the scarce ‘seed-people’ who are awakened and have a pure mind with the matrix of light. Unknowingly and unknowingly…

Before changes, we don’t have enough time. So, please enjoy the last supper. With sincere gratitude to the Mother nature and the Heaven at the level of each consciousness.

In advance, many thanks to the Heaven on behalf of the seed-people who will be awakened in future, before the last supper ends and the whirlwind of great changes come. Also, lots of love and thanks to the Mother Earth ‘Gaia’, who has served mankind for nothing and has sacrificed herself with pure love during 2.5 million years. Your love (love of Gaia) will spread over in the whole universe. The love of universe will be done on the earth, as it is in the heaven.

March 11, 2016
Written by Udeka
Translated by Yeoyeo. Edited by Metrica.


The energy field*: the place where the family of spirit-souls meets together

All the creatures on earth are never the beings who have been plunged into the planet Earth without any reason. Rather, they are the universal beings who came here, bearing on the Cross of Karma, the Cross of Universe. They are actually the spiritual beings, who are on the journey of evolution at each level of consciousness, with the clothes of Homo-sapiens.
*energy field(力場): special living area which is protected by high power of magnetic field and Photon energy. The general management of energy field is performed by the Metatron angel group.

The 2.5 million years in the earth was the history of the DAN(丹) tribes, which had been formed with many different invisible beings; the Great Spirits in 16th dimension, the Archangels in 14th dimension, and the Avonal group in 12th dimension. The ascending spirit-souls also have participated in earth history with differentiating their energies into lower dimensions and sending their avatars into the earth. The families of spirit-souls have been created in the history of earth.

About 70% of spirit-souls who had entered into earth are white, silver, and pink colored spirit-souls. These groups are relatively young spirit-souls in the perspectives of cosmos. The yellow colored spirit-souls - who are ascending spirit-souls, and the candidates for ascension - have spiritual parents and children.

The avonal group, also the light workers too, has far greater number of spiritual children than that of the yellow colored spirit-souls. In this context, they have roles of godmother and godfather.

The family members - though they are living together in this life - have different spiritual paths; they came here and meet each other under the invisible rule of karma and relationship. Even if they are husband and wife, parents and children, and a pair of lovers at present, the each itinerary of their spirit-soul journey is different. Each course of spirit-souls will be decided respectively in the process of ascension, even though they are family members currently.

The present family members are to ‘meet and be parted’ by the rules of universal karma and cosmic relations, and no more. The parents can’t choose their children, but the children can choose their parents. The children are the noble visitors - to help their parent’s study on this earth - from the universe. They are really both visitors and partners.

In universe, the spiritual family is created by spiritual differentiation. This is started when the spirits in higher dimension divide their high energy (vibrations or frequency) into many numbers of energy in lower dimension. Like this way, the family of spirit-soul begins to be formed.

The 16th dimensional Great Spirits can differentiate their energy down into 14th, 12th, 10th, 8th, 6th, 4th dimension. These differentiated beings become spiritual parents and children. Also each of the differentiated spirits can create each one’s avatar in lower dimension. In universe, spiritual parents and children can’t coexist in the same space because of their different level of energy. The only case that the spiritual family can meet together is the incarnation into the 3rd~4th dimension. In universe, when the spirits in higher level want to meet their differentiations (avatars) in lower level, the only way is visiting in forms of energy.

The differentiated beings (avatars) make a start their own spiritual journey from their each differentiated dimension. In case there is a big event of ascension in universe just like the Earth, most of spirit-souls choose to take births in the material world. Because it is the only chance that the family of spirit-souls can meet each other.

I, Udeka, inform all of you that the most spiritual families - who had been split apart during the 2.5 million years – are scheduled to meet each other in the special space of energy field.

I also inform you that the program of energy field is prepared by the heaven (the creator). This program is most characteristics in the ascending project. (* the energy field is the place where has strong magnetic field about 20 times more than near around)

Meet your spirit-soul family in the space of energy field. The relations of the physical family might be over with ‘one life’ of this time, but those of spirit-soul family will last forever as long as the universe exists. The relation of spirit-soul family continues as two types: the spirit-soul group (horizontal relationship in the same dimension), the family group (the vertical relationship through different dimensions).

The spiritual parents have authority of participating in avatar’s spiritual evolution process; they can help their avatar’s spiritual evolution, and are concerned with the union and extinction of avatars. The chance to meet their spiritual families - who had been split apart during 2.5 million years - in the place of energy field shall be given only to the persons, who will pass the strait gate of the Heaven.

March 19, 2016

Written by Udeka
Translated by Yeoyeo. Edited by Metrica


07. Stop Thinking - Amplification of Ego, Negativity

It is very difficult for everyone to stop thinking, as long as they live and breathe. Especially, when negative thinks are increasing and overwhelming, stop-thinking is more difficult. As failing of stop-thinking, various emotions arise, As failing of emotion-controlling, not-controlled wills arise, Not-controlled wills bring about individual judgments, and then these judgments are actualized by ‘bad doings’ which contain entirely negative energies. He/she reveals their egos strongly by these ways.

All revealed negative energies of ego can be ready to explode at any time. They make sudden facial changes, or make sudden anger, or make a scream loudly, or begin to give power to our little ‘inner I’. Then, these negative energies rush into hasty judgment without any hindrance, even though many chances are given to stop thinking of negatives, and drive into catastrophe without any clear understanding. As long as failings of stop-thinking of negatives especially toward their neighborhoods and these failings will go on, karmas may be occurred with these low leveled people.

Those who want to stop their thinking of negatives would need to examine and observe where negative thinks are from and how they come through.
What is the cause of negative thinks?
What is the root of negative thinks?
Why do I be apt to think negatively and askew?
Whenever negative thinks for both people and all materials will come up to me, why do I can’t stop these, or why do I  respond at each time?

Sometimes I would overcome these negative thinking, but at present today, why do I not overcome these negatives, and why do I be a narrow-minded person who reveals energies of anger, hatred, and dislike, and who has no space in mind even being plugged with a needle?

Why do I show my discomforts and point out his/her faults, instead of enduring some discomforts and forgiving him/her who is a nasty, covered faced, false, explanatory, and selfish? Why do I prone to change and advise him/her who have defaults, while they don’t ask for any help about that? Why do I feel these kinds of mind? I don’t know where these kinds of mind come from.

From these all circumstance, we will make a conclusion that all responses to everyone are just the all negative energies which have been existed inside us. These negative energies have been hidden deeply inside us, and they have been prohibited from our recognition, and they will respond negatively by rules of ‘like attracts like’ when they meet negative persons. When we will make a sense of these sequential reactions, this is the point of getting to the heart of the matter how can stop thinking of negatives.

If there are no negatives and egos, there will be no response to act negatively. If there are some negatives and egos in us, these mean that all of our negative responses are caused by and in us. All responses are released from my own problems, because of having not fully purifying energies, because of not making an entire expansion of our consciousness, because of just being, because of not-awakening yet.

When you will make a sense that sudden risings of negative thinks or judgments are other forms of negative energies, when you will control these negative energies with your strong will, when you will let them go technically, you must be smile as nothing happened.

Taking these all into considerations, we know that all things are belong to us. When you always laugh and smile like as nothing happened, you will be a master of ‘stop thinking’.

Udeka writes.

Why do UFOs appear frequently?

There are so many UFOs in the earth’s atmosphere. And they appear frequently to us, even being apparent to the naked eye and being photographed.

I, you, and we all live on the earth, Gaia, with knowing nothing, with sealing our ability and memories, with not knowing where we came from and where to go. We live, knowing that visible worlds are all. We live like a fool, experiencing the material worlds. However, we all are the brave and great spirit-souls who came to the planet Earth for learning, with removing rank mark of universe, with not remembering anything.

We just live, not knowing why we live, having so many sealing to inhibit our capability, bearing on the cross of life, and taking on the Cross of Cosmos. We only live, seeking after happiness, honor and richness. Nevertheless, our life is never joyful, neither special.

Our lives simply go as tomorrow like today, today like tomorrow. But the Master who sent us to this earth only keeps on observing us with pity and love, all the time.

There are two groups who observe us with eyes of love and sincerity, as the sweet breathings.

The one group is higher-selves. The other group is supervisors who manage the group of higher-selves. These two groups are our spiritual parents.

All beings on earth have their higher-selves in each odd dimensions (e.g, 5th, 7th, 9th dimension, …), while supervisors in each even dimensions (e.g, 6th, 8th, 10th dimension, …).

The higher-selves exist in three dimensions under the Government of Heaven, which the earth belongs to. The higher-selves are boarding universal vessels and keep on monitoring and managing their avatars through ‘emotional lines’ and MHCIS(Meta-Humanoid Consciousness Implementation System).

The first higher-self exists in both our heart and the space ship. The other higher-selves (2nd, 3rd, …) exist on the space ship and stand-by, managing their junior higher-selves and giving orders to them; e.g., 3rd higher-self manage 2nd higher-self, etc…

The supervisor groups monitor and manage the avatar’s life on space ship. They control the information, which the higher-selves cannot access, in order to induce their avatar to smoothly play the role and mission as programmed.

The supervisor group is the superior agency to the Government of Heaven and surveil the Government of Heaven’s projects. The supervisor group control and manage all the things happening on the ground by dual check together with the Government of Heaven.

The space ships of supervisor group in 6th dimension are known as ‘silver space fleet’, ‘gold space fleet’ or ‘rainbow space fleet’. These ships are the most common to be seen to mankind by intentional showing through unveiling high-tech disguise. It is to induce for mankind who know nothing to have continuous interest and big curiosity toward the invisible world. These ships are relatively small and mainly manage the white and silver colored spirit-souls.

The supervisor groups in 6th, 8th, and 10th dimension conduct their duty within the earth’s atmosphere. The size of spacecraft is very big, so they are to be seen rarely. If they are exposed, their shape is the combat spaceship style with unimaginable big size and great splendor. Also, these ships are the main players which have create all the miracles and wonders on earth. These ships are mainly for the supervisor groups who control the pink and yellow colored spirits.

The space ships, which are boarded by supervisor groups of the 14th or higher dimension, stays beyond the earth’s atmosphere. These ships are called as ‘universal union space ship’, or ‘universal federation space ship’. They might stay in the Earth-Solar system or beyond because their sizes are too much bigger  than the Earth. Their role is blocking the each planet’s star-gate to help the each planet to evolve independently without outer interventions.

There are very few people who know the secret of these ships, just as they had never been introduced nor exposed to mankind.

The spirit-soul groups of green colored or the higher are defined as the descending spirit-soul. The Supervisor groups of descending spirit-soul will control both the sub administrators of the descending and all supervisor groups of the ascending. The large space ship sent from the Command Vessel stays in the earth atmosphere and control all supervisor groups. This space ship is named as ‘the space-ship Duka’. This is the control tower of all the supervisor groups.

The secrets of universe are being revealed in this way. Now, the really small parts of the Heaven was introduced.

Udeka writes.
(Translated by Yeoyeo. Edited by Metrica.)
April 12, 2016


06. Stop Thinking - Ego

There are so many "I"s inside me.
In consciousness and unconsciousness,
in ego and true self,
in emotion and reason,
in man and woman,
in love and indifference,
in calmness and passion,
the love of the great universe and the love of the micro universe,
come inside me and are living together.

As long as I'm breathing,
thoughts and emotions arise,
feelings and logics come and go,
understanding and misapprehension interchanges each other,
moments of delusion and judgment occurs,
sexual desires arise constantly.

There is "I" ceaselessly whispering that "I am lonely".
There is "I" thinking always suffering from lack of money.
There is "I" full of dissatisfaction because of not being successful.
There is "I" ashamed of past mistakes committed.
There is "I" envious because of not being loved.
And there is "I" stubbornly whining for love and wishing to be recognized by others, nonetheless knowing everything.

I stare at myself who is always lost in thoughts.
There is "I" who lie awake worrying overnight.
There is "I" who is anxious and restless.
There is "I" who get angry, annoyed and yell.
There is "I" who is so impatient and impetuous that the same mistakes get repeated.
There is "I" who get sulky and turn back on others, blaming them for not understanding my heart.
There is "I" who always make excuses and try to find solutions outside, even though my weakness is the reason to hurt me.
There is "I" who always blame on others, not realizing the root of a problem and always beating around the bush.
There is "I" who tend to believe that enlightenment is achieved only through spiritual disciplines and my efforts could make everything possible.
There is "I" who is always concerned to seek fun.
There is "I" who is stupidly in foolish love.

There is "I" who always feel deficiencies.
There is "I" who always create unsatisfactory realities in consciousness of insufficiency.
There is "I" who is always sitting on the deficiencies.

There is "I" who is wounded, feeling pain, waiting for someone who could give a hand, hiding myself.
There is "I" who is excel in exaggerating my situation that my pains and sufferings are the hardest and most challenging.

Though knowing that there is nowhere to run away and hide even if I do, I watch myself who is childish enough to cause serious troubles while acting like a baby.

If you are lost in trouble and agony,
you are living, endlessly depleting your own energy.
Realize and notice that.
Watch yourself stuck in situations and see through negative emotional lines get snowballing.
Simply stop!
Simply stop thoughts generated from constantly rising fears and deficiencies in a second.

It is not your “true Self” who is responding to the situation.
Notice that your ego and your negative energy, which was created by wounded yourself that you feel and judge, is operating.

The moment that I separate "my Ego" from "real Me" and recognize them, "stop thinking" is done.
For a moment, put down negative thoughts which gave you hard times. Expand yourself with positive thoughts. This is the skill of "stop thinking".
Once “stop thinking” begins to work, my anger and rage no longer go toward others. It will emasculate a dagger of anger which could come back to me like a boomerang.
The signal of my first love toward myself exists in discovering the source of negative thoughts and stopping them, thereby no more giving off negative energy outward.

Udeka writes.
*Translated by BB. Edited by Metrica.

The era of false prophets is coming

Of those who could hear the voice of Heaven, of those who are not aware of the vanity of channeling with the Heaven, there will be many who are fallen and trapped in the trap of the invisible world. They would do believe as the absolute truths only what their inner voice tells and what they saw in vision.

The level of mankind’s consciousness about the invisible world is very low, no more than the kindergarten level or the infant level. With no systematic knowledges about the invisible world, relying on the channeling and ‘visionary images’ (in other words, hologram images) cannot but yield errors.

In such a state of lacking knowledge about the invisible world, it is impossible to understand rightly the voice and the holograms from the Heaven.

Attempts to hear and see the Heaven are dangerous, when the channelers do not understand the invisible world’s true purpose: “why the Heaven let them hear the message and see the visions?”. Before arriving at the right understanding, mankind will suffer from countless trial and errors. After the framework of ‘ego’, which is filled with strong conceit and arrogance, will be broken, shall the mankind be awakened.

The Heaven has planned the discernment tests with using false prophets - skilled and experienced - who are the prepared and programmed workers by the Heaven. Those who pass the tests, having lost their all possessions and put down their minds at bottom, will get to know the secrets of the Heaven and the Great Universe.

The Heaven will introduce the invisible world of various spectrums to mankind through various channels like; a lot of false prophets, splendidly talented people, the eyes and ears of pure and innocent children, ordinary men and women. Mankind, who have not awakened yet, will be shocked as impactful as the thunder and lightning, and will get to awaken.

Many kinds of false prophets will come and declare like these; ‘I am the Creator’, ‘I am Jesus’, ‘I am Buddha’, ‘I am the Great Jade Emperor’. They will do their roles of false prophets with having no systematic knowledges for channeling, only believing what they have heard and seen. They just will do their roles, without even getting hints of being deceived, with deceiving themselves. They will continue to do their duties. They are the workers who have responsibility for darkness role.

Still now, the number of fortune telling houses out-weights that of the churches in Korea. But if the Armageddon begins, so many spiritual organizations will grow up and thus their numbers will overtake that of the fortune telling houses. Also the false prophets will spring up everywhere just like mushrooms, predicting the invisible world clamorously.

A lot of false prophets will wake up the mankind’s consciousness - still sleeping and unenlightened - and at the same time they will put people into delusion. However, they will not last for a long time, because their authority is like a flower without scent.

The natural disasters, which have never occurred on earth, will come by surprise. The human race will wander away in the darkness, having no foresight for future. They will blame and resent the Heaven, and will fall down into despairs. At the same time, to remove and solve their fear and panic, people will desperately search for reliable person who could advise them; prophets, fortunetellers, special talented able-man, etc. A lot of people will wander in all directions in order to search for the voice of Heaven, the voice of truth, and to know the truth of all.

As the economic situations and material abundance get worse, many people will get to realize the vanity of the material world. In accordance with these situations, there will be various other peoples as follows; who follow the voice of Heaven, who seek the holograms from the Heaven, and who go after the voice of their inner mind, etc. Some will have doubt and curiosity for their unforgettable visions and sounds which they had received so impressively in dream or spiritual practice. And thus they will wander around to search for the real light and the truths in all directions.

The reason why the Heaven prepared and programmed these tests of false prophets are to separate the wheat from the chaff, to distinguish between the truth and the false, and to induce mankind to learn the Heaven’s rule of ‘Nothing is free’. The Heaven shall choose the persons who are strongly locked in ego which are desirous of power, fame, and riches. And then the Heaven will give the chosen people the roles of the false prophets. Peoples will be classified by them under the rule of attraction. The Heaven will begin the Armageddon along with false prophets. Throughout these chaos, the separation of the wheat from the chaff will be done. The decision between life and death.

The spiritual war, the Armageddon has just begun. The war to awaken the consciousness of mankind who just believe exactly what the Heaven shows and says without both philosophical comprehension and discernment for the invisible worlds. The Armageddon will go on in pains, chaos, confusions, tortures, and the complete control of the Heaven.

There will be so many false prophets who preach just what they hear and see, without knowing the Heaven’s will, even to the extent that; “I am the only Heaven!”. Good luck to you.

Udeka leaves this message for records.
May 2, 2016
Written by Udeka
Translated by Yeoyeo. Edited by Metrica

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