For the human races who have lost the Heaven 2 - From the age of spirituality to religion

Through Buddha’s teachings, human races could taste the truths of great universe. In fact, Buddha was embodiment of Nebadonia, who is another manifestation (feminine) of Christ Michael Aton, the Creator of Nebadon local universe. Philosophies and ideas of Buddhism represent the fundamental value of spirituality that every spirit-soul is sacred and everything is the manifestation of the Creator’s divinity.

Since the age of Buddh, the advancement of tools brought about rapid increment of agricultural productions and population. Thus human races accumulated private wealth and started to enjoy the pleasures of material abundances and physical enjoyment. The speed of material development accelerated the separation of human beings from the Heaven. And human races feared the God more and more.

About one thousand years later, the Heaven sent to the ground Jesus, who is embodiment of Christ Michael Aton, to re-activate the lost Heaven in human races’ hearts.

The birth of Jesus is called the zero point in the universe. Since the time, 18 dimensional universe was in advance installed on the Earth. Since the time when Jesus was nailed on the cross, his original teachings were inherited by disciples, Gnostics and Essene. By those efforts, the value of spirituality revived.

Jesus accepted the notion of re-incarnation and his initial teachings were spread out through the Gospel of Thomas and Maria. The belief that human was created as the divine being by the Creator was popular in the early churches. New age of spirituality has continued for two hundred years long after the death of Jesus.  

After two hundred years of Jesus’s death, the age of spirituality declined dramatically. The age of competition, science and logic began. The age of androcentrism also started. The age of religions based on fears of human began.

Gnosticism which led the age of spirituality was cast by the institutionalized forces of religion like the Pope and the value of spirituality dropped to the notion that human is a being who has the original sin. The Gospels of Maria and Thomas which preached the notion of incarnation was regarded as heresy.

The human races who have lost the Heaven distorted the teachings of Jesus and created the God who meets the eyes of human races. Humans created the God based on the fears of humans. Thus the God emerged as the being who has the emotion and constraints the free-wills of humans. Humans were taught that every human is born as the being with the original sin. The God who judges good and evil, needs sacrificial offerings, obliges absolute believing and operates the Heaven and Hell. In this way, humans created the God as they believe.

During 2.5 million years long, humans have gone through the various matrix of religions and have learned the sacredness of spirit-soul through so many re-incarnations. The lives of humans were seeking and learning to realize that everything is created as the divinity of the Creator.

Now it is the due time. The material civilizations will be demolished. It is about to open new age of spiritual gynocentric civilizations. This is called the dimensional ascension of the Earth. The old matrix of religions and political systems will be swept away. All the things which are polluted will be purified. Every science and cultures will be re-set. All the civilizations will be formatted by the pole-shift (straightening up of the tilted Earth’s axis, not the magnetic shift).   

Now it is the time. New civilizations will be based on that of Lemuria. The highly advanced spiritual civilizations will be introduced to the Earth gradually in pace with the evolving time-line of the Earth. The human beings who survived the pole-shift will have to go through the correction regime in the PEFA (Protective Energy-Field Area), which is called the bestowal of Avonal.

As such shall it be. As such is it planned to be. As such was it done.

September 28. 2016.
Udeka writes.

*Translated by Metrica.


For the human races who have lost the Heaven 1 - the age of spirituality

Mu (the Lost Continent) was the civilization established by the race of Homo-habilis. After Mu went gone, the civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis prospered. Lemuria was built on the basis of spiritual civilizations, which emphasized the divinity of spirit-soul. They realized that they could not be separated from the God. They lived within the ONENESS consciousness of the great universe and respected the divinity inside their minds.

Atlantis prospered with advanced science and technology but collapsed by nuclear war. The race of Lemuria and Atlantis was mainly Homo-erectus and later Neanderthal people appeared. Since the continents of Lemuria and Atlantis sunk, new experiment was launched through the Homo-sapiens under the new Heaven and Ground.

The Homo-sapiens project of Adam and Eve was initiated around the region of Mountain Mu-Deung(無等山) of Gwang-Ju(光州) in the Korean peninsula. The total 32 pairs of Adam and Eve were implanted into various parts of Earth gradually in time. They were transported by cosmic vehicle or immigrated through continental roads under the Holy plan of Heaven.

A couple of Adam and Eve among the 32 pairs was the Adam and Eve mentioned in the Bible and they became the origin of western races. The mankind history of Homo-sapiens initiated from the Korean peninsula is quite long, reaching about 60 thousand years. The age of spirituality spread out since the project of Adam and Eve.

The age of spirituality had the following features.

l  First, it were both matriarchal and small tribal societies. Development of tools was insignificant. Along with progress of production capacity, the form of societies advanced to the civilized nations and the power of women gradually weakened.

l  Second, the constant communication with the Heaven was required. Only the ones who could communicate with the Heaven were eligible for the leader of a society.

l  Third, people lived with deep appreciations for the God and nature. Without fear for the God, they freely communicated with the Heaven. Their lives were spiritual and balanced with gratitude and blessing.

l  Fourth, the average life span was at least 200 years. Although the environments were rough and challenging, they managed to keep the self-sufficient livings as a small tribal society.

l  Fifth, the spiritual value was more appreciated than manual labor. The purpose of life was to feel and express the divinity of God.

The project of Adam and Eve, which had initiated in the Korean peninsula, spread out all over the world along with the movement of human races. At the time, people shared the idea that every spirit-soul had divinity and everything represented the manifestation of God. Based on such mentality and thinking, they established the age of spirituality.

The age of spirituality marked the culmination during the rule of 7 emperors Hwan-In(桓因) of Hwan-Kuk(桓國; B.C. 7,197~B.C. 3,897). The ruling of 18 emperors Hwan-Ung(桓雄) of Bae-Dal-Kuk(倍達國; B.C. 3,897~B.C. 2,333) played the key role in seeding the Cradle of Civilization (Mesopotamia, Egypt, Sumer, Indus, Hwang Ho). Throughout the 47 emperors Dan-Kun(檀君) of the Old Cho-Sun(古朝鮮; B.C. 2,333~B.C. 238), the core of spirituality kept continued, albeit the degree of communication with the Heaven weakened gradually. As the material civilizations spread out, mankind’s direct communication with the Heaven declined in proportion. As hence the fear for God became solid and the religions got institutionalized more and more. Along with the decline of spiritual age, the life span of mankind became shorter.  

The time when the last Dan-Kun (列加; Go-yeol-ga) performed the last memorial ceremony for Heaven at the mountain Mani(摩尼山) in Gang-Hwa island(華島) was around B.C. 250. Since that time, the communication with Heaven got lost and the age of materialism and civilizations prospered.  

After the age of spirituality is gone, the Heaven needed the installment of religion matrix. For the human races who have lost the Heaven and have forgotten the divinity of spirit-soul, Christ Michael Aton, the Creator of local universe to which the Earth belongs decided to take incarnation of human to install the matrix of religion tow times; once as Buddha (Gautama Siddhartha) and another time as Jesus Christ.

To be continued.

September 28, 2016.
Udeka writes.

*Translated by Metrica.

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