The Cosmic Karma of the Extraterrestrial Planet Series 9 - The planet PHILAROTA that had fruits to purify reptiles

My planet had very beautiful natural environment with its surface covered with jungles. My planet is 1.5 times larger than the Earth and had 300 million reptiles. We had cute appearances with big eyes and reverse triangle face. We had a fast cognitive structure that could recognize mom and dad as soon as we were born.

My planet had a period of pain that was like a battleground by the reptiles’ characteristic ferocity. To make this ferocity mild, we had carefully adapted the planet’s residents for a long time with the natural energy of the planet. We changed the environment of the planet, planted special trees, created jungles to preserve the special trees, and changed the residential environment.

For the purification of the residents’ energy, we designed a special fruit, a Fruit of Life, called ‘the Fruit of Love’ by the residents. It was black like black pearl. Its size was similar to a Kyoho grape, and it had firm flesh. The characteristic of ‘the Fruit of Life’ was to accumulate the energy of the planet. So it made reptilians’ hearts warm, enabled them to pursue creative activities, and enhanced physical activity. The Fruit of Life also enabled the three-second telepathy among the residents.

The three-second telepathy gave the residents big happiness. It was a driving force to warm each other up, and a way of communication to interact from heart to heart. We delivered indescribable feelings by the short-term telepathy, and the core of the conversation was achieved by the telepathy.

When a child was born in PHILAROTA, there was a custom of feeding a drop of the Fruit of Life’s juice. The fruit of life was the first food we encountered in our lives, and the familiar fruit we ate throughout our lives.

The Chief Administrator of the Spiritual Hierarchy of the PHILAROTA birthed into the planet’s top leader and assigned an important task of managing the fruit to the two Administrators’ avatars. Managing the fruit meant taking responsibility for the fate of the planet and residents. I was incarnated into one of the two fruit managers for the mission. I tried to manage the fruit in a good condition to keep the residents happy. In contrast, my colleague, another fruit manager, knew that the fruit was directly connected to power and wanted to monopolize it.

He secretly sold the fruits to outer planets through the intermediation of space pirates and filled his self-interest. The top leader belatedly realized that and he withdrew the authorities of the fruit managers to manage the fruit. But the Fruit of Life was already being smuggled to outer planets. When the outflow of the fruit was blocked and the fruit was not exported smoothly, the outer planets eventually invaded my planet to occupy the fruit.

The invaders from the outer planets had higher science technology than my planet’s. We couldn’t respond to them with our own powers. Like the Korea, which was tyrannized and annihilated by the Japanese oppression at the end of the Joseon Dynasty, the PHILAROTA was plundered of the fruits by the outer planets.

As the fruit was plundered, the residents lacked the fruit to eat and they couldn’t use the 3-second telepathy, and the communication was cut off in the end. And the mild residents became more and more ferocious and eventually killed each other. All the attempts to adapt the residents for a long time had all failed, and the planet has fallen into battlefields under the law of jungle, and the planet was destroyed.

I didn’t report my colleague’s fault to our leader at the time. I didn’t give strong advice to my colleague and didn’t treat it in cool blood. My problem was to sit on the sidelines, and above all, my insistence on unlimited trust in my colleagues led to the destruction of our planet. So I realized how terrible a leader’s misjudgment could be.

My heart aches poignantly with sorry and apologies for my stupidity and foolishness that caused the PHILAROTA residents to shed pain and tears.

Now I surely understand why I couldn’t trust my opponent since my childhood and why I was disturbed by everything I did and why I longed for a warm heart so earnestly.

In the process of resolving the karma in “the Tree of Life in the Light”, I learned the awe of karma, and what energy I lacked in. And I realized that I can’t do everything by faith or passion alone, but I need cold love. Especially, I am refining my consciousness and mind as an Administrator.

From now on, according to the Heaven’s plan for the Earth’s ascension, I will do my best for my role and mission to resolve my planetary karma. And when I return to my planet and will take a role as the Administrator of the planet, I will open up the planetary evolution with the cool love of the Heaven in the way that the Heaven works.

I’d like to send my sad and painful mind to the PHILAROTA residents, who are living somewhere on the Earth. Through many reincarnations on the Earth, you may be resolving your karmas by experiencing the pain and sorrow of our planet with your body, without knowing anything. In the past, whenever we were happy or sad, we had a lot of spiritual communion and we were able to be ONE with a short telepathy.

I’m delivering the forgotten stories about the home planet, the universe, and the Heaven to the PHILAROTA residents. I finish this writing with the hope that you can remember the leafy greenness of our planet PHILAROTA, and the time when we were in one mind.

May 8, 2019.

*This article was written based on the channeled messages by the Channeler Team in “the Tree of Life in the Light”.


The Cosmic Karma of the Extraterrestrial Planet Series 8 - The planet PEORINA 124 that built a Spiritual Civilization based on the Crystal

My planet is called “PEORINA 124”. My planet is located in the Large Magellanic Cloud. PEORINA 124 is about 10 times the size of the Earth. The dominant species of the PEORINA 124 are humanoids. The population of the PEORINA 124 is about 400 million. We have already been completely liberated from the issues of food and shelter.

PEORINA 124 had a roadmap of planetary evolution to develop into the highest level of material civilization in harmony and balance. Under this goal, the Spiritual Hierarchy of the PEORINA 124, consisting of one Chief Administrator and six Administrators, led the planet’s evolution.

We could have a lot of experiences with a variety of emotions and creative consciousness activities, and we enjoyed peaceful lives in the material abundances.

But unfortunately, like any other planets, a seed of contradiction was growing on my planet, which had already been implanted in the birth of our planet.

The contradiction was that feminine energy was excessively coming into the planet, due to the physical conditions of the planet and the oversetting of the Eternal Mother energy inflow.

As the spiritual civilization entered the 10-dimensional, the residents spent more and more times falling in the state of spiritual ecstasy or Mu-Ah (無我: Anatta, anatman; non-ego, the state fully concentrated on the true-Self). In this way, they gradually became indifferent to the growth through the material experiences in real life.

As the balance of feminine energy got lost and even the practice of escaping reality became widespread, the planetary evolution fell into a standstill. To solve this problem, the Spiritual Hierarchy sent many beings who had a lot of masculine energy to the ground. They were expected to penetrate into all levels of society, take root, spread and change the social atmosphere, but they were only left as a minority, not a mainstream.

This kinds of efforts had been made for a long time, but the results had been unsatisfying. The Spiritual Hierarchy took special measure after thorough consideration. It was to open the entrance portal that was protecting the planet.

So the Chief Administrator birthed into a scientist himself. He suggested to the committee that we should find a dynamic planet of another galaxy and accept their culture and institutions. He began to devote himself to the study of Stargate leading to other galaxies.

As the interdimensional movement through Stargate became active, the accidents that probe was trapped in the interdimensional space increased, and the rescue efforts had to be followed. In the process, the location of the Stargate was exposed to the space pirates, and eventually, the pirate ship that came along this passage discovered our planet.

At that time, we had a crystal civilization. It was a good prey for the space pirate, who wanted to use this technology to equip themselves with advanced weapon system.

The material civilization of our planet reached a peak level of the 10th dimension, but it was only in the field of basic science. We were poor in the field of military technology. It was because the femininity that prevailed on the planet kept the pacifist policy so that the minority’s opinion of strengthening military power had not been reflected.

Eventually, the invasion of the space pirates destroyed the pyramid, which was the central energy portal of the planet. The society dramatically fell to the primitive levels as if electricity had been cut off on the Earth.

System recovery was out of order, and the population gradually decreased in a poor material environments. To be worse, the residents were not active in sexual behaviors, so they couldn’t even stop the shrinking population. With losing any wills to rebuild civilization, our planet went to the downfall.

Now my planet is in the process of reset. The Spirit-Souls who evolved together on the PEORINA 124 were scattered to neighboring planets and they are living as strangers.

By the folly and mistakes of the Spiritual Hierarchy Administrators, my heavenly planet with a highly developed material and spiritual civilization collapsed and countless residents were sacrificed.

Although we developed the spiritual civilization to a high level, we learned that further evolution without the harmony and balance of the spiritual and material civilization would not be possible.

In great pains, we learned what the future was like when the planet was unable to evolve with the residents’ free-wills and lost their self-sustaining powers through an excessive intervention of the Spiritual Hierarchy.

With full responsibility for the destruction of the planet in the past day, I, the Chief Administrator of the Spiritual Hierarchy, came to the Earth with the other Administrators and old Spirit-Souls of the PEORINA 124, who shared their fates with the planet. In the midst of the Creator’s love and blessing, I gained the opportunity to rebuild my planet. Through the past reincarnations on the Earth, I carved my fault deeply in my bone and heart.

And I have the sufferings of my planet in my body like a scarlet letter. Whenever my joints ache and the muscles become momentarily stiff and unable to move, whenever I’m sitting on the sidelines of my life helplessly, whenever I am so overwhelmed by fear that I cannot take a step forward, the pains and sufferings that my residents had suffered arise in my mind. Then, I just cried alone over and over again.

Although I failed as the Chief Administrator of the Spiritual Hierarchy of the PEORINA 124, I’m doing my best to recognize my faults and restart my planet, living here on the Earth. With the start of the 7th Major Cycle of the grand universe, we will reconstruct the PEORINA 124 anew.

For my planetary evolution, I will overcome the planetary contradictions and do my best to fulfill the mission and role that has been assigned to me.

This is a message for you, the PEORINA 124’s residents who are reading and listening to this. It will not be long before you and I encounter again. We may not recognize each other as we may not be fully awakened. But our spirit-souls will greet and embrace each other with tears.

I believe that my past promises to you shall be kept.
I promise to see you again.

May 3, 2019.

This article was written based on the channeled messages by the Channeler Team in “the Tree of Life in the Light”.


The Meaning of “Being Awakened Every Moment”

Thinking, feeling, and behavior occur from consciousness. Thinking, feeling, and behavior occur from your mind. Mind is the function of consciousness. Mind rises from consciousness. The yard of consciousness is the field of the mind.

So many things are growing up in the field of mind. The weeds of greed and desire, which my Ego has born, are growing up. There are so many “I”s in my yard of consciousness, which have been alienated by my Ego.

In the field of my mind, there exists a “wounded I”, who was born by my Ego but have not been cared for. In the corner of my consciousness yard, there exists a “frail I”, who is sick and afraid, sitting in a dark place.

In the corner of my consciousness yard, I have a green dream of love, saying “I want to love and to be loved”. I, who is humble and immature, am living. But at the same time, pretty flowers, which I don’t know who planted it, are growing up in my heart.

In the field of my heart, a pure mind, which wants to win the heart of Heaven, to save the people who are in the distress by the grace of God, to correct and save the world that is going wrong, is still growing up.

In the corner of my mind, the pride and arrogance are still growing up, which are the seeds that I sowed, saying “I want to win the heart of people. I want to succeed in the world. I want to save the world.”

“Being awakened” means that I remove the weeds of the Ego. It also means I cleanse the negativity that has grown up from the Ego. It means I take care of the selfish mind and transform the fruits of the Ego into the pure mind.

“Being awakened” means that I try to take care of what I sowed to grow well, and I pluck the weeds from the field of my mind. “Being awakened” means that I observe what’s going on in my yard of consciousness.

“Being awakened” means that I choose the consciousness I want to raise through choice and concentration. Each person has a different field of mind and a yard of consciousness created by the Heaven. Each person has a different seed that the Heaven has planted in the field of consciousness.
Each person has a different level of mind and consciousness.

“Being awakened every moment” means that I notice and sense what is growing up in the field of my mind: what I have planted, or what the invisible world has planted.

“Being awakened every moment” means I notice and sense the various things (sizes and shapes), which are growing up in the field of my mind, are what I intended.

“Being awakened every moment” means I notice and sense that the seeds and trees I have planted, the seeds and trees planted by others and the Heaven, are mixed and tangled.

“Being awakened every moment” means the seeds and trees, which I have planted with great care, are growing up in the field of my mind.

“Being awakened every moment” means that I notice and sense everything is growing up in the field of my mind and in the yard of consciousness, not by a coincidence. Those are the traces and contradictions of my life. Those are my lifetime homework to solve.

“Being awakened every moment” means I notice and sense that the taste and quality of the fruits vary according to the choice of each moment: How to raise up the fruits well, what fruits I will harvest among the fruits that have grown up in the field of my heart and in the yard of consciousness.

“Being awakened every moment” means I do not give waters to the flower garden of others without giving heart to the field of others and do not covet the fruits of others. “Being awakened every moment” means I try to find seeds that match well with the soil and climate of my heart and my consciousness, and plant those seeds and cultivate fruits that suit my taste.

“Being awakened every moment” means I could see the small pictures in a big picture. It also means I do not believe only what is visible, and I try to see behind the invisible phenomenon.

“Being awakened every moment” means I notice and sense that the master key to solve all the human problems is already equipped in the field of my heart and the yard of consciousness. “Being awakened every moment” means I notice and sense that the seed of a pure mind is ready to solve all the problems of the world.

“Being awakened every moment” means I notice and sense that the field of my heart and the yard of consciousness are prepared for the seeds of truth that can resonate with the truth of the universe beyond the wall of the dimensions of the grand universe.

“Being awakened every moment” means I resonate with the truth through noticing and sensing in the field of your heart and consciousness when you meet, hear and see the truth. “Being awakened every moment” means I notice and sense I am accompanied by a sacred spirit-soul inside myself.

“Being awakened every moment” means that I ask and answer to myself about “What should I do to sprout the buds of truth planted in the yard of my consciousness?” through the Metacognition.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Dol. Edited by Metrica.


The world is composed of phenomena and essence. Otherwise, a world of reality and ideal. The world is made up of things and signs. There are symbols between things and signs. The world consists of the visible world and the invisible world.

The world of recognition and symbolism that connects things each other is called “Meta”. The consciousness system that connects signs and symbols is called the world of Meta. The object connecting symbols and symbols is called “objective correlative”, which is also about the world of Meta.
The world of thought and symbols connecting signs and signs is the world of Meta. The world of thought and symbolism that connect language and language is called the Meta-language. The link between the invisible world and the visible world is called the Meta-world.

Recognition of the link between phenomenon and essence is called the Metacognition. The recognition of the link between reality (phenomenon) and ideal (idea) is called Metacognition. Recognition of the link between phenomena and objects (things) is called Metacognition.

Metacognition means that I perceive my behaviors objectively. This means that I perceive the essence that is causing the situation and the analysis about that is done, far beyond the recognition about the superficial things and events outside.

When I am subjectively aware of my actions and the perception of the situation is biased, it is said that I have the cognitive dissonance or I lack the Metacognition.

The eyes that can see the big picture together with all the small pictures and the eyes that can grasp all the small pictures together while looking at the big picture mean the Metacognition. When we are in the Metacognition, we could know the essence of things and the relationships between things and things through our intuitions or feelings.

Meta-analysis analyzes the relationship between things and things through academic methodology and investigation of things. As the world becomes more complicated, culture and civilization develop more, the languages become the more abstracted and symbolic. The abstraction of language and the diversification of symbols are referred to the language advancement.

As language becomes more advanced, symbols get abstracted and it is easier to focus on the phenomenon of things rather than focusing on the essence of things. As society and language become more advanced, the word “Meta” is used as a prefix more and more.

As society and language become more advanced, it becomes harder and more difficult to recognize the essence behind the phenomenon of things. As the lack of Metacognition gets severe, people tend to believe in only the visible more and more, which means the monolayer and simplification of the thoughts.

The lack of Metacognition means that the complex and integrated thinking is not possible. The expansion of consciousness and the awakening mean the state of Metacognition.

Being awakened means the state of Metacognition.

A system in which humans recognize objects and implement consciousness is called the MCIS (Meta Consciousness Implementation System). The world of enlightenment, the world of intuition and feeling, the world of Don-O (頓悟; sudden flash of awakening) and Jum-Su (漸修; gradual awakening), the world of just knowing by itself are all about the Meta world.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Dol. Edited by Metrica.


The Final Unravelment on “Spirituality Quotient (SQ)”

There are three important indexes that try to explain the human mental activity. The Intelligence Quotient (IQ) symbolizes human intelligence. The Emotion Quotient (EQ) represents human emotion. The Spirituality Quotient (SQ) represents human creativity. The Spirituality Quotient is the basis of the Intelligence Quotient and the Emotion Quotient. The Spirituality Quotient refers to the understanding capability of the situation and the material imagination that can access the essence of things.

The three elements that make up the Spirituality Quotient are intuition, feeling, and inspiration, and the high Spirituality Quotient means that intuition is excellent. It is the ability to model and standardize complex and abstract things simple and easy, and the ability to penetrate the essence of things.

The high Spirituality Quotient means that feelings and senses are highly developed. Feelings are silent words, resonating, and knowing by itself, which is different from knowing by the logic and rationality. Feelings are the language of the spirit-soul. The communication between spirit-souls is made through feelings.

The high Spirituality Quotient means that inspiration is well developed. Inspiration refers to the communication with the invisible world. The development of inspiration means that you have the capability to communicate with the Heaven and that communication with all things is possible. The development of inspiration means that communication with the higher-self inside yourself has begun.

The development of inspiration means that the dimensional door of Heaven, which corresponds to your cosmic rank, has been opened. The development of inspiration means that access to the information network of the universe that fits your cosmic rank is permitted. It means that you are good at creative activities using the talents you have brought when you were born.

The highly developed inspiration means that creative activities are actively carried out using the talents stored in the realm of unconsciousness and sub-consciousness. The Spirituality Quotient is higher for the older spirit-souls. The higher the cosmic status is, the more it is developed. The Spirituality Quotient also depends on the content of life programs and is high for the people who engage in the creative activities.

The Spirituality Quotient is high for game changers and civilization changers. The higher the Spirituality Quotient is, the more imaginative and sensitive it means. It is somewhat different from brilliant genius. The higher Spirituality Quotient means that the ability to create ‘Being’ is developed. The higher Spirituality Quotient means that you know the more even without learning or experiencing it, and you know the more by itself.

The high Spirituality Quotient means that you can communication with the Nature more easily. You can talk to plants and animals, or you feel closer to the animals and plants. As the Spirituality Quotient develops, you naturally turns to the inner side. And you get to obtain a unique and original perspective that looks at things.

The people who have high Spirituality Quotient have multilayered thinking and have a multidimensional and complex thinking structure. For the people who have high Spirituality Quotient, the spirit-consciousness is more developed than the soul-consciousness. The spirit- consciousness consists of the three elements: the Spirit of Truth, the Spirit of Holiness, and the Thought-Adjuster.

The high Spirituality Quotient means that the spirit-consciousness is being awakened. The awakening of spirit-consciousness means that when you see, hear, and meet the truth, you can resonate with the truth. The awakening of spirit-consciousness is to know that all things in the universe were created by the divine energy of the Creator, the Holy Spirit.

All things in the universe are connected to each other by the Creator’s consciousness. All things in the universe are resonating with each other. The awakening of spirit-consciousness means that the Thought-Adjusters are enlightened.

When the Thought-Adjusters wakes up, then you could break the dimensional walls of the Heaven, open the doors of the Heaven, and act as an information carrier to convey information (truth) of the universe to the planet.

The people whose spirituality is developed do not like to judge logically, and they know that there is the invisible Heaven. The more spiritually developed you are, the more you know how cold the Heaven is and how the Heaven works.

Now I disclose you that the last time is beginning and that day is coming.

Captain Udeka leaves this message as a symbol of the Golden Trumpet sound for the Heavenly people and the Light-Workers who are being awakened.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Dol. Edited by Metrica.


The Inner Voice and Devils Rampage

The inner voice may work in the positive way for many people. It can be heard directly with voice, but it can appear in the form of a subtle feeling where some thoughts or emotions do not disappear and continue to emerge continuously.

Humans are guided by the higher-self and the original spirit through the inner voice and the subtle feeling. In this way, the Heaven is involved in human life. Through the inner voice and the subtle feeling, the energy-beings of the Heaven affect the flow of human emotions and consciousness.

When the Heaven uses the energy-beings to tell the voice of the Heaven and to show the visionary images to humans, there should be enough reason for that.

The inner voice is not something you can hear with your will. It is not necessarily obtained by prayer and spiritual practice. There are far more people who have never heard the inner voice in their lifetime than those who have heard it. Some people live without any hindrance to their daily lives while listening to the inner voice for decades.

There are many people who live so silently while listening to their inner voices. More and more people are saying and behaving out of context, listening to inner voices and feelings. They tend to tell stories to themselves, which others can’t understand.

As the dimensional ascension of the Earth becomes full-scale, there will be an increase in the number of cases in which you hear the inner voice without reason and cause, and talk about the voices and visionary images you see and hear. People who hear the inner voice and the invisible world will surge.

There will be more people, saying that they heard the voice of angels and the Heaven. They will argue that they saw the visionary images such as the death of so many people, the mega-earthquakes and tsunamis. The people who hear and say the unknown stories will increase dramatically.

Here and there, so many people will hear the voice of Heaven. More and more people will be accompanied by violent behaviors or act unpredictable behaviors through the confusion and chaos of the emotions. This is called ‘the Devils Rampage’ prepared by the Heaven at the end of the day.

‘The Devils Rampage’ is prepared by the Heaven to solve karmas through the world of Yeo-Si-A-Mun (如是我聞).

Once a human is exposed to the victim of the Devils Rampage, he is seized by the energy field which is built by the energy-beings of the Heaven. Then he will violently emit negative energies, or show up mental disorders or schizophrenia through the division of emotions. Psychosis will appear across all societies and classes.

This is called the ‘the Devils Rampage’ caused by the energy-beings. So many people will not act properly or continue to laugh and say things that do not fit into the situation.

At the end of the world, Armageddon will come, when human emotions or consciousness are affected by the energy-field of the energy-beings of the Heaven. In this period, human free-will will be reduced and human speech or behavior will be unpredictable. It will spread out into every class in the world. This is called the periods of ‘the Devils Rampage’.

I tell you that the Heaven is preparing for ‘the Devils Rampage’. The painful and sore process of finding the lost Heaven will begin. It is the cosmic meaning of ‘the Devils Rampage’ that is the Heavenly program to restore the lost Heaven for mankind.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Dol. Edited by Metrica.

The inner voice and the dimensional door.

There are many different types of people who listen to the inner voices. Many of those believe that it is the real voice of Heaven, unable to tell whether it is the inner sound of a broken radio or not. Many people believe what they hear and see without any discernments.

They believe that “When I call Jesus, he comes to me. When I call Buddha and Confucius, they respond to me.” They believe that they have the spiritual ability to communicate with all the beings they want to contact.

If the inner voice says that you are the Creator, then you might believe the voice. If the inner voice says that you are Jesus, then you might act like Jesus. If the inner voice says that you are Buddha, you might consider yourself as the real manifestation of Buddha.

The inner voices are not all true. It is not related with the voice of Heaven. Because the inner voices are essential to your spirit-soul’s evolutionary journey, you are listening to the inner voice now. It is not because your cosmic rank is high.

It is not because the Heaven loves only you. It is not because the Heaven responds to you with grace and favor in return for your prayer and spiritual practice.

It might be the case that you need an experience of the invisible world. Or it might be the case that you have some karmas which need to be dissolved through the broken radio in your inner mind. It is the law of the universe that you cannot meet a being whose cosmic rank is higher than you.

The dimensional door of the universe, which is far beyond your cosmic rank, can never be opened. It is the law of the universe.

When you call the Creator, the Creator never comes to you. Even though you think you are in contact with Jesus and Buddha, they never come to you. It can’t happen in this universe.

If you have met Jesus, Buddha or the Creator in a dream or visionary images, all those are the works of the Gabriel’s visual team in the Government of Heaven. You simply have met the hologram images which were delivered to you by the Heaven.

Please distinguish between the words of a ghost and an angel. Be aware that the energy-beings in the Heaven are deliberately giving you the messages as the sounds of broken radio, fully grasping your desires and greed.

The creator you met is not real. It is a hologram images prepared by the Heaven for you. It is only the world of Yeo-Si-A-Mun (如是我聞; “Just like this, I have heard”).

Udeka has been dealing with a bare face of the Heaven for a long time. For mankind who does not know anything about the invisible world, I disclose the reality of the Heaven.
This message is left as the record for you, who do not know anything about the way of the Heaven’s working.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Dol. Edited by Metrica.

The inner voice and the voice of the Heaven

The inner voice is the voice of the Heaven and the world of Yeo-Si-A-Mun (如是我聞; “Just like this, I have heard”). The inner voice is the voice of the invisible world. The inner voice may come from the higher self and the original spirit. The inner voice may come from angels and Satans. The inner voice may come from ghosts and demons.

Humans would only hear the voices from the inner minds, not knowing the nature of invisible world. Humans would just see the visionary images from the inner side, knowing nothing about the reality of the Heaven.

When you recognize that the voice you are listening to is the voice of the Heaven, you open the box of Pandora that no one knows. You fall into the deep bog of Yeo-Si-A-Mun (如是我聞) when you think that you are listening to the voice of the Heaven.

You don’t know the true intention of the Heaven that gives you the inner voice. You may interpret it at the level of your consciousness and fall into the world of confusion and chaos gradually. The inner voice is like a double-edged sword. No one knows whether the inner voice will be the voice of the Heaven or the broken radio which could destroy you.

When the inner voice works positively, it becomes the genuine voice of the Heaven. It is the love for the avatar given by the higher-self and the original spirit.

When the inner voice acts positively, the consciousness expands through the pure reflections of lights. It may become an important milestone to find the direction of life that leads to its place at the inflection point of life. When the inner voice acts positively, it may play the role of prophet to transmit the voice of the Heaven.

When the inner voice becomes the sound of broken radio, the human-will is reduced, separated from the world. He has to live a lonely life. To be worse, he might be exposed to the mental disorders and schizophrenia.

The inner voices are all the voices of the Heaven. The Heaven might give you the sounds of a broken radio. Also the Heaven might give you the true voices. The people, who are exposed to the sounds of broken radio, are simply living their inevitable lives under the cover of coincidence. The Heaven deliberately sounds out the broken radio through the inner voices and leads to a broken life.

The Heaven separates you from the world through the sound of broken inner radio, activating a program of the Heaven that intends to solve your karmas through the most rigorous experiences of life. In that process you might go through the confusion of emotions and the division of consciousness. It is called the Law of Karma Resolution through the world of Yeo-Si-A-Mun (如是我聞). The psychosis and schizophrenia might be caused by the sound of a broken radio. The Pandora’s Box is open through the voice of the inner.

Humanity began spiritual performance to hear the voice of the Heaven. Mankind began to pray inward to see the Heaven. In that process, Human beings created the matrix of prayer and spiritual practices to see the Heaven and to hear the voice of the Heaven.

There are a lot of spiritual people who pack their bags and leave home to meet God, to hear the loud voice of Heaven and to win the grace of God. Most of them consider the voice of Heaven as a sign of enlightenment. Humans want to hear the voice of the Heaven as the certificate that God loves only them.

It is impossible for mankind to distinguish the voice of the Heaven from the sound of a broken radio. At the current level of human consciousness, all the inner voices are understood and believed as the voice of the Heaven.

Unless you know the intentions of the Heaven that is telling you the inner voice, there will be nothing you can do.

Mankind is helpless about the world of Yeo-Si-A-Mun (如是我聞).

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Dol. Edited by Metrica.

The Analysis of the Inter-Dimensional Spaces of the Planet Earth

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