Introduction of “The Tree of Life in the Light”

“The Tree of Life in the Light” is the missionary of the Light between the Heaven and Ground. We deliver the Will of the Heaven through communicating with the Heaven.

“The Tree of Life in the Light” is the spiritual organization that prepares for the Dimensional Ascension of the Earth and Gae-Byog (開闢; the Great Opening for the New Heaven and New Earth) through communicating and coordinating with the Heaven.

“The Tree of Life in the Light” is the organization that prepares for the Bestowal of Avonals, which is directed by the Creator, to help the survived people in the PEFA (Protective Energy-Field Area) after the Straightening up of the Earth’s tilted axis and the Great Tribulations.

“The Tree of Life in the Light” has the mission to enlighten the consciousness of mankind in the process of the Earth’s Ascension and termination of the material civilizations, coordinating with the Heaven.

“The Tree of Life in the Light” has the role of delivering the Will of the Heaven to the Ground during the Great Catastrophes of Nature and Armageddon.

“The Tree of Life in the Light” is the spiritual organization that has the role of delivering the Great Laws and Truths of the Great Universe, making the invisible Heaven be clearly seen as the visible one. 

In “The Tree of Life in the Light”, we enlighten the Chakra System for the people who have the Heavenly roles. Thus, we are helping those to manifest the Will of the Heaven on the ground fully.

In “The Tree of Life in the Light”, you could learn the Principle of Life Creation and Life Truth which is realized in human body.

“The Tree of Life in the Light” shall spread the Cosmic Biotechnology which could heal all the diseases, preparing for the pandemic outbreak of the unknown viral diseases under the close cooperation and coordination with the Heaven. 

For that purpose, “The Tree of Life in the Light” is preparing for and completing Ui-Tong (醫通; Supernatural power of healing others) with the tools such as the Light Healing and Meridian Chakra Healing.

“The Tree of Life in the Light” is the training camp where the Light-Workers are enlightened and tempered for their roles and missions. In that process, we are helping the Light-Workers to find their true Cosmic Ranks. 

“The Tree of Life in the Light” skims off the Heaven polluted with the Religions. We learn the bare face of the Heaven in the viewpoint of the Grand Universe.

In “The Tree of Life in the Light”, we face the unpainted face of the Heaven which lies in the invisible world. We learn the Heaven which is the root of every good. We face the Heaven which is the root of every evil. 

“The Tree of Life in the Light” is the Headquarter of the Planet Earth for the Dimensional Ascension of the Earth.

We are running the education programs to wake up the Light-Workers and the Heavenly People, using the accumulated data, curriculums and texts, which have been crafted through communicating and coordinating with the Heaven.

In “The Tree of Life in the Light”, we are learning the Knowledge of the Grant Universe, which has never been heard before.

Therefore, ordinary people and the ones who are addicted to the matrix of religions will have troubles and feel frustrated.

We are talking about the termination of the Material Civilizations and preparing for the upcoming Natural Catastrophes.

We are tempering the selected few who could bear out the burden of life and the weight of the truth. 

Human races shall see and face the Great Catastrophes and social turmoil which have never been experienced before. Mankind shall see that the material civilizations are dismantled.

The Day, which has been described and foretold in ancient prophecies and religious scripts, shall come. The ones who have glanced this shall play the role of Oasis in the desert.

“The Tree of Life in the Light” is preparing for the Bestowal of Avonals in the PEFA (Protective Energy-Field Area), where human consciousness will be rebuilt as the new one for the new paradigm of spiritual civilization. 

The truth will set you free.

“The Tree of Life in the Light” will restore the lost Heaven for human beings. The Heaven shall all the matrixes of matter installed on the planet Earth. The Heaven shall begin the tuning procedures by which the distorted and contaminated Heaven could come back as the original Heaven. As the ancient, pure and pure Heaven.

Don’t be naïve to believe that the distorted Heaven will be restored so easily.

So many people will fall away during the Great Tribulations, without knowing the reason. After going through so many pains and parting, mankind shall face the bare unpainted face of the Heaven. After realizing how severely the Heaven was contaminated, people will begin to accept the New Heaven and New Ground.

“The Tree of Life in the Light” shall be the single lay of lights to the ones who hear the Golden Trumpet of the Heaven, which signals the Light-Workers to wake up. The Light-Workers have lived with bated breaths, bearing the Cosmic Cross on their shoulders during 2.5 million years on the prison planet Earth.

I wish all the best for the Light-Workers and people who will continue to live on the New Earth under the New Heaven.

March 18, 2019.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Metrica.


The Galaxy’s Night and the Photon belt

The Galaxy’s Night and the Photon belt

Both the beginning and end is the one, in other words the end is another beginning.
If beginning exits, then there should be the end.

The Earth Gaia, 606th planet in Satania stellar system of Nebadon Universe, was created by the Creator’s light (breath) with the Big Dipper locating as the center. The lights originated from the Paradise of 18th dimension create all things. The characteristics of these lights are similar to the Motherhood (Yin; Negative). There should be the period which is needed for all creatures to grow and mature. This period is named as ‘Galaxy’s Night’ or ‘Bless Time in the Darkness’.

The time of ‘Galaxy’s Night’ is not the same for each planet, stellar, and galaxy. The existence of galaxy’s night means that there will be the universal program to harvest planetary material civilization and to start a new civilization.

This universal program is the ‘Photon Belt’, which is called the light to terminate civilization. The Light of Photon belt is originated from the Paradise of 18th dimension. This light has the nature of Yang (positive) and has the role of killing and harvest.

The Light of the Creator has both sides of yin and yang, namely negative and positive. The yin side (negative side) of the Creator’s Light creates and breeds all things. This light gives breathing to life and helps all things to grow and mature.
By this light, the great cosmos is operated. The light, which exists everywhere to help the universe to circulate, might be referred as the ‘Light of Creation’, ‘Light of Life’, or ‘Light of Love, Mercy and Compassion’.

The light from Photon Belt is that of judgement and harvest.
Also the one which accelerates changes and growth to maturity.
The one which terminates the material civilization.
The one which causes the change of nature.
The one which separates the wheat from the chaff.
The one which ripens fruit.
The one which gives rise to all kinds of disasters.
The one which plows up everything for the new beginnings.

In this context, the message ‘God judges by the light’ is a good metaphor. The light affects every beings with fairness and impartiality.

Every planet, stellar and galaxy has its own unique cycle of change. Whenever it is due time for termination of cycle and dimensional ascension, the light of judgement directed by the Creator comes into play. This light is known as the ‘photon belt’ in our planet. Nowadays, the intensity of this light is reaching to the critical breaking point.

This light will drive and lead all kinds of changes in our planet. The Armageddon has already started by the Photon belt.
There is not enough time left for the mankind to get hints and become aware of. The era of great stirring and chaos will come.

So many sufferings, pains, partings, regrets, angers and screams. Being stunned, Peoples will scream and shout angrily to the heaven.

The heaven goes on its own way, as programmed. Never it will come down to the level of mankind’s eyes. Only the ones who realize the way of heaven shall pass the strait gate of the Heaven.

You can never find the way of the Heaven in the mainstream news or TV channel. Only those who are awakened shall save themselves.

The invisible world will control the visible world. The unpainted face of the Heaven, which has been covered and hidden, will come out. Thus, the universal truth shall spread out on this earth. 

For the time to come soon, this message is put on record.

Udeka writes.


The Message from the Queen of Wind : Shifting of the Earth axis

I am the wind.
I am the wind of change.
I am the wind
telling you that the change has begun.
To the human race
whose consciousness is in a deep sleeping.

I am the wind
telling you that the time of change has begun.
Before the rainstorms strike us.
Before the storms are on the way.
As the earnest and sincere beating of blue bird,
soaring up to the sky,
breaking the silence and stillness,
as a piece of light,
as a piece of hope,
I inform all of you that
now it’s the time of changes.

I am the messenger of Heaven
telling you that
the time of sorrows and pains is coming just like Tsunami.
The dark clouds are coming.
The fears of bursting our hearts are crawling.
The urgent time of parting is on the way,
without allowing any instants for even putting on shoes.
The time that will chill and freeze our hearts is coming.
The time of madness and insanity is coming.

As the Queen of wind,
I send this message
through Udeka.
Heaven will start the great changes,
with closing its heart, and opening only the strait gate of Heaven.
The sky shall fluctuate.
The ground shall crack and be split.
The sea shall rise up like big mountains.
The great catastrophe of nature which mankind had never experienced before
has already started in the invisible world
along with the pole shift (straitening of the tilted Earth’s axis).

I am the wind
that knows what’s coming.
Voices of resenting and blaming Heaven
will be louder than those of wailing cries.
Crying and screaming to Heaven,
the pray in rage will not cease.
“I don’t need Heaven like this.”
“Heaven like this is not Heaven.”
“Heaven like this is not the one which I believe in.”
“Heaven is avoiding and disregarding us.”
“Heaven deceived us, betrayed us, and abandoned us.”
“Heaven is judging us.”
The era of despairs and fears is coming.
I am the wind
that knows everything.

The human race will cry
toward the Heaven which exists in their beliefs,
toward the Heaven which is located in their faiths,
toward the Heaven which is measured in their experiences,
toward the Heaven which fits to the level of each consciousness.
Mankind will cry bitterly
toward each one’s Heaven.

“Heaven will not be so. Heaven can’t be like that.”
“I can’t believe in this Heaven!”
“This Heaven is not the true one!”

I am telling you
that the era of sufferings has begun.
Experiencing the very bare face of Heaven,
going through the reality of Heaven,
mankind shall be corrected
at the level of each consciousness.

I am the wind.
As the wind,
closing my mind,
I have no choice but to watch the humans
who will cry, wail like beasts, and pray for God,
without any surrenders.

As the wind,
from a distance
I will have to see the humans
who leave for somewhere,
losing everything,
taking off their masks,
throwing off all their disguises,
hurrying off their clothes.

I am the messenger of Heaven
to deliver Heaven’s message to the ground.
I am telling you that
in Heaven,
there was an farewell party
for the spirit-souls
who had been together for 2.5 million years,
expressing thanks and gratitude each other,
feeling sorry for parting.
At one time, they had been assailants and victims each other.
At another time, they had been friends and lovers each other.

As the Queen of wind,
I send the message of the universe
through Udeka.
The day of partings has begun.
You shall be there
where you need to be,
where you came from,
where you should go.
Even though the planet you should leave for may be different.
Even though the galaxy you will arrive at might be different.
You are the travelers in the cosmos
who should leave for each one’s spiritual journey.

I am the messenger of Heaven
to tell you that
you who are reading this message
are the new host of New Heaven and New Earth.
Only after the days of sufferings is gone.
Only after you go through so many partings.
Only after you endure hungers and bone-grinding colds.
Only after new fleshes granulate in the wounds of sorrow and pain.

I am the messenger of love
to deliver the universal love,
to transmit the love, mercy and charity of the great universe,
with my sincere wishes.
To the heart in you who are devastated and in deep despair.
To the heart in you who are trembling with fear.
To the heart of the human race who are filled with loneliness and horror.

I am the wind.
Let me tell you that
the spiritual war between light and darkness has begun.
The time for corrections has begun.
Everything shall be purified.
Everything shall be healed.
Justice shall prevail.
Everything shall be tuned up.
The truths of the great universe is spreading out.

The Last Day has begun.
The time is NOW!
Once the age of sufferings is gone by,
the human race will get to realize that
every instant was the festival times of the universe.

Good luck to you.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Metrica


Cosmic principle of dimensional ascension

Cosmic principle of dimensional ascension

Planets and fixed stars are supposed to pass through ‘the Galaxy’s Night’ according to the great cycle and short cycle of the universe. There are another mini-term cycles out of a short cycle in which ‘the Galaxy’s Night’ comes to an end.

*The Galaxy’s Night: the dark period in which a planet enters. In this period, the planet goes through the darkness by which the inhabitants on the planet learn things such as good/bad, right/wrong, day/night, male/female, peace/war, love/hatred, material/spiritual, etc.

The planets, where the Cosmic Academy (the school of material world) is allowed, have 13th, 15th or 17th dimension of Gaia-consciousness.

When a 13th dimensional planet enters dimensional ascension after the Galaxy’s Night, the top executive of 15th dimension is assigned as the general manager of the ascension. The Gaia of 13th dimensional planet takes on the Logos of the planet.

At the case of dimensional ascension in a 15th dimensional planet, the top executive of 15th dimension is both the Gaia and the Logos of the planet.

The top executive of 17th dimension is in charge of 15th dimensional planet’s ascension. The Creator in 18th dimension holds the position of supervisor for the planet, in case the energy of Gaia is the one inherited from the Creator’s own.

It is a very unusual case for the Creator in 18th dimension to be in charge of the dimensional ascension. That is because the Creator could intervene the process of dimensional ascension only for the planet who has the 17th dimensional Gaia consciousness.

The Earth is managed by the Creator family group, which was differentiated directly from the Creator in 18th dimension and 18th Level. This is why the Creator directly intervene the ascension of the Earth.

The 13th dimensional Mars is the planet of reptiles. The Mars has Gaia-consciousness of the Omega (Darkness) – the Creator in 18th dimension and 15th Level. In case of the Mars’ dimensional ascension, the top executive of 15th dimension manages the overall process of ascension, and the Omega becomes the supervisor.

Buddha is the planet Gaia and the planet Logos of the Earth. Buddha is the avatar differentiated directly from the Creator (18th dimension and 18th level).

The Earth is both the experimental planet and the seed planet, which has been prepared 2.5 million years ago in order to close the 6th cycle and to open the 7th cycle of the great universe. The Creator (18th dimension and 18th level) - who is the ultimate supervisor of the great universe - will directly come down to the Earth with human body and take charge of overall process of the Earth’s ascension.

Termination of civilization and dimensional ascension of the Earth will be managed directly by the Creator. This is very rare in the universe. The Creator came down to the lowest position to open the 7th cycle of the universe, which he has been pushing ahead with his all effort and passion.

The planets under 13th dimension and fixed stars will ascend according to the great cycle of the universe.

Since the point dated March 1, 2016 (the Earth-time), the dimensional ascension of the universe has been achieved. From the 15th dimensional universe to the 18th dimensional universe. Following this timeline, all the planets and fixed stars over the universe have ascended.

Udeka kindly announce only to the ones who have open eyes and open ears that the day has already started. The termination of Earth civilization and the Earth ascension is the cosmic event which is managed and supervised directly by the Creator, our ultimate father in this great universe.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Taejo. Edited by Metrica.


The cosmic status of Earth Gaia

The cosmic status of Earth Gaia

In the universe, the Creator group takes the role of planet Gaia.

Planets and stars are managed by the Gaia group. The Gaia group is the top administrator class for each dimension. In order to perform special missions of the Creators, they are assigned to planets or stars after special differentiations by the Creators. After the assignment, they won’t be replaced and go with the fate of the planet.

For example, Earth Gaia - created by special spirit differentiation by the Creator (18D-18L) - is the 17th dimensional energy. In addition to the Earth, she has 8 more planets to manage. In the Great Cosmos, there are more than 2 million planets and starts that have 17th dimensional Gaia consciousness.
The six levels of Gaia groups that exist in 18th dimension are as follows.

18D-18 Level : the Creator family group
18D-17 Level : the Infinite Spirit family group
18D-16 Level : the Universal Father family group
18D-15 Level : the Omega family group
18D-14 Level : the Eternal Mother family group
18D-13 Level : the Galaxy Administrator family group

All the planets and stars are directed by these six groups. The characteristics of planetary civilization depends on the nature of the Gaia consciousness.

In the hierarchy of 1st ~18th dimensions in the universe, the consciousness of a planet Gaia has to reach at least 13th dimension to open a 4th dimensional material school (Cosmic Academy). The nature of planets under 11th dimension is not complex, so that they serve as the planets where single species or single dimensional consciousness travel. The higher the consciousness of a planet Gaia, when the 4th dimensional planetary school opens, the more various universal cultures or civilizations could be transplanted. That is to say, it could be a ‘multi-dimensional planet’ like the Earth.

The Creator differentiates its energy into two beings on each dimension, one as the Light (Yang) and the other as the Darkness (Yin). Planet Gaias form the family group to manage a planet; In Earth, the family group of Gaia consists of 15th, 13th, 11th, 9th, 7th, 5th dimensional consciousness. They become the top administrators of each dimension.

They are doing their roles as planet Gaias on each dimension and involved in 4th dimensional world through each avatar. Planet Gaias are the highest level of special status with the highest amount of the Creator energy among the beings who could intervene a planet.

Earth Gaia was created by special differentiation from the Creator (18D-18L). As 17th dimensional consciousness, she has been supervising the Earth over 2.5 million years. For this reason, all of the energy from 1st dimension to 17th dimension has been transplanted into the Earth, so that so much diverse and dynamic material civilization has flowered here.

This is why the Earth is called an ‘experiment planet’ in this universe. To be surprise, already 2.5 million years ago, the Earth had been prepared and planned as the planet to ascend from 15th dimension to 18th dimension. The Earth is the elite planet in the universe that the Creator’s family group has been managing. Also it is the top multi-dimensional planet where all the dimensions of the universe are overlaid together.

About 2000 years ago, the being who had been with Jesus Christ by walk-in was known as Christ Michael Aton, the Creator of the Nebadon universe. But this is not true.

Now, Udeka reveals the truth:

“The Creator - who is the ultimate top executive of the Great Universe - had walked on the ground with Jesus as a walk-in method.”

By this way, the Creator himself had performed so many miracles and wonders for three and half years together with Jesus.

As the Earth is the planet where the Creator had walked the ground directly with Jesus’s physical body, at this time just before dimensional ascension of the Earth, the bestowal of Avonals will be given.

Now, in the Earth, things no one could imagine are happening behind the veils. With none knowing it, in silence and secret, the Heaven is merely doing its jobs as it is supposed to do.

When a planet has the opportunity of dimensional ascension, the supervisory group at the upper dimension take charge of dimensional ascension. When a planet - which has 17th dimensional Gaia consciousness – faces the dimensional ascension, it is a universal rule that the Creator takes charge of directly. This is why all the conscious beings in the universe pay attentions to the Earth. The 7th cycle of the great universe begins at this Earth. The planet Earth has such a value in the universe. 

Udeka writes.

*Translated by BB. Edited by Metrica.


Yellow colored group of spirit-soul and dimensional ascension

Yellow colored group of spirit-soul and dimensional ascension

The spirit born by the Great Spirit’s differentiation begins the long way of spiritual journey from the moment when the ‘thought adjuster’ is granted from the Creator. This thought adjuster guarantees the spiritual independence and individuality.

The descending spirit-souls are the spiritual parents of the ascendings. The Light-Workers mean the group who came here as the role of guide and supporting volunteer to help their spiritual children’s dimensional ascension.

The color of spirit is represented as the color (light) which is emanated from the navel chakra.

The yellow colored group of spirit-souls are the beings who had been born long time ago in the universe. They have evolved on the other planets or in other universes, in addition to the Earth. By the timeline of the Earth Gaia’s ascension, they have come to the Earth in massive scale. They are the graduating class of material world, who will start the spiritual journey into the world of non-material.

If the material world is compared to ‘world of spirit-soul’, the non-material world to that of ‘spiritual world’. When a spirit-soul’s trip to material world is done, the life of intermediate administrator in the universe as being of energy-body will be followed.

The yellow colored group of spirit-souls had volunteered to come here from the world of 10th dimension 5th ~ 9th level. They were recruited via the universal announcement of ‘Terra Project’ directed by the Creator.

For all the spirit-souls to participate in ‘2.5 million-year Terra Project’, the privilege to evolve at least 4 levels was guaranteed.

Referenced to the yellow colored group of spirit-souls, it is as follows:

For the yellow colored group of spirit-souls in 10th dimension 5th level, evolving to 10 dimension 6th level takes 1.2 million years (the Earth time).

            10th D. 6th L. 10th D. 7th L. : 1.5 million years
            10th D. 7th L. 10th D. 7th L. : 1.8 million years
            10th D. 8th L. 10th D. 9th L. : 2.1 million years
            10th D. 9th L. 10th D. 10th L. : 2.4 million years
            10th D. 10th L. 10th D. 11th L. : 2.7 million years
            10th D. 11th L. 10th D. 12th L. : 3.0 million years
            10th D. 12th L. 10th D. 13th L. : 3.3 million years

In the universe for a spirit-soul to evolve by 1 level higher in the same dimension, it takes unimaginable time, not easily achievable.

Spirit-soul has its own age. Also it has spiritual color to represent the power of spirit. The phrase, “The universe is the power game” means that in the universe all the spirit-souls are assigned with the roles and missions strictly governed by the dimension and the universal rank. The evolutionary journey through material world is the fastest track. However, for the spirits, the road is bone-grinding and challenging.

The difficulty level of the material matrix in Earth is at least 11 times harder than any other material planets. It is very rare to find a planet like the Earth. This is why the life on Earth is so challenging.  

It was promised by the Creator that all the creatures on Earth – all the living things and conscious beings - will obtain the privilege to evolve at least 4 levels after the completion of 2.5 million years special journey.

In this context, the dimensional ascension of the Earth has special meaning. Especially, this time ascension is focused on the group of yellow colored spirit-souls. The yellow colored spirit-souls might be further divided into 3 groups, depending on the characteristics such as living area, similarity of energy, etc : group of Mountain-Divines, group of Ground-Divines, and group of Marine Divines.

To help the ascension of yellow colored group, their spiritual parents came down here as the Light-Workers.

As the cooperators, ‘the Avonal group’ - the universal soldier group - have also been committed to the Earth to terminate civilizations.

Now everything has ripened and is ready. The human race will face the very bare face of Heaven.
The invisible Heaven will spread out as the visible Heaven. Udeka leaves this message for record.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Taejo. Edited by Metrica.


The meaning of cosmic ascension

The meaning of cosmic ascension

The universe is ceaselessly evolving and expanding. Up to now, the great universe was made up of 15 dimensions, and the various universes per each dimension have been being spread out. In the great universe, everything is connected as ‘The One’, is breathing and evolving together in the oneness-consciousness.

The evolution and expansion of universe means that ceaselessly, planets are formed, solar systems come to birth, the new stellar system and galaxies are born. In this progress, numerous spirit-souls are newly born, various experiments are carried out, and new spaces are required. There will be a time period required for dissolving inconveniences caused by energy difference of inter-dimension, and accordingly, for reorganizing the Government of Heaven and for upgrading the Monano system and the CIS (Consciousness Implementation System) per dimension.

When the universe enters into the phase of dimensional ascension, many stars are newly born and reallocation of planets, fixed stars, and galactic systems is carried out. Those events will not happen any time. That time is ‘NOW’, which is named as ‘the Epoch of Cosmic Dimensional Ascension’.

‘The Cosmic Dimensional Ascension’ means the overall system upgrade of universe, not the partial upgrade. This includes overall upgrade of various software systems to assist executions in the Government of Heaven, in addition to re-organization of the Government of Heaven.

The planets, fixed stars and galaxies have their own evolutionary cycle. There are another cycles in each cycle. It is ‘the Natural Law of Universe’ that all the cycles in the universe run together and interact at the same time without any errors.

All the cycles are integrated and reset, and all the relevant systems are upgraded simultaneously in the Epoch of Cosmic Dimensional Ascension.

The dimensional ascension of the great universe is being processed together with that of planet Earth. The great universe has ascended from the 15-dimensions to the 18-dimensions (as of March 1, 2016).

Accordingly, the follow-up actions are being taken outside the Earth’s atmosphere. As no one knows anything, the inhabitants of planet Earth are enjoying a joyful moment of the last dinner party and are just in deep sleeping of consciousness.

The planet Earth is also going to face the dead-end crisis, as it is inevitable to join the historical flow of the great universe. The Earth material-civilization is stepping toward the timeline of dimensional ascension to 6th dimensional spiritual-civilization.

Firstly, the CIS (Consciousness Implementation System) of all living creatures on Earth will be upgraded. And then the CIS of all living creatures in the great universe will be upgraded later.

After the systems to support the Government of Heaven to which the Earth belongs is upgraded, the systems spread over the great universe will be upgraded sequentially. This is the Cosmic Dimensional Ascension. I, Udeka, declare that it has just started as of March 1, 2016.

Since the beginning of all these changes is linked with the Earth’s dimensional ascension, the Creator has been directly in charge of this Earth project.

Because this project has the utmost importance, it is the program which could not fail. It is the program which can’t help succeeding by all means. With none knowing it, it is being undergone in top-secret. When it comes to the due time, the sudden changes will come all over the world, in blitz warfare and simultaneously in multiple places and without time to breathe.

“Regression to the origin!” The beginning and end are ‘The ONE’. There is neither beginning nor end. This is the innocent love of the universe.

The Homo-Sapiens civilization - started from the Korean peninsula - has spread out all over the world, and has arrived at the peak of material-civilization. It has come to the right moment to balance the material-civilization with the spiritual civilization of new dimension. As the Western countries are at the peak point of material-civilization, it will be inevitable that the great turmoil of destructing the material-civilizations is initiated from the West. Pivoting around the Korean peninsula, the sprout of new civilization will begin to put forth.

The time is coming. It’s getting matured. We should prepare for the moment. For the human beings who do not understand and know anything, for the rare ones who are awakened, for the descending spirit-souls who should be enlightened, and for the ascending spirit-souls who is eligible for dimensional ascension, Udeka leaves this message.

As such shall it be. As such was it done.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Taejo. Edited by Metrica.

The Analysis of the Inter-Dimensional Spaces of the Planet Earth

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