The Final Unravelment on WHOLENESS Consciousness

WHOLENESS Consciousness means the Creator’s consciousness. The universe is full of the Creator’s mind. The universe is made of various consciousness hierarchies of the Creator, which is called the dimension. Each dimension reflects different level of consciousness. The level of WHOLENESS Consciousness is varying for each dimension.

The WHOLENESS Consciousness in the world of Mu-Geuk (無極) is supported by the 12 Great Spirits. The WHOLENESS Consciousness in the world of Tae-Geuk (太極) is supported by the Spirit-Consciousness. The WHOLENESS Consciousness in the world of materials (Sam-Tae-Geuk, 三太極) is supported by the Soul-Consciousness.

The WHOLENESS Consciousness means a sort of information network which is shared and resonates altogether in a proportion of spiritual evolution. The spirits, existing as the non-material energy beings, can access to the information which is allowed for the dimension of spirits. Every type of energy – from the first level of the first dimension to the 18th level of 17th dimension – is spread out as the form of matrix.

The Earth is an exhibition laboratory where the energies from the first dimension to the 17th dimension are displayed. As sounds, shapes and lights, various objects and life forms are manifested in the planet Earth. Through senses, emotions and consciousness, spirit-souls can experience and learn various energies from multiple hierarchies by the medium of human body.

Everything on the ground came from the Heaven. Every work of art has its own universal dimension where the energy prototype exists for the art. In this context, everything is energy. Every melody in a song and music has its own origin of energy. A work of art is never created by chance.

The WHOLENESS Consciousness of the great universe can be recognized and taken by the Soul-Consciousness in human body. A human can resonate with the WHOLENESS Consciousness only through the programs which operate Soul-Consciousness.

The pet lovers and animal communicators can feel animal’s feelings and emotions by the programs which are installed in their Soul-Consciousness. They have soul-programs which can be linked to the programs which are installed in animal’s Soul-Consciousness. The same logic is applied for the plant lovers and communicators.

In the new spiritual civilization, human will be able to resonate with plants and animals. Even with minerals. The Soul-Consciousness programs will be upgraded for humans, plants and animals altogether.

We will be able to know a plant’s feelings. We will be able to communicate with animals freely. Every person will resonate with each other. In this way, the consciousness of mankind will be escalated and merged into the WHOLENESS Consciousness of the great universe more and more.  

As we achieve being ONENESS with our higher-selves in higher dimensions, we get to know more and more by itself. So naturally and instantly, we JUST KNOW IT! Beyond the Soul-Consciousness, we can pierce into the essence of things with Spirit-Consciousness.

As the level of being ONENESS with higher-self gets higher, the more the Soul-Consciousness gets integrated with the Spirit-Consciousness. Once the energy of Spirit-Soul-Baek gets aligned, the proportion of Spirit-Consciousness resonating with the WHOLENESS Consciousness increases dramatically. We just GET TO KNOW BY ITSELF more and more. Therefore, we step into the WHOLENESS Consciousness deeper than before.

The fact that you are living here now means that you exist together with the energy of great universe. We are the ONE who can’t be separated with the Creator’s consciousness.

November 29, 2017.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Metrica.
(Contact Us: metrica@naver.com)


The Final Unravelment on Soul

As a spirit is bestowed thought adjuster, the spirit can manifest “Spirit-Consciousness”, coordinating seven “Consciousness Cords” which are installed in the Governor Vessel (GV; 督脈, Dok-Maek, Sea of Yang). Thought adjuster is strictly limited not to influence Soul. Thought adjuster influences Life Circuit Diagram.

Soul is the most important factor in determining human character. When a soul is equipped with the matrix of Light, Intermediate or Darkness, the soul can manifest “Soul-Consciousness”, coordinating twelve “Emotion Cords” which are installed in the Conception Vessel (CV; 任脈, Im-Maek, Sea of Yin). 

Soul-Consciousness can express various characters, controlling twelve emotion cords. Soul is bestowed upon every spirit which has the coat of living forms. Every life form is a universal being which creates a living through manifesting Spirit-Consciousness and Soul-Consciousness.

Depending upon the degree of sophistication in the civilization, the types of programs installed in Soul is quite varying. For the spirit-souls who are living in the age of less developed civilizations, 128 types of programs are installed in the matrix of soul. Now in this age when material civilizations have gone to a peak, the programs to activate the Soul-Consciousness has expanded into 360 types to express various emotions and characters.

360 types of programs are installed in soul, reflecting the matrix of Soul-Consciousness. As there are three different types of matrix in the soul (Light matrix, Dark matrix, Intermediate matrix), total number of programs installed in soul is 3603 = 1,080.

As soul evolves more and more, the difficulty degree of programs for soul gets higher so that it can manifest complicated and delicate emotions. As the size of spirit is the larger and the brightness of spirit is the brighter, the higher level of Soul-Consciousness is imbedded with the spirit. This makes the journey of a spirit-soul so dramatic and exciting in the world of materials.

More than ever before, the world is full of varying people with extreme characteristics. There are a lot of people suffering from schizophrenia and other mental diseases. Also extreme people of psychopath are abundant. The types of criminals is getting wider and unpredictable.

Many people think that this phenomena are inevitable and natural outcomes of material civilizations getting sophisticated more and more. But in the invisible world, 360 different types of Soul-Consciousness programs have been experimented for each types of soul-matrix (Light, Darkness, and Intermediate). This is why the world is full of so many oddities.

In the new age of spiritual civilization, the number of programs to activate Soul-Consciousness will be reduced into 100. Extreme programs which may trigger mental abnormalities such as psychopath, schizophrenia, depression, ill-treatment, other violent tendencies will be abolished.  

Although the number of soul programs will be reduced, future mankind will manifest deeper emotions and highly escalated consciousness as their emotion cords are expanded into 15 (from 12), and consciousness cords expanded into 9 (from 7). During the stasis, which will take place in the course of pole-shift, Life Circuit Diagram will be upgraded for those who will continue to live on the Earth.

Emotion cords are linked with the matrix of soul. As emotion cords pass through each types of soul matrix (Light, Darkness, Intermediate), human characters optimally adjusted for Soul-Consciousness are created. The soul programs which are best optimized for the spiritual journey are activated and operated.

Spirit-Consciousness is created by thought adjuster. Spirit-Consciousness governs human consciousness. Soul-Consciousness is created by the 360 types of programs which are installed in the matrix of soul. The journey of Spirit-Soul is possible as the two programs of spirit and soul do not collide with each other. This is the secret of life forms.

The program of spirit comes first ahead of that of soul. The spirit program also determines the operating efficiency of soul programs. As spirits are younger, the number of soul programs is limited. As spirits are more mature and old, they can embrace much more abundant soul-programs so that the spirit-soul can manifest various subtle and delicate emotions and feelings.

For mature spirit-souls, at maximum 23 programs can work at the same time so that a person can manifest varying layers of characters. For young spirit-souls who make a living as the primitive tribe, they can manage to live only with 5 types of soul programs.

This is the reason why the Heaven should exist. This also means that just one life opportunity is not long enough to learn many lessons. This is because the soul programs which a spirit-soul can choose for a life is limited. As a spirit-soul is re-incarnated as a human, the spirit-soul should choose different characters and outlooks. This is the journey of spirit-soul.  

For the spiritual enlightenment of mankind and the Light-Workers, I, Udeka disclose the great secret of the universe.

November 16, 2017.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Metrica.
(Contact Us: metrica@naver.com)


Emergence of the Light-Workers and Maitreyas

The 144,000 Light-Workers are the avatars of the Creator, who have come here with the light of the Creator. They are called so varyingly as follows:

Ø  The Group of Maitreya or Mi-Reuk (彌勒; Bodhisattva)
Ø  Ihn-Hwang (人皇; The Emperor of Men)
Ø  Terminators of Material Civilizations
Ø  The best elite troops in the universe
Ø  The Avonals
Ø  The Group of Monjoronson
Ø  The Enlightened Masters

The Light-Workers will conduct their missions as judge and public order where they should be. They are the beings from the Heaven. They have the role of savior for the mankind with the authority and power granted from the Creator. They are “the Little Creator” where they should be.

Each of the 144,000 Light-Workers has his/her own Cosmic Rank. Reflecting each one’s Cosmic Rank, authority is to be given to each Light-Worker.

The Light-Workers are the guide and leader group who will construct new spiritual civilization on the New Ground and under the New Heaven. They will become complete through being ONENESS with their final higher-selves.

They are the Group of Maitreya or Mi-Reuk (彌勒; Bodhisattva) who have been prepared during 2.5 million years. They are the group of Ihn-Hwang (人皇; The Emperor of Men), who are walking on earth to conduct the promised mission of the Heaven at the promised time and places under the complete scenario of the Heaven.

The Light-Workers are not made by pray and spiritual practice. They are pre-assigned for their jobs and are scheduled to wake up according to each one’s planned time-line. They don’t need to know the whole picture. Rather, they have to put their own puzzles together for their unique roles in the way of Heaven’s working.

The Light-Workers are waking up. Their Spirit-Consciousness is widening and Soul-Consciousness is reducing. Their programs of Soul-Consciousness are being integrated into the programs of Spirit-Consciousness. In the course of it, their vibrational frequencies in body are getting higher.

Crossing over the wall of dimensions, in order to manifest miracles on the ground, every measure is being taken for their spiritual capabilities revelation in the way of Heaven’s working.

The Light-Workers have the role of bringing and embarking the energy of the Creator into the ground where they should be. They will do their jobs as the words “Don't let your right hand know how your left hand is helping others.” They will serve the mankind in the lowest place.

Congratulations to the waking up of the Light-Workers. Their spiritual enlightenments are the bless of the great universe! This means the emergence of God, the arrival of Mi-Reuk’s, and coming down of Ihn-Hwang’s on the ground.   

Heaven became Ground and Ground became Heaven. The will of the Heaven will be done on the ground. The will of Ground will be achieved on the ground by the Heaven. Welcome the arrival of the Light-Workers to the ground!

The Heaven came down to the ground. In the emergence of the 144,000 Light-Workers, Disposition of Providence will be done on the ground.

You are here for the mission.

Congratulations for the waking up of the Light-Workers!

The Heaven came down to the ground!

As such shall it be. As such is it planned to be. As such was it done.

January 10, 2018.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Metrica.
(Contact Us: metrica@naver.com)


What’s going on right now? 8 – Graduation Ceremony for Spirit-Soul

Before the dimensional ascension of the Earth and great tribulations of catastrophes, administrative procedures are being undertaken for all the spirit-souls who belong to the astral plane of the Earth. For the 144,000 Light-Workers, people who will continue to live on earth and people who will have to leave the Earth, “the Light of the Creator (God)” is inpouring strongly.

This “Light Inpouring from the Creator” is a graduation gift for all the students on the Earth as all the spirit-souls now have to graduate from the Earth as the Cosmic School. This Light of God was alternatively described as “the Holy Rains”, “the Sweet Rains” or “the Flowery Rains” in the spiritual circles and religious prophecies.

Up to now, there have been second times of “Light Inpouring from the Creator” to awaken the role players who should prepare for the dimensional ascension of the Earth.

The Holy Rain is now falling to all the spirit-souls living on earth and to all the spirit-souls staying in the astral plane of the Earth in fairness and impartiality from the Source Creator (18th level of 18th dimension), facing the termination of material civilizations.

This Light from the Creator is both the final scores and diplomas of all the spirit-souls who have evolved on the Earth. It is also annual ring of spirit-souls. A spirit-soul could travel its own spiritual journey to a planet or galaxy, holding this Light as a certificate for its trip in universe.  

The periods of Holy Rains are as followings.

n  For the 144,000 Light-Workers: It rained for three weeks.
Ø  November 20, 2017 ~ December 10, 2017

n  For the Spirit-Souls with Yellow-colored lights : It rained for three weeks.
Ø  December 11, 2017 ~ December 31, 2017

n  For the Spirit-Souls with Pink-colored lights : It rained for one week.
Ø  January 1, 2018 ~ January 7, 2018

n  For the Spirit-Souls with Silver or White-colored lights : It rained for three weeks
Ø  January 8, 2018 ~ January 30, 2018

In the three weeks (January 8, 2018 ~ January 30, 2018), the Holy Rains are falling for the collective spirit-soul group of both animals and plants in fairness and impartiality from the Source Creator. Also for the element spirits of mineral matters.

Up to the day of January 30 in 2018, the Holy Rains will continue to fall without pause. The Light is the Creator’s bless to all the living forms and mineral matters on earth. Once the Light Shower from the Creator done, then every spirit-soul should have to go where it is supposed to, holding the graduation certificate as the final score of its spiritual evolution.

Congratulations to all the spirit-souls during 2.5 million years on earth! We really appreciate your journeys on earth.

I, Udeka, leaves this message for record, communicating with the Heaven.
January 8, 2018.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Metrica.
(Contact Us: metrica@naver.com)


The Final Unravelment on Higher-Self

You are not alone in the universe. You are not a being flung to the planet Earth. Every life form on the earth has its own “Original Spirit” and higher-self. Even plants and animals have their Original Spirits in higher dimensions.

Human is a being who has a Cosmic Rank. The dimension where your Original Spirit lies determines your Cosmic Rank. Most of light-workers are from 14th dimension or 12th dimension where their Original Spirits exist.

Now we illustrate how spiritual differentiation from Original Spirit is done. In the case of Original Spirit at 12th level of 14th dimension, the procedure of sending its avatar to the world of material (4th dimension on the Earth as of the structure of 18 dimensions, or 3rd dimension as of the structure of 15 dimensions) is proceeded as followings

Ø  Original Spirit: 12th level of 14th dimension
Ø  Avatar’s final Higher-Self: 12th level of 13th dimension
Ø  Avatar’s fourth Higher-Self: 12th level of 11th dimension
Ø  Avatar’s third Higher-Self: 12th level of 9th dimension
Ø  Avatar’s second Higher-Self: 12th level of 7th dimension
Ø  Avatar’s first Higher-Self: 12th level of 5th dimension
Ø  Avatar: “I AM” living on the earth (4th dimension)

Your Original Spirit sent you to this world just for its learning and experience for the material, differentiating its energy down to lower dimensions and passing over the wall of dimensions. As you have the role and mission as the light-worker, your Original Spirit sent you here.

Every spirit-soul has its own Original Spirit. Original Spirits are connected with avatars through spiritual differentiation of higher-selves. Higher-selves are a sort of ladder or intermediary which bridges the gap between Original Spirit and avatar. Through your higher-selves, you are linked with higher dimensions in the universe. Only through your higher-selves, you can connect with the WHOLENESS CONSCIOUSNESS of the great universe.

Higher-self manages inner-voices in your mind. All the mystic and super-natural events and phenomena are also driven and/or directed by your higher-self. The followings are just some examples:  

Ø  Hearing voices of ghosts and angels
Ø  Seeing and meeting ghosts and angels
Ø  Seeing Satan and devils
Ø  Hearing voices in your deep mind
Ø  Capability to see the invisible lights and forms

Your higher-self is a special being of energy who are specially programmed for your life. Your higher-self guides and leads you (avatar) not to lose your way in the course of your program. Your higher-self only exists just for you.  

Your higher-self is an invisible hand in your life as the being can involve in you, if it is necessary, through coordination with the Government of Heaven. Whenever it is inevitable, your higher-self may limit your free-will and frustrate your desires.

Removing the variables which might trigger events to occur in your life – albeit those events are not planned in your program – is one of the main jobs conducted by your higher-self. Being swindled, failing in business, falling in love and parting with, or whatever… What should happen will occur to you. What must not happen will not occur to you. All these are supervised and directed by your higher-self. This is the reason why your higher-self should exist.

Your higher-self lies in the position of frictions between your free-will and your life programs. Of course, your free-will is respected and allowed as much as possible by your higher-self. This is the Law of the Great Universe! All the prayers you offer up could be delivered to higher dimensions only through your higher-selves. Without the help and assistance from your higher-selves, you can’t access to high level of consciousness in higher dimensions. A bit of information, a feeling in your emotions can’t come to you, if your higher-self does not help you.

When your free-will collide into life program, your higher-self intervene in you to drive back you on the course of original program, playing all its cards within its authority. Higher-self may adjust your “emotional cords” to control your feelings. Or higher-self may control your “consciousness cords” to control your thoughts.

Through your MCIS (Meta-Consciousness Implementation System), higher-self can control and manipulate your un-consciousness, sub-consciousness and current-consciousness to drive you into the place where you should go. The being who gives you blessings and the being who plays the role of villain is not the God but your higher-self.

Your free-will and higher-self always keep a beautiful interval. Just like track of a rail-road, with a beautiful interval being preserved all the time, your train of life keeps running today. Your free-will may represent your ego and desire. You are a man on the ground and may want to do works of earth.

Your higher-self is the being in the Heaven. As the representative of your Original Spirit, your higher-self is resonating with the WHOLENESS CONSCIOUSNESS of the great universe. The being who delivers the will of Heaven is not the God but your higher-self.

As such shall it be. As such is it planned to be. As such was it done.

November 10, 2017.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Metrica.
(Contact Us: metrica@naver.com)


A being in the Heaven and Man on the ground

There is “another Me” inside myself. Someone may call “another Me” as ghost. Another ones may call this one as Ego. Others may call this one as higher-self. Otherwise, it might be called “Mind”, “Consciousness”, “Spirit”, “Soul”, or “God”.

Inside my mind, there are “so many Me’s”, which are energy beings affecting my life. Enter into your mind. Face “another Me” inside yourself. And talk to him. Maybe you may have tried meditation so many times, guided by Guru or spiritual teachers. But you may have faced nothing to respond to your contact. You may have heard Nothing. You may have seen Nothing.

Most people consider “Another Me” inside my mind as an unwelcome guest. In the moment of conflicts and choices, in the situation where different desires collide with, you may have felt negative thoughts and feelings to arise inside your mind. Whenever you feel helpless and exhausted, you may want someone to depend upon.

When we feel lonely and go through tough periods, just a few people may resort to “Another being inside each one’s deep mind”, talking with him and asking for help. Rather many people may seek solutions outside themselves, praying for God or asking for help. They can’t feel someone inside themselves. Nor they know the existence of a being inside their minds.

“Enter into your deep mind.” Escape from this kind of words. Whether you delve for your deep inside or not, what should happen to you shall occur to you. And what should not happen will not come to you. In order to dissolve fears, to get spiritual enlightenments, to meet God, or to talk to your higher-self, you don’t have to enter into your deep mind. In your deep sea of mind, there exists your higher-self who is so skillful and seasoned to know everything of you. He always exists there so silently, not speaking at all to you.   

Your higher-self has enormous power to influence you. He can direct a band of angels to intervene in you, if it needs to be done. Even ghosts he can invite for you. Angles in darkness and devils can also be called upon by your higher-self. He can make your body be in sick. He can tune your emotions to feel sad or happy. Your higher-self is the chief executive to manage all kinds of energy-beings inside your mind.

You are a man on the ground and your higher-self is the being in the Heaven. Your higher-self is not on your side. To handle you who has free-will, are full of interests and desires and are still immature, to care of you whose level of consciousness is low, to force you accomplish your programs of life which you had committed to finish in the Heaven, your higher-self is endowed with authority and power from the Heaven.

You are a man on the ground. Since the moment you wear a coat of human body, you become a being of earth. But your higher-self is a being in the Heaven, who should follow the law of great universe in the course of your life. Your higher-self can’t be on your side in any cases and moments.

Your higher-self has a greater influence on you rather than God you are sincerely looking for. Even the God, whom you believe in, should follow the law of the great universe just like your higher-self. Both of God and your higher-self is on the same boat.

If your higher-self is not on your side, then neither God is. If your higher-self is helping you, then as such God will. If your higher-self is silent to your pray, Jesus or Buddha will not listen to you either.

Do not seek God outside yourself. Before you ask, your higher-self will give you what you want, if it is necessary for you. However hard you ask and wish, your higher-self will be cold for you, if it is not necessary for you. Always your higher-self represents the Heaven, not your interests.

Your higher-self connects you with the Heaven. Just like you get along in the logic and values on the ground, your higher-self is never separated from the law of universe. Your higher-self is the Heaven to you. Your higher-self is the God to you. Your higher-self is “another You” to you.

Your higher-self is an absolute ruler who has versatile ways to handle you. But absolute authority leaves shadows. Be smart to burrow into your higher-self’s weak point. Your higher-self is the unique being in the universe, who exists only for you. He can achieve the work of Heaven on the ground only through your body, your consciousness and your action.

Your higher-self can’t do anything without your help. Only through your body, your senses and consciousness, he can learn and grow up. Your higher-self is also on the road of evolution.

You and your higher-self is both side of rail road, which can’t meet each other. One side of rail road is composed of your free-will and desire. Other side is your higher-self. On this rail road, your train of life is running.

At every station your train of life makes stops, there are opportunities of learning, growth, joy and sorrow. Going through ups and downs of rough steep in the mountains, river sides and fields, your train of life just runs and runs continuously.

In order for a man on the ground to communicate with the Heaven, it can be done only through his higher-self. Without one’s higher-self, we can’t open up the door to Heaven. The spiritual enlightenment is achieved through the process of energy adjustment by which vibrational frequency in body is elevated. This means being ONENESS with one’s higher-self.

The phrase “Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven” means “being ONENESS with one’s final higher-self”. Only those who achieved being ONENESS with their final higher-selves shall open the door to numerous dimensions of the Heaven.

Good luck to every man on the ground.

As such shall it be. As such is it planned to be. As such was it done.

October 23, 2017.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Metrica.
(Contact Us: metrica@naver.com)


The road to Saint

Saint is made on the ground. Saint never falls off suddenly from the sky. Never Saint appears riding on a space-shuttle. Saint does not come in the midst of clouds. Saint is not born from egg. Saint is born through a woman’s womb in the way of walk-in. 

Saint has his own Cosmic Rank. Saint has his own dimension where he came from. Once Saint comes into his physical body, he just gets locked in the wall of dimension which is like a prison or watching a boring movie to the end. In addition to the wall of dimension, he gets trapped in so many seals such as gravity, time and space, geo-magnetic force. To the worse, various seals are built in the meridian system.

When Saint comes down to the ground with human body, numerous memory sealing not to recall who he is is installed more than ordinary people. The life of Saint is much harder than others. Saint has the role of information carrier to bring energy of universe to a planet. The energy Saint brings with him has the characteristics of civilization changer, which is crucial in the transitional phase of paradigm shift.

Saint comes and go just conducting his role and mission in the way of Heaven’s working. By the help of Saint, Heaven’s will is realized on the ground and spread out into various civilizations. Saint is both energy carrier and information carrier to bring energy of high dimensions on the ground.

Saint brings with himself delicate planning to install the matrix of new age and implement zeitgeist. The support group who are to help Saint is already set-up with the program of Saint. Saint grows up and spends his childhood, experiencing suitable events and hardships in accordance with his program. As every saint has his own mission, information contents he should deliver are different for each saint. The way saint conducts his mission is exactly in line with the way of Heaven’s working.

As Saint locked in the wall of dimension passes by days of anonymity, energy adjustment to elevate his frequency in body transpires by the Heaven before his mission begins. This is a crucial step for raising up his level of consciousness and bringing high level of information on the ground. In this way, he has to unlock the door of dimensions.

Before Saint is connected to the dimension where the information Saint has to deliver corresponds to, complex and delicate process of energy adjustment continues. The energy tuning by the Heaven is the process of Saint being made on the ground. This procedure takes long time and may be very boring. Even Saint himself may not take a hint about this.

Before time is ripe for his awakening, Saint lives as a normal person, not knowing who he is and what he has to do. Consciousness enlightenment can’t be achieved without the process of vibrational frequency in body being lifted up. The process of energy adjustment may be decomposed into the following three steps.

Ø  The First Step: Invisible storage space of energy is installed in body.

Ø  The Second Step: Necessary energy is injected to the storage space.

Ø  The Third Step: Injected energies spread out into body.

Through the process of energy adjustment, Saint can access to the high dimensions of universe, the WHOLENESS consciousness of the great universe and great truths. For this, pray and meditation are not necessary. Spiritual practices and hypogastric breathing are not needed. Looking for a holy place is of no use. No good foods and house are necessary. It does not require abundance of knowledge. Even human free will does not matter.

Saint is determined a priori at birth. The person who is supposed to play the role of Saint awaken in due time by the Heaven and goes through the preparatory period. In this period, Saint’s free-will is ignored. And the life program which was planned and agreed by himself in the Heaven proceeds without any errors. In Saint’s body, delicate and sophisticated invisible devices are installed to handle information from the great universe.  

Every Saint has his own Cosmic Rank. For your understanding, let’s take an example for the Creator of Nebadon local universe, Christ Michael Aton who is the being at 18th level of 17th dimension. His avatar as a human has to live with physical body of Homo-Sapiens on the ground, led by his higher-self.

A human is composed of three energies: Spirit, Soul, and Baek. Human body optimized for the planet Earth should live wrapped in the wall of 4th dimension. Avatar of Christ Michael Aton, living in the 4th dimension, needs energy adjustment of Heaven in order to unlock the wall of dimension.   

In the first step, inter-dimensional space which could store energy of the 5th dimension should be constructed in avatar’s body. Since the 5th dimension consists of 14 levels, avatar’s inter-dimensional space should be enough to store all kinds of energies from the first level to 15th level in 5th dimension.

After the inter-dimensional space for 5th dimension is constructed in avatar’s body, the energies of 5th dimension are adjusted enough for human body to endure them and then injected energies become absorbed into every cell in body. This makes human body be enlightened more and more

Only after the vibrational frequency in body is raised up to the 5th dimension, C. M. Aton’s avatar could get into the WHOLENESS Consciousness of the 5th dimension in the great universe. Now he could manifest consciousness and information corresponding to the 5th dimension into the world in the way of knowing naturally. In this course, avatar’s free-will does not matter.

In this way, the same procedures repeat for the higher dimensions. The higher dimension requires the longer times. When higher energies are injected into body, someone might ache all over his body or catch severe chills without any clues.

Unexplainable pain and discomfort may follow. Someone may feel head-ache, a ringing in the ears, have a stomachache. He might ache all over his body, feel uneasy or get skin diseases for a long time. The symptoms may vary depending on the persons.

Until the dimension of avatar’s final higher-self is reached, this boring, painful and time-consuming procedures continue. For avatar of C. M. Aton, his body gets enlightened with the vibrational frequency in body being elevated into the 18th level of 17th dimension. Then, he finally achieved the BEING ONENESS with his final higher-self. In other words, he became the master of lights. Finally, a Saint is created on the ground.

Saint’s opening up the door to the 17th dimension means that he already keeps the lights of the first level in the first dimension through the 18th level in the 17th dimension in his body. The lights preserved in his body is the key to unlocking the doors of dimensions.

Only when all the doors of dimensions are open, Saint could deliver the information of the great universe. And then he could conduct many miracles, which are assisted by the invisible hand from the space-ships.  

Just like a Saint being trained and made by the Heaven on the ground, all the light-workers go through the similar procedures.

Now the 144,000 light-workers are awakening. It is the time to disclose the secrets of the great universe. Before the days of 144,000 light-workers returning to the ground, I, Udeka reveals the truths of the great universe.

As such shall it be. As such is it planned to be. As such was it done.

October 18, 2017.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Metrica.
(Contact Us: metrica@naver.com)

The Analysis of the Inter-Dimensional Spaces of the Planet Earth

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