The Age of Great Tribulations

Things could not happen by accident. The natural catastrophes to come will not occur by chance. The catastrophes are the ones which have been prepared by the Heaven just to open up the New Heaven and New Ground, closing off the old material civilizations.

The new golden age will come. But we have to pay. The passport is not be free. All the people could not face the new age. Every spirit-soul has its own unique path for the evolutionary purpose. This is the law of universe, the love of great nature.

Only those who are eligible for the new age could pass the age of Great Tribulations, while they undergo ordeals and are enlightened throughout the course. The age of sufferings will come secretly and silently, unnoticed by most people. Those who are to survive will necessarily be led to the safe areas, while others will not.  

The number of survivors will not exceed 500 million. Earthquakes, volcano eruptions, collapse and uprising of continents, unprecedented great tsunamis, and then pole-shift will attack all over the globe. To be worse, unknown diseases caused by abnormal immune system and wide spread of viruses are not unavoidable.

This is the tragic destiny of Earth. But at the same time, it is also the roadmap for the dimensional ascension of Earth. This is not escapable nor stoppable. This is the circulation of the wheels of the Great Universe.

In the West, most civilizations will be destroyed mostly by earthquakes and tsunamis. In the East, unknown diseases and viruses will storm the lands. In the end, the pole-shift will smash up material civilizations.

In the course of pole-shift, the crisis of viruses will start from the Korean peninsula and then it will spread globally so rapidly. The paradigm of modern medical sciences will be helpless. The Earth will become widely different after the pole-shift and the survivors will open their eyes for the new consciousness. The Age of Great Tribulations, which have been anticipated by numerous prophets and sacred books, is coming unnoticed by most people. Silently and gradually.

The new energies from Photon belt will activate the Ge-energy of Gaia. Once the trigger is pulled, demolition of the Earth is not unavoidable. The change will be so fast just like domino game.

Before the pole-shift begins, Armageddon will be triggered in most areas of politics, religions and societies. Going through Armageddon, life and death will be determined by the Heaven.

The human races will have to face the real test of life and death. Every person will be led by each one’s inner feeling. Outwardly, it might seem to be punishments from the Heaven. But in fact, every decision is the choice derived from each one’s free-will. In the end, each one’s free-will decide life or death. This is the fate of human races who are trapped by various kinds of matrices.

The Heaven determines everyone’s life. The love of Great Nature is not the one that blindly save all the peoples. Every spirit-soul has its own unique path for evolutionary journey.

In the middle of the Great Tribulations, there are pole-shift and wide spread of unknown diseases and viruses. There is a way out of every situation, however bad. For lights of hope, you will have to find the light-workers who could conduct healings of chakra enlightenment and revolutionary new alternative medicines.  

As such shall it be. As such is it scheduled to be. As such was it done.

February 25, 2017.
Udeka writes.

*Translated by Metrica.


For the human races who have lost the Heaven 6 - Fear

Are you scared?

Why do you feel horror and fright?

Are you overwhelmed by the natural disasters which are occurring everyday outside doors?

Do you think that the natural catastrophes are the simple reflections of God’s rage and judgement?

Are you trembling with the possibility that everything you have might fall into trashes by the Great Depression?

Where is gone your pure mind that you want to save the mankind through spiritual enlightenment? What is going on in your courage and boldness by which you used to judge and discriminate others?

Are you scared that the ages – which the heretics have anticipated – might arrive in your real life? Do you still believe that the realities you are facing are manipulated by the few bad guys? Whom do you fear in the course of the Great Tribulations which have never been experienced by the human races?

Are you scared that the Gods – whom you have worshiped in your whole life – might be in silent about your pray and betray you?

What do you think is causing your fears and horrors? Are you perhaps the faithful believer and disciplinant who has spoken out love, mercy and full devotion? If then, why are you scared? What is causing your fears and dreads? Where is gone your oath that you will deliver and give unconditional love to your neighbors?

We tend to speak out love only by our mouths, closing our minds and fearing that we might hurt others. The ones who have lost love in their hearts are nothing but the ones who have lost the Heaven.

Are you fearful and scared? What is causing your fears? Maybe you used to say that you want to die while other people die. Seeing the collapse of buildings, do you still continue to say those words? Do you still preserve the courage and arrogance in the course of natural catastrophes?

Are you scared? Are you asking where the gateway is? Fears are the unavoidable guest to the human races who have lost the Heaven.

As you are awakened, your fears will diminish. As you deliver the unconditional love, you feel less fears. Our lives are purely dependent upon the Heaven. Only those who could pass the Straight Gate could overcome fears and dread.

The courage by which you could endure and bear out, the power which could transform dread into love, the mystic forces which could run the great wheels of universe, all of them purely come from your deep mind, which is nothing but your higher-self.

The Gods with whom you are familiar in the bibles will not appear before your eyes. Your pray will come back to your ears just in vain. All the knowledge which the human races have believed as the truths will turn out to be false. The great truths of universe will be delivered only by the light-workers who are spiritually enlightened.   

The truth will set you free.

Good luck to you.

August 8, 2016.
Udeka writes.

*Translated by Metrica.


For the human races who have lost the Heaven 5 - Truths

Do you need the truths? Do you think that human races should seek for the truths? To the human races who are in the peak of enjoying the material abundances, I Udeka really want to ask that they need the truths.

For those who struggle in obtaining and asking more wealth and good luck, what is the use of truths?

Do you really think that you feel the necessity of truths? Although you might think that ministers, monks or priests could deliver the truths more efficiently, persuasively and elegantly, do you really need the truths?

For what are you looking for the truths? Maybe are you trying to find the truths just to acquire the passport for the Heaven?

Are you looking for the truths to obtain spiritual enlightenment? Or in order to solve the distorted and puzzled paradoxes and problems of your life? Do you think that you could dissolve all the problems in your life as soon as you could find the truths?

Have you ever tried to find the truths? Are you looking for the truths that could satisfy your egos? Or the truths that could justify your logic and prejudices?

Are you trying to find the saints? Do you worship the Gods who could protect your family from the misfortunes? Although you might be a devout Christian or committed Buddhist, do you still need the truths?

It has been quite long and long times since the human races have lost the Heaven. Instead of pure pray for the Heaven, the pray of human beings have fallen into those which seek for the material abundances.

I, Udeka ask you.

Do you really think that there exist the truths?

Why do you seek for the truths?

Where do you think the Heaven exists?

Do you think that the truths exists in the Heaven?

I ask you again.

What does the truths mean to you?

For what do you need the truths?

August 5, 2016.
Udeka writes.

*Translated by Metrica.

For the human races who have lost the Heaven 4 - the Heaven

It is quite long time since human races have lost the Heaven. The Heaven does not exist to respond to your pray nor to give blessings. Nor does it exist for judgment or punishment. Neither it does not operate Heaven and Hell.

Wrapped by the gravity and locked by the atmosphere of Earth, human races have lost the Heaven. They do not try to find the truths, absorbed in the abundance of materialism and relative deficiency. Instead, they have just created the distorted Gods and Heaven and locked the Gods in the matrix of religions.

The Heaven has fallen into the being that hears our pray and give blessings. The Gods are the beings of fear. The Gods are the beings who judge and punish the sins of human beings.

Those who seek the truths, what are you doing now? Where are you now?

Those who seek the truths, what do you want by your pray and meditation?

Those who seek the truths, what are you doing now in the upcoming phase of pole shift and termination of materialism?

The light-workers and warriors of Heaven, what are you doing now? It is the time when the grains and chaffs should be separated.

Don’t you really know why the Heaven exists? Why don’t you stop believing in the God as you like in such a way that it is so sectarian? Do you really believe that the Gods do exist just to satisfy your interests or your nation’s request?

For the human races who have lost the Heaven, the Heaven now asks. Do you need the Heaven that could satisfy your egos? Do you want the Heaven that could justify your beliefs and faiths?

The Heaven will soon reveal its real face just to break your prejudices and the framework of your thinking. The Heaven has prepared a gift for those who think that they know the Heaven very well. The gift will be revealed in the faces of human along with the pole-shift.

The time is coming to correct the paradigm of human consciousness. It is coming for the transition into the new spiritual civilizations. In the meantime, human races will get to see the unpainted face of the Heaven along with the termination of material civilizations.

The Heaven will continue to execute the programs which have been prepared by the Heaven until the distortions of Heaven and Gods be restored and corrected. Only when human beings could get to the notion of wholeness, the dimensional ascension of Earth will come to an end.

For the human races who have lost the Heaven, Udeka asks again.

What does look like your Heaven?

If you were the Heaven, how will you open up the new ages and how to terminate the old ones?

Why do you need the Heaven?

What do you think where the truths come from?

Going through the correction times, human races will have to answer the above questions by themselves. Only when you could answer the questions fully by yourselves, you could obtain the cosmic citizenship on the new Heaven and new ground.

Good luck to you.

As such shall it be. As such is it supposed to be. As such was it done.

July 27, 2016.
Udeka writes.

*Translated by Metrica.

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