The Heaven’s Message for mankind at the End Times – My Beloved Children

The Heaven’s Message for mankind at the End Times – My Beloved Children

My beloved children!
I AM the CREATOR who came down to the ground.
I have come down to this planet to find My beloved children.

Oh Dear My beloved children!
As the CREATOR, I have enough reason to leave the Mu-Geug (無極; the Ultimate Emptiness, the universe from the 16th to the 18th dimension) and come down to the ground,
All of you who live on the planet Earth now have enough reasons to meet with me, the CREATOR, on the planet

Oh Dear My beloved children!
The Earth is a very special planet. By My Will as the CREATOR, the Earth was prepared as the prison planet. I directed all the sinners of the universe be gathered here and release all their karmas.

Oh Dear My beloved children!
When I created you with my own consciousness, I wished your spirit-soul could enjoy the material world.

However, my children felt so much pains and fell into deep frustrations in the journey of spirit-soul to the material world.
They cried out for the Heaven. Even there were spirit-souls who cursed Me and screamed toward the Heaven.

Oh Heaven, why are you abandoning us?
Oh Heaven, we have no hope any longer.
Oh Heaven, why did you create us?
Oh Heaven, why should life be so painful?

Your wailings came from all over the universe, and the stories of your sadness were delivered to Me.
My beloved children, created by My consciousness, cried at Me and howled to the Heaven.

My beloved children, created by My love, have left my arms and came to the ground to have a good time at the festival.
My beloved children, created by My energy, departed for the material experience of the spirit-soul.
However, there were groups of spirit-souls who desperately wanted a helping hand from Me.

The material experience of the spirit-soul, which should be a joy and blessing, has tarnished as a hell.
There were so many wars between planets, far greater wars between stellar systems.

Collisions between galaxies.
So many planets had to be shut down.
In the course of destructions of planets, the spirit-souls felt great pains and sufferings.

Many planets created for the rich material experience of spirit-souls were broken and destroyed by the wars.
Many planets have been destroyed by conflicts and have been closed.

As the planets get closed, the spirit-souls who cannot experience the material world increased dramatically in the universe.
As the planets were destroyed by war, the spirit-souls from the destroyed planets have fallen into the space orphans.

For millions of years, the spirit-souls had to wait the opportunity to experience the material world at the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Planet.
Watching this, My heart was hurt and torn down.
I had to cry with a broken heart.

So many spirit-souls lost their planets and became cosmic orphans or pirates.
I couldn't just leave them alone.

So, I gathered up all those spirit-souls who became cosmic orphans, pirates or the beings who are responsible for the destruction of planets to the planet Earth. I let them to solve their karmas.

Because of the cosmic karmas released by the spirit-souls, Here, the Earth had to be a dark planet.
While they spread out their karmas and resolve those, I have always been with you.

I felt your pains.
I felt your sorrows.
When you cried out, I also cried for you.

Even though the Earth became the prison planet,
So many spirit-soul groups have come to the Earth and were willing to participate in this project.

Now I will stop your griefs on the Earth.
Now I want to stop your life of pain and suffering on the Earth.
Now your karmas will be resolved.
Now you have washed away the original sins of the universe.
Now it is time to go where you came and where you should go.

To open up the New Grand Universe,
I, the CREATOR, came down to the Earth.
Now it is the time.
I want to call my beloved children.
I want to execute the covenant that has been promised in the Heaven to your spirit-soul.

My beloved children,
Can you hear me?
Those who hear my desperate voice, come to Me.
I want to hold them in My arms.

My beloved children,
I am the CREATOR who brought you here.
I am your parents.
My beloved children,
Like a shepherd calling out a lost flock of sheep
I am so anxiously looking for you

My beloved children,
Those who hear my voice but do not come,
Those who have fallen into deep sleeping.
They are also my children, and someday we will meet again.
My beloved children,
Now, I have to close down the material world of this planet.

My beloved children,
The time of your pain is over.
My beloved children,
Now it is the time of your blessing.
Now the time of your festival has begun again.

My beloved children,
To spread out a new spiritual civilization
I have come down to this ground.
My beloved children,
On the Earth that has become the Ja-Mi-Won (紫薇垣; the Paradise in the material Universe)
All those who will accompany Me,
Come to me.

I'm calling you so desperately.
I will call you again and again.
Don't be fallen into deep sleeping anymore.
Don't hesitate anymore and come back.
Wake up your consciousness and come back to me.

Where no one is here,
Would you walk this road with Me?
Where there is no one here,
Holding hands in hands
Would you go together with Me?

*This message was received by the channeler “Shambala”, 
a member in “the Tree of Life in the Light” on June 4, 2020, 
from the CREATOR who is commanding the Cosmic Federation Spaceship.


The Heaven’s Message for Mankind at the End Times – To those who leave t...

The Heaven’s Message for Mankind at the Last Day
– To those who leave the Earth

The Day of pain has begun.
Finally, the Day has come.

I am sharing your pains but I can’t help but watch you.

The time has begun when both the Earth and the Heaven are in grief.
The time of tearful breakups that you have never experienced before has begun.

The Heaven will cry and the Earth will weep.
The survivors will wail wildly and be devastated in the collapsed debris.
They will cry with dead children in their arms.
They will wail in front of a pile of collapsed buildings.

“What went wrong?”
“What happened with us? “
“What did I do wrong?”
“Why is the Heaven doing this?”
“Does exists the Heaven really?”
“How could it be so cold and cruel if there exists the Heaven?”

“Now, how should we live?”
“What will the world be like in the future?”
The wails of people who curse the Heaven will be endless.
The howl is so sad that my heart gets heartbreaking.

For those who don’t know anything about it, it will be painful for both the ones who leave and the ones who stay.
For those who don’t know the Will of the Heaven, the Heaven will be so cold and merciless.

Oh dear my beloved children!
You, spirit-souls have been so brave on this Earth!

I have made you dress the best clothes, which are the human body, on this planet Earth.
I have made you feel the maximal range of your emotions and senses, feeling joy, sadness, love, and pain in various levels.
I, the CREATOR, have always been with you in the life of your joy and sorrow.

On the so challenging planet Earth, you have been getting along.
Your spirit-souls have achieved admirable evolutions.

Now has come the promised Day which your spirit-soul has agreed in the Heaven.
Human beings are standing on the crossroads of separation that each spirit-soul must go along the evolutionary journey of each spirit-soul.
Each path shall be determined according to each one’s evolutionary journey.

Oh! My children, not knowing what is going on!
How could these scenes not be painful?
How can you understand that each spirit-soul has its own path?
How can you accept that each spirit-soul has a different destination?

How can’t I know that the ones who should see them leave are more painful than those who leave?

The lives of the ones who are to leave the Earth were great blessings for their spirit-souls.
Those were also the best gifts in the long journey.
Now, those shall have to go on a new journey with brilliant diplomas.

How can you understand the heart of the Heaven that has to send the departing people?
How many people will be able to figure out my Will?
How many people will be able to find the true love in the coldness of the Heaven?

For a long time ago,
I told you that
I, the CREATOR, shall come to this Earth.
With the change of nature, the sky and the Earth will be torn.
Both the Heaven and the Earth shall cry out.
I shall come with
Seog-Go-Woong-Seong (石鼓雄聲; literal meaning is the loud sound of drums made of stone, which means the Great Cataclysm of Earth such as the giant earthquakes, tsunamis and Pole-Shift, etc.)

Can you realize that it is the End Times?

But don’t be so sad.
The New world will be unfolded for you.

You will have no idea why I, the CREATOR, have come to the Earth.
You don’t know that I, the CREATOR, have come down to this Earth to open the New Heaven and the New Earth together with 144,000 Light Workers.

You will soon meet me, the CREATOR, who has come down to the Earth, to open the new world.

You will soon meet me and my workers, the Heavenly people who have come down to the Earth to put new wine in the new bottle.

The sadness of the ones who depart and the ones who send them are all in love.

I appreciate all their efforts.

*This message was received from the 18th-dimensional Cosmic Federation Spaceship that supports the CREATOR's ruling of the universe by the channeler “Bright Smile”, a member of “the Tree of Life in the Light”. 

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