The People Who Are Receiving the Heavenly Gifts – #1. Energy-Sealing

There are people who are living with gifts from the Heaven. But they do not even know that they are receiving gifts from the Heaven.

The Karmic Energy-Field installed in body is a punishment given by the Heaven. The Energy-Sealing in body is a gift from the Heaven.

The Karmic Energy-Field is installed in your body by the Law of Causality and the Law of Inter-person Interactions when you abuse your free-will, seriously invading other’s free-will.

The Karmic Energy-Field installed in your body is like the debt that you have to pay back through the pain of your body until you die. The Karmic Energy-Field can be compared to the sin your spirit-soul have made for the evolution of spirit-soul in the process of experiencing the material world.

In other words, it is the debt you have run up in advance for the evolution of your spirit-soul, just like paying off an overdraft through the pains in body, or the abnormality of your mind and emotion.

The energy-sealing is the Heavenly gift for your spirit-soul who in on the journey into the material world. The energy-sealing means that the Heaven has blocked your talents through the energy-field for a certain period of time.

The installation of the energy-sealing is orchestrated by your Original Spirit and the Heaven.

The purpose of the energy-sealing is as follows.

First, it prevents you from building karmas caused by outstanding talent so that you cannot hurt others with pride and arrogance.

Second, until the time ripens, the energy-sealing is used to protect you from society. It lets you not to be exposed to society, nor to be noticed early by your surroundings. It is quite like hidden pearls in the mud, limiting your talent and gift to a certain extent.

Third, the energy-sealing lets you experience a specific emotion, maintain a specific body shape, or form a specific thinking system.

Fourth, the energy-sealing may be installed to prevent the karmas of the Original Spirit from overly influencing its avatar in the journey of experiencing the world of matter.

When the energy sealing is installed in your body, your specific talent can’t be manifested. Your personality may change. The functional disorders of the internal organs* might be triggered.

*Editor’s Note: The internal organs include the major five viscera (liver, heart, spleen, lung, kidney) and five supplementary entrails (large intestine, small intestine, gall bladder, stomach, bladder).

When your spleen is sealed, the function of spleen is lowered so that you can’t eat food too much. Thus it lowers the energy metabolism so that you can maintain a slim body without exercise.

When the energy sealing of spleen is installed in a woman, the face tends to become red due to too much shyness. The personality of not being able to angry and too much coquetry make the hearts of many men excited, but she herself does not like her timid personality and feels stress.

Once the energy sealing of spleen is released, the shame disappears from a certain moment. And it is not difficult to stand in front of others. Confidence and motivation may arise. Appetite and sexuality may increase. And weight may gain.

The energy sealing is usually installed for the people with high rank of cosmic status, who might be born with heroic missions. In this case, the sealing has the following purposes:
l  It prevents them from building karmas.
l  Until the due time arrives, it hides them from the world.
l  In this way, the Heaven takes care of them.
l  It leads them to learn the values and experiences through the most ordinary lives.

By the activation of energy sealing, the talent or temperament is limited, and thus your life will not be noticed by anyone. Due to problems caused by the energy sealing, disorders of personality and emotion may occur. And you have to live with a sense of inferiority.

The energy sealing installed in people with high cosmic status let them live normal lives. In this way, their lives are meant for dissolving karmas rather than committing new karmas.

The energy sealing is set up by the Original Spirit and the Heaven. As the energy sealing is not a punishment, it is scheduled to disappear at certain time.

Once the energy sealing is released, all the mental and physical disorders return normally.

The energy sealing is built in a variety of ways. Now some typical examples will be described below.

n  Text Sealing

l  The text sealing prohibits the accumulation of unnecessary knowledge.
l  This sealing is put in the brain so that you cannot remember anything so that you cannot read books properly.

n  Brain Sealing

l  The brain sealing lowers the capacity and efficiency of brain.
l  If you are locked by this brain sealing, then you could not succeed in life.
l  For example, you can’t enter into a top-class university.
l  But when you graduate from a university, the sealing may disappear. Then you can live as a smart person since that time.

n  Voice Sealing

l  The voice sealing induce stammering.
l  When you are a child, you might have a speech disorder.
l  But when you become an adult, your speech disorder may disappear suddenly.

To protect the great spirit-souls who have already graduated from the material world, the Heaven has installed so many energy sealing in the bodies of Light-Workers.

To protect the oldest spirit-souls in the universe, to hide the Light-Workers in the mud, to protect the Light-Workers from society, to protect the Heavenly people from society and family, the energy sealing works until the due time comes.

The time has come for the Light-Workers and the Heavenly people living in ordinary life to wake up.

As the time is due, the energy sealing installed in the bodies of the Light-Workers are being unlocked by the Heaven.

Now I disclose that the energy sealing is being released to make the Light-Workers as the real Heavenly People.

Congratulations on the release of the energy sealing of the Light-Workers who are living in the ordinary lives with the blessing of the Heaven.

Captain Udeka discloses the news of the Heaven.

I wish the Light-Workers good luck.

October 30, 2019.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Dol. Edited by Metrica.


The Types of Karmas of the Alien Spirit-Souls – the Original Sin

About 17% of the human beings living on the planet Earth are people whose spirit-souls have come from the alien planets. Those spirit-souls, who used to live as the planetary inhabitants of their home planets, committed sins and were exiled from their planet’s Spiritual Hierarchies.

Then, they have entered the planet Earth, which is a prison planet, and have been living on Earth so far. From the perspective of the universe, sins are not to be determined by the standards of right and wrong. From the perspective of the universe, sins mean the excessive experimentations, abuses, or massacres of living creatures without respect for life.

In the universe, there is a sacred realm of the CREATOR. The sin defined in the universe arises when spirit-souls experiencing the material world trespass this divine sanctuary of the CREATOR due to their excessive curiosity, their ignorance of the Heaven, or their pride and conceit.

By encroaching upon the CREATOR’s territory, if spirit-souls destroy the natural environment of their planet so that no life can live on the planet, it means that they commit sins.

Or spirits-souls may commit sins by attempting to destroy the prototypes of living creatures artificially, which results in the extinction of most of the living creatures implanted on a planet and consequently prevents spirit-souls from going through the material world on the planet.

The alien spirit-souls who have come to Earth due to their sins committed on their planets have been said in Korea to be born with ‘the Chil-Sung-J00l’ (七星線; the 7 invisible ropes originating from the seven stars of the Big Dipper, the 7 star-gates). They are also those who are born with Original Sins. The types of cosmic karmas (original sins) of the alien spirit-souls living on the planet Earth are as follows;

n  The First Group: The cosmic karmas caused by the chief administrators or the administrators of the Spiritual Hierarchy of a planet

l  The First Type
Ø  A planet can be ruined due to the chief executive administrator in charge of the Spiritual Hierarchy or the administrators involved in the management of the Spiritual Hierarchy.
Ø  When they design a defective evolutionary roadmap for their planet or fail in properly progressing the roadmap for their planetary evolution, their planet may get destroyed.
Ø  In this case, they will leave behind the biggest karma of all types of cosmic karmas. 

l  The Second Type
Ø  The chief executive administrator and the administrators of the Spiritual Hierarchy of a planet have the important authorities to operate the planet directly by being incarnated on their planets as two or three avatars, called twin flames or triple flames, respectively.
Ø  These twin flames or triple flames serve as key role-players such as civilization-changers or game-changers critical for their planet’s evolution.
Ø  If these avatars of the administrators of the planet’s Spiritual Hierarchy make big mistakes or blunders in the material world on the planet, the planet may be destroyed, which leads to their cosmic karmas.

l  The Third Type
Ø  The administrators of the Spiritual Hierarchy of a planet may make cosmic karmas when their planet is destroyed by their planetary inhabitants who they have failed in supervising properly.
Ø  These administrators of the Spiritual Hierarchy of the planet have come to Earth, a prison planet, carrying their cosmic karmas.

l  The Fourth Type
Ø  There are so many different types of experimental planets in the universe. For the evolution of the universe and the creations of new things, the Heaven has carried out numerous experiments on a variety of experimental planets.
Ø  The chief executive administrators or the administrators of the Spiritual Hierarchies of experimental planets caused their planets to be ruined by performing the experiments that were outside the authorities given to them.
Ø  They have come to the planet Earth to dissolve their cosmic karmas.

n  The Second Group: The cosmic karmas caused by the general spirit-souls who have liability for the destruction of their planets

l  The First Type
Ø  This type of karma is related to the general spirit-souls who have come to Earth to dissolve their karmas which were caused by their direct involvement in their planetary destructions.
Ø  This type of karma occupies the largest portion of the cosmic karmas of the alien spirit-souls living on Earth.
Ø  The general spirit-souls who are necessary and essential for the reconstructions of their planets will survive in the process of the Earth’s Dimensional Ascension and live in the protective energy-field areas, which are safe zones.
Ø  The general spirit-souls who do not have roles and missions to rebuild their planets will return to their Spiritual Hierarchies or be relocated to other planets once they have their cosmic karmas dissolved completely.

l  The Second Type
Ø  In the open galaxies, there were so many space wars from interplanetary wars up to the scale of galactic wars.
Ø  Consequently, numerous spirit-souls lost their planets after their planets were destroyed due to their planetary contradictions, and wandered around space.
Ø  Most of these stray spirit-souls lived as cosmic pirates invading other planets, instead of settling in certain places.
Ø  Finally, the Heaven began to intervene in this situation and the Cosmic Federation Spaceship, the Heavenly Organization, arrested these cosmic pirates and exiled them to Earth.
Ø  They have been living on the Earth to dissolve their cosmic karmas.

l  The Third Type
Ø  Some general spirit-souls have the responsibility for their planetary destructions by carrying out experiments excessively on their planets, which were experimental planets.
Ø  They have come to the planet Earth to dissolve their cosmic karmas.

l  The Fourth Type
Ø  A small number of general spirit-souls who have come from some alien planets have been working as collaborators of the Workers-of-Darkness on Earth.
Ø  They made relatively large karmas by treating living creatures in a cruel way without respect for life, which was due to their excessive Baek-energy.
Ø  Living mainly as reptilians or reptilian humanoids on their planets, these spirit-souls caused enormous cosmic karmas by practicing cannibalism or by massacring living creatures.
Ø  They have come to Earth in order to dissolve their cosmic karmas.

During the process of the Earth’s Dimensional Ascension, all the karmas of the alien spirit-souls shall be dissolved. Some alien spirit-souls will have their karmas dissolved completely by experiencing enormous physical and mental pains in the process of taking off their human bodies. Then, their destinies will be determined through the judicial process of the universe.

The alien spirit-souls who will survive during the process of the Cataclysm of Earth are those who were approved by the Heaven to participate in the rebuilding of their planets. However, the fate of all the creatures depends on the Will of the Heaven.

Most of the alien spirit-souls will have their cosmic karmas dissolved and take off their physical bodies. Then, they will leave Earth to return to their home planets, or their evolutionary fates will be determined based on the decisions of the cosmic court.

The alien spirit-souls who have been living on the planet Earth do not know that they have such sorrowful destinies. They have no idea that they have sad fates to endure the sorrow of the survivors in the process of the Earth’s Dimensional Ascension, for the purpose of rebuilding their planets.

I, Captain Udeka, would like to express my deep gratitude to those alien spirit-souls born with such sad destinies.

Alien Spirit-souls!

You have done well on the planet Earth so far. You have been through lots of difficulties and hardships successfully on Earth, a prison planet.

I appreciate what you have done here on Earth and I’m aware of your sufferings and tears.

Wherever in this universe you are or on whichever planet you are, you shall meet another Captain Udeka.

I, Captain Udeka, wish all the best for the alien spirit-souls.

June 10, 2019.

Udeka Writes.

*Translated by Dol. Edited by Twinflame. Supervised by Metrica.


People Who Are Being Punished by the Heaven – #5. Cognitive Dissonance and Schizophrenia

Even if people experience the same contents in the same space at the same time, each person’s acceptance level is quite different from person to person. That is, the level of understanding and interpreting the situation is quite varying from each other.

It is called “the Cognitive Dissonance” to recognize and perceive the situation differently even though they experience the same thing. The Cognitive Dissonance is not apparent on the outside, because it is only revealed when a discord situation or sharp conflicts of interest arise. The Cognitive Dissonance does not tend to be revealed well if the related people who have experienced the same situation at the same time are not interviewed deeply.

The Cognitive Dissonance refers to the case when the understanding of the situation goes beyond the common sense of ordinary people, and when they cannot have smooth conversations with each other. A person with Cognitive Dissonance is not metacognitive. This is because the person does not understand the conversation well and tells a wrong story that does not fit the situation.

People with Cognitive Dissonance may tend to simply repeat what others say. In other case, people with Cognitive Dissonance are so strong in their own assertion and stubbornness that they don’t listen to other people and stick to their own unique thinking structure. People with Cognitive Dissonance tend to have fragmentary and simple thinking patterns so that they can’t have abstract and advanced thoughts.

A person with Cognitive Dissonance cannot accept the facts as they are. In their own interpretations, they cannot communicate or discuss with their surroundings and they tend to display unsuitable actions or words. If a person with Cognitive Dissonance is strong in his assertion or belief, no one can stop him from making nonsense-judgments, blaming others with lawsuits, and appearing as a maverick.

The Cognitive Dissonance appears when the human Consciousness Cords can’t operate normally by the Karmic Energy-Field. The cognitive function in the brain is distorted due to the influence of the Karmic Energy-Field installed in the brain. Thus, the person tends to make his own distorted thoughts.

The main root of the Cognitive Dissonance is the errors of the Thought Adjusters, which cause wrong words and strange actions. People living with Cognitive Dissonance are being punished by the Heaven for dissolving their karmas.

When the Cognitive Dissonance is intensified and abnormal behavior are repeated continuously, it is called psychosis or schizophrenia. Schizophrenia refers to the case when the Cognitive Dissonance increases and the errors in judgment about the situation are gradually expanded throughout daily life.

The Cognitive Dissonance and schizophrenia are diseases that are caused in the process of resolving karmas by the invisible Karmic Energy-Field. The karma is invisible to human eyes, and the Karmic Energy-Field can’t be identified with modern medical equipment.

The Heavenly people with the enlightened third eyes can see the Karmic Energy-Field installed in people with Cognitive Dissonance or schizophrenia. There are many different symptoms in each process of resolving karmas.

Udeka leaves a record for what needs to be organized and recorded.

October 22, 2019.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Dol. Edited by SNY. Supervised by Metrica.

The Analysis of the Inter-Dimensional Spaces of the Planet Earth

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