39. The case that the darkness matrix is dominnt (1)

The stronger the light matrix is, the stronger the darkness matrix is. The stronger the darkness matrix is, the stronger the light matrix is. Except a class of people who take a role of the darkness, the light is stronger than the darkness for the people born in this material world. Let’ say the power of light is 100, then the power of darkness is about 80.

The matrix is installed such that one could manage and surmount it by one’s free-will or inner light. This rule also applies to individuals, specific country and region. The matrix is programmed so that the balance between light and darkness is maintained. The Government of Heaven oversees and manage all of this. This is one aspect of the perfect control of Heaven. Nevertheless, the people who have the matrix of darkness heavily are divided into the following three cases.

*** The first case ***

The light matrix is more dominantly installed for the lightworkers at birth.
 - example: light 50, darkness 30, free-will 20

The intermediate matrix is more dominantly installed for the workers who have the role of intermediate.
 - example: light 30, intermediate 40, darkness 20, free-will 10

The darkness matrix is more dominantly installed for the workers who have the role of darkness.
 - example: light 30, darkness 50, free-will 20

Even though the matrix structure is given as above, the free-will could change and overcome this matrix structure and give birth to the creative power and ability. This is the attraction and characteristics of this material world.

*** The second case ***

Since some light workers – who come with a strong and bright inner-light as the program of their life – are not wakened yet in their timeline, they might take a hard training from the angels in darkness or ghosts. This case is that the energies in darkness surround their own inner light. Most of the light workers fall under this case. The strength of darkness matrix is determined by the contents of program.

*** The third case ***

For the ones who have the matrix of intermediate or darkness, their free-wills are eaten into by the energy of darkness. In the conflict between darkness and light, in the extreme emotional high and low, in the chaos, in the gibberish, they have both attributes of light and darkness. Most of Ruciel and Denika groups playing a role of the darkness belong to this case. In severe case they are considered to be separated from their periphery, be possessed by ghost, or be recognized as the mental illness patients.

In contrast, there are role-players who play well their roles immersing their free-will in the energy of darkness, enjoying the role of the darkness, feeling an interest and fun. They are as faithful as crafty in their role. Without any conflict and guilt in performing a role of the darkness, they completely put their free-wills on the energy of darkness. They are some of 240 thousand belonging to the Ruciel group, some of Denika group, and the top brass 350 in the Shadow Government.

January 19, 2015.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Buchae-Dosa. Edited by Metrica.


The principle of forming the personality #3 : Energy Sealing

Spirit-soul needs a vessel to put itself in, for experiencing the materials. The vessel to contain a spirit-soul might be compared to the clothes which we wear every day. 

The plants and animals also have vessels to contain their each spirit-soul. The energy that forms the coat (body) is called ‘Baek-energy’. Baek energy is provided from the planet Gaia, and should be returned to the planet Gaia when dying. This is the rule of universe. 

If a spirit has a plan to experience the material world on the evolutionary path, it has to determine its clothes to wear (body, shape, form). Once the program for journey is completed by the spirit’s decision, then the soul energy is tuned and optimized for the program. In next step, the matrix structure optimized to the program is determined and installed. 

After this energy tuning of spirit and soul is done, other details (gender, region, family relationships and so on) – which are optimally customized for the purpose and contents of program – are prepared. And then this spirit-soul is connected to the planet’s Monano system in birth.

After deciding size of spirit and density of matrix which is installed in the soul, and considering delicately the appearance and size of clothes for the spirit-soul to wear, baek-energy – which is optimized to the thought adjustor’s program – is designed.

Spirit is managed and controlled by the thought adjustor and higher-self. Soul and its matrix is created and managed by the local universe Creator (the energy differentiation of local universe Creator). Baek is formed by the maternal energy of the local universe Creator (this energy is varied depending on the characters of planet Gaia).

The energy source of spirit, soul, and baek is as follows:

▶ Spirit ← the thought adjustor ← the Creator
▶ Soul ← the Spirit of Truth ← Christ Michael = the Creator of Nebadon universe → had incarnated as Jesus Christ 
▶ Baek ← the Holy Spirit ← The Mother Nebadonia = The Mother of Nebadonia universe → had incarnated as Gautama Siddhartha (Buddha)

There are seven energy membranes to protect the energy of spirit-soul-baek, which are called ‘aura energy’. The energy membrane which lies close to body has lower vibrational frequency and protects the baek energy. The energy membrane located outside from body has higher vibrational frequency and protects the spirit energy.

Our body possesses lots of ‘Energy Sealing’ which are invisible. When a spirit in higher dimension comes down to this material world, it is inevitable to diminish its level of energy. In this process, the Energy Sealing is installed. Also this sealing of energy is used to block the memories of before lives. For the spirit-souls from higher dimensions, usually 6~8 seals in average are installed. 

*** The Types of Energy Sealing ***

▶ Sealing in the Spirit : This sealing is located mainly in 6th and 7th layer of aura energy membranes. This sealing is unlocked when we achieve the oneness with final higher-self. This energy sealing takes charge of the unconsciousness and some parts of sub-consciousness. The 15% of MCIS (Meta Consciousness Implementation System) is implemented by the spirit consciousness.

▶ Sealing in the Soul : The 85% of MCIS is implemented by the soul consciousness. This sealing takes charge of mainly sub-consciousness and some parts of unconsciousness and present consciousness, and is located in 4th and 5th layer. The matrix structure (Light, Intermediate, Darkness) is the strongest among sealings in the soul. 

▶ Sealing in the Baek : The sealing in internal organ and sealing in the meridian system are installed in the baek, and these sealings give great effects on human personality. The number of sealings is the most in the baek. Sealing in the baek is in charge of the present consciousness, and is located largely in 2nd and 3rd layer of aura energy. 

Light healing on body (removing dark and harmful energies in body by lights of higher dimension), enlightening the chakra system, achieving the oneness with higher-self, and tuning the energy of spirit-soul-baek, all of these are essential procedures which must be gone through just for elevating the vibrational frequency in body, enlightenment of consciousness and unlocking of energy sealings. 

It’s the time of blessings for both the lightworkers and the ones who are supposed to live in ascended Earth by Heaven’s plan, regardless of their own will.

Recently, light healings on bodies, being oneness with higher-selves, energy tunings of spirit-soul-baek’s, and unlocking of energy sealings are proceeding. The only reason for these are that you have the missions and roles for Heaven’s vocations which you have brought to this Earth for the dimensional ascension of Earth.

Just like these, Heaven is preparing and leading you as the lightworker who will fulfill the Heaven’s work, as the cooperator who will help and assist the lightworker, as the main character who will lead the new spiritual civilization on earth. Heaven does and will do these procedures only for the ones who had been planned and promised to 2.5 million years ago.

This is not the results of your pray. Neither because you have particularly good character and lots of virtues. Also this is not the case that God gives you opportunities to repent for your bad deeds.

It’s just because you have the mission and role or are planned to experience, pass through it, and be in service in the evolutionary path of your spirit-soul. Also because you and Heaven had committed to do so 2.5 million years ago. In this point, Heaven is just doing its jobs. No more, no less.  

There is nothing free in this universe. 

As such shall it be.
As such is it programmed to be. 
The will of Heaven will be done on Earth, without any errors. 

July 1, 2016.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Yeoyeo. Edited by Metrica.


The principle of forming the personality #2 : the matrix

Soul was created by the dimensional Supervisor in 11th dimension who is other self of the Creator (Christ Michael) in the Nebadon universe.

Human personality (destiny) is formed in birth. It is greatly influenced by the soul which is one of key factors to affect human personality in the invisible world.

Human personality is varied according to the matrix structure which is installed in soul energy. The matrix is classified into 3 types such as the Light-matrix, Intermediate-matrix, and Darkness-matrix. This matrix which is installed in the soul is a kind of energy-membrane which is penetrated by the light.

There are 2 types of energy-membrane. One type is that light can pass through it freely. The other type is that light can pass through it partially, but shadow is left. The darkness-matrix is a grid such as mosquito net, which light can pass through only partially. In this case, it also leaves shadows (materials; darkness).

Although it is the light-matrix, the brightness and density of light is varied. The light-matrix have various hierarchies which reflects the contents of program for the spiritual journey to the material worlds (the contents of life).

Even though it is the light-matrix which is installed in the soul, the grid of light-matrix is tuned variously with dense or loose, reflecting the nature of spirit’s program. If the grid of light-matrix gets more dense, it is closer to the intermediate-matrix.

Because light can’t pass through the intermediate-matrix or darkness-matrix fully, the spirit energy – which dwells in human’s heart – can’t spread properly passing through the matrix in soul, and thus might be distorted and refracted by the matrix structure.

The bright and transparent light – which is emitted from spirit – is distorted by the grid density of matrix which is installed in the soul. This is just the principle that personality is formed. If the light-matrix is compared to the grid drawn with lucent ink, the intermediate-matrix or darkness-matrix is to the grid drawn with oil ink (permanent ink).

Even though seeing the same place, hearing the same thing, experiencing the same event, the hierarchy of consciousness is fundamentally different from each other. This phenomenon can’t be explained just by the IQ. According to the matrix structure which is installed in the soul, information processing capability (absorbing capability) of energy is dissimilar in brain circuit, and the MCIS (Meta Consciousness Implementation System) is also implemented in different way. So, human personality is diversely created by the structure of matrix installed in the soul.

The light of spirit has various spectrum. The contents and types of spiritual experience in the material world defines the spectrum of filter which is installed in the matrix of soul energy. This various hierarchies of spectrum in spirit and soul determine the characteristics of Homo- sapiens, and generate the individuality and personality of Homo-sapiens.

The soul energy might create thoughts-form while facing one’s death. As the proportion of soul energy which is locked in thoughts-form is higher, the soul energy might get deficient and insufficient for experiencing the material world. According to this proportion of soul energy, various problems of human beings might occur.

If a spirit-soul is the state that soul energy is below 33% and spirit energy is gone (zero), this being is called ‘zombie’. If the soul energy is over 33% and the spirit energy is empty (zero), many problems might be incurred as follows;

 - decline of thinking function
 - amplification of violence
 - abnormality in cognitive function
 - normal communication is not possible
 - obsessive and destructive characteristics

If spirit energy is normal and soul energy is not over 70%, the symptom of split mind (schizophrenia) might be incurred. When soul energy is not over 50%, the thoughts-form affect and dominate strongly the human beings. In this case, although they live at present today, they actually do live in the effects of past, and the symptom of split mind (schizophrenia) might get worse into depression or bipolar disorder.

The spirit-soul is an energy. Various characteristics of human beings are created by the interaction of energy spectrums of spirit and soul. Human personality is critically determined by the matrix structure and thoughts-form which are linked with the soul energy. The reason why human beings bring to this Earth the structural contradictions of themselves on purpose is that the spirit-soul need to learn and experience the material world in the journey of spiritual evolution. So, this has nothing to do with ‘the original sin’ which is frequently mentioned in religion. Actually, it is a game device for experiencing the material worlds and is just actor’s makeup for drama.

To each other, we have been good actors and partners to learn each other and to help spiritual evolution, as being born as assailant and victims, man and woman and so on.

Spirit and soul are partners to each other, and are the one that can’t be seperated. For interesting game of life, for growing up and evolution of each other, all is installed, managed and programmed by Heaven who is the supervisor of matrix which is operating in the material world. I, Udeka, inform this message.

June 30, 2016.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Yeoyeo. Edited by Metrica.


38. Coexistence of the matrix of light and darkness

There might be many beings in our body and their examples are as followings:
 - guardian angel
 - angel in Light, angel in Darkness
 - higher-self
 - guardian-divine, which might be variously represented as dragon, the god of mountain and tiger, etc.
 - ghosts, Satan and Devils (the Brothers in Darkness)

They are in perfect harmony with networking each other. They don't make any conflicts and contradictions each other located in one body within their work scopes. They are playing their roles good enough, based on the well organized scenario under the mutual respect.

There is no conflict between the light and the darkness in Heaven. This is also so in body as well. The light knows its duty well and acknowledges that the role of darkness is important. The darkness also knows its duty and admits the role of light. They respect each other's role. Only your thinking, consciousness and mind living in the matrix have the consciousness of separation. Human is living in prejudice of ego such as good and evil, beauty and ugliness, light and darkness, long and short, this or that.

The matrix of light helps you in the way of light. When your mind moves in the way of light, the space of light in your mind expands and your body becomes the light-body.

The darkness also helps you in its own way. If a piece of mind such as confrontation and competition, displeasure and hatred, envy and jealousy, distrust and misunderstanding, conflict and violence rises, the matrix of darkness expands under the law of same energy attraction.  In this way, the matrix of darkness is stuck and activated in our body.

A rainbow sets a boundary of light between the light and the darkness. There is no strife and conflict among any energy beings. They are colleague, comrade, friend, brother and sister, knowing well each other in the consciousness of unitary. Swaying at every moment is not the beings serving in the matrix of the light and darkness but your mind.
The matrix of light and darkness always varies with a piece of pure mind, the state of mind and consciousness in your body. If the matrix of light continues to expand, you could meet your higher-self and turn to the light body, by which the passage of light is created.

On the contrary, if the matrix of darkness continues to expand, you steep yourself in the material world, get to see the world in the view of darkness and experience such a life in the end. Everything starts from a piece of mind. As thinking and feeling created from a piece of mind is cumulated in every instant, you as the present comes from the integration of all those.

In our body the matrix of light and darkness is working every moment without a rest. The integration and separation of the duality between light and darkness is spreading out and expanding into the invisible world in body. The phenomena of the universe is reduced and is working within this matrix. The great picture, which is the integration of the duality between light and darkness in the universe, is to be completed in the heart and mind of this small Homo-sapiens.

January 16, 2015.
Udeka writes.

*Translated by Buchae-Dosa. Edited by Metrica.


The principle of forming the personality #1 : thought adjustor

Spirit is created by the Creator, and the Great Spirits in 16th dimension differentiate their energies into lower dimensions. Once the thought adjuster is bestowed upon differentiated spirits in each dimension by the Source-Creator, the individuality and independence of spirit is determined, and then finally the spiritual journey begins. 

If a spirit is in service in the form of energy-body, this is called ‘the journey of spirit’, or ‘the spiritual journey’. If a spirit travels to the material worlds together with a soul, this is called ‘the journey of spirit-soul’. 

The creation of spirit is originated from the Creator. And there are special differentiations of spirit by the Creator. 

 - The Creator group: various Creators in 18th dimension
 - the Micheal (Christ) group: the Local Creators
 - the Great Spirit group: Great Spirits in 16th dimension
 - the Avonal group: special soldiers in 14th dimension 
 - the direct linage family differentiation of the Creator (18th level in 18th dimension)

When spirit – which is created firstly from the Creator – is differentiated into the Great Spirits in 16th dimension, unique spectrums are formed, which is caused by the vibrational gap between the first spirit in 18th dimension and the Great Spirits in 16th dimension. As spirits are differentiated into lower dimensions, then lots of hierarchies in light are generated. In addition, as the thought adjuster is bestowed upon these various hierarchies in light, spirit’s individuality and independence is formed. 

The roadmap of each spirit’s evolving path is represented as various spectrums for each spirit upon whom the thought adjustor is bestowed. This is just the crucial factor to form the individuality of a spirit, and the personality (destiny) of spirit is determined by the thought adjustor. 

Human personality (destiny) is formed in birth. The main factors which determine human personality in the invisible world are both the incarnation program of spirit and the program embedded in thought adjustor which is bestowed upon the spirit, rather than each one’s higher-self in high dimensions.

The brightness of spirit is different according to the dimensions of spirit, and the size of spirit is also dependent on the dimension where its higher-self exists. The size and brightness of soul are determined by those of spirit. 

Human personality is most influenced by the matrix structure which is installed in soul energy. The spirit has the same meaning of birth certificate to certify where the spirit comes from and such information as level of dimension. Spirit’s evolutionary direction is determined by the contents of the thought adjustor. 

The major factors which determine human personality (destiny) are spirit, soul, and baek. Spirit determines the evolving direction and the program of life. Soul affects the hierarchies of thought, emotion and consciousness. 

Baek determines the clothes (species) which the spirit-soul should wear in order to travel the materials, and the level of CIS (Consciousness Implementation System) which is suitable for the clothes. Baek plays the role of ‘hardware’ to help the implementation of consciousness optimized to the clothes which have many obstacles (seals) installed. 

The formation of human personality is determined by the origin of spirit (e.g., level of dimension), thought adjustor, the matrix structure installed in the soul (the Light, Intermediate, and Darkness), and the chosen clothes (man or woman, appearance, tribe, etc.) which is installed in the baek. 

Human personality is optimally created in birth through fine tuning of energies in spirit, soul and baek, which is customized for the program to learn and experience in life. 
Human is not the being who was merely thrown out on this Earth without any purpose. For journey of spirit-soul to experience the world of materials, wearing the clothes of Homo-sapiens and passing through the fine-tuning process of spirit-soul-baek energy, human has been sent into this Earth. Human is the cosmic being who is living on this Earth, as bearing the Cosmic Cross in order to solve the cosmic karma, with lots of seal installed, with knowing nothing, with knowing what is seen is all.

Heaven will wake up all of you in various ways. Most mankind will leave off Earth and will go back to where they came from or where they have to go after taking off their clothes of body, with knowing nothing. 

But, the persons – who had been promised and are supposed to live in new Heaven and new Earth 2.5 million years ago – can’t die even though they want to die, and they will open up the 6th dimensional (as of 18 dimensions universe; 5th dimension as of 15 dimensions universe) spiritual civilization according to Heaven’s plan which had been planned 2.5 million years ago. 

As such shall it be. 
As such was it done.
The will of Heaven will be done on the ground, without any gaps. 

July 1, 2016.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Yeoyeo. Edited by Metrica.


Evolution and spiritual differentiation of soul

Soul is a cloth which spirit should wear for spiritual journey to the material world. It is a sort of program which must be installed. Soul is made of 11th dimension (as of 18 dimensions universe) Supervisor’s energy and has lower vibrational frequency than spirit.

Soul energy has lower density than spirit energy, and the strength of soul energy is bestowed differently to each spirit. Soul energy is also bestowed to both animals and plants, but the strength is very weak especially in the plants. The brighter a spirit is and the larger the size of a spirit is, the more soul energy is granted proportionally.

As animals have soul energy, they can exert wildness of animal, and maintain the law of jungle and the society of rigid class. The level of brightness and size of animal’s spirit-soul determines the version of MCIS (Meta Consciousness Implementation System).

These are similar to human beings. The human is a being who both spirit and soul are coexisting. The size and bright of spirit determines that of soul bestowed to spirit. Because spirit and soul tend to coexist together, it’s named as ‘the journey of the spirit-soul’.

Soul goes together with spirit, and evolves together with spirit at the same time. Soul experience the material world together with spirit and the combination of spirit-soul evolves together. This usually takes 30 to 50 thousand years long. Soul grows and evolves through experiencing lots of material worlds, plenty of trials and errors. But soul’s evolutionary speed is slower than spirit, because much portion of soul energy is captivated by the ‘thoughts-forms’ (a partial soul energy which is deeply impaired, creating its own world in astral plane and living there), and the reincarnation program in the journey of spirit-soul is operated primarily focused on spirit, not soul.

As soul evolves, the soul energy grows larger and gets brighter than that at the beginning of traveling to the material worlds. When the evolution of soul reaches the critical point, this soul might be granted the miraculous chance to evolve by itself just like spirit.

If a soul evolves to the extent which is comparable to spirit in terms of size and brightness of its energy, the soul could be bestowed the ‘thought adjustor’ by the Creator, and finally it’s reborn into a spirit. In this case, there are two options of evolutionary path for the soul. One option is evolving as spirit-soul combination after the soul becomes a new spirit. The other option is continuing to evolve as soul by differentiating its soul energy into various dimensions.

But the option of evolving as spirit-soul combination is a rare case. Most souls choose the option of evolving by differentiating its soul energy and continue the journey of spirit-soul as being the partner of spirit.

The reason why soul doesn’t choose the path of independently evolving by spirit-soul’s journey is that if the soul become a new spirit by receiving the thought adjustor and then the soul begins to start new travel of spirit-soul, the soul (new spirit) doesn’t have its own higher-self who can lead and guide itself in the universe. In addition, it will take very long time for the soul (new spirit) to evolve to the level that the soul (new spirit) becomes a new higher-self and can differentiate its energy into lower dimensions (creating avatars), even calculated by cosmic time.

What the spirit-soul evolves in the universe by traveling the material worlds without its higher-self in high dimension is more difficult and tougher than the life of orphan without parents in 3rd (4th) dimensional material world.

Nevertheless, there are special souls who choose the path of independently evolving by spirit-soul’s traveling through passing lots of difficulties and fears. There are lots of brave spirit-souls who take their own way of evolutionary paths. I, Udeka, inform these facts.

June 30, 2016.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Yeoyeo. Edited by Metrica.


37. Dragon and Guardian divine

Even though the light-matrix has variously existed in comparison with the darkness-matrix, it has not been known well and has been regarded as myths or legends, or as the original form preserved in religious ceremonies or cultural symbols.

Through channeling with the Government of Heaven during 1 year of chakra-awakening sessions, we could learn the followings:

 - Things which we, human, could imagine and are left as language (word, written document), really exist in the universe, and are the important factors in our life, though most of them are invisible.

 - Those are the matrix of Light and Darkness which was installed to awaken human consciousness and for evolution of spirit-soul.

The Government of Heaven has well maintained and managed the structure of light-matrix and darkness-matrix, being together with the spiritual journey and evolution of Homo-sapiens. There has been no one free from this matrix structure. Also there have been rarely anyone who could see and understand the big picture of this matrix structure in the view of bird’s eye. That is the current address of human consciousness so far.

Now, the structure of light and darkness is being revealed by the Udeka team. Udeka and the Government of Heaven will continuously reveal the matrix structure of material world, and open information of Heaven which was permitted for release as it comes to the right time. Please see the overall matrix structure, and understand the principles of cosmetic love which works in each matrix structure. Through that, expand the love of God into your heart.

Dragons are the special beings only accompanying the descending spirit-souls, serving in energy form since they have come from the great Magellan galaxy, to join and share with the history of Earth. They are the species differentiated from the Carians (bird-type tribe), and “Sakyamuni Buddha” is the representative of dragon tribe.

Dragon is the symbol of Heaven and stands for the universal rank (grade, stauts). Since dragons are also the beings who have experienced the similar course of evolution as mankind and have already achieved the dimensional ascension, now in the evolutionary path of mankind to help the spiritual growing-up, they are serving mankind.

Dragons protect the descending spirit-souls from accidents and disasters. They also help mankind to awaken inner-side consciousness. They empower and support a human to use his/her power to where he/she was supposed to do so, and help a human to maximize his/her ability. The more they have “Yeo-Ui-Ju”, or the higher their wave-frequency of light are, the higher position the person – they are serving for – is in universe.
* Yeo-Ui-Ju (cintamani): a wish-fulfilling jewel within both Hindu and Buddhist traditions, said by some to be the equivalent of the philosopher's stone in Western alchemy. It is one of several Mani Jewel images found in Buddhist scripture. ‘Yeo-Ui-Ju’ is a symbol of the dragon, and is like a magic pearl or magic ball which has super natural powers.

The “Guardians Divine” are known as “Buddha’s disciples” or “Dharma-kāya Buddha” in Buddhism, while as the angels belonging to the Michael group in Christianity. This group symbolizes the light. The persons accompanied by the guardians divine represent the mark of Heaven that they are protected by light.

In this case, they usually appear with army-general or flags, albeit they are not visible to ordinary people’s eyes. This is Heaven’s gift to show the protection from negative energy and darkness energy. It is also Heaven’s symbol to represent that they are the people of light. In Buddhism, it is known to protect the law of Buddha and “Vairocana Buddha” is at the peak of it.

In the ascending spirit-souls, the guardians divine usually appear to the group of Mountain Divine as the mountain god with tiger. To the group of Ground Divine as flowers and butterflies beside the mountain god with tiger. To the group of Marine Divine as king of dragons and other sea animals. Those normally appear in “Brow chakra” and “Heart chakra” and symbolize the spiritual group to which peoples belong. Those are also the symbol of Heaven and the matrix of light to show that they are being protected by the group, respectively.

January 5, 2015.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Taejo. Edited by Metrica.


The beginning of spiritual war #9 : the will of Heaven will be done on ground

To open new Heaven, new Earth and new Universe, it’s inevitable that great social turbulence and spiritual confusions follow the destruction of material matrix.

To open the spiritual civilization, mankind must experience the thick and deep darkness. To realize how precious each beings are to each other, mankind should come back to the oneness-consciousness, passing through survival circumstances of fierce and struggle.

The religious concepts and customs – which had been created by needs of human being, contaminated and corrupted – should be corrected. To enlighten Disposition of Heaven righteously, it is inevitable that both material civilization and religious paradigm – which lie at the summit in darkness-matrix – should be destroyed.

Mankind bestowed personality to God. Since then, God became such being that get angry, judge human, and feel jealous of human. God has fallen into the level of mankind’s eye. And the spirit of mankind was devastated. Mankind must experience that all discourses about God were wrong, and then should overcome the despairs followed by.

For all these, Heaven prepared Armageddon of spiritual war. Mankind should pass through the time of great tribulations and confusions which are full of pains and sorrows, just when the religion-matrix is destroyed.

But, it will be quite tough for mankind to accept Heaven’s truth and the cosmic truth. It’s because mankind are tend to believe what they want to believe, to hear what they want to hear, to say what they want to say, to think that they are always right and reasonable, to judge clear between right and wrong or between others and me, and to know just what they see is all of the world.

Heaven will spread out the cosmic truths hidden for 2.5 million years long on the ground in its own way. The tuning of Heaven will start to convert the shapes of Gods and Heavens – as various and numerous as the number of people – into its original shape. Mankind will encounter the very bare face of Heaven.

It can’t be this! It can’t be this!
I can’t believe that! I can’t believe that!

It couldn’t be that! It couldn’t be that! Mankind will be crying and shouting like these, over and over. Mankind will also stick to praying. However, mankind will have no choice but to encounter Heaven in each inner mind, with angers and resentments, despairs and sorrows, and sickness of hatred.

For awakening the consciousness of mankind, enlightening Heaven’s will righteously, and opening new Heaven, new Earth and new Universe, Heaven will spread over its plan orderly on the ground in perfect control, without any errors, without even gap of a minute or a second.

Obscured and hidden truths shall be revealed by the lightworkers. All contaminated things shall be purified. Mankind’s conventions and customs – which are soaked deeply in the material matrix – will be adjusted and purified through living in PEFA (Protective Energy-Field Area). Through the installation and operation of PEFA, the truth and love of the great universe will be introduced to mankind.

Earth’s ascension program – directed by the Creator, the Ultimate Supervisor of the Great Universe – will progress without erroring, just as prepared by Heaven, just as what Heaven wants, just by the way of Heaven. The will of Heaven will be done on the ground.

As such shall it be.
As such was it done.

June 8, 2016.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Yeoyeo. Edited by Metrica


The beginning of spiritual war #8 : the role and destiny of lightworker

In Earth’s ascension, there will be sudden changes of nature, destruction of social basis, pandemic viral diseases, and spiritual Armageddon. The real reason of these disasters and events is just to awaken mankind’s consciousness in the closing phase of material civilizations.

Heaven could collapse this material civilization easily and quickly in a day just like the case of Lemuria or Atlantis in the past. But in this time, it will not be the case. This time Earth’s ascension program is to awaken the consciousness of mankind who will live in new Heaven and Earth, and is to go together with awakened mankind.

The sooner mankind’s consciousness is awakened through lots of disasters and ordeals, the more the pains will be reduced. However at present level of mankind’s consciousness, the level of pains which should be coped with and suffered is unimaginable.

The persons who fulfill secretly Heaven’s military operations are called ‘the lightworkers’ or ‘the light-warriors’. Heaven’s military operations are being carried out successfully, as no one knows it and as no one else is aware of it. The lightworkers do not know whether they are the lightworkers or not, whether they have the roles of Light or roles of Darkness.

The lightworkers are not fractions of particular religion nor special persons, but ordinary persons who will fulfill their missions and roles unwittingly as if a clock rings alarms when the time comes, following their inner feelings or being driven like chased rabbits.

As a big ship is made by assembling numerous blocks, all lightworkers have their own individual puzzle piece. Each lightworker can’t know the whole picture, nor need to know it. They are under the perfect control. The secret military operations will be like this. Each lightworker has one’s own mission and role, and this correspond to individual puzzle piece. The total number of these puzzle pieces is 144,000 around the world, and the great project of Earth’s ascension will be completed by assembling 144,000 puzzle pieces into one completed puzzle.

Assembling of individual puzzle piece will progress according to the programs which the lightworkers had promised with Heaven before their births on Earth, regardless of their cosmic positions. To perform their missions and roles, lightworkers don’t die and can’t die without any reasons. They have no choice but to fulfill their missions and roles without knowing the reasons, with sealed memories. This is the destiny of lightworker.

The conception that the role of Light is good and the role of Darkness is bad just comes from very flat views. As best dramas or movies must need excellent villains, spiritual wars are just like tragic play which are too detailed and realistic, and have lots of sorrows and pains. Even though the ending is happy, the process will be very sorrowful and painful as if no one can bear to see it. This tragic drama is actually the great cosmic epic.

The lightworkers have nothing but their own missions and roles. For 2.5 million years long, they have been in the center of human history and also kings and heroes in so many wars and conflicts, with sometimes strengthening the material matrix and sometimes solidifying the Darkness matrix in the name of human right, ideal society, love and other justifications.

The lightworkers of 144,000 have led the stages of material matrix in order to help the learning and spiritual evolution of the white-, silver-, pink-, and yellow-colored spirit-souls, as interchanging roles of inflictor and victim, Light and Darkness.

The lightworkers have more complicated karmas and causal relations than ordinary people, so they must resolve karmas more heavily and intensively in this time before Earth’s ascension. In this context, most lightworkers could not live as their own wills and have lived hard lives. Most of their life stories are miserable and can’t be explained with any theory.

The lightworkers of 144,000 are beings whose position is high in universe, and have been participating in Earth’s ascension project directed by the Creator. They came here, not with bare hands but with bearing each one’s own Cosmic Cross (cosmic karma). They have spread the cosmic karmas on this experimental planet.

The persons who have the destiny of solving and harvesting the cosmic karmas which have been implanted on Earth are just the lightworkers of 144,000. “As a man sows, so he shall reap.” This is the law of universe. The lightworkers must solve the cosmic karmas and open the 7th cycle of new universe on this Earth. These are missions and roles imposed on lightworkers.

The lightworkers have been dispatched into this Earth as cosmic soldiers, as chief operating and executive officers of the great universe, with bearing each one’s own Cosmic Cross. So, anyone could not become the lightworker. The lightworker is not the position which could be achieved by efforts. It is not to be quitted nor to quit.

The program that summarizes and evaluates all the lives for 2.5 million years on Earth is just the weight of life and the Cosmic Cross which all the lightworkers bear. The lightworkers can’t escape from Heaven, can’t give up their roles and missions, and can’t die until they complete their jobs. These are their programs and destinies.

To help the lightworkers to fulfill their missions and roles, Udeka and ‘the Tree of Light in the Light’ will do our bests. Good luck to all of the lightworkers.

As such shall it be. As such was it done.

June 8, 2016.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Yeoyeo. Edited by Metrica.


The beginning of spiritual war #7 : Heaven’s gifts

All things in the visible worlds occur just after decisions and permissions are concluded in the invisible worlds. The decisions and plans are under the control of each one’s higher-self, the Supervisory group or the Government of Heaven.

Armageddon will be regularized along with the natural disasters. In order to elevate the consciousness of mankind, to correct the contaminated knowledges, to implement Heaven’s truth on earth, and to correct the religion matrix which had been locked in the material matrix, the Creator (in 18th level of 18th dimension) – who is the supreme supervisor of this Earth’s ascension project – has prepared an armful of gifts.

Heaven will provide many false prophets to the persons who fall in fears and frights, loneliness and frustration. For persons who have lots of rages and angers, Heaven will prepare false Creator, fake Messiah, false Maitreya or false Jade Emperor. The black magic of glitzy glamour will be granted to these fakes and the Brothers in Darkness. Thus they will test the essence of mankind’s belief.

People will lose their jobs and their all fortunes in the great depression and fall into deep despairs. Against them, the Shadow Government or One World Order will squeeze the last drop of their bloods. The scenarios and plans in which humans exploit and dominate other humans are prepared and will be conducted by the workers in Darkness, which are controlled and directed by Heaven.

Before mankind who knows just what they see is all with knowing nothing and believes the main news in TV as the truth of world, the shadow government will show up finally. The workers in Darkness have played real evil roles, have ruled and controlled mankind in behind stages. Their ruling will be continued until mankind notices that the Shadow Government is also directed by Heaven.

Mankind should experience the essence of Darkness in order to open the whole world of Light. Mankind will have to undergo the hard and rough Darkness until they realize the vanity of obsession to wealth, the emptiness of power and desire in absence of love. The workers in Darkness will perform their roles until they are aware of the value of light. Heaven will not stop its plan to awaken mankind’s consciousness.

For religious persons who will gather into cathedrals, temples or churches just to pray more, there is a supreme gift from Heaven. They will happen to meet some lightworkers who tell Heaven’s voice among lots of false prophets. Heaven will send the lightworkers into the mess of false prophets. People who are tired by fears and loneliness and have strong spiritual hunger will have to go through the sweet and fancy temptations of false prophets. In these confusions and chaos, the lightworkers will inform the real voice of Heaven. Heaven will separate the wheat from the chaff by this way.

In addition, Heaven has prepared various gifts according to each level of human. By the way of Heaven, Heaven will separate mankind into two parts. One part is the group of people who will live another lives in Venus after taking off their clothes of body. The other part is the group of people who will continue to live in the 5th dimensional spiritual civilization of Earth with their own physical bodies. Heaven’s plan will progress without any errors.

Heaven’s presents to awaken mankind’s consciousness are so miserable and horrible for the people who are not yet awakened in consciousness. Their sufferings and pains will be unimaginable. Heaven’s presents will let mankind to experience Heaven’s cool-headedness and cold-heartedness, the truth and love of great universe.

Heaven’s presents are prepared only to awaken mankind’s consciousness, to close down the material civilization of Earth, and to open new Heaven, new Earth and new Universe on this Earth. Whether Heaven’s gifts are ‘pains and screams’ or ‘blessings, love and gratitude’, will be determined by the period and time when mankind’s consciousness is awakened.

Good luck to all of you.

June 7, 2016

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Yeoyeo. Edited by Metrica


21. Higher-Self, the Supervisor of Self-teaching

There is Heaven.
And so exists the Ground.
As Heaven has plans,
so the Ground unfolds them.
Heaven and the Ground are always in mutual contacts.
Nature and all things are connected in ONENESS-consciousness.

It appears
human beings are separated from
like a missing child in universe.
But we have never been separated.
We, human beings,
cannot be separated from Heaven
and have never been separated.

Through our higher-self in inner-mind,
we are connected with Heaven,
the ONENESS-consciousness of universe.
Also with Jesus,
Confucius, Lao Tzu,
and the Creator.

Through the inner higher-self,
we are connected with the entire universe,
even with the Creator,
and the consciousness of the Ground.
Noticing and being aware of this
is the essence of enlightenment.

Meeting and having a conversation with my higher-self is
the only path that leads myself to the universe.
Without agreement of my higher-self,
nothing shall happen to me.
Because my higher-self exists,
Heaven dwells in my consciousness.
That is the reason
I am linked to the ONENESS-consciousness of the universe.
Except in special occasions, my higher-self has never been
separated from the network of ONENESS-consciousness.
As he is always connected to the cosmic consciousness,
falling in love with higher-self is
the final goal of ‘Self-teaching’.

Do you want to hear the voice of your higher-self?
Your higher-self is always with you.
In every critical moment of your life,
at every corner in your course of life,
he shows you how to get through, guides you,
whispers to you with your feelings,
hugs and holds you in the energy form,
and feels all your emotions with you.
He is always with you.

The voice of your higher-self is
the subtle feelings in feeling,
the language of spirit-soul.
In the feelings,
there is awareness and enlightenment.

the Supervisor of ‘Self-teaching’ is
Not ‘YOU’.
It’s your ‘Higher-self’.
Aware it! Realize it!
This is the expansion of consciousness.
This is the reality of spiritual enlightenment
in this material world.

*Translated by BB. Edited by Metrica


The beginning of spiritual war #6 : timeline and control of information

Earth’s ascension program is the military operation of Heaven. The Avonal group – which is the cosmic elite troops and the elite escort troops of the Creator – is engaged in this operation. Covert operation which has the highest level of difficulty is in progress, as no one knows it.

Heaven is maintaining and managing the 4th dimensional material matrix delicately. Earth’s ascension program is currently in the 6th stage out of total 10 stages by the way of Heaven, under the perfect management and control of Heaven, as no one knows it, as no one else is aware of it.

The lightworkers and cooperative groups – who help the lightworkers – if it is not the right timing for their role-playing, they just live with knowing nothing.

Heaven is operating information control thoroughly just like a military operation. Heaven maintains the truth level of both channeling messages and inner voice messages properly, giving various test of discernment about channeling messages.

The tests of discernment always exist in the world of channeling. The false is in the truth, and the truth is in the false. So, if one does not have solid understanding about the invisible world, he will be burned out by Heaven.

Most channeling messages about the timeline of Earth changes are false. Heaven gives false messages more easily than eating a cake. It is a great illusion to think that Heaven gives truths to anyone. So you should receive messages with careful discernment. The ultimate goal of fake message is to protect the channeling persons, to prevent the blind faiths about messages, and to elevate the channeler’s level of consciousness.

If you, reader of this message, are in Heaven’s standing, what would you do? Do you think that you can properly advance the Earth’s ascension program with notifying it to everyone just like advertisements in the TV? This program will close the material civilizations and almost 70% of mankind will have to take off their clothes of physical body.

The true message will be allowed only to the ones who could bear the burden of truths and have the purity and honesty not to distort the future. Even though you are the person who have the mission and role of Heaven, the truth level of channeling messages depend on your level of consciousness enlightenment and timeline.

Every channeling message has its own degree of truth, which is also dependent on consciousness level or emotional state of channeling person. As the consciousness is low, the message is likely to be close to what the channeling person wants to hear.

As the spiritual war starts, changes of nature begins, and false prophets do their actions, lots of people will hear Heaven’s voice and see the invisible world. Most people will do their business at their best in great delusion of believing that what they see or hear is Heaven’s Gospel and Heaven’s real truth voice. In this way, they will be suck into Armageddon.

Believing the inner voices as they hear, believing the holograms as they see in dream, believing as truth what they hear or see, they will not yield an inch and will not step back regarding what they believe. There will be no one who can discriminate the truth. Mankind will hear what they want to hear and say what they want to say. They will be a Saojung* to each other. In censuring and criticizing each other as a Saojung, they will fulfill their missions and roles in Armageddon faithfully in accordance with Heaven’s plan, as no one knows it.

* Saojung: a character from a Korean TV animation 『Fly Super-board』 who has very bad hearing ability so he understands wrong and answers incoherently. He tends to hear what he wants to hear.

If a person is not the exact one who is prepared by Heaven, he can’t receive only the truth nor only the false from Heaven. Armageddon will go off in the test of discernments, in chaos and confusions.

As the consciousness of mankind is awakened, the proportion of false messages will diminish. The one who will pass the strait gate of Heaven will be the winner in Armageddon.

Good luck to you.

June 3, 2016.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Yeoyeo. Edited by Metrica.


The beginning of spiritual war #5 : energy of impaired soul and karma

The strongest matrix in all faiths – which mankind have believed and trapped mankind in fears – is the matrix of ‘Paradise and Hell’, which are like; “Good people go to Paradise and bad people go to Hell”, “If you believe in someone (e.g., Jesus), you will go to Paradise. If not, you must go to Hell.”

When a man dies, energy unbalancing might occur by obsessions, grudges or strong desires, so on. And thus the soul-consciousness refuses his death and still stay in the 5th dimensional astral plane. This impaired soul energy is called ‘thoughts-body’. Thoughts-body is basically a being or thing of the past, but affects oneself of today in emotion and thinking through the energy of soul-consciousness.

‘Paradise and hell’ which most religions are teaching and emphasizing does not exist anywhere in universe. When a human dies and the situations of death is so severe or regretful, the soul-consciousness can’t accept his death righteously. In this case, the soul-consciousness makes ‘thoughts-body’ in energy form by using a part of soul-energy.

This thoughts-body stays in the 5th dimensional astral plane and continues to affect the life of avatar in the 3rd (4th) material dimension. This impaired soul energy is still remaining in 5th dimension in the forms of thoughts-body, and thus brings about unbalancing of energy. Most religions just describe this world of imbalanced energy as ‘Paradise and Hell’.

These impaired energies which remain as thoughts-body in the 5th dimensional spiritual world cause division of human emotional systems and become the source of negative energies for the sub-consciousness and unconsciousness. The energies of thoughts-body might make a human to live in the past, let a human feel that someone else lives in one’s own body, bring about explosive angers, cause cognitive impairments, or cause vacancies, depressions or bipolar disorders which can’t be explained.

Mankind has experienced diversities through cycling of birth/rebirth in average about 30 times for 2.5 million years long. In these reincarnations, lots of thoughts-bodies were generated in doing various roles such as roles of attacker or roles of victims.

Mankind of today is being affected by the unbalanced energies of the past (thoughts-body energy; impaired soul energy). There is no one who are free from these energies of thoughts-body. When the program of reincarnation is arranged and built, the content and strength of thoughts-body are reflected in this program.

Life is a process of experiencing energy, learning and practicing the skills to deal with energy. Everything is composed of energy. All emotions of human are energy, and all thinking and thoughts are also energy in essence. Life is a process of experiencing and learning various types and levels of energy, and finally growing up.

Life is energy, and energy is light. Light in the material world has three spectrums of the Light, Intermediate, and Darkness. Thoughts-body, soul-consciousness, spirit-consciousness, karma, love and hate, beauty and ugliness, all are energy.

Life is the school and experience center where we learn skills to deal with energy. The great universe is also circulating in the rule of energy. My mind is working of energy. God is a part of energy. Ghost and angel exist in the form of energy, and they try their bests to play the roles and missions under the rule of energy.

The universe is full of love energy. Mercy and compassion is also energy. Hate and jealousy are working of energy. Life is a process of correcting disequilibrium of energy, and karma is a process of searching equilibrium of energy. Soul-consciousness is a process of purifying energy.

Please be an alchemist of energy. If you want to be a winner in the spiritual war, please notice and be aware that everything is the game of energy, and is searching and finding the balancing of energy.

In this closing time of planet’s material civilization, the skillful energy-alchemists have been dispatched from the universe into Earth according to Earth’s last timeline, in order to dissolve the cosmic karma spread over Earth, to purify the planet’s karma energy, to solve each individual’s thoughts-body and karma energy. The skillful energy-alchemists are just you. Also you are the expert group for planetary ascension. Your status in Earth is just the lightworker.

Good luck to all of you.

June 2, 2016.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Yeoyeo. Edited by Metrica.


20. Matrix structure of light and darkness

Human life depends on
the direction of mind,
either positive or negative.
Which one do you empower on?
We see two kinds of people.
People in one category emit positive waves
as they have strong light.
The others have strong fear
so they produce negative energy.

Without consciousness expansion or enlightenment,
it is quite challenging
to glimpse and realize the matrix structure
of Light and Darkness.
Even if we know it,
it’s just the tip of an iceberg.
Grasping the big picture is nearly unattainable.

People believe
their minds and free wills are purely their own.
They think they make thoughts and consciousness by themselves.
This is the current address
of thinking and consciousness
found in most mankind trapped in this material world.

Thought, mind or consciousness
are created and affected
by the interaction and tuning of
the following four energy categories;

① Spirit energy: Will of spirit, effect by higher-self
② Angels in Light: angels working for the role of Light 
③ Angels in Darkness: angels working for the role of Darkness
④ Soul energy: Ego, soul-consciousness created by ‘I’ who is not awakened

When you take a look
a little closer to the mechanism that
a piece of mind is formed, cultivated and represented,
you can tell
it comes out through a complex and delicate process.

Most people are stuck
in the darkness matrix
and hooked on the negativities
produced by that matrix.
This is our reality.
A piece of pure mind
that we thought it’s fully ours
is being eaten and dominated
by the negative energy forms
such as ghosts and angels in darkness.

When negative thoughts or emotions
rooted in fear and negativities come up,
be aware
those four energies forms inside you
begin to wriggle.

Before your negative thoughts or emotions
turn into the will or actions,
be aware of your negative energy working.
And then stop thinking.
Just observe it.
Ignore it.
And let it go through.

Do not react.
Do not empower on the negative energy.
Don’t say anything negative.
Don’t hurt other people’s feelings.
Don’t make any troubles.
Just look at what it is.

Right at that moment,
Spirit-soul and your higher-self start caressing.
As the matrix of light angles expands,
sound and behavior begin to come out of light.
This is how thoughts and emotions occur in every moment.

In a piece of pure mind,
love and light are originated.
In a piece of pure reflections,
everything you have to learn lies there.

*Translated by BB. Edited by Metrica


The God and Heaven: What’s the difference?

Do you believe that
Heaven exists just to hear your own prayer?
If Heaven doesn’t answer to your pray,
do you think this no-answering Heaven is not Heaven?
Why do you whole-heartedly ask favors of your own family to Heaven?
Why do you earnestly depend on Heaven for your children’s happiness?

If you give your whole efforts
or if you pray with your whole heart to Heaven,
do you really believe that Heaven must answer to you?
Do you really believe that
you can solve or replace the fears by money or the materials?

What kind of Heaven do you believe?
Are you really believing that
of course, there exists Heaven
which gives blessings and answers for your praying?
Do you really believe that such Heaven could exist?

To repent of your own faults,
to be released from a sense of guilt,
do you need the God powerful and omnipotent?
Do you believe that
only ‘the God Specific or Special just for you’
can forgive your own wrong-doings
and can overlook your own faults,
only for you?
The God Another
can’t do that?

Do you know the difference
between the God and Heaven?
Do you still believe that
God gets angry,
judges others,
gives blessing,
answers your prayer,
forgives all faults of you,
and will make promise of your going to God’s Kingdom?
If you don’t offer up your properties and wealth,
God will give you misfortunes,
and if you do your best,
God will answer your wishes,
and the reason why your wishes aren’t realized
will be just lacking of your own efforts and sincerities,
do you really think or believe such that?

Like these,
the being,
who has personality resembling that of human beings,
has been believed
as the God
by the human race.

Heaven does not get angry,
nor judges others,
nor bless others.
Heaven does not want ceremony for thanks-giving,
nor anything what-so-ever.
Existing in non-characteristic forms,
Heaven is the non-material existence
which is in charge of the order of invisible worlds,
with thorough justice and fairness.

Could you distinguish
between the God and Heaven?

Is Jesus,
whom you are praying to and worship,
the God or Heaven?

Is Buddha,
whom you vow ‘a hundred and eight’ for praying and worship,
the God or Heaven?

Are you asking for fortune to Jesus or Buddha,
believing that they are the God?
Otherwise, are you asking for good luck to Jesus or Buddha,
believing that they are Heaven?
In asking for fortune,
what’s the use in distinguishing
the difference between the God and Heaven?
Do you really think like this?

Do you think that
‘the Great Loving Heart and Compassion of Buddha'
is more powerful in answering for your praying?
Otherwise, Jesus Christ,
who was nailed to a cross
and died for substitutionary atonement,
is more effective and miraculous?

Do you think that
Buddha is more powerful than Jesus
in responding and giving blessings to you?
Otherwise, is Jesus more prompt and effective than Buddha?
Do you believe in the Being Divine
who is more matching for you?

If you switch the pray,
which was offered for Jesus,
to Buddha,
do you think that Buddha would not accept it?
If you alter and give the pray,
which was offered for Buddha,
to Jesus,
do you think that
Jesus would not grant it and get angry to you?

Do you believe that
the Being Divine,
who is more kind and responsive for me,
is dwelling in
the higher position of Heaven?
The very next seat of the Creator?

Are you rushing for the places
which are known as the spiritual and magical wonder?

The answers to all these questions
by the Gods
and by Heaven
are just this.

“T---e---a---s---e  y---a---!!!…” ( :-Þ
“T--a--s--e  y--a--!!!…”  ( :-Þ
“T-e-a-s-e  y-a-!!!…”  ( :-Þ
“Tease ya! Tease ya! Tease ya!!!...”  ( :-Þ

August 15, 2016.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Metrica & Yeoyeo.


The beginning of spiritual war #4 : the era of asceticism and praying is being closed

The strongest faith of human is the religious belief which is rooted in fear and blessing. Most ascetics and disciplinants have fixed ideas that they are not awakened because of lack of asceticism. This stereotype views are prevalent among disciplinants, and are being transformed into belief, faith and conviction in religious people.

Now, it’s time for mankind to wake up from the box of stereotypes that awakening is not possible due to the lack of time to practice asceticism or to pray. There will be moments of sudden changes, and the sky will be crying and wailing. The ground will be pitching and tossing. Also the Sun will be changed and different. Mankind will have to suffer from pandemic viral diseases and natural disasters which have never been experienced before.

In that time, the ones who have forgotten Heaven, the ones who have not believed in Heaven, the ones who have religions as their jobs with practicing asceticism in their whole lives, and the firm believers with full devotion to praying will gather together in cathedrals, temples, churches, or sanctuaries, just for more praying. The era of praying will come along with the natural disasters. They will pray more and more to solve fears, to complete the religious faiths, to survive, to eat something, and to cure diseases, and so on.

As the time of praying and number of praying persons increase, hopes in praying minds will be altered into despairs. The natural changes which force people to pray more and more will get worse, and the social bases will be destroyed so swiftly.

Many people will spend half a day in praying. The persons who feel they don’t have enough time to pray will pray and pray at their bests, and will go asleep in praying and wake up to pray again repeatedly. But they will not obtain any answers from praying. There is no choice but to pray and to go asleep in praying.

Life circumstances will become worse day by day until they get to know that it’s no use praying over and over, and that the existing religious paradigms are no use in solving present problems. The existing religions will be helpless in the circumstances that many social bases are destroyed along with lots of natural disasters. Lots of religion matrices will be broken from inside by the awakened people in that organization.

The changes and disasters of Earth will not stop. Heaven will shut down the material civilizations according to Heaven’s program without any errors, without stop, with closed mind, very quickly and all at once everywhere.

Heaven will continue to drive mankind into the extreme survival circumstances with rapid changes and disasters, until all religious faiths are destroyed, religious values are corrected, new paradigm for God is needed, all beliefs which they considered as justice in their own believing are destroyed, and lots of prejudices deeply inscribed are put down. Also Heaven will make all possessions and wealth worthless to make mankind realize the vanity of materials.

Experiencing and feeling the vanity of praying, mankind will be awakened to the new consciousness in the end. Mankind will be led to new truths by the lightworkers who are prepared by Heaven. The truths contaminated in material civilizations will be replaced by new truths through collective living in PEFA (Protective Energy-Field Area). Living in PEFA about a year with communal living and group education, mankind will open the new spiritual civilization.

I, Udeka, inform that New Heaven and Earth, and New Universe will start from this Earth.

As such shall it be. As such was it done.

Good luck to all of you.
June 1, 2016.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Yeoyeo. Edited by Metrica.


Heaven is not beneficent

Heaven is not beneficent. Heaven is not friendly to a specific race, or nations. Heaven is not kindly to anyone. Heaven does not always tell truths nor always lies. Heaven seals truths in deceits and also deceits in truths. This is the way of Heaven.

Heaven is not kind. Even though people understand, interpret, celebrate, worship, fear, or blame Heaven at each one’s level of consciousness, even though mankind distorts the will of Heaven at each one’s level of consciousness, Heaven just stares at you indifferently, nor does Heaven tell that you are wrong. Heaven does not judge you about anything you chose with your free-will. Don’t expect that Heaven will advise you what your problem is, what you are doing good or bad.

Heaven is not friendly. Heaven does not work down to your eye level. Heaven does not trust the pledge and pray of incomplete mankind who has unstable emotions. Heaven does not meet human ego in proceeding the works of Heaven.

Heaven is not hospitable. Heaven goes its own way which was set up by itself. Every planet has its unique roadmap of evolutionary process. Every spirit-soul also has its unique evolutionary path. Heaven does not demand every human to know the truths of Heaven. Heaven does not ask every human to understand the secrets of material matrix which is operated by Heaven. Only the ones –who should need to know it and could accept and understand it – are allowed to taste the truths of Heaven. This is the usual business of Heaven. Heaven opens the strait gate of Heaven only for the ones who are eligible for the rule of Heaven. Heaven is not beneficent to anyone.

Heaven is not beneficent to mankind. Heaven is operating the matrix of religion on the multi-dimensional planet where the cosmic school is opened for learning of the materials. Heaven’s truths could not be revealed to students before the classes are finished, because students are yet in the course of learning for their evolution of spirit-soul. The truths which are known to mankind was determined at the level of mankind’s consciousness. The developing speed of spiritual civilizations are closely linked to the growth degree of material civilizations in a planet.

In every history, the things and events which match to the history will happen and spread out. Every epoch has its own spirit of the times which is suitable for the age. Human history is not the history of mankind alone. It is the history co-created by Heaven and mankind. Heaven does not have any reason or necessity to tell the truths to mankind, to you.

Heaven will not be beneficent to you. To you who don’t know what is going on, who are living stuffily, closed in your experience, who don’t know the essence of God, trapped in the religious faiths, who do not try to find the true meaning of God and Heaven, who are isolated from the ONENESS consciousness of the great universe, who are believing in the God who is idolized, materialized and stuffed, who are believing the personalized God – who gets angry and judges human – as the Creator. Heaven can’t be kind to you and will never be.

Heaven will not visit you in the kind way that your ego could be satisfied. Even though you pray for 100 days every day, even though you bow for praying and worship 3,ooo times a day, even though you practice fiercely with meditation or chanting an incantation, even though you are living as a monk or ascetic in your full life. Heaven allowed human to experience everything with free-will and does not judge human. Heaven is just managing and operating the material matrix. This is why Heaven is not beneficent to you.

Heaven is not beneficent. Homo-sapiens was created to create anything imaginable. To you who knows nothing, who are fallen into your own faiths, who are closed in your narrow experiences, who lost your identity, closed by your soul-consciousness, who are full of negativities of ego which is isolated, left alone and bruised, who consider what is seen as the whole thing, trapped in physical body, who are not seeking for the truths by yourself, who have not any passion for the truths, Heaven does not have any reason to be kind to you, will never be. This is the way of Heaven. This is the usual business of Heaven.

Heaven will not be beneficent. Natural catastrophes will come along with the pole-shift (straightening up of Earth’s tilted axis). Heaven will not explain why this sort of thing is happening to mankind who will be trembling with fears and horrors. To mankind who will be shocked and devastated without saying a word, seeing the break-down of religions and facing the collapse of continents. Heaven will proceed the way of Heaven, with closing its mind, without giving any hints.

Heaven will not be beneficent, even though you were in the circumstances that you could not see beyond your nose. Until you realize how wrong the Heaven – people have built by themselves – is, how misleading the Gods – people have idolized by themselves – are, how useless the values – people have believed as the correct by themselves – are. Heaven will not give you a piece of information, just pretending to know nothing. You will have to face the very bare face of Heaven, until you lose everything, lay down your attachments, and open your eyes to the new consciousness.

Heaven will not tell you the works of Heaven kindly like the main news channel in TV in the course of demolishing the material civilizations on Earth. Heaven will let the ones – who should go – leave and the ones – who should remain – hang on here. Heaven will spread out the wheats and chaffs in the fields and order the lightworkers to separate the wheats from the chaffs. As long as you could not grasp the way of Heaven, you could not predict the next move of Heaven nor could understand it.

Heaven will not answer to your pray nor respond to your wailing until you put down all the distorted notions about God and Heaven and accept willingly and naturally new wave of consciousness needed for New Heaven and New Earth. Heaven will not be beneficent to you and to mankind.

Until you realize and sense it, and open your eyes to new consciousness, Heaven will not be beneficent to you just like the ‘WICKED’ – which knows the full picture – in a movie ‘The Maze Runner’.

We just hope you could be awakened from the delusion of Gods and Heaven, which humans have created by themselves.

Good luck to all of you.

As such shall it be.
As such is it supposed to be.
As such was it done.

September 8, 2016.

Udeka writes.

The Analysis of the Inter-Dimensional Spaces of the Planet Earth

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