20. A Good Time to Awaken the Chakra System

The Light-Healing on our body and chakra awakening are truly a blessing and gift from Heaven.

It's the matter of attitudes and consciousness of those who would like to get the gift. Enthusiasm and greed alone can't buy it and so tough for them to pass the test from the Heaven.

To minimize the negativity of too early chakra awakening, Udeka will demand high standard with you before awakening your chakra systems and is coordinating the time with just the Golden Eagle eyes dispassionately.

Udeka will awaken the chakras of only those who have at least basic knowledge about space through <the Stories on Cosmos> and are fully aware of the heavenly plan, the celestial program and perceive their positions in the big picture.

They should be able to temper themselves as the light workers and be rooted in the basic expansion of awareness on drink, tobacco and meat-eating and prove the equal power of execution as well.

Udeka will enlighten the chakras of only ones whose consciousness has expanded to overcome their own negativity or whose heart chakras has been activated.

For minimizing the negativity, Udeka will enlighten chakra systems only for the following qualified persons: ones who completed the programs of 'the Tree of Life in the Lights' eagerly and teach themselves, have a conversation with themselves, do meditation and have psychological stability and perspective. And also those who often visit 'the Cosmic Academy' to be shone fully by the light from Udeka's body and the Spiritual Hierarchy in Heaven, having the frequency of vibrations in their body raised up to some extent and having the negativity purified,

Whether the time has come or not, Udeka knows, the Heaven knows and each one's inner-self knows. To only the ones who are prepared like this, the gift from Heaven would be given without any charge.

When capable enough of controlling your negative energy by your own will, you could get the opportunity of chakra systems awakening. Udeka would enlighten your chakra systems with cooperation with the Heaven, only when you just arrive at the stage of controlling your negativity.

Translated by Metrica

Udeka writes.

19. The Side Effects of Chakra Enlightenment

Although the chakra enlightenment is an event on our body, it is not by our free will but depends on the will and plan from Spiritual Hierarchy of Heaven. Udeka has no direct capability and authority to enlighten the chakra system, but just works for it as the representative and delegate.

The chakra enlightenment is a crucial step to elevate our frequency of vibrations in our cell. The common feature of those vibration frequency in body is lifted up highly is that they are so pure and innocent that the fairies live in their hearts. As their heart chakras are already vitalized and hence could absorb the Lights from the Source of Creation, their vibration frequency is activated vigorously.

After the chakra system is awakened, once the Photon particles(Photon belt, Manasic belt) and the Lights from the Source of Creation start to accumulate in our body, then the emotional etheric line in our body begins to be distorted, the separation of lights and darkness takes place, and hence our ego tends to strengthen itself with so much energy of resistance.

We call this resistance of ego as 'the Negativities', which is one of the side-effects after the chakra system is enlightened. The Negativities makes our emotions so volatile and us collide with others so often.

Brushing off the Negativities is so painful. The negative energies burst out simultaneously without any prior and conscious notifications. With or without any recognition, some people suffer from dramatic emotional volatility just like a melancholiac or manic-depressive. If we were not quick-witted about this negativities, we might make the matters worse.

We had been given a message that the lights from Heaven could not be held and bestowed just by a desire and volition. Through trial and errors, we have lost so many persons.

Now Udeka has learned the following lesson: Without purifications in our body and mind, without expansion and elevations in our consciousness, the mechanical activation of chakras is meaningless and so dangerous.

All the Negativities of ego accumulated during our lives will spring to us. The Negativities are of the following forms : painful memories or heart-breaks during childhood, distorted and depressed emotions, past pains which we had tried to hide so deliberately, past terrible memories which we thought that it had gone but would surface again and again, all kind of complex, depression, defensive mechanism and violent tendencies which had been buried in our unconsciousness, tendencies to adhere and attache to something with not capable of being empty-minded.

The Negativities continues to emerge and emerge again until you fully take understand, forgive, accept in love them and the healing is well done.

Usually this adjusting periods take at least 3 until 6 months. And it starts upon the light healing on our body. Only after passing through this periods successfully, you could see the lights, obtain the capability of channeling and be integrated with your higher-self. Using etheric antenna, you could communicate with the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Heaven.

The light healing on your body and chakra enlightenment is not the end. Rather, since this process, you will have to start the fighting against your ego and the Negativities. You have to transcend to the world of light worker from the land of ordinary person and spiritual man.

Becoming the light worker means that you have changed your status from the man in land to the heavenly person. So you have to get rid of all the past bad habits. You shall have to be born totally new.

Please don't forget that the chakra activation is just a beginning step for the light worker. You have to endure the tough periods of getting through and brushing off the Negativities. This periods shall be really painful, tough and challenging to you.

Translated by Metrica

Udeka writes.

18. The Truth of Dragon

The dragon is a symbol of descending spirits, so every descending spirit has dragon(s) in his/her body. The dragons had come to this Nebadon Galaxy 2.5 million years ago from the Great Magellanic Galaxy together with the Duka Spaceship and has been in service since then. The leader of dragonians is the Buddha Maitreya. Still, the Buddha has been in total management of the dragons, including nurture, training, allocation and replacement.

The classification and features of dragon by its colors will be touched upon in off-line sessions in detail. There exist a cartoon 'Dragon ball', which is a old-fashioned masterpiece of comic book. This was created by the divine plan of Heaven. If you feel free, it will be quite valuable to read it.

The number of dragons allocated to each one's body is different. Every descending spirits have at least one dragon in their body. For the 120 million Heyokas and ordinary light workers, just a dragon is allocated. Both the Disciplinant group and light worker group with special spiritual capability have two dragons in their etheric body. While, three dragons accompany the 144 light workers who belong to the master group. The group of divine beings in mountain, in sea and in land among ascending spirits is allowed a dragon.

Both the size of dragon and color of lights emanated from them determine the power of dragons, which represents current status and spiritual capability of light workers.

Most information about other people status of consciousness can be read by knowledge about his heart chakra, light quotient emanated from chakra system and dragons. The power of dragons directly determines that of light worker. And the number of Yeoiju(如意珠)* is the key element which directly affects the supernatural power of dragon.

* Note: Yeoiju means cintamani, which is a sort of magic pearl (inserted by translator to help readers)

The chakra enlightenment allows the dragons the supernatural power to act for us. It is both your higher-self and the dragons that feel jubilations during the Light-Healing on our body or the chakra awakening.

The dragons stand for invisible power which allows us various supernatural and spiritual capabilities, which are realized and revealed only with the 12 chakra connections with lights.

We would like to share more specific information with readers, but unfortunately we feel sorry for leaving it to the off-line sessions. This is because the critics and doubters who are obsessed with their own disbelief and will not accept our information.

Please visit us, if you want more.

Translated by Metrica

Udeka writes.

17. The Purpose of the Sealing

Everyone has his own unique path of life. Everyone has his own schedule of life which has been programmed by himself. We have been told by the Heaven that you have quite well done, only if you completed at least 60% of your program. Some people have mastered 80% or more, while others have gone through at most 50% or less. If you are the Light workers, then you must pass the cut-off point of 60%.

If anyone, who have gone through their program of life quite successfully which had been designed by themselves, is too much absorbed in his life at his own free will, then he might need another session of lesson one more time, just because he has not yet finished his program in life. This is where the energy sealing might work, whereby his ability is constrained so that he could complete his program quite well.

Let me give you more specific example. Mrs. SingAh had lived as a famous singer in her past life. But now, she needs different lessons of life, so that in this case the sealing is installed in her throat chakra. Then she might feel unintended attraction to the music, but she could not follow the track of singer, just because the energy sealing in her throat charka prevents her from voicing with beautiful sounds. This is how the energy sealing works in our life, just to help us to comply with our program of life.

The energy sealing embedded to ordinary people usually works to help them to go through their original program of life successfully. As times go on, most of this energy sealing vanishes away just like sandglass.

For the light workers, every program in life is just targeted for driving yourself toward the program which is designed for the role of light workers. As such, the light workers have more energy sealings than ordinary persons. Even though the light worker abandon hid duty, the sealings continue to be kept in his body.

We are born here with our character being similar to that of our higher-selves by the matching ratio of 30~80%, which is reflected in our program. This degree of matching ratio could be fine-tuned by the energy sealings.

In addition to energy sealing, there are also other many devices which could be used for designing human characters. But we will deal with those issues in another session.

There are so many sealings by which the characters of light workers are determined. They are as follows: The most common types are chakra sealing, meridian route sealing and internal organs sealing. Udeka want to say that they are concealed in our body just as an energy form, by our character which might determine us as a good or bad person.

Even though the Buddha, Angels, Jesus or so many Buddhist saint(Bodhisattva) just sat by your side, you might not realize them if you have any predetermined images or prejudice about them in your mind and consciousness. This is because you are obsessed with a dichotomous way of thinking to confine, define and decide in your box

Also there is another secret of sealing. By the time that a light worker starts to work for his duty, energy sealing might continue to be kept in one's body just to protect and hide him from the darkness and from the criticisms of outer world, which is so minutely and tightly coordinated by the Spiritual Hierarchy of Heaven.

So we may find the real value of the other people only after we have gone through him and all the secret have been revealed. We have to stop evaluating and criticizing others. And accept the others just the way they are.

Please be good, kind and open to each other. As such it has been and shall it be.

Translated by Metrica

Udeka writes.

16. Release the Sealing of Lightworker

Once the chakra system is enlightened, we need 2~3 months for energy stabilization of vibration frequency in our body. After that we allowed the capabilities which is conformable to our status in the Cosmos and the degree of openess in our awareness.

The special capabilities and gifts from the Heaven shall be given to only those who deserve it, which depends on the degree of mind openess, how much faithfully and innocently we believe in the invisible world, the degree of consciousness and awareness and how much we believe in and are obedient to the Heaven.

Although we could have the opportunity to be given the gifts from the Heaven, the pace of advancements and the degree of manifestation in the capabilities is widely different by persons. Especially, if someone is quite stagnant and have difficulties in manifestations and sophistications of one's special capabilities allowed by the Heaven, then it might be due to the energy sealing embedded on his body.

Most of the sealing embedded on the light workers is programed to make their special talents to be hidden and to lead them to appear foolish or dull. So, if they abandon the role of light workers and does not follow the track of lights, then the energy sealings still would be kept locked.

Without the removal of sealing, it would be all right to get along. You may not feel any serious discomforts or threats to your life. So if you do not feel any interest the Road of Light, if you belong the type of person whose matrix is between the Lights and the Darkness(so called the Middle-way person), or if you follow the tracks of darkness, then you would better to get along just as now. You need not any enlightenment of chakra system or removal of the energy sealings in your body.

Once the energy sealing is removed, then you may find conspicuous changes in yourself after 7~10 days. After 1~3 months later, the degree of enhancements, which is caused by the removal of energy sealings, would be 80%. At this point, you would feel yourself totally different from the past. In fact, you are newly born.

The removal of energy sealing is only confined to the light workers who needs to be upgraded and to be well-prepared for the role imposed on him. This energy sealing is a sort of order and rule, which is directed and managed by the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Heaven, just to let the 3-D material world totally be under the control.

This energy sealing is the climax of the process to make the light workers more eligible and effective. Once the chakra system enlightened and the energy sealing lifted, then it is this time that he is really new-born as a light worker.

Translated by Metrica

Udeka writes.

15. The Sealing of Lightworker

Sometimes, someone who previse their sealing do not know exactly the details about it. In the process of the chakra system enlightments, once they figure out the nature of sealing embedded in him, then they realize that the questions along their lives have been solved all of sudden. They now understand why they had suffered from so many struggles, why they have had to drift along from their ideals and why they have been living just like this.

For the light workers, the sealing is a trap in life, works as shackles, force him to pretend to be ordinary citizens, is a compass which make him go to the one side-way and is a scenario which provides so dramatic elements in our stage of life.

There are so many type of sealings: Brain sealing which let the capability of brain to diminish, if he is too brilliant. Language sealing which hinders the fluent speaking, Numeric sealing which blurs out ability of numerical computations, Heart chakra sealing which blocks heart chakra to reduce the capability of sensing the Ki(energy, force) and instead to improve the IQ, Pineal grand sealing which protect the pineal grand from the darkness, Sexual energy sealing which cause loss of sexual desire, ... etc.

Body sealing which makes the body sick all the time, but not deadly, and hence let him not succeed in anything and leads him to feel lethargic. Letter sealing which prevent us from understanding book in order to prohibit unnecessary reading.

Chakra sealing which protect the chakra system, Fool sealing which make you lose confidence, keeps you intimidated and timid, so that you could live as a good petit bourgeois, Heart sealing which protects your heart from the darkness, Disease sealing which prevents recovery of special sickness.

In fact, there could be many different sealings in our brain, internal organs(the five viscera and the six entrails of gall bladder, stomach, small and large intestines, the paunch, the bladder and the bowels) and other parts of body.

Udeka has been removing the sealings only for the light workers whose chakra system have already been enlightened, without any cost and charge, only in coordination with the Spiritual Hierarchy of Heaven.

Be honest and in awareness. Be wise and intelligent. Be in love and mercy. These three instructions are just the code of conduct in Udeka team.

Only for those who are well qualified for the code of conduct and who are ready for the mission and responsibility of the light workers, Udeka is willing to enlighten the chakra system and to lift the sealings just to help those to prepare the weapons and capabilities which should be used in the way of light and helping others.

Translated by Metrica

Udeka writes.


14. Sealing release and adjustment

There are only handful things which could be learned just one incarnation in this life in terms of spirit and soul. In the evolving path of spirit and soul, we come here with our unique program which has been predetermined and coordinated so as to match our main program in this life, so densely and so tightly.

This program is fine-tuned to reflect and adjust the difficulties and hardships encountered during our lives in 3-D. The psychic adjustment is made by 5-year cycle and physical adjustment of our body is done with 7-year cycle. This readjustment is undertaken with confirmations of the three celestial party, i.e., our spirit, higher-self and the spiritual hierarchy of Heaven, which is determined anytime when you are sleeping.

The spiritual seal in our body is usually embedded in our initial program, so that this is also in the area of fine-tuning in any time. Most of this seal is gradually to be broken away just like a sandglass, when it is the time to be done.

The number of seal in our body is up to 3~5, which might affect each individual in so varying directions, i.e., positively or negatively. The negative one might work on us just like Achilles' heel which shall play such a crucial role in our life. Meanwhile, we may be bended by a seal - like a latch, quite tough to unlock - which might not hinder us so severely during our life, but could make it impossible for us to see beyond our horizon or to understand bigger world.

The seal imposed on Light Workers have varying degrees of purposes and different leverages on their lives. One type of seal is 'blocking of energy', which is to be unlocked when the great original energy is needed in order to conduct many duties. Other type of seal is 'blocking of sufferings and failures', which is triggered to make you fail in your business, to stop going astray and getting lost, to make you tumble and slip down until you get to learn the attributes of modesty and true love. All these sealings are genuinely built to make you get along your program and to prevent you from falling into the material world. By request from your higher-self, this sealing is installed additionally in any time.

Everything is determined by your higher-self, your spirit agrees with it and then the spiritual hierarchy of Heaven steps in just for execution. During the process of chakra enlightㅂㅅment, the nature of sealing is revealed. Udeka considers whether or not the sealing should be removed, under close cooperation and negotiation with the Spiritual Hierarchy of Heaven and then go next step for execution, if necessary.

Both the removal and additional embedding of sealing is conducted by the Raphael group with cooperation with other angel groups. Udeka get to know the existence of sealings in your body during the chakra awakening process, receive the information about the sealing from the Heaven directly, or could see through the nature of it by watching and channeling from the Heaven.

Udeka want to emphasize that the sealing is a sort of process which can coordinate your life and that it is inevitable to protect and hide yourself from the material world and the darkness.

Translated by Metrica

Udeka writes.

13. Various Forms of Sealing

Your program in this life is designed according to the timeline of spiritual evolution. It is so minute, dense, dramatic and tolerably endurable. In such a way, you are born and living until this time, reflecting the blueprint of your timeline.

Everything in this world is composed of sound, color, light, wave, vibration and energy.

We are humans that living as a terrestrial life forms on a planet which is called earth. The energy in us has two kinds of sealing. One is the natural sealing of our physical body, which reflects the outside aspect of physical environments. The other one is the energy sealing in our body, which exist in various forms. These sealing might be categorized as followings.

1. Sealing in meridian route: Our memory of spirit and soul is hidden in this form.

2. Sealing in chakra: The 12 chakras lie in the centers of 12 energy circuits in our body. Numerous forms of sealing are built in chakra in such a way that could hinder or block the flow of energy.

3. Sealing in gravit : It is really tough to escape from the atmosphere of our earth. In the macroscopic viewpoint, once upon a time, the sealing in gravity had been the strongest one.

4. Sealing in magnetic field: Every forms of life, living on the planet earth, cannot help escaping from the magnetic field. It is no exaggeration to say that all the phenomenon occurs in this matrix of magnetic field. This is the most mighty sealing which affects every system of life on our earth.

5. Sealing in internal organ: In addition to chakra sealing, there are also other sealings in major internal organs and other viscera which operates for special purpose.

As the sealing take various forms in each individual and the number is also different, only with help of the Heaven, we might know and obtain the right to see the contents of sealing. Udeka team is allowed the privilege to see the contents of sealing, in addition to the number of sealing. Also the special right to remove the sealing is granted, when it is optimal to lift them, in parallel with each one's timeline. We feel gratitude for and highly appreciate the Heaven.

The meaning of learning and awakening chakra system is to understand the world of energy and to lift the sealing in energy, by which the light workers could restore the capabilities to play their roles.

All the capabilities and powers granted to Udeka team will only be used to help and organize the light workers, to empower the lost spiritual talent and to awaken the sleeping consciousness. As such have we been doing, as such shall it be and it was.

November 13, 2014
Translated by Metrica

Udeka writes.

12. One who has Abundant Energy

The ascending or descending spirit who has come here to learn 3-D life of materials is born with his/her own unique energy.

The one who have come with abundant energy has following features.

The case of spirits with abundant energy. It is a common case that most spirits come here with the proportion of their original energy 20~25%. Sometimes, it may happen that some spirits arrive here with much more proportion of their original energy 25~35%. In this case, their spirits appear much bigger than others.

The degree of intelligence and of sexual desire is designed and determined by the magnitude of Mireo Guan and Okchim Guan* in Governor Vessel(Dok-Maek, 督脈), which function as a sort of controller of energy in our body. The one who has to rely on his brain mainly during his life is born with his Okchim Guan much more activated, so that he has a clever brain but the power of love in his heart is relatively weak. The one who has so much strong sexual power come here with his Mireo Guan highly vitalized, which controls our genital organs. In this case, he is so vigorous in sexual appetite that he gets energetic and sanguineous. This type of person is commonly found in the field of artist or creative works.

* Note : In our posterior back of body, we have three main passes of energy. The Okchim Guan(옥침관, 玉枕關, Yu Zhen Guan) exists in the posterior head. Each side of vertebra is called the Nokro Guan(녹로관, Vertebral zone, pulley pass, Lu Lu Guan). The place in which aqua(수, 水, Water) and fire(불, 火) energy interchanges is called the Mireo Guan(미려관, 尾閭關, Cocygeal zone, Wei Lu Guan). (Inserted by translator to help readers.)

This corresponds to the case that the power energy is not sealed or a great portion of energy is preserved with energy sealing being a small portion. Most people is born with at least 2 ~ 5 number of energy sealing. And during his life, through the 3-party negotiation among his spirit and soul, higher-self and spiritual hierarchy in Heaven, this energy sealing is fine-tuned in the cycle of 5~7 years. Usually, the sealing might be added or removed.

Although we are incarnated to this earth with our memory being sealed, the magnitude of energy difference between the Avonal group from 13-dimension and the Pleiades group from 5-dimension is quite enormous. Even though they come to this earth with the same magnitude of energy power of 25%, once their actual power of energy were manifested, the gap between them could be amplified by at least several 10 times through 100 times.

The magnitude of energy and number of sealings in our etheric body depend upon the specific lesson to be learned, the features of work to do, duty and role to play during our lives. Before we incarnate to this current lives, we write, edit and finally confirm‎ the scripts of scenario to be manifested in our current lives. In fact, all of us are excellent characters and avatars to play the programs as was determined.

Now you are living on this earth with your own unique energy and the magnitude of energy, while the sealing is built in several points of body with the badge of rank in cosmos removed and the memory wipe-out.

By the light healing on our body and chakra enlightenment, we could see and get to know the contents, reason and the timeline when the energy sealing was constructed and when the sealing might be lifted up. As times go on, the sealing might be unlocked naturally.

More specific details about energy sealing will be touched upon in off-line sessions.

November 11, 2014
Translated by Metrica

Udeka writes.

11. The Sealing on Meridian System

The Avonal Group is the great spirits in 13th dimensional consciousness. As they have such a high energy, it is inevitable for them to reduce their energy down and down in order to come down to the lower dimensions. The number of the great spirits of Avornal Group who manage and direct the 1.2 million Spiritual Hierarchies of Heaven in the Nebadon Galaxy amounts to 1,062. They are actively participating in the evolution of the Cosmos in the form of direct materializations or energy body.

It is an usual case that the great spirits come down to the lower dimensions with a sort of energy sealing. Through out the Light Healing on our body and the enlightenment of the chakra system, we could find that the energy sealing is more robust and severe as the original dimension of the spirits is higher. For example, let's look at a members of our cafe, 'Gift of the God'. We found out that his energy sealing is built in a rock-solid form of the pyramid in pyramid.

Both of the descending and ascending spirits have some kind of energy sealing in the two meridian points - that is the 'Bubbling Spring' located on the sole and the 'Palace of Toil' in the palm. We call this the sealing in meridian system. With only the 7 chakra* awakening, this sealing of meridian system could never be unlocked. Only the full 12 chakra** enlightenments could open the door of the sealing in meridian system as a first step. For the spirits having a sealing in meridian system, once the 12 chakra system enlightened, the awakening level of consciousness is also gradually escalated.

* Note 1 : The classical classification of our chakra system in our body, which include root(1), navel(2), spleen(3), heart(4), throat(5), brow(6), crown(7) (Inserted by the translator to help readers)

** Note 2 : In addition to the 7 chakra, 4 chakras are included. The 'Palace of Toil' in the left and right palm(8,9) and the 'Bubbling Spring' on the left and right sole(10,11) are the 4 chakras. The last one is the 'Chest Center' chakra(12), which is located on the chest in the anterior midline, at the midpoint of the line connecting both nipples. (Inserted by the translator to help readers)

The activation of our chakra system is the first step to unlock the sealed recollections in our spirits. The enlightenment of 12 chakra system means activation of the crucial 12 energy portals in our body. The 12 chakras are the central points for activating another 144 energy portals. If the energy sealing in the 12 chakra system is lifted, then the vortex energy - the grid of energy network - in our body is activated.

In the oriental tradition of medicine, the chakra activation means the enlightenment of all the acupunctural points in the meridian system. Every cell in our body vibrates with lights and our body becomes the light body, which is evidenced by the brightness in our aura energy. Also it is revealed by the strength or luminance emanated from the 'Palace of Toil' or the 'Bubbling Spring'.

If the 7 chakra system is activated, a radiant route of lights from the crown(Sahasrara) to the root(Muladhara) chakra is built. Usually it takes the form of light pillar with about 20 cm diameter, which compares roughly to 2/3 portion of our body. Once the light pillar constructed, it will not be closed down by itself. The connection of the 12 chakras might make an impact on the sealing of meridian system. Thus, the sealing could get broken and hence the capability of our brain could be invigorated, which leads to the improvement of IQ up to 250~280.

For a descending spirit, from higher dimension as he gets down, he has energy to blocking of limit of their capability. This energy sealing will not be open by the awakening of the 12 chakra system. The enlightenment of our chakra system is nothing but an initiation to raise up the frequency of vibrations in our body. Most of the potential capability programmed to be used in 3 dimensional life are preserved and sealed. When it is in the fullness of time and eventually the time of manifesting each one's genuine capability has come, it is this time that we need the co-work of Udeka and the Spiritual Hierarchy of Heaven to re-activate the sealed capabilities.

Please be aware that the connection of the chakra system is nothing but an entry level to recovering their genuine(but sealed) clairvoyance. The most crucial step comes after activation of the chakra system. It is the gift from Heaven that is the most essential and important breakthrough. The gift is given to the Light Workers who deserves to be. And it is related to unlocking sealed capabilities like the supernatural and psychic power of seeing beyond (clairvoyance), channeling or communicating with animals and plants (telepathy), etc.

October 21, 2014
Translated by Metrica

Udeka writes.

10. Restoring the Status in the Cosmos

Still, there are plenty of descending spirits who do not understand the meaning of ascension and are living under a title of spiritual man/woman, searching for better, clearer and more inspiring places and masters just like a patient's shopping for a better hospital.

The worst is there are people who wait for spaceships to save them... A group of persons who consider themselves as the manifestation of the Source Creator do not have any interests in the future of 7 billion mankind of our earth under the belief that 'only they' will be saved and just waiting for their custom salvation in a special manner. They don't have any sensible eyes to distinguish the beings in the darkness who are acting and working just beside them via online network. This is our real picture of today's spiritual world.

Most man/woman in the spiritual world are sleeping, even though the natural catastrophe is coming near our noses just as start of the great depression and volcano eruption of the Baek-Du Mountain in North Korea.

Our earth is both a thrilling and a tragic planet, also quite a stifling planet which make us just feel heart-breaking. At this moment, we sense that the sealed memory in us is quite cold and cruel.
You are the most precious beings who came to this earth from the Cosmos - with the memory being sealed and the badge of status removed - to help and guide those groups - according to their evolution of spirits, we divide them as the group of divine beings in mountain, in sea and in land - who are planned to ascend, to synchronize the imbalances of energy in this Cosmos and to consummate the Gaia Project by the Source Creator.

The light workers consist of 144,000 beings who do not need to wait for spaceships for ascension or to be anxious about it, just as they had accomplished the ascension quite a long time ago. Also there are the 120 million Heyokas who came here to help the light workers and they are beings from 5th or higher dimensions.

Now the time has arrived to connect to your higher-self, to get back to the right status in the Cosmos and to gain the power of corresponding to one of spiritual hierarchy in the Cosmos again. For this, there exist the chakra enlightenment.

If you do not know anything neither have any capability with sealing in your memory - however high in the cosmos your status shall be - then it is totally nothing. Living as a total null and void is not bad. It is also an aspect of evolutionary process in the spiritual learning.

Udeka's mission on this earth is to restore the status and badge of rank in the Cosmos, to regain the power, to lift the sealing and upgrade the capabilities.

All these things could be achievable, once the chakra system enlightened and activated. This is the true meaning of chakra connection by Udeka.

November 4, 2014
Translated by Metrica

Udeka writes.

09. The Attracting Baits in the Channelling

Throughout our experience, we've got to see a paradox that the person who visits us would have more serious problems, if he could see the lights, communicate with his inner-self and/or have ability of channeling. Most people tend to be arrogant, full of conceit, stubborn and highly nervous, as they get used to superior spiritual ability for a long time... What a coincidence to see that they have extremely similar pattern of doing and thinking!

In early times, Udeka had respected and envied them, just because Udeka has not the ability of seeing the lights and channeling as yet. Now, if someone from this category visits here, Udeka watches them in the eye of pity and concerns, thinking that they might follow the same pattern. Udeka will appreciate them, only if they could get on the bus in later time or in the last time of this 3D-earth! Today Udeka does not have any expectation and just watches them in silence and empty mind.

The arrogance in our mind is quite similar to the situation that as we stay longer in stinking place, we may not smell the malodorant any further.

The most common pattern seen in this category of people is that they are self-effacing, nervous to know how others cast views on them, are used in looking down on others, and feel comfortable in getting alone. Their way of speaking is near discipline preach and their self-confidence is soaring just like a rocket. This symptom is more conspicuous among beings from the Federal Union of Cosmos than from the Cosmic Federation.

Over and over reflections, we came to the conclusion that the best solution is letting them as they are. Our strategy is simply as following : Let the special teachers from Heaven - i.e., the ghosts, the angels in the darkness - take care of them. Do not mess with them until they give away, take a sudden change of attitude, and condescend by themselves.

Until our chakra system awakened, the capacity of seeing the lights and channeling can not exceed the level 3 or 4. This is the rule of the Cosmos. If someone is outside of this rule, then he might be  allowed to enjoy this gift from Heaven temporarily, just because he has some kind of role and he needs to be employed as a messenger. Unfortunately, once his mission is over, then his super-natural power or spiritual capability is sealed again. This is the rule and order of the Cosmos.

This is called a rule of 'Giving and Taking back' by the Heaven. If an ability had come to one in younger age, then he might have wandered all over the world to accomplish the lost power again, searching and seeking for spiritual masters. This reminds us of a fish biting at bait from the Heaven...
Once biting at bait, then he might be led to a tough training period. This education period varies by at least 5 through 30 years long. The members who joined our team as a channeler had suffered from hard times over their entire lives, just as biting at bait so early in their lives. We highly appreciate them for their struggles over and over again.

The built-in mechanism of the bait is to lead them to the bigger world invisible, to stimulate them to do their best, to find more inspiring master and to take practices more earnestly. Trapped in the ego box - "I am the best, you are the best" - imprisoned in the frame that created by themselves, getting more and more closed and unsociable, being stuff of ego and obstinacy, left alone isolated from others, most of them are living in this way.

The curse of channeling is more serious and the channeler has huge barriers like a mountain. It is revealed that they exist as a sort of decoy to guide and inform us of the invisibile world. So, the time has arrived and their role of decoy is getting over, if they don't have sincere wishes that they want to break the sealing and go beyond the limitation of capability, then the time is not yet ripe for chakra enlightenment.

The real meaning of chakra activation is that the time has come for those humble persons who had bitten at bait from the Heaven, now getting ready for working for the Heaven armed with mightier capabilities, as their role of guide and decoy mission was over. Udeka want to point to that. Please do not delude yourself that your chakra system will be awakened, if you want. The chakra system would be enlightened only for those who had obtained divine will of the Heaven and plan of the Cosmos.

To which category do you think that you belong? : Those who have been acting arrogant since they could see the lights, those who have great pride in their channeling capability so that consider their channeled messages as 100% truth, those who still believe that the chakra system should be awakened by their self-practices, those who feel uncomfortable in having practices as a group as they think that it is natural and a matter of course to take practices by themselves, those who feel that only they exist in this Cosmos and consider themselves as special beings who are granted the gift by the Heaven and are guided by the God in a special way, with their heads they discuss the whole world and they design frequent renovations of this earth in a day but on their hearts there do not exist any rooms even to put a needle, with big heads but the heart so small, having so great self-regard that learning from others could not even be conceivable, those who have not cried their heart out for the last 10 years...

If you think that you belong to the above category, then please do not hasten to visit us. There are already plenty of people who had come here in early times and have a role of mirror to make us trained and educated by their behaviors. Please be slow and get slow just for everyone here. You do not need to hasten to visit us. Thinking that this place does not match you, even if you do not come here, no one will miss you. So, do not worry.

Only those beings get unhappy and anxious: Your spirit and soul. Your higher-self who cheers for and watches you. The dragons and guide angels in spiritual hierarchy of the Heaven which take care of you and manage your role. Your mates of soul and spirits who are waiting for you to awaken. Your colleagues whom you are supposed to awaken after being awakened first.

Please visit us after clearing up dirty-stuffs in your mind and getting empty enough. Without exception, Udeka will test everyone. Please don't forget that you are being filtered out just by watching and ignoring as if Udeka does not know anything.

Please keep in mind that the chakra system could be enlightened only for those who have obtained the disposition of Providence. Do not try to flatter to Udeka and do not attempt any artificial endeavor.

It will not take long time to realize that an effort is meaningless and useless. Only when there is something inside you that could touch upon and appeal to the Heaven, it will be the time that you are ready for the chakra enlightenment. Thus you could move to the higher level, restore yourself and be complete. Such a person Udeka is waiting for.

October 30, 2014
Translated by Metrica

Udeka writes.


08. The Surge in Sexual Desire after Chakra Awakening

When we awaken, sexual desire also arises. The spiritual enlightenment of our consciousness means awakening of 'the spirit of truth', 'the holy spirit' and 'the thought adjuster'. It is inevitable to burst into tears and to feel a surge of sexual appetite as our consciousness get uplifted.

The enlightenment of chakra system is nothing but activation of energy center in our body. The 12 chakras are the focal points of energy circulation in our body. The 12 energy centers activate another 144 energy centers in our body, which are closely related and connected to another 84,000 energy centers.

The connection of chakra system means vitalization of the meridian points, invigoration of energy centers and enhancement in flow of the Ki and bloods in our body. As our chakra system is connected, the degree of energy circulation is elevated. Also it means that the sealing of our chakra system is broken by the Heaven.

As our chakra system is connected and the flow of energy is elevated, the degree of surge in sexual desire is almost 1.3 ~ 3 times than before. In fact, we have got to know the following revelation of real examples through our spiritual session with the Raphael group.

* To help the readers, let's suppose the degree of sexual desire in normal case(compared to one's age) as the benchmark number 10. We've got to realize the followings:

<The increase of sexual desire after the chakra connection>
* Mrs. A : 3 → 6 (100% increase)
* Mr. B : 10 → 14 ( 40% increase)
* Mr. C : 12 → 19 ( 58% increase)
* Miss. D : 10 → 14 ( 40% increase)
* Mrs. E : 11 → 16 ( 45% increase)
* Mr. E : 15 → 23 ( 53% increase)
* Mr. F : 15 → 35 (133% increase)

Although we did not mention real names, without exceptions all the numbers show that the magnitude of sexual desire after the chakra activation increased. Also they vocally espouse their symptoms in body.

When our level of enlightenment in consciousness is elevated, when our heart chakra is activated, or when our chakra system is connected, we could feel the surge of sexual desire by having time together with our sweetie.

Then, how could you manage the sexual impulse? The best solution will be getting together and making love with your sweetie.

If you are alone, then imagine your sweetie in your mind and be creative for your future.

Otherwise, it will be wise to devote yourself to creative work, manual labor, sport, hobby, music, art or dance, etc. Use your energy for creative works or feel happiness by taking part in voluntary services.

The surge of sexual desire is a drive in life. A lack of libido means that he is passive and not energetic. Having a strong sexual appetite will accompany abundance in energy, willingness to do, passion, implacable tenacity and belief etc.

This uplift in libido is a source of creative energy in life. This means rejuvenation, by which we could enjoy untiring physical strength and passion, and by which we could challenge anything without fear.

The chakra activation is rejuvenation into younger age. All of you could experience this miracle after the chakra enlightenment, albeit the magnitude varies. The heart chakra activation enables us to look more beautiful and make our energy in life uplifted. More specific way of dealing with the surge in sexual desire will be covered in alternative session by Udeka.

October 28, 2014
Translated by Metrica

Udeka writes.

07. Overcome the Irony and Limitation

The wall that was created and imprisoned in by myself, the trap that I was fallen into while realizing its existence, the swamp of greed and desire that I lashed out on myself, the limitation of my ability. These are the structural dilemmas which we are facing. Going through the stern ironies of daily lives,  times are just a continuum of trial and errors.

The enlightenment of our chakra system is the most critical phase in which we could overcome the irony and limitation imposed on us. It is usual case that even those who have trained themselves by practices in Ki-Kong(氣功, tai chi), breathing or meditation and the healers who devote themselves to helping and curing others cannot activate their own crown chakra.

Even the organization that collects a sizable sum of money in exchange for activating the crown chakra cannot activate 'the 100 Convergences(百會)' meridian point, not mentioning the crown chakra. So many often, Udeka team is noticing and watching these comedies.

It is quite a rare case that the well known person in the psychic and spiritual world has a body with enlightened heart or crown chakra, despite of enjoying the reputations for their spiritual capabilities. It is easily seen and revealed to Udeka team, just because we see through the invisible world clearly. It is quite an irony that the more famous the spiritual leader is, the more likely he is to be biased to the role of darkness rather than the light worker.

It does not take a second for Udeka to activate the crown chakra or 'the 100 convergences' meridian point. This is possible just because the enlightenment of chakra system is led by the Raphael Group of archangels in Heaven, not by Udeka. So the words like 'difficult', 'tough', etc. do not apply to Udeka team.

We are saying to and would like to appeal to the following category of persons: the person who have willingness to be awakened but is suffering from chronic fatigue and pain, a weakling who have trouble in mind and body, the one who is frustrated by one's limitation, the person who is highly motivated to play one's role in good earnest, the one who is worn out by quarreling with Providence, a keen man who is suspecting that a secret is hidden to him/herself, the one who have realized that ego-mind, worry, or considering the pros and cons is useless and in vain, the person who have enlightened his mind with light and love, the person who want to conduct the holy mission of heaven by lowering herself after getting aware of the emptiness to expose herself to others in order to achieve recognition, the one who is sensing that she needs to find totally new break-through after had tried everything in vain, the man who has not yet given up with hope and belief in mind that the God has not thrown out himself as yet and that there is way-out somewhere else, the person who still stick to his life after realizing that he cannot depart his life with having tried suicide in hopelessness and continuum of failure, etc...

The true benefit of chakra enlightenment is to help these persons to transcend the limitations and ironies around their lives and to lead them to be integrated with their higher selves. In order to enter the phase of chakra awakening, they have to complete the elementary course of the Cosmic Academy and 3 rounds of the Light-Healing on their body. Throughout this courses, they find the answer for their problem by themselves, roughly covering 70 percents. The rest is the area of karma and ego which should be solved by themselves. Only after filled with light and love, the gifts from Heaven in varying degree shall be granted to each one, once the chakra system enlightened.

In the road to overcoming your limitation and problem, shall the chakra activation accompany you. It could not be obtained by greed. Only to those who could move the minds of Heaven, the opportunity of chakra enlightenment shall be given. As such shall it be and it was.

October 23, 2014
Translated by Metrica

Udeka writes.

06. The Meaning of Seeing the Lights

The capability of seeing the lights means that we can see the invisible world. It may include the following things: Discerning those who play the role of light from those who play the role of darkness, reading other's mind, looking into the invisible world of matrix just like the cosmos, the cosmic order, our inner-body, fairy and deva, the spiritual hierarchy etc.

Why do I need this capability? Why do I want to obtain this psychic power? Is it really necessary for me to get the power for getting along in daily life? Do you really think that we could obtain all the capabilities that already mentioned before, only if the chakra system is awakened?

If you think that you could get to know everything naturally once the chakra system enlightened, you are deluding yourself. What could you do by seeing the lights, although you do not understand the principle of the universe? What does it mean for you to see through the invisible world of ghosts, having no idea of the rules in the spiritual hierarchy? What's the meaning of the clairvoyance to look into meridian point and system for those who have no medical knowledge of what is going on in our body just after we swallow any foods? Does it make any sense to see the heart chakra, not knowing the meaning of the light workers and of the workers playing in the darkness? Not grasping the relation between Ki and light, not knowing the connections in wave motion and color, what does it mean to you that you can see the lights?

Do you think that the Heaven would allow the spiritual power of seeing the lights in the advanced level to the one who is not ready for the spiritual awakening? This also holds for the one who lacks self-emptiness and is full of selfish interests and desires, pretending to behave as a spiritual master. What's the nonsense it is!: Let's consider the following scenario. Supposing we activate one's chakra system and let him see the lights. And then he begins to start the role of the darkness. Is this scenario plausible to you?

Would it be possible that the Heaven allow the one, who could not keep the truths of the Cosmos and might be tempted to distort the future, to see the light in the advanced level?

After finishing the elementary course of the Cosmic Academy*, only if we could get the opportunity to have the Light-Healing** on our body and to make our chakra system enlightened, then we might have the capabilities to see the light, the ghosts, the flow of meridian system and the heart chakra. If you use to think like this, you have to stop and go your way. This cafe - the Tree of Life in the Lights - is not the place to make you spend money and time just by propagating the activation of our chakra system.

* Note 1: The elementary course of the Cosmic Academy is the off-line curriculum for the beginners of our cafe, conducted by Udeka. Every beginner must finish this course for proceeding to another round.

** Note 2: The Light-Healing is a preliminary healing process to make our body cleaned and to highly activate the wave frequency of our cells in the body, before activating our chakra system. This healing process is the cure by the light of 5th dimension in the Heaven, managed by the Raphael Group and the fairies (inserted by the translator to help readers)

Once again, we would like to emphasize the following: Only those who are qualified already, those who have finished the requirements, or those who are yet short of the cutline but are willing to take practices of mind, are eager to fill in the gaps of his faults and to take participation in every process in our cafe with faithfulness and diligence, could pass tests of the Heaven and finally see the lights.

With so much enthusiasm, Udeka is doing the best to deliver the informations about the order of the Cosmos, the providence of the Heaven, the principle of the Universe. Udeka is doing best to deliver the knowledge of the Cosmos and the Cosmic Wisdom to you. This is the secret to entering the invisible world of chakra and lights.

October 13, 2014
Translated by Metrica

Udeka writes.

05. Tests for Lightworker

It is a common belief that if we train our mind and body frequently, then some time in the future the Kingdom of Heaven will acknowledge the effort and activate one chakra system. So they might think that it would suffice to direct one's attention to inner-self and practice meditation consistently through pray, self-teaching and/or self-discipline. If the chakra system were activated by other's assistance and force, it will be useless and won't help them. They put the only value to the accomplishment that was done by themselves without outside engagement: It seems quite plausible and reasonable. This forms the most basic framework of thoughts that is found in the critiques of Udeka.

The chakra system is not awakened by one's efforts or practice of mind. The enlightenment of chakra system simply represents the Light Workers, just like the dragon does for the Descending Spirits. The awakening of chakra system means that as the Light Worker was the person accredited by the Kingdom of Heaven. This is a sacred mark for the Light Worker, which represents that the Light Worker was given the power and right to service the Divine Nature.

Please do not think that Udeka...or the Kingdom of Heaven...would activate so easily the chakra system of anybody who visits here. The first barrier is to get connected to Udeka team. The second round of test is to pass through the eyes of Golden Eagle in Udeka. With sincerity, purity and enthusiasm, taking participations in every process and curriculums is the next round of examination.

The fourth round of test is to endure any likely conflicts which could arise between personnels and bail out of the negativity which might hinder the expansion of consciousness: The negativeness includes the self-ego(a sort of psychic box about the true and false), prejudice and bad habits(having wild parties too often with drinking alcohols).

As descending spirits, even in the lowest land you have to be humble with all the bubbles of arrogance, sense of superiority and conceit skimmed off. You should be modest by nature, always keeping ‘Ha-Sim (下心: humble minded)’ in your attitude. Your emotion, sensibility and sense of 'Ki (氣: energy or force in the nature and cosmos)' getting alive, you have to understand, feel and sympathize other's pain and sufferings with solicitude. Discarding the ego of discrimination, you have to ascend to the spiritual realm of seeing men and this world as they are, full of compassion and charity. This is the fifth round of test.

Finally, you have to pass through ordeals by the Heaven, which are more subtle, tenacious, fair and objective than the previous tests. This test is much severe than the sum of all the previous ones(1st through 4th test), just because the examination is made by the Spiritual Hierarchy of Heaven that knows everything about yourself. Thereby you are given the opportunity to awaken your chakra system and the spiritual capabilities might be allowed.

Even after the chakra system enlightened, this test from Heaven shall keep going on just until you are fully integrated with your Higher-Self. The spiritual powers and capabilities are finally awarded, only after all those tests are passed.

You can not deceive Udeka. And also you can not escape from the Golden Eagle eyes of so many Disciplinants in Udeka Team and that of various members who can feel other's mind and have good sense of Ki. It will not be easy to escape from Udeka's eyes. You will have to eliminate the Boxes of ego like self-egoism, self-righteousness, arrogance, haughtiness, roaming nonsenses, self-logic full of absurdness, empty formalities to attract other's eyes, fallacy of idea imprisoned by the framework of languages, the frame of dualism locked by the right and wrong. To knock-out the predefined images from egoism, the test will be so severe that the person full of egoism may feel frustration and no mercy. You have to endure and pass through this test. That will be quite tough and the chances of survival is at most two out of ten.

Please come here after thorough overhaul and reflections. Do not misunderstand that Udeka and the Heaven would render so easily the heavenly treasure to anyone for money.

If you were a true Light Worker, you would have already passed through so many rounds of test, just to prepare the required qualifications. We know and understand that for those it will not be tough. The problem is onto those who live only with their head and knowledge. Please do not forget this point: Only the person who has the virtue of modesty, mildness, diligence and mercy is a true light worker.

September 30, 2014
Translated by Metrica

Udeka writes.

04. The Truth of Chakra Awakening

Among our ancestors who had lived in this Korean Peninsula throughout the history of last 200 years, only 3 persons had awaken their 12 chakras* fully. They had acted a great role in the major historical upheavals.

* Note : Among the 12 chakras, the 7 chakras are well known, which are root(1), navel(2), spleen(3), heart(4), throat(5), brow(6), crown(7) chakras. The other 5 chakras are relatively not familiar. The 'Palace of Toil' in the left and right palm(8,9) and the 'Bubbling Spring' on the left and right so/e(10,11) are the 4 chakras. The last one is the 'Chest Center ' chakra(12), which is located on the chest in the anterior midline, at the midpoint of the line connecting both nipples. (Inserted by the translator to help readers)

It is well expected that some members in our cafe - Tree of Life in the Lights* - might cast doubts on Udeka who says that he could awaken the member's chakras. They might feel quite unfamiliar for Udeka, thinking that he is talking a quite strange story, so that it is worth while to wait and see. Also there might be some members who suspect that Udeka is intending to make money or belongs to the brothers in the darkness who is disguised as the light worker. For those who doubt and suspect me, I would like to record a message here in order to clarify the holy mission of awakening other's chakra system.

The most common doubts on Udeka : The chakra system should be activated by each one's efforts, not by others. If activated by others, it might cause some trouble. The most important thing is practice of mind to devote oneself to his deeper inner-self. So be careful about the words that somebody could activate one's chakra system. That is just a sweet seduction.

Udeka's Answer: The chakra system can not be awakened by one's efforts. I have not yet found anybody who have enlightened his chakra system by his own practice of asceticism, even though there are more than a million people who have been practicing and training their minds through pray and meditation.

At this present time*, except the 16 members of Udeka team, there exist only 5 persons in Korea who have enlightened their chakra system. But , in fact, their chakra systems have been awakened by the Raphael Group in the Hierarchy of Heaven. They belong to the leader group of the Lights chosen by the Heaven, which was inevitable to lead them to work for the Lights. And Udeka knows who they are.

*note: September 29, 2014

In South Korea, there exist 53 persons who have the power of seeing the Lights and energy('Ki', 'the Force of Nature') healing. All of them belong to the Raphael Group in The Galactic Federation. Their chakra system have not yet been awakened and their aura energy is not so much different from ordinary persons. They are providing the Ki as a form of light in their corresponding group. They have the mission and the role to play on this earth and that's why the Raphale Group keep along with them to permit the miracle of healing and therapy. But this has nothing to do with the chakra awakening.

The chakra system is not awakened by the practice of mind or efforts. It is a seal that can not be activated and is not enlightened, unless he is the one who works for the Heaven. If someone says that his chakra system is enlightened, usually it is his misunderstanding or confusion. Sometimes, the temporary activation of heart chakra might be thought of as the full awakening of chakra system. When a person feels unusual symptoms in his chest, he also could think that his chakra system is activating. But most of this case is related to the visit from a being in the 4-th dimension spiritual hierarchy* or the angels in the darkness. It could be judged only by the person who can see the Lights in the Level 5 or more whether the chakra system is awakened or not. There exist at most 10 persons in Korea, including the 4 members of Udeka team, who could see the Lights in the Level 5 or more consistently. The intangible antenna is built on our head, once the chakra system awakened.

* Note: e.g., a ghost in astral plane (inserted by the translator to help readers)

The Spiritual Hierarchy of Heaven directly activates the chakra system for those who are the leader of a Light Worker group or belong to the master class for the Lights. The others are not the case for this chakra awakening by the Heaven, which already confirmed and verified by Udeka again and again.

September 29, 2014

Translated by Metrica

Udeka writes.

03. The Changes in our body after Chakra Awakening

We may not notice any conspicuous change in our body, albeit the chakra awakened. The genuine purpose of chakra awakening is to boost the frequency of vibration in our cell, not to heal our sickness or disease immediately.

Once the chakra activated and enlightened, the immunity function of our body is gradually improved as the frequency of vibration in our cell is raised up. At first time we may not fell any changes or improvement in our body, just because it is not easy to figure out the subtle feeling of immunity improvements by a gut feeling.

The body enlightened by chakra awakening makes the two meridian points* (the 'Bubbling Spring' located on the sole, the 'Palace of Toil' in the palm) emit lights and thus we are endowed with healing powers as a gift automatically. At the same time, an etheric antenna not visible to our eyes is built and our body is transformed into the one that is capable of channeling and/or have the power of clairvoyance. Our capability to sense the Ki ('the Force of Nature') is much more enhanced and we feel less fatigue by the virtue of acceleration in the frequency of vibrations.

* Note: They are a part of the acupuncture points in oriental tradition of medicine. The total number of the acupuncture points in our body is believed to be 361 in the field of oriental medicine. The 'Bubbling Spring' is one of the 27 Kidney Meridian and the 'Palace of Toil' is one of the 9 Pericardium Meridian. (inserted by the translator to help readers)

After the chakras activated and fully connected, the cells in our body are enlightened and awakened by light and thus the rate of aging is decelerated. The skin elasticity is promoted and we fell more energetic physically.

The body fully activated by all the chakras vitalizes the brain cell and the capability of our brain is greatly enhanced. The Disciplinant group* who are enlightened by the chakra awakening could enjoy the benefits of IQ improvements up to 250~280, while for the ordinary light workers might the enhancements of brain ability be up to 200~230 in terms of IQ. The light workers who will activate their chakras late in time might be confronted with the maximal IQ improvements up to 150.

* Note: A sort of leading core group among the light workers (inserted by the translator to help readers)

It is anticipated that the infectious diseases and viruses shall run rampant after the natural catastrophe and cataclysm to come this time in our earth. But the man who has awakened his chakra system, being escalated to the high frequency of vibration in his cells, could overcome the low frequency of viruses. His body shall be transformed into the one that could resist the cataclysm brought about by the diseases and viruses. And shall this be achieved by the highly accelerated frequency of vibrations in his cells.

September 23, 2014

Translated by Metrica

Udeka writes.


02. The Secrets hidden in the Heart Chakra

 The heart(or cardiac; 'Anahata' in the Sanskrit) chakra is visible to someone who already reach Level 4 or above of CSL(Capability to See the Lights). The heart chakra tells us the current state of someone consciousness and emotions over all, which is revealed by the degree of luminance in the lights and the relative proportion of darkness to the lights.

 The heart chakra, which is located in the center of 7 chakras, plays a role of bridge which connects the upper 3 chakras(throat, brow, crown) and the below 3 chakras(root, navel, spleen) altogether. That is why we may infer how much activated the other chakras are just by looking at the degree of brightness and of circular motion in our heart chakra.

 Both the 36 lights emitted from the Source Creation and the lights from the Photon belt which means the Cosmic Highway are concentrated on the heart chakra. Therefore, we could conjecture most of one's information up to date just by reading in the heart chakra.

 The heart chakra may help us to distinguish between the brothers in the darkness and the light workers. Also it allows us to see the dragon - which is a signal of the descending angels - that works for the brothers in the darkness. The channelers could have talks with this dragon. And whether a man is a clone or not could be revealed by checking the aura energy field around him.

 In this way, seeing the heart chakra is nothing but reading in the so much secret information from heaven. This is not the arena which could be reached without having the purest mind, nor the one that could be accessible to the man full of greed, desire and ego. Neither could we accomplish the spiritual power right after the awakening of chakra. The spiritual power is a gift from heaven, which is allowed only to the person who has Faith and Trust not to distort the future with abundant knowledge revealed to him.

 The gift shall be given only to those who live along with the 'Eyes of Heaven' and fully obey the 'Disposition of Providence'. The fact that we are different from others might makes us feel happy, but in another perspective it might cause discomfort. From heaven the power shall be granted only to the person who has the nidana of 'the Light Workers'.

 Once the chakras awakened, then no longer could our heart chakra be affected by the fluctuations of feelings like rage, sadness and delight. The heart chakra luminates brightly and is beautiful just because all the lights from the Cosmos is accumulated and kept in the chakras. The ordinary person who has not yet awaken his chakras suffers from the unstable motion of heart chakra, which is continuously exposed to the feelings of sadness, rage, despair and distress. It hinders him from transforming his body into the light body, just as the frequency of vibrations in his cells also fluctuates continuously.

September 21, 2014
Translated by Metrica

Udeka writes.

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