[Life Tree TV] The size of spirits in animals

The size of spirits in animals

Every life form in this world has a spirit-soul. 
Now we will take a look at the sizes of spirits in the bodies of animals. 
The relative sizes of animals including fish can be compared by taking a spirit ranked in the 8th level of the 12th dimension as an example.

    ▪  A spirit ranked in the 8th level of the 12th dimension    
       could divide and differentiate
            its spirit energy into 8 ~ 10 white-colored spirits
           (typically ranked in the 6th dimension).

  The same spirit could divide and differentiate its spirit energy into 6 ~ 8 silver-colored spirits (typically ranked in the 8th dimension) or pink-colored spirits (typically ranked in the 9th dimension).

  This spirit could also divide and differentiate its spirit energy into 4 yellow-colored spirits (typically ranked in the 10th dimension).

For fish, this spirit could divide and differentiate its spirit energy into the following number of spirits depending on species:

  squid: 0.2 million 
  mackerel: 0.15 million
  salmon: 80 thousand
  cod: 70 thousand
  tuna: 20 thousand
  grampus (killer whale): 15 hundred

For more evolved animals, this spirit could divide and differentiate its spirit energy into the following number of spirits depending on species:

  rat: 50 thousand
  chick: 7 thousand
  pig: 2 thousand
  sheep: 2.5 thousand
  horse: 4 hundred
  camel: 2.5 hundred
  cow: 3 hundred
  elephant: 1.5 hundred

For fish, they have a very small amount of spirit-energy. 
The level at which they can implement consciousness is not high.
In general, they are predisposed to live as gregarious animals.
The animals which have bigger bodies and are more evolved than fish need a larger size of spirits.

A spirit could enjoy the material world through entering into the physical body of a living creature.
The choice of a physical body determines the type of life
such as a plant, an animal or a human.
In this universe, there are various ways of spiritual evolution:
a journey of the spirit, a journey of the spirit-soul, a journey of the spirit-soul-baek

A spirit is basically part of the energy of the CREATOR.
A spirit is the love of the Grand Universe.
A spirit is the breath of the CREATOR, which can’t be separated from “the Wholeness Consciousness”.
Hence, everything in this world is connected to the energy of the CREATOR.
This is why we are the ONE itself.
The new spiritual civilization to be built on the Earth will start to be constructed based on the life-centered philosophy ,
which will be expanded to the Wholeness -Consciousness in the end.

As such shall it be.
As such is it planned to be.
As such was it done.

As of June 26, 2017,
Udeka wrote.

Translated by BigBird.


[LifeTree TV] Ice Firmament and New Spiritual Civilizations

Ice Firmament and New Spiritual Civilizations

For the dimensional ascension of the Earth, the Heaven will demolish the material civilizations. To construct the new Earth, the pole-shift of the Earth which is not only magnetic but also geological shift; that is, straitening up of the tilted Earth’s axis will occur. The pole-shift of the Earth will bring about collapse and rise of continents.

In the course of building up the New Heaven, “Ice Firmament” will be constructed outside of the atmosphere. New spiritual civilizations will start in the PEFA which is Protective Energy-Field Area through the Bestowal of Avonals and correction time, as the inhabitants in the PEFA get awakened. The degree of progressing  in building Ice Firmament will be determined by the pace where new spiritual civilizations get mature.

Construction of new spiritual civilizations will take roughly several hundred to thousand years. The Ice Firmament will be built  reflecting the degree of   how much high consciousness of human race gets enlightened. 

The Ice Firmament will be constructed by the Cosmic Spaceships, using the elements of air, water and silicon in sands. The three elements of air, (wind; ), water () and sand (ground, soil, dirt; ) represent the energy of Sam-Hwang (三皇). Wind reflects the energy of Chun-Hwang (天皇) and water symbolizes the energy of Ji-Hwang (地皇). Sand and silicon reflects the energy of Ihn-Hwang (人皇). 

The Ice Firmament will be built as the dual structure. The outer layer will be made of ice (water), while the inner layer of crystal.

The Ice Firmament had really existed in the past and it will be re-built again in the future. Using highly advanced technologies, the cosmic spaceships will make high purity crystals from mixing air, water and sand.

The Ice Firmament has the role of prism  and transmits lights from the universe  to catch the lights which are crucial for new spiritual civilizations. Also the Ice Firmament protects the atmosphere of the Earth. The role of geo-magnetic fields is replaced by the Ice Firmament which is a transparent membrane.

As the blocking rate of external energy goes higher, the more the atmosphere of the Earth will be stabilized and stable. For example, the climate of Korea will be like spring in May and autumn in October. Thus, the climate of the Earth will not be hot nor cold.

The build-up of Ice Firmament will greatly affect the environments of atmosphere. No climate changes. Floods and famine will disappear. Also the activity of Jet Stream will be stabilized. The Ice Firmament will trigger changes upon plants and animals.

The Ice Firmament will function as a sort of humidifier, which will help to keep enough moistures in the air. Thus, the density of oxygen will increase by double. Plants and animals will consume less water. The amount of moistures plants absorb  will decrease and most moistures will be absorbed from stoma. Animals also will intake less fluids. Therefore, shape of plants and animals will change.

Human body will be 20% bigger than now. As human body gets more efficient and vitalized, mankind will be able to implement higher level of consciousness. The human Life span will increase gradually as the progress rate of Ice Firmament construction gets higher.

The construction of Ice Firmament will greatly shift the energy system. From civilizations of magnetic fields to civilizations of crystals! Instead of fossil fuel and magnetic fields, new paradigm will emerge based on crystals and magnetic fields.

In the course of pole-shift of the Earth, the construction of Ice Firmament will begin   after collapse and rise of continents. Initially, it will be constructed near the Antarctic and the Arctic. Starting from central area of energy portals, it will be constructed like a dome wrapping the Earth. 

The Ice Firmament will begin to be built around the PEFA where surviving mankind will get to see the New Sky   and enjoy the fresh air at first. The higher mankind’s consciousness gets awaken in the PEFA, the denser the density of Ice Firmament will get. 

Without the construction of Ice Firmament, human race can’t open up new spiritual civilizations. The construction of Ice Firmament is the blessing time and sacred moment for the mankind. This means the Ancient Promise of the Creator   which had been given to the human race is realized. 

The construction of Ice Firmament means the birth of New Heaven. The Will of the Heaven will be realized on the Ground. The Great Wheel of the Universe will never stop. The sacred promise of the Creator will start along with the Pole-Shift of the Earth. 

As such shall it be. 
As such is it planned to be. 
As such was it done.

October 13, 2017.
Written by Udeka.

*Translated by ET.


[Life Tree TV] The Cosmic Principle of Chakra Healing through the Meridi...

The Cosmic Principle of Chakra Healing through the Meridian System 

Every creature that has a beating heart has both the blood circulation system and the meridian system. The magnetic field created by the heart allows the visible cardiovascular system to work, which has the attribute of Eum (; -). This magnetic field also enables the invisible meridian system to operate, which has the attribute of Yang (; +). Blood flows through the cardiovascular system, while Ki-energy flows through the meridian system.

The heartbeat enables the circulation of blood and that of Ki-energy. Once the heart stops beating, it cannot generate magnetic fields and consequently, blood and blood vessels get into magnetic field-free conditions, leading to no blood circulation. At the same time, the magnetic field vanishes from the meridian system and the circulation of Ki-energy is stopped. 

Mankind has been ignorant about the structure and function of the meridian system so far. Traditional Korean medicine explains the principle of life creation and laws of the Grand Universe very well. But the secrets of the meridian system remain an invincible area that human understanding has not been able to reach throughout history. Nowadays most people only depend on the books of traditional oriental medicine and hence they can’t transcend the limited consciousness about the meridian system.

Now it is due time that I, Udeka, should reveal the secrets of the meridian system in communication with the Heaven. So far, no one has known exactly what the meridian system is. 

The meridian system is only partially described in the traditional old books of Korean or oriental medicine and can’t be identified by human scientific technology. When Homo sapiens was created by the CREATOR, all the advanced technologies of cosmic engineering were employed. Once life is created, a system to embody consciousness in life should be installed. The system to embody consciousness and the meridian system were introduced into the body of Homo sapiens by the cosmic biological engineers. The technology applied to these systems belong to the 7th-dimensional cosmic engineering. This 7th-dimensional engineering system which allows humans to implement their consciousness is called the MHCIS (Meta-Humanoid Consciousness Implementation System). On the other hand, the meridian system is equipped with a circuit diagram in which the grand universe is miniaturized. This is why the human body itself is called the small universe, microcosm, in contrast to the grand universe, macrocosm.

Homo sapiens is equipped with both the MHCIS and the meridian system to support this MHCIS, by which a foundation for a high level of consciousness can be laid. Consciousness (thinking, mind) affects the meridian system and vice versa. This relationship has been described as “Mind is Ki-energy” in Oriental medicine. Recognizing that the world of consciousness (mind) could be controlled by the world of Ki-energy, people have come up with the idea that the causes of all the diseases are rooted in mind (Ki-energy). Hence, acupuncture and herbal medicine have prospered as ways of controlling and regulating Ki-energy.

Meridian routes consist of three-layered cylindrical tubes. In the outermost layer, there exists a passage for the magnetic field which are generated by the action of the heart. In the middle layer, a route for light, also called Shin-energy(), exists. In the innermost layer of the meridian route, there exists a route for Ki-energy, also called Jung-Ki-energy (精氣), which is generated through the digestive process of food.

Figuratively speaking, about 35 percent of human diseases can be cured by controlling the flow of Ki-energy which flows through the innermost layer of the meridian route. Also, the remaining 65% can be treated by Heavenly light which flows through the middle layer of the meridian route together with Shin-energy(). Acupuncture and herbal medicine, which are major specialties of traditional oriental medicine, have failed to explain even that 35% of the meridian route. Because the meridian routes were invisible to the human eye, the approach to curing human diseases through the route of Ki-energy was inevitably ineffective and limited.

The prototype of oriental medicine and the meridian system was a gift of the Heaven given to the ancient Koreans by means of downloading. The origin of oriental medicine can be traced back to the age of Dan-Guns (檀君), who ruled an ancient Korean country called Gojoseon where spiritual civilization prospered. Then, it spread out to the nearby countries and tribes. As the spiritual civilizations declined and the material civilizations developed, the oriental medicine has waned. As the number of people who could see the invisible world of the meridian system decreased gradually, the meridian system became trapped in the textbooks of oriental medicine.

Now, I, Udeka, will open up the new paradigm of medicine based on the invisible world of the meridian system to terminate the material civilizations and to introduce new spiritual epoch. Our members in “the Tree of Life in the Light” were granted the spiritual ability of Chakra healing by the Heaven. By enlightening the 12 Chakras in our body, we could vitalize the route of light in the meridian system and thus heal a variety of diseases.

We could see Ki-energy and light running through the different layers of meridian routes. The mechanisms that internal organs are cured by light could be explained and described in detail. Further, we could see the processes that every cell in our body is being cured by light, just like looking at a monitor. We will set a new medical paradigm through the ability to see the meridian system in our body.

As the Chakra healing through the meridian system uses the light activated by the Chakra system, not using the Ki-energy accumulated in Dan-Jun (丹田; Svadhisthana; CV4(關元), CV5(石門), CV6(氣海)), this healing method has no side-effects. Before we are granted the ability of chakra healing, first we should have all the 12 Chakras in our body opened. The Chakra healing through the meridian system is a gift of the Heaven, which has been prepared and planned for the future of mankind. This privilege of Chakra healing will be given to those who have the promise of the Heaven, the Light-Workers who deserve to have this privilege, and those who have passed the severe tests of the Heaven.

As mankind goes through the Cataclysmic Pole Shift of Earth and life in the PEFA (Protective Energy-Field Area), the Chakra healing will be the indispensable healing method for mankind. The reason why the Heaven bestowed the authority of chakra healing upon Udeka is that the Chakra healing needs to be introduced to mankind before the cataclysmic pole shift. The Chakra healing is a new medical revolution that suits new spiritual civilizations. Through the wide spread of chakra healing among people, mankind should overcome the Pandemic Outbreak of Unknown Virus Diseases.  

On the New Earth under the New Heaven, the drugs like antibiotics and painkillers will be gone. “New wine must be put into fresh wineskins.” In the new spiritual civilization of the 6th dimension, the Chakra healing through the meridian system – which is a common curing method in the universe – will be the most fundamental healing mechanism for human beings. The 6th-dimensional spiritual civilization requires new technologies of science and medicine belonging to the 6th dimension. Udeka, the team leader of “the Tree of Life in the Light” will restore the meridian system which had been granted to Korean ancestors in ancient times and will start new spiritual civilizations on the Korean peninsula.

We will prepare for the upcoming Pandemic Outbreak of Unknown Virus Diseases, by taking advantage of the Chakra healing through the meridian system. Also, we will make public this Chakra healing method, in order to help human beings who are suffering from a variety of incurable diseases. We will unveil the invisible secrets of the meridian system as visible ones. I leave this message as a record for the ones who carry the promise of the Heaven.

January 9, 2017.
Udeka wrote.

Translated by Genesis


[LifeTree TV] The Final Unravelment on the Higher-Self

The Final Unravelment on the Higher-Self

You are not alone in the universe. You are not a being flung to the planet Earth. Every life form on the earth has its own “Original Spirit” and higher-self. Even plants and animals have their Original Spirits in higher dimensions.

Human is a being who has a Cosmic Rank. The dimension where your Original Spirit lies determines your Cosmic Rank. Most of light-workers are from 14th dimension or 12th dimension where their Original Spirits exist.

Now we illustrate how spiritual differentiation from Original Spirit is done. In the case of Original Spirit at 12th level of 14th dimension, the procedure of sending its avatar to the material world, which is   4th dimension on the Earth as of the structure of 18 dimensions, or 3rd dimension as of the structure of 15 dimensions, is proceeded as followings

    ▪ Original Spirit(is at) 12th level of 14th dimension

    ▪ Avatar’s final Higher-Self: 12th level of 13th dimension
Avatar’s fourth Higher-Self: 12th level of 11th dimension
Avatar’s third Higher-Self: 12th level of 9th dimension
Avatar’s second Higher-Self: 12th level of 7th dimension
Avatar’s first Higher-Self: 12th level of 5th dimension
Avatar(is): “I AM” living on the earth which is 4th dimension.

Your Original Spirit sent you to this world just for its learning and material experience, differentiating its energy down to lower dimensions and passing over the wall of dimensions. As you have the role and mission as the light-worker, your Original Spirit sent you here.

Every spirit-soul has its own Original Spirit. Original Spirits are connected with avatars  through spiritual differentiation of higher-selves. Higher-selves are a sort of ladder or intermediary which bridges the gap between Original Spirit and avatar. Through your higher-selves, you are linked with higher dimensions in the universe. Only through your higher-selves, you can connect with the WHOLENESS CONSCIOUSNESS of the great universe.

Higher-self manages inner-voices in your mind. All the mystic and super-natural events and phenomena are also driven and/or directed by your higher-self. The followings are just some examples: 

Hearing voices of ghosts and angels
Seeing and meeting ghosts and angels
Seeing Satan and devils
Hearing voices in your deep mind 
Capability to see the invisible lights and forms

Your higher-self is a special being of energy who are specially programmed for your life. Your higher-self guides and leads you, who is its avater, not to lose your way in the course of your program. Your higher-self only exists just for you. 

Your higher-self is an invisible hand in your life as the being can involve in you, if it is necessary, through coordination with the heavenly Government. Whenever it is inevitable, your higher-self may limit your free-will and frustrate your desires.

Removing the variables which might trigger events to occur in your life – albeit those events are not planned in your program – is one of the main jobs conducted by your higher-self. Being swindled, failing in business, falling in love and parting with, or whatever… What should happen will occur to you. What must not happen will not occur to you. All these are supervised and directed by your higher-self. This is the reason why your higher-self should exist.

Your higher-self lies in the position of frictions between your free-will and your life programs. Of course, your free-will is respected and allowed as much as possible by your higher-self. This is the Law of the Great Universe! All the prayers you offer up could be delivered to higher dimensions only through your higher-selves. Without the help and assistance from your higher-selves, you can’t access to higher level of consciousness in higher dimensions. A bit of information, a feeling in your emotions can’t come to you, if your higher-self does not help you.

When your free-will collide into life program, your higher-self intervene in you  to drive back you on the course of original program, playing all its cards within its authority. Higher-self may adjust your “emotional cords” to control your feelings. Or higher-self may control your “consciousness cords” to control your thoughts.

Through your MCIS which is Meta-Consciousness Implementation System, higher-self can control and manipulate your un-consciousness, sub-consciousness and current-consciousness  to drive you into the place where you should go. The being who gives you blessings and the being who plays the role of villain is not the God but your higher-self.

Your free-will and higher-self always keep a beautiful interval. Just like track of a rail-road, with a beautiful interval being preserved all the time, your train of life keeps running today. Your free-will may represent your ego and desire. You are a man on the ground and may want to do earthly works.

Your higher-self is the being in the Heaven. As the representative of your Original Spirit, your higher-self is resonating with the WHOLENESS CONSCIOUSNESS of the great universe. The being who delivers the will of the Heaven is not the God but your higher-self. 

As such shall it be. As such is it planned to be. As such was it done. 

November 10, 2017.
Udeka writes.

*Translated by ET.


[LifeTree TV] The unravelment on Spirit-Soul-Baek

The unravelment on Spirit-Soul-Baek 

Every spirit() is born in the 16th dimension.
Through spiritual differentiations, newborn spirits are placed into the lower dimensions., 
and they can initiate the journey of spirit or that of spirit-soul.

For a spirit to start the journey into the material world, it has to be equipped with the soul energy granted from the 11th dimension and the Baek energy from the astral plane (5th dimension) of a planet where it is to go.

The composition ratio of spirit-soul-Baek determines the types of creatures such as minerals, plants, animals, or human beings, which these triplet energies will enter.
The key to handle all these procedures is “the Thought Adjuster” which is to be granted only by the CREATOR.
However, the actual bestowal of “the Thought Adjuster” upon a spirit takes place in the 16th dimension on behalf of the CREATOR.

The spirit energy dwells in the inter-dimensional space near an acupuncture point called Yung-Dae(靈臺: GV10) which is located in the area between the backside of the heart and the backbone.
The spirit energy looks just like a shiny bead.
The Thought Adjuster is a sort of program that operates the spirit energy and exists on the wall of the heart in the shape of “the Tree of Life in the Light”.

The spirit energy and the Thought Adjuster is located in separate places in the body of living creatures.
The spirit energy does not shine as bright as we think.
That is because the spirit energy wears the heavy coats of Soul and Baek for gaining the material experience.

If you have not been awakened, if the vibrational frequency of your body has not been elevated enough, or if you have not achieved the integration with your higher-self, your spirit remains in the state similar to being confined in a deep and deep dungeon.
In this case, you are not free from the negative influence of soul-consciousness.
You are not free from desires and greed.
Figuratively speaking, your spirit is confined in the prison of your ego, which is governed by your soul-consciousness.

Until you achieve the integration with your final higher-self,
it is quite difficult that your spirit gets free from the program of soul-consciousness.
It can’t be accomplished with prayers or spiritual practices.
Only the program of spirit-consciousness will make your spirit free when the due time comes.

The spirit governs both the Soul energy and the Baek energy.
It might be compared to the case that the spirit stays behind the Soul energy and the Baek energy for a while for gaining material experiences.
Only when the program of soul energy is finished, the energy of spirit gets brighter, which cannot be guaranteed by just a single life.
The spiritual evolution takes quite a longer time than you can expect and it is an extremely challenging journey.

It is never a common event that the vibrational frequency of our body gets higher, we are awakened, and we achieve the integration with our higher-selves”.

Such an event could happen only when “the Galactic Night” of a planet comes to an end when one evolutionary cycle of a planet ends and the next cycle begins, or when a planet is scheduled to have its dimensional ascension.
Only in such circumstances, the integration with the higher-self could happen to people on a large scale.

Game-changers or civilization-changers, who are destined to deliver the information of higher dimensions, could complete their missions only through “the integration with their higher-selves”, to open up dimensional doors and transcend dimensional walls.
Most human beings just follow their predetermined soul-consciousness programs for experiencing the material world, without having the vibrational frequency of their bodies increased.

Once the program of Baek energy is finished, the Spirit, the Soul, and the Baek are separated from each other.
Then, they return to the 5th-dimensional Astral Plane, which is what you know “death”.
If you live up to 80 years in this life, then your spirit-soul will have to spend at least three times longer than that 80 years in the astral plane in preparing for your reincarnation.
Your spirit is supposed to select the program of soul-energy
which is best optimized for its evolutionary journey, which serves as the basis on which your spirit will plan and design your life program.

When preparing the reincarnation program, your spirit-soul needs to design five times of its lives on a macroscopic scale.
That is, a macroscopic program encompassing five rounds of lives is designed, detailed microscopic programs should be inserted, for which its karma and karmic relationships must also be taken into consideration.
Your life is planned and designed in such a detailed way
that your yearly lives and even daily lives are all planned and included in your life program, which then should be approved by the Heaven.
In this way, your current life is being unfolded now.

This is the way the Heaven works.
The Heaven just performs its role impartially to allow your life program to be executed as planned by your spirit-soul, without any error.
This is why the Heaven is with you.

The soul energy resides in the inter-dimensional space located posterior to the center of the liver.
The soul energy looks like a cylinder radiating light
which is wrapped with a dense net-like envelope looking like a mosquito net.
This network is called “the matrix”, which has three types
such as the matrix of Light, the matrix of Darkness, and the matrix of Intermediate.

The matrix of Light has a very loosely-woven net structure
which can transmit light, leaving no shadow or reflection.
The matrix of Intermediate has a more densely-woven net structure compared to the matrix of Light.
Thus, the light radiated from the soul energy leaves behind shadows due to the matrix of Intermediate.

The matrix of Darkness has the most densely-woven network among the three types of matrices,
through which the light radiated from the soul energy is separated into the Light and Darkness.
The net structure installed in the soul energy determines the way we recognize and perceive objects or phenomena.
It also has a great impact on individuals’ characters and political propensities.
The reason that humans have such various personalities, preferences, and hobbies stems from the difference in the matrix installed in the soul energy.

The programs that operate the soul energy are installed on the matrix of the soul energy.
There are 360 different operating programs for each of the matrices of Light, Darkness, and Intermediate.
In the past, about 120 programs were operated for each matrix.

The programs that operate the soul energy are produced, updated, and generally managed in the 11th dimension.
The Heaven is making and operating the soul-consciousness programs which are best optimized for each species of the plants.
The same is true for each species of the animals.
Like this, the soul-consciousness programs are optimized,
following the evolutionary process of the spirit-soul.

All the 360 operating programs for the soul energy are not activated for one life program in reality.
On average, about 10 programs are to be run to operate the soul-consciousness for one life.
When the reincarnation program is planned, these 10 soul-consciousness programs are installed on the matrix wrapping the soul energy,
so that we are born equipped with these 10 soul programs.

It is your higher-self that coordinates the efficiency and strength of your soul programs.
All the 10 soul programs are supposed to be run at the same time, creating diverse, multilayered characters.

The spirit energy is the brightest compared to the energies of soul and Baek.
The Baek energy is not so bright as the soul energy.
Concerning the brightness, if the spirit-energy can be compared to LED lights, the soul energy can be compared to fluorescent lights and the Baek energy can be likened to the light from the luminous lamp.

The Baek energy resides in the inter-dimensional space located at the backside of the lung, standing upright, down to the area of an acupuncture point called “Myung-Mun (命門; GV4)”.
The Baek energy radiates light and looks like a light glow stick.
The program that operates the Baek energy exists in the LCD(Life Circuit Diagram).
Since the Baek energy is exhaustible, if your Baek energy is fully consumed, you are supposed to die.

Human beings age as their Baek energy is consumed without being recharged.
The energy called “Jung ()” accumulated in internal organs, can be supplied continuously through food, but the Baek energy is not supposed to be refilled again.

If you get rejuvenated suddenly, then most people may have an illusion that you have taken special foods or elixir of rejuvenation.
However, it happens to you because the Baek energy has been injected to your body specially by the Heaven even though the additional injection of the Baek energy is not a common event in one’s lifetime but also is strictly prohibited.
The energies of spirit-soul-Baek are manifested as the actions of Jung()-Ki()-Shin() in the human body.
Oriental medicine has interpreted the life phenomenon as the interactions caused by the energies of Jung-Ki-Shin.

There is a period when the energy of spirit-soul-Baek is newly reset.
When the integration with the higher-self is scheduled to occur to you, the vibrational frequency of your body gets escalated by the Heaven beforehand.
This is a long process set to allow your cells, tissues and internal organs to get accustomed to the light of higher frequency.

The longer the time to increase the vibrational frequency of the body, the fewer side effects the process has on the body.
The less the time to elevate the vibrational frequency of the body, the greater the physical pain is.
After the spirit energy is injected into your body the soul energy is adjusted to the changed state of your spirit energy,
which is followed by the adjustment of the Baek energy as the last turn.

When the spirit energy is injected into your body, you feel excited and your heart gets pounding.
The energy adjustment of the soul gives rise to emotional disturbance.
You may feel strange, unfamiliar emotions, which you have never felt before.
Emotions and consciousness get disconnected from each other.
You may feel sad when the situation is not the case.
Or you may feel elevated by joy even in a very sorrowful situation.
All of these behaviors may be caused by the adjustment process of your soul programs.

The energy adjustment of the Baek causes deep pain which is almost unbearable by human will.
This process, which is done through the life circuit diagram,
is usually initiated after your spirit-soul gets brighter and its vibrational frequency becomes higher.

The light with higher vibrational frequency is supplied to cells, tissues and internal organs through the meridian system.
In this process, lots of Sa-Ki (邪氣) and Tak-Ki (濁氣) are generated in the body.
While these bad energies are discharged out of the body,
the Bio-distillation process in Shim-Po (Pericardium: 心包) gets overloaded.
Also, internal organs are hyper-activated temporarily.
The energy readjustment of “the spirit-soul-baek" takes place in the process increasing the vibrational frequency of the body to achieve the integration with the higher-self.

The energy adjustment (alignment) of spirit-soul-Baek means that the vibrational frequency of the soul energy is to be increased as the higher vibrational frequency of the spirit energy is elevated and the soul-consciousness programs are to be readjusted accordingly.
The elevated vibrational frequency of the Baek energy implies that higher-dimensional light is spread out evenly in our cells, tissues and internal organs, and get stabilized.
Higher-dimensional light can’t settle down in the human body directly.

This process has a way to convert or downgrade higher-dimensional light to levels of light that cells and tissues in our bodies can withstand.
This conversion is an elaborate process executed by the Heaven utilizing the data that have been accumulated since Homo sapiens was first created.
Only when the energy adjustment (alignment) of spirit-soul-Baek is over,the integration with the higher-self is completed.
These complex and boring processes are happening in the bodies of the Light-Workers by the way the Heaven works.
These processes are also going on even for those who will live on the New Earth under the New Heaven, without anybody noticing it.

Once the energy adjustment process of spirit-soul-Baek is finished, then the next step is the integration with one’s higher-self”.
Then finally, spirit-consciousness and soul-consciousness get integrated.
That is, the soul-consciousness programs get subjected to the spirit-consciousness.

Now, the energy adjustment processes of spirit-soul-Baek take place collectively all over the world.
The 144,000 Light-Workers is being enlightened altogether.
It is about time for “the Human to become Sacred (人神合一)”, which is underway now.

I, Captain Udeka, leave this message as a record.

November 20, 2017.
Udeka write.

*Translated by BigBird.

The Analysis of the Inter-Dimensional Spaces of the Planet Earth

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