The Meaning of Karmic Energy-Field Dissolution

The karma is like a program in your life, which starts to spread out irrespective of your free-will.

Although you can’t remember what you have experienced in your past lives, your spirit know all about it. Your spirit stores every instant of what you have experienced in the universe.

You are in the system of transmigration of the universe. Now you are living here with a human body, enjoying the free-will granted to this life-form.

Every spirit-soul is in the course of material experiences through re-incarnation program with karmic energy-field built in one’s body.

There is no one who is free from karmic energy. The beginning of contradictions in life is the karmic energy. The obstacles of life is also the karmic energy.

Life is a flower blooming in the contradictory life.

Life is the world which is created from inequality.

Life is the journey for seeking light in the structure of injustice and unsoundness.

The consciousness level of mankind is not so high as you may expect. Mankind has gone too far away from the truth of the grand universe.

The cosmic truth about karmic energy-field is now being revealed through communicating with the Heaven by “the Tree of Life in the Light”.

Now we have understood how karmic energy-field affects human emotion and consciousness. Also the mechanism of karmic energy-field causing various diseases has been disclosed.

Demolishing the karmic energy-fields together with the celestial beings in the Heaven, fundamental change of consciousness toward human diseases has occurred.

Why do you think this type of events are happening in “the Tree of Life in the Light”?

The Tree of Life in the Light exists as the route of light for the Heaven. 

The Heaven shall leave the following five signs for the spirit-souls who had been promised to live under the New Heaven and Ground 2.5 million years ago.

n  The Heaven will elevate the vibrational frequency in your body.

n  The Heaven will make you achieve “BEING ONENESS WITH YOUR HIGHER-SELF” to awaken your consciousness.

n  The Heaven will enlighten your 12 chakra system.

n  Adjusting to your time-line of consciousness being awakened, the Heaven will dissolve your karmas in partial.

n  The Heaven will enlighten the seed of truths in your heart to make you resonate the truth when you come to see, hear, and face the truth.

The reason why the secrets of karmic energy-field are disclosed and the terminal diseases could be cured after removing the karmic energy-field is simple.

That is the evidence that the Day has begun. That is because the Last Day is coming.

The Heaven has come down to the ground to terminate the material civilizations.

The Heaven is spreading out the seeds of truth to awaken the ones who could see and hear the voice of the Heaven.

The Heaven does not work at the height of human eyes. The Heaven has nothing to do with the various matrices of religions. Neither is the Heaven not connected with the modern science. The Heaven does not listen to the human egos.

The Heaven shall do its business by its own way which the Heaven has determined by itself.

Good luck to human beings.

June 8, 2018.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Metrica.
(Contact Us: metrica@naver.com)


The Features of Karmic Energy-Field

Karma is left from overusing one’s free-will in the course of spirit-soul’s journey to the material world.

The Features of Karmic Energy-Field built in the internal organs

n  Karmic Energy-Field built in Heart
l  Discomfort and fears without reason
l  The function of heart to generate the magnetic fields weakens
l  Mental disorders
l  Speaking nonsense and incoherently

n  Karmic Energy-Field built in Liver
l  Developmental disorders
l  Severe cognitive disorder
l  Problems in circulation of Jin-Aek (津汁; the essential body fluids)
l  Problems in joints and musculoskeletal system
l  The function of liver to purify bloods weakens: Gan-Jang- Hyul (肝臟血; bloods refreshing in liver)

n  Karmic Energy-Field built in Kidney
l  Troubles in ears: difficulty in hearing, buzzing in ears (tinnitus)
l  Problems in energy circulation between lung and bladder: Su-Seung-Hwa-Gang (水昇火降)
l  Problems in energy circulation between heart and kidney: Sim-Shin-Sang-Gyo (心腎相交)
l  Causing various diseases in bladder, prostate and uterus
l  Causing lack of Jung (): chronic fatigue, lack of physical endurance

n  Karmic Energy-Field built in Spleen
l  Showing too much shyness
l  Difficulty in standing in front of crowds
l  Timid personality
l  Stammering and mogilalia
l  Problems in the digestive organs

n  Karmic Energy-Field built in Lung
l  Skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis
l  Troubles in breathing such as short breathing
l  Lung capacity is small
l  Troubles in the sense of smell
l  Troubles in the creation and vitality of Wi-Ki (衛氣; the Guardian energy which circulates in the outer area of body to protect skin)
l  Troubles in the function of sweat pore

n  Karmic Energy-Field built in Simpo
l  Tendency of being narrow-minded
l  Unstable emotions
l  Tendency of being too stubborn and single-minded
l  Tendency of pushing others aside and being protective
l  Tendency of being cock-eyed
l  Mixed attitude of arrogance and servility
l  Energies of fear to induce people to conflict with each other

The Features of Karmic Energy-Field built in multiple organs

n  It is unusual that a karmic energy-field is built in only an organ. Rather, the karmic energy-field is constructed across two or even more organs.

n  The karmic energy-field may consist of multiple layers. In an outer karmic energy-field, there exists another layer of karmic energy-field. In this way, up to ten types of karmic energy-fields may be built with multiple architectures.

l  In the Heaven, there are separate specialized teams for inventing, building and demolishing karmic energy-fields respectively.

n  In a karmic energy-field, there exists a invisible special device which provides energies to the karmic energy-field to maintain the strength of the energy-field constantly.

n  The shape and nature of karmic energy-field are different per person and the purpose of the karmic energy-field.

n  The karmic energy-field which is constructed across whole body is the most severe one. In this case, lethargy is caused and thus physical labor is nearly impossible.  

The followings are some typical examples and their symptoms of karmic energy-fields built across multiple organs simultaneously.

n  The Karmic Energy-Field built across Liver and Brain
l  Abnormal pattern of thinking
l  Cruelty
l  Abrupt rage
l  depression

n  the Karmic Energy-Field built across the Wiji-Large Meridian (胃之大絡; the energy circulation routes among stomach, liver and kidney)
l  Troubles in the circulation of Jin-Aek (津汁; the essential body fluids)
l  Pains in joints
l  Low efficiency of energy metabolism
l  Persistent fatigue in whole body
l  Skin troubles

n  the Karmic Energy-Field built across the Biji-Large Meridian (脾之大絡; the energy circulation routes among spleen, heart and lung)
l  High blood-pressure
l  Diabetes
l  Diseases in thyroid
l  Face flushing, which is caused from: “Too much hot energies crowde into upper body and head.”
l  Persistent status of unstable emotions
l  Insomnia

n  The Karmic Energy-Field built in Hwe-Eum (會陰; the Perineum, CV1)
l  Sexual dysfunction
l  Prostatitis and prostate cancer
l  Dysfunction in the 8 Extraordinary Meridian route (奇經八脈)
l  Problems in emotion-cords and consciousness-cords
l  Problems in brain activity: intelligence decline, simple and one-sided thought patterns

n  The Karmic Energy-Field built across Simpo and MCIS (Meta-Consciousness Implementation System)
l  Difficulty in expressing one’s emotions
l  Exaggerated behaviors
l  Unintended and careless words and behaviors to cause misunderstandings from others
l  Cognitive disorder
l  Cloying manner
l  Acting perverse
l  Arrogance and too much pride
l  Distortion of intuition and feelings

The karmic energy-field works against one’s free-will.

In other words, the karmic energy-field means: The “You” in the past still affect your emotions and consciousness through energies.

Through the karmic energy-field, you participate in the wheels of the grand universe, transcending the time and space.

The Law of Free-Will and the Law of Karmas are the pivotal axis for the spirit-soul’s journey into the material world.

Everything is the outcome of energy interactions.

June 7, 2018.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Metrica.
(Contact Us: metirca@naver.com)


The Final Unravelment on Energy-Sealing and Energy-Field in human body

Human body is pre-conditioned by the Heaven.

Sex is determined by the Heaven. The program contents of spirit-soul and purpose of your life in this time determine your appearance, personality, talents, your partner, number of children, and your parents, etc. Not knowing why you are born, not knowing why you are living here, and not knowing how to live, you are just living here now.

This is our destiny. This is the fate for all the spirit-souls who are in the journey to the material world.

I leave this message to summarize various energy-sealings installed in human body.

1.  The meridian sealing and meridian blockage

The meridian sealing is a special karmic energy-field which is built in the meridian routes. Meanwhile, a special energy-field, which is caused by other reasons except for karmas and built temporarily, is called the meridian blockage. In the case of the meridian blockage, the meridian routes are blocked by a special energy-field or something.

n  The sealing on Conception Vessel (CV; 任脈, Im-Maek, Sea of Eum)
l  Emotional abnormalities are caused.

n  The sealing on Governor Vessel (GV; 督脈, Dok-Maek, Sea of Yang)
l  Cognitive impairment is caused.

n  The sealing on the Main Meridian System (the 12 main meridian routes)
l  A part of the main meridian routes are blocked.
l  Pains and abnormalities are caused locally.

n  The function of internal organs linked with the meridian routes, where energy-flows are blocked, deteriorates.

2. The Karmic Energy-Field

The karmic energy-field is built to limit one’s free-will. Once the karmic energy-field is installed, the one should have to live in pains and sufferings until the corresponding karma is fully dissolved.

The karmic energy-field is the strongest energy-field to cause various disorders in both mind and body.

The following symptoms may be caused when the karmic energy-field is built in the internal organs.

Ø  Disorder in energy metabolism
Ø  Difficulty in hearing and buzzing in the ears
Ø  Myiodesopsia and astigmatism
Ø  Cataract and glaucoma
Ø  Autism and developmental disorders
Ø  Rapid ageing
Ø  Unknown and incurable disease

The following symptoms may be caused when a special energy-field is built in human body by the celestial beings in the Heaven for the purpose of dissolving karma.

Ø  Demonic possession
Ø  Depression and bipolar disorder
Ø  Schizophrenia
Ø  Disorder in the MCIS (Meta-Consciousness Implementation System)
Ø  Sealing in brain to cause cognitive dissonance
Ø  Sealing in Hwe-Eum (會陰; the Perineum, CV1) to disturb normal sex life
Ø  Sealing in Simpo (心包; invisible outer layer of heart) to cause cockeyed views and mind on the world
Ø  Sealing in consciousness implementation process to cause and accelerate the obsession with a thing which one is focused on.
Ø  Sealing in consciousness implementation process to cause one to behave just like the way he used to be
Ø  Sealing in reading capability to cause one not to read books
Ø  Sealing in brain to cause one’s brain not to work properly and amnesia
Ø  Sealing in brain to cause one’s eyes not to focus and look vacantly
Ø  Sealing in brain to cause one to talk nonsenses without logic
Ø  The exterior energy-field built around one’s body to cause lethargy and torpidity in muscles and whole body
Ø  The energy-field built for the Devils’ Rampage, where the celestial energy-beings dominate one’s emotion and consciousness and make one be out of control and even crazy

3. The Special Energy-Fields

There are other special energy-fields, which are not caused by karma. Rather, these energy-fields are built by the Heaven or one’s original spirit. As time goes by, these energy-fields tend to vanish.  

The followings are the examples of these special energy-fields.

Ø  Stammering and difficulty in speaking
Ø  Cupid’s Arrows to make man and woman fall in love, which is necessary for their spirit-souls to learn something from it
Ø  Special energy-field to cause cancer
Ø  Special energy-field to cause explosive rage
Ø  Special energy-field to cause mistakes or delusion
Ø  Special energy-field to make one experience mystic events

Through energy-sealings and energy-fields built in human body, the Heaven controls every human. This is the meaning of the Complete Control by the Heaven.

This is the inconvenient truth of energy-sealing.

I leave this message for the ones who are to be enlightened and for the Light-Workers through communicating with the Heaven.

June 1, 2018.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Metrica.
(Contact Us: metrica@naver.com)

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