Ice Firmament and New Spiritual Civilizations: Completion of New Heaven

For the dimensional ascension of the Earth, the Heaven will demolish the material civilizations. To construct the new ground, the pole-shift of the Earth (not only magnetic but also geological shift; that is, straitening up of the tilted Earth’s axis) will occur. The pole-shift of the Earth will bring about collapse and rise of continents.

In the course of building up the New Heaven, “Ice Firmament” will be constructed outside of the atmosphere. New spiritual civilizations will start in the PEFA (Protective Energy-Field Area) through the Bestowal of Avonals and correction time, as the inhabitants in the PEFA get awakened. The degree of progressing in building Ice Firmament will be determined by the pace where new spiritual civilizations get mature.

Construction of new spiritual civilizations will take roughly several hundred to thousand years. The Ice Firmament will be built reflecting the degree of how much high consciousness of human race gets enlightened.

The Ice Firmament will be constructed by the Cosmic Spaceships, using the elements of air, water and silicon in sands. The three elements of air (wind; ), water () and sand (ground, soil, dirt; ) represent the energy of Sam-Hwang (三皇). Wind reflects the energy of Chun-Hwang (天皇) and water symbolizes the energy of Ji-Hwang (地皇). Sand and silicon reflects the energy of Ihn-Hwang (人皇).

The Ice Firmament will be built as the dual structure. The outer layer will be made of ice (water), while the inner layer of crystal.

The Ice Firmament had really existed in the past and it will be re-built again in the future. Using highly advanced technologies, the cosmic spaceships will make high purity crystals from mixing air, water and sand.

The Ice Firmament has the role of prism and transmits lights from the universe to catch the lights which are crucial for new spiritual civilizations. Also the Ice Firmament protects the atmosphere of the Earth. The role of geo-magnetic fields is replaced by the Ice Firmament which is a transparent membrane.

As the rate of external energies blocked out goes higher, the more the atmosphere of Earth will be stabilized and stable. For example, the climate of Korea will be like spring in May and autumn in October. Thus, the climate of the Earth will not be hot nor cold.

The build-up of Ice Firmament will greatly affect the environments of atmosphere. No climate changes. Floods and famine will disappear. Also the activity of Jet Stream will be stabilized. The Ice Firmament will trigger changes upon plants and animals.

The Ice Firmament will function as a sort of humidifier, which will help to keep enough moistures in the air. Thus, the density of oxygen will increase by double. Plants and animals will consume less water. The amount of moistures plants absorb will decrease and most moistures will be absorbed from stoma. Animals also will intake less fluids. Therefore, shape of plants and animals will change.

Human body will be 20% bigger than now. As human body gets more efficient and vitalized, mankind will be able to implement higher level of consciousness. Life span of mankind will increase gradually as the progress rate of Ice Firmament construction gets higher.

The construction of Ice Firmament will greatly shift the energy system. From civilizations of magnetic fields to civilizations of crystals! Instead of fossil fuel and magnetic fields, new paradigm will emerge based on crystals and magnetic fields.

In the course of pole-shift of the Earth, the construction of Ice Firmament will begin after collapse and rise of continents. Initially, it will be constructed near the Antarctic and the Arctic. Starting from central area of energy portals, it will be constructed like a dome wrapping the Earth.

The Ice Firmament will begin to be built around the PEFA where surviving mankind will get to see the New Sky and enjoy the fresh air at first. The higher mankind’s consciousness gets awaken in the PEFA, the denser the density of Ice Firmament will get.

Without the construction of Ice Firmament, human race can’t open up new spiritual civilizations. The construction of Ice Firmament is the blessing time and sacred moment for the mankind. This means the Ancient Promise of the Creator which had been given to the human race is realized.

The construction of Ice Firmament means the birth of New Heaven. The Will of the Heaven will be realized on the Ground. The Great Wheel of the Universe will never stop. The sacred promise of the Creator will start along with the Pole-Shift of the Earth.

As such shall it be. As such is it planned to be. As such was it done.

October 13, 2017.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Metrica.
(Contact Us: metrica@naver.com)


Awakening of the Light-Workers and Their Advents

The 144,000 Light-Workers are descending spirit-souls who have come down from the world of Tae-Geuk (太極; 13th ~ 15th dimension) with each holding one of lights of 144,000 lights of the Creator. About three thousand years ago, the Buddha had come here with his 12 disciples to preach the truth of the universe. About two thousand years ago, Jesus Christ had arrived here with his 12 disciples to preach the truth of the universe.

In the corner of great changes, the 144,000 Light-Workers will arise for the mission of:

Ø  The Earth’s Dimensional Ascension
Ø  Arrival of New Heaven and New Ground
Ø  Demolishment of Material Civilizations
Ø  The Bestowal of Avonals

2.5 million years ago, the 144,000 Light-Workers had arrived in the Earth with each bearing one’s unique “the Cross of the Universe”. They have installed and constructed various matrices of religion, justice and materials on this Earth. They have been the most active role players to build varied matrices needed for the Earth.  

Now “the Energy Tuning by the Heaven” is undergoing for all the 144,000 Light-Workers to awaken their consciousness and expose their true natures all over the globe. All the public and private Karmas of the Light-Workers are being dissolved. “The Energy Adjustment by the Heaven” is being undertaken to escalate the vibrational frequency in body for the Light-Workers, which will help them to achieve “Being ONENESS” with their final higher-selves.

The Light-Workers, who have been living in so humble and ordinary status, will get to recover their “Cosmic Ranks”, taking off their camouflage jackets. From November 20 to December 11 in 2017, the most intensive energy injection by the Heaven will be taken for the Light-Workers all over the globe. The implications of this energy tuning by the Heaven through three weeks are as follows:  

Ø  The public and private Karmas of 144,000 Light-Workers are dissolved.

Ø  The unique 144,000 lights which have been brought on this Earth by the Light-Workers are being injected for those. Those energies will reveal uniqueness of each one of the 144,000 Light-Workers as they are. They have brought the lights of the Creator. The 144,000 spectrum of lights of the Creator is being injected to each one of the 144,000 Light-Workers.

Ø  The programs of Soul-Consciousness which have been worked for the 144,000 Light-Workers are being terminated. As the Light-Workers get awakened, the Soul-Consciousness gets integrated with the Spirit-Consciousness. Thus, the energy adjustment process of Spirit-Soul-Baek is being undertaken for the Light-Workers.

Ø  Both the emotional-lines and consciousness-lines are being adjusted for the Light-Workers. Also the MCIS (Meta Consciousness Implementation System) of the Light-Workers are being tuned up. To implement the optimized consciousness for the roles and missions of the Light-Workers, the re-adjustment of level parameters which determine the efficiency of Soul-Consciousness program is being undertaken.

Ø  To manifest the optimized characteristics and personalities for the roles and missions of the Light-Workers, the re-adjustment of level parameters which determine the characteristics of the Light-Workers is being undertaken. Through this procedures, the Light-Workers will be re-born to see that they are now different from the past and thus they will face the realities as they are without losing their tempers.

Ø  The 144,000 Light-Workers are being made by the Heaven to let those work their unique roles. For that purpose, their 12 emotional lines and 7 consciousness lines are being tuned up to make them to put their unique puzzles of 144,000 together.

Once the three weeks of energy injection and adjustment procedures of Spirit-Soul-Baek are done, the Light-Workers will be re-born with being ONENESS with their final higher-selves. The Golden Trumpet will also blare to awaken them. As the flowers blossom in bunches, the Light-Workers will wake up altogether. They will find themselves standing where they should go. The Light-Workers will start their Heavenly Tasks following their inner-voices and gut-feelings.

The Light-Workers are being casted by the Heaven. The visible world could be manifested only after planning and decisions are completed in the invisible world first. The energy adjustment processes of three weeks to awaken the Light-Workers are being conducted all over the globe.

Congratulations on the awakening of the Light-Workers. Congratulations on the birth of the Light-Workers. We really appreciate the emergence of the Light-Workers. You, the Light-Workers, will be where you should be.

As such shall it be. As such is it planned to be. As such was it done.

November 25, 2017.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Metrica.
(Contact Us: metrica@naver.com)


Psychoanalysis of Wind – Aesthetics of Wind

Truth for those who believe in the invisible world
and truth for those who believe only the visible world
are different.

Truth for those who are hungry
and truth for those who are gorged
do not meet each other.

Human does not feel uncomfortable,
even though truth is gone.
Once we believe in the existence of truth,
once we believe “This is the truth!”,
truth gets trapped in the frame of consciousness.

Truth is energy.
Truth is breathing of creatures,
indwelling in every nature.
Truth is wind coming and going in breaths.
Truth is sacred energy indwelling in anima.
Truth is energy.
Everything in the world is about energy.
Every object is nothing but varied manifestation of energy spectrum.

Truth is wind,
not caught in a net.
On the ground, truth becomes flowing water.
In human body, truth becomes fire.
Wind as the Chun-Hwang (天皇),
rises between Heaven and Ground.
Water as the Ji-Hwang (地皇),
flows on the ground.
Fire as the Ihn-Hwang (人皇),
becomes blood in heart and flows from life to life.
Where wind rises,
water and fire are always together.
Wind, water and fire are the Trinity of Truth.
Wind, water and fire are the Trinity of Life.
Wind, water and fire are the Trinity of Universe.

Truth is wind.
Truth does not abide in.
Truth has no form.
Truth is wind and energy which pertains in anywhere.
Wind is white, water is blue and fire is red.

Truth is light.
Truth in the world of Mu-Geuk (無極; 16th ~ 18th dimension) is white,
truth in the world of Tae-Geuk (太極; 13th ~ 15th dimension) is the world of Yin-Yang which represents red and blue.
Truth in the world of Sam-Tae-Geuk (三太極; the world of material and matter; 1~12th dimension) is the light of Sam-Hwang
which is symbolized by wind, water and fire.
Chun-Hwang is wind and white light,
Ji-Hwang is water and blue light,
and Ihn-Hwang is fire and red light.

Truth is wind.
Truth does not abide in.
Truth has no form.
Truth is wind and energy
which pertains in anywhere.

Truth does not operate itself by the way of justice.
Truth is not norms,
saying “Don’t commit this and that”.
Truth does not distinguish from right and wrong.
Truth runs with the energy of love, mercy and compassion.
Truth is energy, wind and love.

Truth is not science.
Truth can’t be proved in a laboratory.
Truth is not born in a laboratory.
Truth is the rule of energy,
the law of energy circulation and flow of energy,
flowing through everything in the universe.

Truth is energy.
The source of truth is the light of white
which is originated from the Light of Creator.
The Light of White is the Light of Sun and Life.
Light is Love, Truth and Life.

Truth is wind.
Wind is motion of energy and transformation of energy.
Wind symbolizes the kaleidoscope of energy.
Wind is a messenger of information.
Wind represents enlightenment of consciousness.

Truth is wind.
Truth is the Love of the Creator.
Truth is breathing of life and circulation of life.
Truth is the Law of Great Universe.
Truth is the natural way of nature.
When wind breezes,
truth of Heaven comes down on the ground.

On a windy day,
wind breezes on your face
to awaken your spirit-soul,
coming as truth, as water, as fire, and as love.

Truth is great energy and wheels to steer the universe.
The universe is made of stories.
In the varied hierarchies of discourses,
there are various facets of wind,
varied spectrum of energies,
and different layers of love.

Truth is wind.
Everything in the world is made of wind.
In wind, there is love.
In love, there is wind.
Truth is the Will of the Creator,
the Love of the Creator,
and the Light of the Creator.
Truth is breath of the Creator.

Truth is hidden in wind.
Truth is concealed beneath changes.
Truth is felt as love, sometimes.
Truth may be felt as wisdom of water.
Truth may abide in hot heart of human.

Truth is divine energy concealed beneath everything in the nature.
Truth is wind to shake divinity locked in everything.
Truth is desperate asking from the Creature.
Truth is just working as wind to awaken the divinity locked in life forms.

Truth is wind, love, and divinity in every life forms.
Wind signals notice to awaken deity.

In wind, truth of the Great Universe dwells.
In wind, there is coldness of Heaven.
In wind, there is the Will of Heaven.
Wind embraces the natural order of Great Nature.
Wind holds the love of the Creator in itself.

Wind is a bridge to connect Heaven with Ground.
Wind is a ladder to connect plants with plants.
Wind is a bridge to interlink animals with animals.
Wind is a linkage to connect people with people.
Where wind blows,
where wind abides in,
where wind is originated,
there is a cross-road for every consciousness of life forms
to meet together as the single ONENESS.

Where wind blows,
truth abides in.
Where wind abides in,
the Great Love of the Great Universe dwells in.
Where wind comes,
there is the Love of the Creator.
Where wind moves and go,
there is the order and natural circulation of the Great Universe.

Truth is wind.
Wind is love, hope, and belief.
Where wind blows,
always truth comes together.

The whispers of wind comes from the Heaven.
Wind is the messenger of the Heaven.

Now wind is blowing up again.
A great wind is flowing on the ground.
The wind human race has never met before,
saying “Please be awoken…”

August 28, 2017.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Metrica.
(Contact Us: metrica@naver.com)


Birth of Life and Consciousness

The reason why human race is called “the lord of all creation” is that human can implement high level of consciousness. Consciousness is manifested by integration of sense, feeling, knowledge and wisdom.

As way of life and drama in life is so different for every human, it is inevitable that the level of consciousness implementation is varied. A spirit-soul of human can’t enter into body of chicken or cow.

In case a spirit-soul of human enter into chicken or cow, it will be the case that the spirit-soul is divided into smaller ones through the process of spirit-differentiation. A minimal energy of spirit-soul is enough to operate the MCIS (Meta-Consciousness Implementation System) installed in chicken and cow.

Chicken has its own MCIS to implement chicken’s consciousness. Horse and cow have also their unique MCIS’s, which are coordinated in their LCD (Life Circuit Diagram) respectively to lead them to survive and adjust themselves into environments. The MCIS is installed optimally for every creation to support each creature’s evolutionary path.

Birth of life follows the rule of energy interaction in the invisible world as follows.

(1). Life is born under the principle of life creation, when energy interaction of Jung() takes place at first. Jung() is known as “the most primitive energy for life”, which is alternatively known as “Phermion” in the arena of spirituality. This corresponds to the notion of atom in modern science.

This is the energy of the Creator (18th level of 18th dimension), which is spreading in everything of the world. This energy has the color of white, which is also termed as the energy of Chun-Hwang(天皇). When a matter is created, Jung() works first and then the energy interaction of Ki() is done on the basis of Jung(). Ki is known as “Phermia” in the circle of spirituality, which corresponds to the notion of molecule in modern science.

By the energy interaction of Jung and Ki, the energy of molecule is created. In this step, the energy of Jung-Ki (molecule) does not have the form of matter or life, which is still in state of energy. Shin() gives the shape and form to the combined energy of Jung-Ki and thus it advances to the stage of cell. In this context, Shin() might be considered as the blueprint of matter or life.

In the circle of spirituality, the energy of Shin is termed as “the Tree of Life in the Light”. This is alternatively called as the energy of Ihn-Hwang(人皇).

Now we summarize the hierarchy of Jung-Ki-Shin as following:

Ø  Jung Baek Energy of Chun-Hwang Thought Adjuster
Ø  Ki Soul Energy of Ji-Hwang Planet’s Gia energy the Matrix of Light, Intermediate, and Darkness
Ø  Shin Spirit Energy of Ihn-Hwnag Allowing shape and form of life and matter

The energy of Jung-Ki-Shin is expanded into the energy of Spirit-Soul-Baek, yielding a matter or life. In this context, every form (shape) is “the flag (manifestation) of God”. The energy which gives form and shape to everything in the world stems from the light of Ihn-Hwang (17th level of 18th dimension) which is originated form the 18th level of 18th dimension. Birth of life and matter represents the world of Color.

(2). After life is created, various invisible systems which back up the world of Color are installed. Systems for process of assimilation and dissimilation are installed. Systems for Blood circulation and Meridian circulation, neural network, and complex network of meridian routes are also built up.

(3). Lines of emotions and consciousness are installed to implement the creature’s awareness. These codes are more complex for more evolved animals. For Homo-Sapiens, 12 lines of emotions are installed in the Conception Vessel (CV; 任脈, Im-Maek, Sea of Yin), while 7 lines of consciousness in Governor Vessel(GV; 督脈, Dok-Maek, Sea of Yang).

For a life to respond to stimulus, to adapt to the environments, and to process information, the lines of emotions and consciousness should be integrated. Emotions are a sort of information and energy. Consciousness is also both information and energy.

In fact, there exists the control tower to integrate emotions and consciousness, which is called the MCIS (Meta Consciousness Implementation System). The MCIS is optimally installed for each species to support the evolutionary path of spirit-soul.

(4). The LCD (Life Circuit Diagram) controls both the visible and invisible systems which are involved in vital phenomenon.

(5). Quite similarly as master key activates a car, the Thought Adjuster for a spirit-soul may be considered as the Master Key for a spirit-soul. Then, the energy of Spirit-Soul-Baek may be interpreted as the fuel which allows a car be operated.  

Bestowal of thought adjuster allows the beginning of spirit-soul’s journey to the world of material and hence consciousness is implemented for a life. All those processes occur simultaneously, which are handled by the invisible hand of the Heaven in various hierarchies

September 26, 2017.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Metrica.


Life Circuit Diagram of Homo-Sapiens 14 – The System of Color, Ki and Light

Behind vital phenomenon, the system of Color (visible world) and the system of Ki and Light (invisible world) are working.

l  The System of Color

Ø  Blood circulation system

Ø  Body fluids circulation system: circulation of hormone, lymph, digestive fluid, and joint fluid

Ø  Nervous system

Ø  Internal organ system:
ü  major 6 viscera: liver, heart, spleen, lung, kidney, Simpo(心包)
ü  6 supplementary internal organs: large intestine, small intestine, gall bladder, stomach, bladder, Samcho(三焦)

l  The System of Ki

Ø  Meridian System

ü  Formation of Ki-Madang is crucial

ü  Various type of Meridian System
1.         Circulation route of Wi-Ki(衛氣; Guardian energy which circulates in the outer area of body to protect skin):
- Lung takes charge in this circulation.
- Directly related with Immunity system.

2.        Circulation route of Yung-Ki(營氣; The operating energy)
- Heart takes charge in this circulation.

3.        8 Extraordinary or Homeostatic Meridian route(奇經八脈): 1) Conception Vessel (CV; 任脈, Im-Maek, Sea of Yin), 2) Governor Vessel(GV; 督脈, Dok-Maek, Sea of Yang), 3) Thoroughfare Vessel(TV; 衝脈, Choong-Maek), 4) Belt Vessel(BV; 帶脈, Dae-Maek), 5) Yin Link Vessel(YinLV; 陰維脈, Eum-Yu-Maek, Channel Reuniting Yin Energy), 6) Yang Link Vessel(YangLV; 陽維脈, Yang-Yu-Maek, Channel Reuniting Yang Energy), 7) Yin Heel Vessel(YinHV; 陰蹻脈, Eum-Gyo-Maek), 8) Yang Heel Vessel(YangHV; 陽蹻脈, Yang-Gyo-Maek)
- Perineum takes charge in this circulation.
- Directly related with body fluids circulation system.

4.        Emission system of Sa-Ki(邪氣; malicious and bad Ki) and Tak-Ki(濁氣; Turbid Ki)

5.        Circulation Flow of Jao-Ujudo(子午流注圖; meridian energy flow diagram, which displays the sequential energy inflow into human body in a day)
- Circulation of Chun-Ki(天氣; Heavenly Ki; sunlight, temperature)

6.        12 Chakra system: root(會陰; CV1)chakra, navel(丹田) chakra, spleen(脾臟) chakra, heart(心臟) chakra, throat(甲狀腺) chakra, brow(印堂) chakra, crown(百會; GV20) chakra, the “Palace of Toil(勞宮; PC8)” in the left and right palm, the “Bubbling Spring(湧泉; KI1)” on the left and right sole, the “Chest Center(丹中)” chakra
- Major energy center and light circulation route

Ø  Heating System in Simpo
ü  Production of blood
ü  Production of body fluids
ü  Production of Jung()-Ki()-Shin()
ü  Formation of Dam-Eum(痰飮): Bad circulation of body fluids causes cluster of fluids in cells and tissues, which may cause pain and illness.
ü  Termination of Jung() Creation

Ø  MHCIS: Meta-Humanoid Consciousness Implementation System
ü  In Conception Vessel, 12 cords of emotion control
ü  In Governor Vessel, 7 cords of consciousness control

Ø  Separation and Delivery System of Ki()-Mi(; taste)
ü  Separation of Ki-Mi: food è digestion process è absorbed nutriment is separated into Ki and Mi. Ki is separated into 12 types. Mi is separated into 5 types.
ü  Delivery system of Ki-Mi: 12 types of Ki, 5 types of Mi è 12 meridian routes è major 6 viscera, 6 supplementary internal organs

l  The System of Light

Ø  LCD(Life Circuit Diagram)

Ø  Jang-Bu Sang-Tong(臟腑相通) è Light fields are created.

Ø  The System of Jao-Ujudo(子午流注圖)
ü  Sam-Hwang energy in the Great Universe è MHEA (Meta-Humanoid Energy Adjuster) è Converted into 12 different frequencies of energy è Supplied to the major 6 viscera and 6 supplementary internal organs

Ø  Various invisible devices to support the LCD

October 11, 2017.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Metrica.
(Contact Us: metrica@naver.com)

The Analysis of the Inter-Dimensional Spaces of the Planet Earth

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