Operating mechanism of the meridian system 7 – The principle of “Jang-Bu Sang-Tong”

There are many kinds of circulation in the meridian routes as follows:

Ø  the “12-meridian circulation” known as “Yung-Ki(營氣) circulation” or “Pyo-Rhi(表裏: relation of deep & superficial location) circulation”

Ø  “Wi-Ki(衛氣) circulation” managed by Lung

Ø  “8-Extraordinary Meridians” including Conception Vessel (CV; 任脈, Im-Maek, Sea of Yin), Governor Vessel(GV; 督脈, Dok-Maek, Sea of Yang)

Ø  Wiji-Daerak (胃之大絡; STGB - Stomach Centered Great Branch Meridian), which runs through Stomach, Liver and Kidney

Ø  Biji-Daerak (脾之大絡; SPGB - Spleen Centered Great Branch Meridian), which runs through Spleen, Heart and Lung

Ø  Other meridian routes which are not yet known in the traditional Korean or other oriental medicine books

In fact, only 40% of the meridian system has been known to mankind, while the other rest has not been disclosed so far. Now it is the time to reinterpret the traditional theory of meridian system, which has been handed down from the old times.

The wrong information which has been contaminated or distorted, the truths which have been intentionally hidden by the Heaven will be disclosed to mankind by Udeka’s article series such as “LCD (Life Circuit Diagram)” and “Operating mechanism of the meridian system”.

“Jang-Bu Sang-Tong (臟腑相通)” is one of the meridian circulation characteristics, which exists between the major 6 viscera1) and 6 supplementary internal organs2). In the oriental medicine it has been known as “the directly linked relation in meridian routes”.

1.       The major 6 viscera: liver, heart, spleen, lung, kidney, Simpo (心包)
2.      6 supplementary internal organs: large intestine, small intestine, gall bladder, stomach, bladder, Samcho (三焦)

The principle of “Jang-Bu Sang-Tong” may be depicted as following table.

Directly linked Meridian
“Yin” (Negative, -)
“Yang” (Positive, +)
“Pyo” (superficial)
“Tae-Eum(太陰) 3)”  ←→ “Tae-Yang(太陽) 4)
“Semi-Pyo & Semi-Rhi”
(half superficial-half deep)
“So-Eum(少陰) 5)”   ←→  “So-Yang(少陽) 6)
“Rhi” (deep)
“Gwol-Eum(厥陰) 7)←→ “Yang-Myung(陽明) 8)

3.      Tae-Eum (太陰): “Grand Yin”. State that energy of Yin is fully abundant
4.      Tae-Yang (太陽): “Grand Yang”. State that energy of Yang is fully abundant
5.      So-Eum (少陰): “Little Yin”. State that energy of Yang is relatively abundant than energy of Yin. In other words, energy of Yin is small and scarce.
6.      So-Yang (少陽): “Little Yang”. State that energy of Yin is relatively abundant than energy of Yang. In other words, energy of Yang is small and scarce.
7.       Gwol-Eum (厥陰): State that energy of Yin is about to be condensed.
8.      Yang-Myung (陽明): State that energy of Yang is about to be condensed.

There are 3 layers of circulation in the meridian system of human body. The first one consists of the meridian routes which flow in the outer area of human body. The second one consists of the meridian routes which flow in the middle area of human body. The last one consists of the meridian routes which flow in the deep area of human body. 

The meridian circulation system aims to transport special energies (“Jung”, “Ki”, “Shin”) in human body from the outer side to the inner side, or vice versa.
“Jang-Bu Sang-Tong” (the directly linked relation in the meridian routes) means that energy exchange (energy circulation) works in the same layer between the directly linked organs (the six viscera & six supplementary internal organs): that is, “Pyo” to “Pyo” (outer side to outer side), “Semi-Pyo” to “Semi-Pyo” (middle side to middle side) and “Rhi” to “Rhi” (deep side to deep side).

“Jang-Bu Sang-Tong” may be depicted in more detail as following table.

Note: In terms of periodic cycle of Sun, winter solstice may correspond to "Gwol-Eum" and summer solstice to "Yang-Myung". Since winter solstice, the energy of Yin begins to be strong while energy of Yang starts to weaken. Intermediate period of winter solstice and summer solstice may correspond to  "So-Eum" and "Tae-Eum". The period from summer solstice to winter solstice may correspond to "So-Yang" and "Tae-Yang". 

The Lung meridian (Hand side, “Tae-Eum”) and the gallbladder meridian(Leg side “Tae-Yang”) are the meridians exchanging their energies in the same layer. The energy in the lung is transported firstly to the bladder. So is the bladder to the lung as a directly linked hot-line.

If there is a problem in the lung, it simultaneously affects the bladder. This is why we call this “the directly linked relation in meridian routes” or “Jang-Bu Sang-Tong”. It is the mutual effect between one of the six major viscera and one of the six supplementary internal Organs.

In the same way, if the liver goes in illness its effect directly appears to the Large Intestine at first, rather than the Gallbladder which is in the “Pyo-Rhi” relation. Similarly, heart disease simultaneously affects gallbladder and spleen disease gives effects to the small intestine. Likewise, lung disease to bladder, kidney to the Triple Energizer, and the pericardium to stomach.

The pharmacology and acupuncture in the Korean medicine have evolved under the principle of “the directly linked relation in the meridian routes” or “Jang-Bu Sang-Tong”.

Viewing the treatment skill of liver disease, the direct cure to the liver-meridian is regarded as the lowest level. Curing the Gallbladder by the principle of Pyo-Rhi is the intermediate level. Curing the Large Intestine meridian by the principle of “Jang-Bu Sang-Tong” is the highest level of treatment skill.

The acupuncture on “A-Shi Hyul (阿是穴; pain point, trigger point)” is the lowest level of treatment. In addition, there is “Ki-Kyung acupuncture (寄經針)” which uses the 8-extra ordinary meridians. There are other special acupuncture approaches which apply extra ordinary principle of the meridian routes or special acupoints.

The effect of “Ki-Kyung acupuncture” may work relatively poor than the acupuncture of the lowest level described above. But it may work effectively in case that the acupoints triggered are the intersection points between the meridian routes.

The unique traditional acupuncture in the Korean medicine, “Sa-Gwan Acupuncture (四關針)” was created by integrating “Ki-Hyel theory (Ki-Blood circulation), “Pyo-Rhi relation” and “Jang-Bu Sang-Tong relation”. The secrets of “Sa-Gwan Acupuncture” will be released by this article series.

July 7, 2017
Udeka Writes

*Translated by Taejo. Edited by Metrica.
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The reason why a cancer patient loses weight

If a person suddenly loses or gains weight, then it may signal bad news for health. For a cancer patient, it is likely that he or she loses weight. Severe loss of weight is critical for a cancer patient. Now we want to explore the reason why a cancer patient gets to lose weight in the perspective of Korean medicine.

In the Korean medicine, it is known that a cancer might be caused by the malfunction in fumigation (heating) process of “Simpo(心包)”. The malfunction in fumigation process of Simpo may cause disorder in creating “body fluid” and/or “Jung()”.

A cancer cell hates the following conditions:

Ø  Oxygen is enriched.
Ø  Light is abundant and strong.
Ø  Salt concentration is high.
Ø  Vitamic-C concentration is high.

The speed of cancer cell division is at least three up to ten times faster than that of normal cell division. As the speed of cell division is so fast, it consumes so much energy or Jung.

More active division in cancer cell requires more energy, which should be covered by Jung generated by fumigation process in Simpo. After this Jung is used up, then Jung which is stored in major five internal organs is utilized as the next step.  

As the Jung stored in the five major internal organs is consumed, patient comes to lose weight and vital force in body. This causes problems of fumigation process in Simpo, which leads to cease in the process of Jung manufacturing. Once the creation of Jung is stopped, then patient’s immunity gets weakened drastically.

If a cancer is developed in a human body, a state of emergency is declared. In this state, there are two different options of improving immunity. One option is to raise up body temperature. The other option is to improve the fumigation function in Simpo, not causing rise of body temperature. The elevated level of fumigation process in Simpo yields more lights in body, which is critical for healing disease. Light improves immunity. Light accelerate circulating power of Ki and blood, which raises up vital force in body.

In the early stage of cancer, patient has resistance to colds. This is because immunity is raised up together with more active fumigation in Simpo. If a cancer patient gets to catch cold, it means that immunity is broken by over-heating of Simpo. In fact, cancer patients die of acute pneumonia or septicemia more frequently rather than dying of cancer itself.

July 6, 2017.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Metrica.
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The Final Unravelment on Robotoid

Just as religious people can’t be free from the matrix of religion, it is quite similar that most spiritual persons are not free from so many secrets and conspiracy theories such as Shadow Government, Illuminati and Freemason, Existence of Aliens and UFO, conflicting channeling messages, the Planet X, Nibiru, Stasis, and human clone, etc.

Now it is the time to disclose and correct all the misleading concepts and theories about the matrix by which so many spiritual people are trapped and confused.

The term of Robotoid is not made by guys from Dark Government (Shadow Government). This word is most widely used in the arena of channeling messages. Its purpose is to belittle human race and implant the notion that mankind is just a humble being, not an existence of divine being.  

To name a few, there are so many channeling sites such as The Phoenix Journal, Abundant Hope, other so many channeling web-sites. Most messages are tailored and manipulated to the current consciousness level of human beings who are to enter into the Dimensional Ascension of Earth.  

Robotoid is nothing but a person whose operational efficiency of MCIS (Meta-Consciousness Implementation System) is very low. Let’s suppose that the maximum score in operational efficiency of MCIS is 10. Then average score of current human race is about 6.2.

The lower is the operation of MCIS, the more problems are encountered in recognition of objects. In the score of 2 in operational efficiency of MCIS, there are symptoms like speech impediment (dysphrasia). In this case, people tend to repeat same words or simply follow other people’s words in talks. In score 3, people can spell out words continuously. In level 4, learning is possible but creative behavior is not. The case when operation of MCIS is less than or equal to score 4 corresponds to “developmental disability”.

Robotoid corresponds to the case when the score in operational efficiency of MCIS is less than 5.8. The common patterns in Robotoid are as the following.

“Cognitive dissonance” or “cognitive disorder” is most common. People of cognitive dissonance have difficulty in behaving with words and behavior which are suitable for circumstances and situations. They tend to speak absurd words or distort other’s saying with their level of consciousness. They tend to be slow-moving and repeat what others said. They are passive and may bring about unexpected events by misinterpreting other’s intentions. They tend to be timid and have lots of fears.  

The proportion of Robotoid is about 3 percent of whole population in the world. They are not atoning for the sins in previous lives. Neither are they repaying Karmas. But they are simply experiencing the lives of Robotoid as their life programs which have been programmed and designed for the journey of spiritual evolution.

The program of Robotoid may be chosen more frequently by the senior and old spirit-souls rather than young spirit-souls. The lives of disabled are similar to the case of Robotoid. Their cosmic status or rank may be extremely higher than we could expect.  

That is because more experienced and mature spirit-souls could bear out the severe difficulties and ordeals required for the life program of Robotoid and the disabled. Some of light-workers also came here with program of Robotoid. In this case, they may have energy-sealings in MCIS.

What appears to human eyes is not the whole picture. There is nothing wrong in this universe. The universe is circulating without any flaws. Everything in this world of matter just exists for learning.

The truth will set you free.

As such shall it be. As such is it planned to be. As such was it done.

July 21, 2017.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Metrica.
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What’s going on right now? 3 – Wheel of Dimensional Ascension

Dimensional Ascension of the Earth is going on right now. It has just passed the turning point of 7-year cycle as of May 2017. The sixth sealing, which signals the dramatic and material change of earth, will soon be broken.

The seed of love in universe has already been sown. And now the time has arrived for harvest. The first half of the game, which is “three year and six months”, is finished. It was a “build-up period” for the dimensional ascension of earth. Whistle for the second half has already been blown. “Fracture and Collapse in the matrix of earth” will follow in the second half.      

In this period, major earthquakes, uprising of unknown viruses and diseases will hit the earth. The pole of earth will shift gradually in total frequency of 7 times. Both shift of magnetic and geological pole (straightening up of the earth’s tilted axis) will occur.

By the Heaven, PEFA (Protective Energy-Field Area) will be constructed for survival of human race. At least 2 years of “the Bestowal of the Avonals” will be granted in PEFA, which is to ascend and correct the consciousness of surviving mankind.

In the outside of earth’s atmosphere, gigantic cosmic vehicles have built “the Great Energy Membrane” which is wrapping the Earth. This is to prevent the enormous changes in the process of dimensional ascension of the earth from affecting other planets near the earth. In the meantime, the magnetic energy field of earth will decline gradually, which will be partially offset by the Great Energy Membrane.   

The Great Energy Membrane is far reaching beyond the Earth to include Venus and Mars. Until the “Ice Ceiling” is built after the pole-shift of earth, the Great Energy Membrane will work to protect the Earth.

In the stage of second-half, breaking-up and crack will appear inside the Shadow Government. Struggles among the powers and conflicts between the managers of matrix are to occur. Until the last moment, the managers of Earth’s matrix will do their bests to preserve the matrix which has been installed on the earth.  

The wheels of Great Cosmos have never paused. The wheel for dimensional ascension of Earth is proceeding without pause. The Will of Heaven will be realized without any errors on the ground. Not by human’s level of eyes, but by the Celestial Plan and Will.

The Heaven will stand by the Light-Workers who are patiently waiting for the moment, not losing the will and hope for the dimensional ascension and still keeping the pure mind to comply with the Heaven.

Good luck to every light-worker.

As such shall it be. As such is it planned to be. As such was it done.

June 15, 2017.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Metrica.

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Life Circuit Diagram of Homo-Sapiens 11 – Acupoint and Chakra system

Every acupoint is a part of chakra system. Acupoint and chakra system may store and send out Jung-Ki, Sa-Ki and Tak-Ki, following the rule of “Chakra 5-Haeng”.

Every acupoint is a subset of the meridian system.

Acupoint is different from the well-known “7 Chakra system” or “12 Chakra system” in the following aspects. Acupoint is very small chakra, so that its structure is relatively simple. Acupoint is a place where Jung-Ki, Sa-Ki and Tak-Ki meet together and are mixed up. The current status of acupoint is reflected with one of the state of “Chakra 5-Haeng”.

Acupoint may trigger pressure point. Acupoint is alternatively called “vital point” in body. Acupoint may be utilized as the responding point which signals the condition of a relevant internal organ. Acupoint is widely used for acupuncture.

The main energy source for acupoint is the magnetic field generated by heart. The bio-chemical process conducted in spleen yields “Ki”, while fumigation process conducted in “Simpo” creates “Jung” and “Shin”. “Jung-Ki-Shin” triggers the energy circulation in the 12 meridian routes, which is called the circulation of “Yung-Ki”.

Acupoint is like a pocket. In the entry of pocket there are invisible mechanical devices which are very tiny and accurate. Under these devices, there is empty space whose shape is like a round pocket. In this space, Sa-Ki and Tak-Ki exist with multiple layer of architecture.

Let’s investigate this layer of architecture in more detail, which has three layers.

In the upper layer, Sa-Ki runs through. Sa-Ki is the energy which loses the magnetic fields or characteristics of light during circulation in the meridian route.   

In the middle layer, Tak-Ki runs through. Tak-Ki is created when Jung loses the magnetic fields or characteristics of light during circulation in the meridian route. Tak-Ki is relatively heavier than Sa-Ki.

In the bottom layer, the most heaviest energy of Tak-Ki is accumulated. This thick and heavy energy of Tak-Ki is made as the energy of Ki loses the magnetic fields or characteristics of light during circulation in the meridian route.

As the density of Sa-Ki and Tak-Ki gets thick in an acupoint, the symptom of pain gets intensified. The condition of Sa-Ki and Tak-Ki in an acupoint gets varied according to the characteristics of meridian route to which it belongs.

Ki-madang helps Sa-Ki and Tak-Ki accumulated in an acupoint to recover magnetic fields or nature of light.

If Sa-Ki and Tak-Ki are not re-absorbed into the meridian system, then they become thicker and heavier as combination of particles gets accelerated, which drops further the vibrational frequency of Sa-Ki and Tak-Ki. Sa-Ki and Tak-Ki are emitted through “Bae-Su-Hyul (背兪穴; 24 acupoints on the back)”. The first line of Bladder Meridian (BL) is usually the passage route for Sa-Ki, while the second line of Bladder Meridian (BL) is used for the emission of Tak-Ki.

“Rho-Gung(勞宮; PC8)*” in palm and “Yong-Chun(湧泉; KI1)**” in sole are the biggest emission route for Sa-Ki and Tak-Ki. “Rho-Gung” is used for the emission of Sa-Ki and Tak-Ki which run through the Interior architecture of meridian system. On the contrary, Sa-Ki and Tak-Ki which run through the Exterior architecture of meridian system are emitted through “Yong-Chun”.

*Note: “Rho-Gung(勞宮; PC8) lies in the center of palm.
**Note: “Yong-Chun(湧泉; KI1) lies on the depression of the sole where Ki flows upwards like a gushing spring.

At the edge of fingers and toes, there are “Jung-Hyul (井穴; Well acupoint)” where routes for emission of Sa-Ki and Tak-Ki exist.

Ki-healing and Chakra-healing create bigger Ki-madang than acupuncture. Bigger Ki-madang yields more effective healing. Healings based on finer particle such as Chakra-healing are more effective, which have characteristics that the effect of treatment is not felt easily. That is, more effective treatment is felt more commonly by our senses.

The 7 or 12 chakras are more complex and bigger than acupoints. The chakra system does not follow the rule of “5-Haeng”. Key point is that the Chakra system is open or not. The Chakra system can’t be opened by human efforts or practice.

The Chakra system can’t be enlightened by any secret foods, acupuncture, Ki-healing or Chakra-healing. The Chakra system is enlightened by the Heaven for the ones who are eligible for it. This is the realm of Heaven’s will and plan.

The energy source of Chakra enlightenment is the lights which come through “Baek-Hae (百會; GV20)***” from the universe.

***Note: “Baek-Hae (百會; GV20)” lies at the vertex of head.

The enlightened Chakra does not emit Sa-Ki or Tak-Ki. It only radiates lights. The lights radiated from the Chakra system reflects the degree of spiritual evolution. The colors and strength are varied to reflect this.  

The lights emanated from the Chakra system are lights to awaken other’s consciousness, lights of love, and lights of healing. The lights radiated from acupoints are lights of Jung-Ki-Shin, lights signaling that life activity is normal, and lights to signal the condition of health.

The “enlightened body” or “body of lights” means that human meridian system is full of lights. Every acupoint is filled with lights, not containg any Sa-Ki or Tak-Ki. It also means that every cell and tissue resonate with lights.

The enlightened Chakra system is the first gate to the enlightened body. The Korean medicine and acupuncture have tried to open acupoints which are small system of Chakra.

July 20, 2017.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Metrica.
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Operating mechanism of the meridian system 6 : Heart Vitalizing Blood System

The life-circuit diagram in the wall of heart is activated along with heart-beat. The Conscious Implementation System (CIS) in the wall of pericardium is also triggered.

Heart-beat and blood circulation occurs at the same time. Modern physiology explains that blood entering into heart contains a lot of carbon dioxide and blood leaving heart contains lots of oxygen. This is the logic in the visible world and the normal science of modern times.

In the invisible world, the followings are happening along with heart-beat. Heart-beat begins with the nerve stimulation of nodus conducens corids. Magnetic fields forms in heart as soon as heart beats. Magnetic fields produced by heat-beat work on blood and blood vessel simultaneously.

Thereby, frictional force between blood vessel and blood gets close to zero. Even in small force, blood circulates within blood vessel at a faster pace than humans can't imagine.

Along with heart-beat, magnetic field created between blood and blood vessels makes blood circulate through blood vessels without friction just like a magnetic levitation train. This has been called “Sim-Saeng-Hyul(心生血; Heart Vitalizing Blood System)” in the Korean medicine. For this function to work, blood is made of iron, and blood vessels are sensitive to magnetic fields.

Along with heart-beat, the opposite polarity between blood and blood vessels is generated to form a vacuum. Blood entering into heart has weak magnetic field, while blood leaving heart has a relatively strong magnetic field. This is the working of “Sim-Saeng-Hyul”.

Along with heart-beat, magnetic field between blood and blood vessels is created, which is called the cardiovascular system. The meridian system begins its circulation due to the effect of magnetic field. Once heart stops beating, the circulation of meridian system also is terminated within 30 minutes.

Heart-beat yields breathing. Fumigation in Simpo works through breathing. The body fluid is produced and circulated through fumigation of Simpo. And Jung(; the primitive and vital energy) is also produced and accumulated in our body.

Together with heart-beat, all bio-chemical process and conscious activity of Homo-Sapiens are triggered simultaneously. Behind the heart-beat, invisible energies such as Spirit energy, Soul energy, and Baek energy lie. The energy of Spirit-Soul-Bake helps heart generate magnetic fields.

The energy of Spirit-Soul-Baek is transformed into special energy of “Jung-Ki-Shin”, which makes circulation in the meridian system. In the center of this bio-chemical process, there is working of magnetic fields. This is called “Sim-Saeng-Hyul”. And Fumigation in Simpo follows to create body fluids and Jung.

June 29, 2017.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Buchae-Dosa. Edited by Metrica.
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The Analysis of the Inter-Dimensional Spaces of the Planet Earth

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