Virus is a creature of consciousness

Virus is a creature. A creature has consciousness. A conscious being can think, has emotions and senses. Virus is resonant within the ONENESS consciousness of the great universe. Virus is evolving within the system of great universe. Virus follows the system of the Government of Heaven and is under the perfect control by Heaven.

Virus is also given the CIS (Consciousness Implementation System) by the Heaven and follows the life circulation system of great universe. Virus is not allowed to enter into a creature without permission of the Heaven. This is the law of great universe, which is known as the ONENESS consciousness in universe.

When virus is working in a human body, details such as division rate, outbreak and progress of a disease are executed in the sophisticated program of Heaven. This is to achieve the purpose of penetrating into a human body.

Virus also serves its duty and roles just as the light-workers do. When a virus comes into a human body, it also feels the pain that the human body feels. Virus shares consciousness and emotion of the human together. Of course, virus can feel love of the human.

Virus and germ might be considered to be uncomfortable or unnecessary at human viewpoint. However, it has its own mission and role in the life circulation system of the great universe. It is indispensable.

In the process of dimensional ascension of Earth, humans will lose a lot of lives by the uprising viruses. To resolve Karma and to minimize the fear coming from pain caused by virus, the program prepared by the Heaven is mysterious disease or disturbance of virus.

The performance of modern medical science using antibiotics to treat virus has been amazing so far. That is the great achievement of modern medical science and the great facet of modern technology. But, along with the massive disasters, the fate of humans will have to face lots of sufferings caused by a single cell being of virus.

Virus has evolved in human body, just like cancer cells. The immune system of human was functioning as normal, so it didn't matter so much. However, the time to come is a period of great tribulations prepared by the Heaven, a period of time when the civilizations of a planet are closed. The collapsing process of human's immune system due to the photon belt has already begun. This process will reach the threshold along with disasters. By disasters, the surrounding health conditions will drastically worsen. As humans start commune livings, the collapse of immune system will be accelerated. Hunger and cold resulting from food shortages will speed up the collapse of immune system and any antibiotics will not work.

Virus is a conscious creature that exist under the perfect control of the Heaven. Like an elite soldier who knows exactly his duty and role, the Heaven will surely save those who are to live, according to the Heaven's plan. Humans will get to experience the bare face of the Heaven. In a highly materialized world where people could believe in ghosts but don't accept the notion of spirit-souls inside them, so many humans will have to put off their physical bodies due to the attack of viruses. The modern medical science will collapse hopelessly. This tragedy will continue until humans who have forgot the Heaven begin to remember the Heaven in their hearts.

Every system of modern medical science will collapse. The fabrication of love, which humans have preached, will be revealed. Parents will abandon their children and children will face away their parents, fearing infections of viruses. Medical teams in hospitals will refuse treatments, terrified by infections from their patients. The fabrication of religious people and political leaders will hopelessly fall down in front of disasters and uprising viruses.

Humans will have to acknowledge that virus is a conscious being. Humans will also have to recover the lost sacredness. The lost Heaven must revive in the heart of mankind. Pure mind must come back from the heart of mankind. Virus will only step back when humans recover unconditional love, mercy and charity in their hearts. Virus will never leave the human body until humans realize that there is the invisible world and Heaven. Don't forget that virus in human body is a conscious creature holding the ONENESS consciousness of the great universe. The law of the great universe is love. Until humans learn the essence of love and embrace even virus with love, virus will never leave human body.

In communication with the ONENESS consciousness of virus, Udeka leaves this message for a record.

I pray for human beings.

As such shall it be. As such is it planned to be. As such was it done.

January 1, 2017.
Udeka writes.

*Translated by Buchae-Dosa. Edited by Metrica.


The aspect of Armageddon - the disturbance age of Devils

It is a calamity, disarrangement, and natural disaster prepared by the Heaven. Before the upheaval of great nature begins, before the Heaven speaks in the thunder and lightning, Armageddon will arise first.

The number of people possessed by evils will increase so rapidly. The symptoms will be revealed extensively. The invisible dark energies fell on the ground and started their business. Armageddon, which is to wake the consciousness of human beings and to separate those who will continue to live from those who have to put off their physical bodies, has begun, as nobody knows it.

The world will be surrounded by dark energies. As nobody even figure out what's happening, Armageddon will spread throughout all sections of society. There will be a growing number of people who are exposed to explosive anger and schizophrenia, suddenly to see beyond the physical world (e.g., opening of the third eye, telesthesia, etc.), or to hear the sounds of the invisible world (e.g., clairaudience, capability to channel with some unknown beings, etc.).

The disturbance age of Devils has begun. The era of pandemonium has come. The age of confrontation has arrived. People will fall into chaos in the abyss because they don't understand the invisible world and the way of Heaven's working. By the forces of Devils, they will crumble into the mire deeper than traps of justice.

When the Heaven demolishes the material civilization and the matrix of religion in a planet, the spiritual war begins first. Armageddon will be expanded all over the globe along with the upheaval of nature.

The great universe is operated by love. Only humans are separated from the ONENESS consciousness. This was inevitable for the material experience of the spirit-soul. The planet Earth is so old and tired that it needs to be remodeled. The planet Earth has consciousness and she is also on a unique evolutionary path.

It is the blessing for the planet that a planet finishes a cycle of material civilization and evolves into a new spiritual civilization. It is also a blessing for the residents living on the planet. The spirit-souls, who had been implemented on the planet Earth long time ago, have completed the journey of material experience. Now, it's time to go back to their original home-stars or move to another planet in the solar system for their new spiritual journey.

It is the cosmic meaning of Armageddon that the Heaven demolishes the stage of planet, which has been used for the learning and experience of material world. Armageddon is a signal that the play is finished, the stage of the play is to be torn down, the actors and audiences bid farewell to each other. Armageddon means that very painful time has begun. Even though the play is over, there will be some actors who still want to enjoy it as it was a lot of fun and touching. On the other hand, there will be actors who are bored or don't like the role of casting.

The Heaven makes the actors perform their best and makes sure that the actors do not know that the play is a play. This is because the actors will be agitated once they know that the play is over. Until the Heaven closes the civilization of a planet, only showing signs of disturbance under the water, the Heaven is taking care of the actors such that they could enjoy their own plays. Until the stage of the play collapses, the Heaven is waiting for the actors to complete the final lines and to be immersed in the play. Without anyone knowing it, without anyone sensing it, Heaven will terminate the material civilizations in its own way.

The period of Armageddon will be very short. If anyone sees the omen of Armageddon, the Heaven will quickly end the material civilizations with a rapid and simultaneous strategy. Just as the land of Lemuria had sunk just a single night, there will be only a handful of humans who realize what's going on. Humans will get to realize that this is the love of Heaven that cares about the inhabitants of a planet after Armageddon passes by.

The final goal of Armageddon is waking up the consciousness of humans. It is not a massive awareness movement to wake up everybody. This is a plan of the Heaven for only those who are planned to survive in Armageddon. This is not to wake up and carry all the inhabitants of the planet Earth. The Divine Commitment of antiquity, which had been promised between the Heaven and spirit-souls 2.5 million years ago, is to be carried out.

This is to dismantle the play stage and start the new remodeling at the same time. The level of cataclysm is so enormous that humans have never experienced it before. It will be beyond human imaginations. The name of this renovation project to open the New Heaven and Ground is the pole-shift: straightening up of the earth’s tilted axis. It will proceed with the total number of seven phases.

The humans, who will survive in the PEFA (Protective Energy-Field Area) with persistent life, will construct a new spiritual civilization, recovering the ONENESS consciousness. The great sufferings for NEW Resurrections are expressed as Armageddon.

Good luck for the light-workers and human beings.

As such shall it be. As such is it planned to be. As such was it done.
January 16, 2017.
Udeka writes.

*Translated by Buchae-Dosa. Edited by Metrica.


Life Circuit Diagram of Homo-Sapiens 2 – The genetic traits of 12 tribes

The energies which constitute Homo-Sapiens are “Spirit, Soul and Baek”. This trinity of energy is alternatively called “Jung(; primitive and basic energy)-Ki(; vital and free energy)-Shin(; god, deity)” in the Korean Medicine. Spirit is created from the Creator (the Source Creator in 18th level of 18th dimension) and bestowed the Thought Adjuster to guide the spiritual journey of evolution. Soul joins and supports Spirit with the matrix of light, intermediate or darkness.

Baek is created from the Gia of a planet and operated by the Life Controller, which might be compared to a soft-ware (program). The Life Controller (soft-ware) operates Life Circuit Diagram (hard-ware) and is imbedded in the Life Carrier.

The energy of Baek is basically the Ge-energy of Gia, which involves the four different type of energy. The combination of these four different energies determines genetic traits of Homo-Sapiens. The four different types of Gia Ge-energy are as follows.

l  Type B: Energy of Bird (鳥類; Jo-ryu) – Energy of Great Yang (太陽, ++)
l  Type F: Energy of Fish (魚類; Uh-ryu) – Energy of Yang with Little Yin (少陰, +-)
l  Type M: Energy of Mammal (走類; Ju-ryu) – Energy of Great Yin (太陰, --)
l  Type R: Energy of Reptile (甲類; Gap-ryu) – Energy of Yin with Little Yang (少陽, -+)

Homo-Sapiens were created by the combination of four genetic traits, which determines the 12 tribes of energy. The 12 tribes are created by the combination of spiritual energy, which is closely related to the combination of four genetic traits.

When a life is born, unique traits of internal organs – such as size, strength, weakness – are determined to reflect the program contents of Life Controller. To support the material learning experience of spirit-soul, character and appearance for the current life are designed in advance by the Life Controller. After this process, the actual size and unique traits are made in woman’s womb a priori. And then cell divisions occur and finally a life is born.  

There is no life which is born by accident. Only after complete preparation and planning is done and so many approval process to open the gate of dimension is achieved, a life is born. When a spirit-soul comes into a life which is created according to the program of the Life Controller, the material journey of spirit-soul begins with the coat of physical body.

Once the program for spirit-soul’s material learning is completed throughout tuning, inspection and approval among the related parties (spirit, spirit’s higher-self, the Government of Heaven), the Life Controller is connected to the Monano system of the Government of Heaven and MCIS (Meta-Consciousness Implementation System). And a spirit-soul starts a journey to the material world.

Now we will explain the principle that the 12 tribes are created by the combination of four different energy type. For example, the type that the energy of bird is dominant (Type B: Energy of Great Yang, ++) consists of the following three cases:

l  Type B1: bird energy 4, fish energy 3, reptile energy 2, mammal energy 1
l  Type B2: bird energy 4, reptile energy 3, mammal energy 2, fish energy 3
l  Type B3: bird energy 4, mammal energy 3, fish energy 2, reptile energy 1

*Translator’s Note: The energy weight of 2 or 1 is not dominant factor in determining type of tribes. For example, for Type B1, the order of reptile energy and mammal energy is not significant. The weight of reptile energy 2, mammal energy 1 and the weight of reptile energy 1, mammal energy 2 might be considered to fall into the same category. Of course, if we divide the type in more detail, the distinction might be divided into more.

By the same logic, the other cases are derived for each type. In this way, total 12 tribes are constructed by the combination of four types of Gia Ge-energy (Baek energy)

The mechanism of disease treatment for Homo-Sapiens, who were created based on four types of genetic traits, could be classified into four types. And these four types could be further classified into twelve types. This approach for human diseases was originally developed by Lee Je-Ma, the Korean medicine expert, in the 19th century. This approach opened a new way of perspectives for human diseases and it is still inherited in Korea as the title of Sasang typology, which is defined as constitution-type medicine. More advanced type of Sasang typology will save many lives in the PEFA (Protective Energy-Field Area).  

*Translator’s Note: In the 19th Century, the scholar Lee Je-ma (1837~1899) founded the study of Sasang medicine, which was defined as constitution-type medicine. Although Sasang typology was revolutionary approach for human diseases in that time, it could not be accepted by the mainstream medicine. But now Lee Je-ma is re-evaluated and credited in advancing Korean medicine by coming up with Sasang typology, a method whereby he divides people into four classifications based on their inherent traits.

New Korean Medicine based on Sasang typology will be the core of future medicine. In fact, Lee Je-ma had descended in the 14th dimension and he belongs to the Melchizedek group, which is one of the DAN tribes. Now he is re-incarnated in Korea for his new role of completing his original Sasang typology in PEFA.

As such shall it be. As such is it planned to be. As such was it done.

Februrary 21, 2017.
Udeka writes.

*Translated by Metrica.


Life Circuit Diagram of Homo-Sapiens 1 – the Meridian System

Homo-Sapiens are the latest version of humanoid type, which are to open up the grand 7th cycle of universe. This model was created by the most advanced high-technology of universe. The body of Homo-Sapiens largely consists of two systems. One is the blood circulation system, which is visible. The other is the meridian system, which is not visible.

The body of Homo-Sapiens is controlled by the invisible system. The meridian system is simply a part of this invisible system, as it constitutes just 25% of the invisible system. The other 75% is managed by the life circuit diagram in our body.

The physiological circulation system of internal organs is controlled and managed by the life circuit diagram. By the help of blood circulation system of internal organs, cellular tissues are nourished from food through digestion process. The meridian system which complements and coordinate the function of internal organs is also controlled by the life circuit diagram.

The life circuit diagram is run by the life controller which is imbedded in the life carrier. Life circuit diagram is made of Baek-energy. If the life circuit diagram might be compared to hardware, then life controller to software.

The life circuit diagram and meridian system is closely linked and co-operated. Actually, the meridian system is run by the program contents of life controller. The meridian system is composed of two-layered or three-layered architecture. The details of meridian system are as follows.

Most of the meridian system are composed of three-layered architecture. In the most outer sphere of a meridian route (a set of meridian points), there exists the route for magnetic force circulation which is generated by the pulse of heart. In the next outer sphere, there exists the route for light circulation. In the center of a meridian route, there is the route for Ki (vital energy) circulation, which is produced from digestion of foods.

The meridian system might be further divided into the one equipped with the route for magnetic field and the other without it.

l  The meridian routes which are composed of three-layered architecture

Ø  12 Main Meridian routes: Lung meridian(LU), Large Intestine meridian(LI), Stomach meridian(ST), Spleen meridian(SP), Heart meridian(HT), Small Intestine meridian(SI), Bladder meridian(BL), Kidney meridian(KI), Pericardium meridian(PC), Triple Energizer meridian(TE), Gallbladder meridian(GB), Liver meridian(LR)
Ø  Thready Vessel (細脈; Sae-Maek; Fine Vessel)
Ø  The meridian routes which are linked as the relationship of deep(Interior) and superficial(Exterior) location

l  The meridian routes which are composed of two-layered architecture

Ø  8 Extraordinary or Homeostatic Meridians: 1) Conception Vessel (CV; 任脈, Im-Maek, Sea of Yin), 2) Governor Vessel(GV; 督脈, Dok-Maek, Sea of Yang), 3) Thoroughfare Vessel(TV; 衝脈, Choong-Maek), 4) Belt Vessel(BV; 帶脈, Dae-Maek), 5) Yin Link Vessel(YinLV; 陰維脈, Eum-Yu-Maek, Channel Reuniting Yin Energy), 6) Yang Link Vessel(YangLV; 陽維脈, Yang-Yu-Maek, Channel Reuniting Yang Energy), 7) Yin Heel Vessel(YinHV; 陰蹻脈, Eum-Gyo-Maek), 8) Yang Heel Vessel(YangHV; 陽蹻脈, Yang-Gyo-Maek)

Ø  The meridian routes which are directly linked between internal organs

Among the meridian routes with two layered architecture, there is a special meridian route where the Conception Vessel and Governor Vessel combines as the one which is further extended to Dan-Jeon(Svadhisthana;丹田, located below the navel). This special meridian has only two routes imbedded in it. One for Ki circulation and the other for circulation of magnetic forces.  

Among the meridian routes with two layered architecture, there are other various meridian routes, which are as follows.

l  The meridian routes which have only two routes imbedded in it. One for Ki circulation and the other for light circulation
l  The meridian routes which connect internal organs
l  The meridian route which connects liver and kidney
l  The meridian route which connects heart and kidney
l  The meridian route which connects lung and kidney

The route for circulation of magnetic forces, which lies in the exterior of a meridian route, accelerates the flow of energy (Ki or light). It also determines the direction of energy flow. Hence the flow of energy in the meridian system is given a specific directional nature.

Heart meridian(HT) and Liver meridian(LR) have unique characteristics. Heart meridian(HT) goes through the center area of brain and supplies Ki and light for basal ganglia, hypothalamus, interbrain (thalamencephalon), midbrain and cerebellum. Its shape is quite similar to mosquito coil. The core of coil emits the brightest light. Through this meridian route, light and Ki are delivered for the interior of brain. Heart meridian(HT) has three layered architecture.

Liver meridian(LR) covers the whole area of cerebral cortex. Its shape is like tentacle or feet of octopus. Each feet provides Ki and light. More looking at this structure, it might be compared to the lighting tower in stadium with three tentacles.

February 20, 2017.
Udeka writes.

*Ttranslated by Metrica.


Circulation system of life

Plants transform invisible matter into visible matter via photosynthesis. A plant uses energy from sunlight to convert carbon dioxide and water into food (glucose) and releases oxygen into the atmosphere. In this chemical processing of plants, mitochondria plays a crucial role to make energy for cells to prosper.

Like plants, humans also have invisible device in mitochondria to photosynthesize. But it is sealed not to operate in the current environment of Earth. For this reason, humans must eat other lives and fleshes.

Animals including humans must rely on fleshes of other lives. This structural contradiction have brought about extreme struggles and battles for survival. Although every life depends upon each other and is providing sacrifice for mutual lives, humans as the most dominant species on Earth have gone astray from the ONENESS consciousness, forgetting the gratitude of living creatures. Just to survive and enjoy the pleasure of eating, humans have forgotten the basic laws of circulation in the living creatures.   

The circulation system of living creatures is that the invisible world (; void, empty) becomes the visible world (; color, matter, material world) and vice versa. As the Buddha had realized the law of circulation in universe, he emphasized the gratitude and respect for living creatures. His main teaching is that every matter and living things contain the nature of Buddha (Deity, Divinity, Divine Nature).

As the energies of Earth get stabilized after the pole-shift, human consciousness will ascend to the ONENESS consciousness of the universe. By this time, the invisible devices in mitochondria of animals and humans will begin to operate to produce energy. Since then animals and humans will be able to create energy partially by themselves.

The Earth will become the brightest planet in the great universe and a planet where a new system of life circulation is installed. Animals and humans will get to live with minimal eating of foods. The age of eating other’s fleshes to survive will come to an end as the consciousness of human is enlightened.

Homo-Arahatus, which are the transitional model between Homo-Sapiens and Homo-Maitreya, will be more efficient in terms of making energy by themselves. Homo-Maitreya as the future human species on Earth will be able to live more than 3,000 years long as their system of energy creation get more efficient.

As such shall it be. As such is it planned to be. As such was it done.

February 15, 2017.
Udeka writes.

*Translated by Metrica.


Re-modeling of Earth: the Pole-Shift

The pole-shift had been anticipated or expressed metaphorically in the bible, other holy scriptures or various prophets.

“The Tree of Life in the Lights” have kept preparing for natural catastrophes and attack of virus through frequent communication with Heaven. Although Heaven have trained and fooled us frequently about the exact time-line of coming disasters, we have endured and overcome all those difficulties and challenges.

Specially, we have poured our best efforts for preparing and storing up provisions which will be crucially used in the PEFA (Protective Energy-Field Area) after the pole-shift, albeit so many people and other members – who had left us – had criticized and ridiculed us severely and openly.  

Now I, Udeka, reveal the detailed nature of pole-shift to the human race, which has been revealed through fierce communications and frequent battles with Heaven.

n  Project Title : Dimensional Ascension of the Earth

n  Construction Name : the Pole-Shift

n  Construction Period : about 3 months anticipated with 7 times of shift occurring

n  Construction Area : Spread out all over the globe, just starting from the Korean peninsula

n  Construction Overview : In the Eastern area, great earthquakes and virus disseminations. In the Western area, collapse of material civilizations, tsunamis, volcano eruptions and sinking of some continents

n  Construction Feature : Simultaneously and so promptly all over the globe

n  Construction Way : Heaven shall save only those who are destined to survive and continue to live on the New Earth.

n  Construction Purpose :
ü  Revealing the true nature of Heaven
ü  Elevating the human consciousness and leading it into the ONENESS consciousness of the great universe
ü  Achieving dimensional ascension of the Earth
ü  Building up new spiritual civilizations

n  Remarks on Construction
ü  The earthquakes are not the usual ones.
ü  The earthquakes are the ones which are planned by Heaven.
ü  Unimaginable damages are expected, so it is very critical to evacuate in advance.
ü  The intervals between pole-shifts are not longer than 10 days.
ü  Before the 3rd pole-shift occurs, evacuation should be finished.

n  Things to note about Construction
ü  To believe or not purely depends on each one’s free-will.
ü  There is no use in persuading or pressing others to believe it.
ü  Every responsibility goes to each one’s choice and decision.
ü  Just follow your intuition, gut-feeling, subtle feelings in feelings in your deep mind, all of which come from your higher-self, guide angels or Heaven.
ü  Before the pole-shift begins, Heaven will allow the moment to get hints about it, only if your mind is open and you are willing to accept it.

The time of Great Tribulations is ahead of the human race. The Day of Judgment is coming, as all the prophets have anticipated and foretold it through the human history. The choice of life and death is already determined by Heaven, which appears to be happening by accident or by free-will. Our life is totally dependent upon Heaven. This will be understood gradually by mankind. Even though the sky collapses down, we could still find the way out of it.

Good luck to every mankind.

As such shall it be. As such is it planned to be. As such was it done.

January 27, 2017.
Udeka writes.

*Translated by Metrica.

The Analysis of the Inter-Dimensional Spaces of the Planet Earth

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