The Final Unravelment on spirit-soul

Spirits are created from spiritual differentiation of the 5 Original Great Spirits in the 16th dimension. The Group of 5 Original Great Spirits was created by the Group of Creators, who dwells in from first level through 18th level of 18th dimension.

The Group of 5 Original Great Spirits was differentiated further into the Group of 12 Great Spirits by mixing each energy of the 5 Original Great Spirits in different combination.  

The “Grouped Spirit-Soul” is created from the horizontal spiritual differentiation, while the “Family Group of Spirit-Soul” is created from the vertical spiritual differentiation. A spirit could send its avatar to the material world via the spiritual differentiation of Higher-Selves, which basically corresponds to the vertical spiritual differentiation.

The group of angels, which is familiar to mankind, was created by the vertical spiritual differentiation. This group has the role of Supervisors in the Heaven. The spiritual hierarchy of angels is as follows:

Ø  The Low class of angels: the supervisory group in the 6th dimension
Ø  The Middle class of angels: the supervisory group in the 8th dimension
Ø  The High class of angels: the supervisory group in the 10th dimension

The group of angels, who is an etheric being of spirit-soul and though adjuster combined together, supervises the works of the Heaven.

The soul energy granted to the group of angels is the pure soul energy of 11th dimension, which does not have the matrix of light, intermediate and darkness. The role of light and darkness for angels depends upon the program of thought adjuster granted to angels.

A spirit granted with thought adjuster undergoes the spiritual journey as a form of non-material energy being in the non-material world, i.e., the world of “Tae-Geuk (太極)”, which consists of the universe in 13th through 15th dimension). In this plane, the highly advanced spirits stay.

A spirit-soul not choosing the clothes of physical body undergoes the journey of spirit-soul as a form of etheric being. Only when a spirit-soul decides to take the clothes of physical body, then the spirit-soul is combined with “Baek (; primitive and vital energy to sustain and work the physical body)”.

A life begins as the combination of Spirit-Soul and Baek is converted into the energy of “Jung(; the most primitive and basic energy)-Ki(; vital and free energy)-Shin(; energy of god, deity or divinity)”.

A being of spirit-soul-baek might be born as a plant, animal or human to experience and learn the material world, which is spread out through the first to 12th dimension.

The energy of Soul is granted from the 11th dimension, while the energy of Baek from the 5th dimension. When a spirit-soul-Baek is combined for a human body, the energy of Baek is allocated evenly with about 50 percent across human bodies. However, the degree of relative allocation of spirit and soul rests upon the size of spirit.

For your understanding, let’s take some examples. The relative proportion of spirit, soul, and Baek is given as follows:

Ø  (Spirit-soul of “White lighted”) For a spirit-soul who came from the 7th dimension, the allocation ratio is 30:20:50
Ø  (Spirit-soul of “Silver lighted”) For a spirit-soul from the 9th dimension, 20:30:50
Ø  (Spirit-soul of “Yellow lighted”) For a spirit-soul from the 11th dimension, 10:40:50
Ø  (The Light-Worker) For a spirit-soul from the 13th dimension, 8:42:50
Ø  (The Light-Worker) For a spirit-soul from the 15th dimension, 6:44:50

A spirit-soul may be classified into ascending or descending one. An ascending spirit-soul means the one who chose to evolve from the lowest dimension for one’s spiritual journey. A descending spirit-soul is the one who sent its avatar to the material world via the spiritual differentiation of Higher-selves in the dimension of 12th or higher.

The greater the size of spirit is, the size of soul is allocated proportionately. The greater the size of spirit is, the spirit-soul could handle much more programs. Hence the spirit-soul come here with so many talents inherited. In this case, spiritual enlightenment is achieved faster.

The greater the size of spirit is, being ONENESS with the final higher-self is done more quickly. The spirits from higher dimensions may live as the great messenger, game changer or role player. This is because they could transcend the Wall of Dimension more easily than others.

The Light-Workers are descending spirit-souls and the spiritual parents of ascending spirit-souls. The magnitude of spirit-soul for the Light-Workers is at least ten times bigger than that of ascending spirit-souls.

This is why the Light-Workers have such a big role and mission in the course of dimensional ascension of the Earth.

This is why they came here in this time.

Good luck to every Light-Worker!

September 24, 2017.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Metrica.
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The Final Unravelment on Heaven and Hell

Awareness level of writer determines the level of quality for drama and movie. The hierarchy level of myths and legends is determined by the level of human consciousness and religious spectrum which is installed on the Earth.

In a barren desert civilization filled with sand and winds, the story of heaven, hell and purgatory was created. In a society where the status of social standing and rank is determined in birth, the story of Heaven, Hell and incarnation was made.

Discourses about Heaven and Hell, the oldest ones made by human race, has been a myth for someone. A legend for someone else. They also have worked as belief, fear, religion, or trick for many. Otherwise they also have been used for hope, means of control and manipulation for others. They have been truths for someone, but lies for others.  

Heaven and Hell are nowhere to be found. Heaven and Hell don't exist in any dimension of the universe. They exist only in the stories and human consciousness.

Still they remain within the realm of religious scriptures, and they exist in the collective unconscious mind of mankind.

The place where a spirit-soul stays after one’s death is not Heaven. Not either Hell. That is the celestial plane of 5th dimension as of 18 dimensional universe (4th dimension as of 15 dimensional universe)

The 5th dimensional celestial plane is composed of 15 levels. According to cosmic status and size of spirit-soul, the dwelling space is allocated correspondingly. Once a spirit-soul is implanted in a planet, without approval of the planet Gaia, a spirit-soul can’t leave the planet. By the rule of universe, the 5th dimensional celestial plane (non-material) and the 4th dimensional material world are strictly separated and managed.

About two thousand years ago and three thousand years ago respectively, Jesus and Buddha have come to the Earth as a human body. They came here to deliver truths, build up the matrix of religion which is needed for the age of Materialism, open up the epoch of religion, and to carve the energy of Love into hearts of mankind. By the delicate plan of the Heaven, the epoch of religion has spread out.  

Just for the spiritual evolution of spirit-soul by experiencing the material world, so many obstacles and tricks have been installed in the Earth. Heaven and Hell, Salvation and Eternal Life, Satan and Devil, Ghost and Angel are such examples. To keep the matrix of religion, so many tricks such as mystic experience, pray and spiritual discipline have been exploited throughout.

After the days of Jesus and Buddha have gone, the truths of Heaven have been manipulated and distorted to satisfy the needs of ruling class. So many stories have been produced and written throughout the mankind history.   

As the civilizations prospered further, the culture of spirituality has declined. In the place of divinity, the materialized and authorized religions have penetrated. As the epoch of religions went deeper, the storylines of Heaven and Hell have been solidified further. The value of divinity in human nature has been ignored and the notion of original sin has prospered instead.

The notion of Heaven and Hell is just nothing but stories. Now it is the time to realize this. This is the essence of Spiritual Revolution in this age.

The universe is full of so many stories. In the future, the mankind will face newer version of stories about the universe.

As such shall it be. As such is it planned to be. As such was it done.

August 19, 2017.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Metrica.
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What’s going on right now? 5 – Human race at the crossroads of life and death

The secret mission of Heaven is going on the grounds to open up new spiritual civilization in the way of Heaven’s working. The vibrational frequency adjustments for plants and animals have already been conducted. The withdrawal of spirit energy for the plants and animals which are to leave the Earth has been done.

The plants and animals to leave the Earth will migrate to another planet. Right now all the necessary procedures are being taken in the invisible world.

The separation of human race for distinguish those to leave the Earth from those to keep living on the Earth has been completed one year ago. The last classification for those who are on the borderline has also finished as the 6th Seal is broken (July 31, 2017). New upgraded system is being installed for the plants which will continue to prosper on the Earth. The same thing also for the animals.  

The same procedure of Heaven is also applying for the human race who are to live on the Earth. To get kept on the Ascended Earth, survive the Viral Disturbance (An Epidemic of Unidentified Diseases) and successfully settle in the PEFA (Protective Energy-Field Area), the vibrational frequency in body should be raised up. These invisible secret jobs are being undertaken by the Heaven in silence and secret this time.

The body purification by shower of lights to boost vibrational frequency in cells of mankind is being undertaken, which can be coordinated only by the Heaven. As the high frequency energy comes into human body, the energy of Sa-Ki and Tak-Ki (low frequency energy which is harmful in body) can be pulled out of body.

This process of purification with Heavenly Lights can’t be done instantly. But numerous months even up to years might be taken gradually. Especially, if a Light-Worker’s cosmic rank is higher, much more time is needed for this process of Energy Adjustment. 

This energy adjustment can’t be one’s effort and willingness. It only could be done by the Heaven. However hard you pray, practice meditation, and religious precepts, it does not matter.

Of course, if you keep vegetarian diet and other balanced disciplines, it could be a help in purifying body. However, it does not yield escalation of vibrational frequency in body. The purification of body and raising up of vibrational frequency in body is entirely different. Although you may experience mystic experience, read spiritual messages and books diligently, or believe in some kind of religion, those are not related with edified vibrational frequency in body.

In fact, there are many romantic spiritual people who believe after one’s consciousness is escalated, then vibrational frequency in body can be raised up. In the world of material, vibrational frequency is ahead of escalated consciousness.

Sound mind can be achieved in sound body. For spirit-souls who have to eat foods and are locked in the prison of body, the vibrational frequency in body should be escalated in advance. The Eight Extraordinary(or Homeostatic) Meridians* should be enlightened in advance to raise up the level of consciousness.

*Note : They are composed of the following eight special meridian routes in body. 1) Conception Vessel (CV; , Im-Maek, Sea of Yin), 2) Governor Vessel(GV; 督脈, Dok-Maek, Sea of Yang), 3) Thoroughfare Vessel(TV; 衝脈, Choong-Maek), 4) Belt Vessel(BV; 帶脈, Dae-Maek), 5) Yin Link Vessel(YinLV; 陰維脈, Eum-Yu-Maek, Channel Reuniting Yin Energy), 6) Yang Link Vessel(YangLV; 陽維脈, Yang-Yu-Maek, Channel Reuniting Yang Energy), 7) Yin Heel Vessel(YinHV; 陰蹻脈, Eum-Gyo-Maek), 8) Yang Heel Vessel(YangHV; 陽蹻脈, Yang-Gyo-Maek)

Saints are made on the ground. The Light-Workers are also tempered and prepared on the ground. Saints with the clothes of physical body can manifest highly enlightened consciousness on the ground only after their bodies are purified and tuned on the ground in advance.

To open up the dimensional gate of Heaven, the body of saints should be raised up more highly in advance by the Heaven. This is done by the invisible hands of Heaven.

The human race whose vibrational frequency in body aren’t escalated enough will have to leave the Earth in the course of dimensional ascension of the Earth.

The vibrational frequency in body can be raised up only with the lights from Heaven. These lights are the will, plan, and rule of the Heaven. This is the rule of universe and the will of the Creator. These lights are just the judgment of Heaven, which are applying for everybody such impartially.

At this time, this judgment is being undertaken by the Heaven. In silence and secret.

Once the vibrational frequency in body is escalated enough, then it can’t be fall down easily. Even if you enjoy eating meats so much, how many times you have sexual intercourse with somebody, although you violate rules and disciplinary precepts frequently, all those aren’t related with the vibrational frequency in body.

Only when one loses love, mercy and compassion in one’s mind, the vibrational frequency in body may drop.

Only those whose vibrational frequencies in body are escalated enough, they could pass and survive the Age of Great Tribulations in the course of dimensional ascension of the Earth.

Life and death are in the hands of Providence. Facing so many deaths just like falling leaves in the autumn, all the arguments and debates will disappear. The human race who has lost the Heaven in their minds will get to know how fearful the Heaven is.

The Providential task of raising up the vibrational frequency in body for the human race is currently being advanced 63% overall as of today.

As such shall it be. As such is it planned to be. As such was it done.

August 26, 2017.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Metrica.

(Contact Us: metrica@naver.cm)


The Final Unravelment on the Planet-X

Many believe there should be gigantic outside forces for dimensional ascension of the Earth, natural catastrophes and finally New Heaven and New Ground. This belief is nothing but stories which could arise in the current level of human consciousness.  

Among the so-many hot issues, there are arguments about the Planet-X, Nibiru and comet Ison.

All these stories do not reflect the real truth. They are simply stories and plots, which represent symbolic messages about the universe.

Widely spread stories such as the Planet-X, Nibiru, comet Ison, illuminati Card, conspiracies around the number 666 are nothing but interesting discourses for mankind.

In and out of the atmosphere of planet Earth, so many cosmic vehicles are on mission. Among them, a spacecraft may play the role of the Planet-X, another one for Nibiru and another one for comet Ison.

The pole-shift of Earth can’t be triggered by the Planet-X or Nibiru. Neither can it be by collision of Earth into other planet. The shift will be coordinated by great space shuttle of “the Galactic Federation” with the universal scientific technology of at least 12th dimension or higher.

Although so many space vehicles are not visible to human eyes, they are conducting their missions for the dimensional ascension of Earth. They are the invisible forces which are in the course of their mission for the Heaven.

That is why they are so many space shuttles working in and out of the atmosphere.

The Day of New Golden Age will come. The dimensional ascension of Earth is inevitable for the Day. New spiritual civilization will arise based upon the highly advanced civilization with sophisticated science and technology.

There is nothing wrong in the universe. There are, will be, should be so many stories and discourses about the universe until the Day arrives. From various scenarios discussed in the versatile stories, it will be OK to pull out useful messages and information which could be acceptable in one’s framework of intellectual and spiritual level.

There is nothing wrong in the universe!

The universe is full of stories. In stories, there are arguments about the dimensional ascension of Earth, the Great Tribulation, and the New Heaven and New Ground.

Believe it or not does not matter!

As such shall it be. As such is it planned to be. As such was it done.

August 4, 2017.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Metrica.
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Life Circuit Diagram of Homo-Sapiens 12 – The hidden secret of Mitochondria

Human can’t live without eating. This is because human don’t possess the function to transform inorganic substance into organic substance.  

This is so called the process of assimilation and dissimilation. Assimilation means inorganic substance gets transformed into organic substance. This process only occurs for plants. Not for animals and humans.

The life circuit diagram of animals and humans is so programed that they have to eat other’s fleshes to make organic substance. The process of assimilation is managed by the mitochondria in cells.  

The process of dissimilation means organic substance is transformed into inorganic substance through the process of digestion. Animals and humans digest organic substances – which are synthesized by plants – through food chain in ecological system.

All the living forms in the Earth depend upon each other in the great ecological system. Every being is connected with each other.

The energy which is needed for human body is produced using inorganic substances as the raw materials. This is called ATP (Adenosine TriphosPhate). ATP is produced in the factory of energy, which is called mitochondria.  

Mitochondria is a sort of factory where energy is produced. For plants, mitochondria makes it possible to make organic substances from inorganic substances. Every plant has different degree of operating rate and processing system for mitochondria. This is why versatile type of organic substances (e.g., grains, fruits) can be produced.

Quite surprisingly, for mitochondria of human cells also, there DOES exist an algorithm in mitochondria which could synthesize organic substances from inorganic substances just like plants. For the first time in mankind history, this is revealed by Me, Udeka through communicating with the Heaven.

That is to say, the system and program to guarantee that human can live without eating is embedded in the mitochondria of human. But it DOES not work in the current atmosphere of earth as the function of mitochondria is sealed not to work.

In the future, when the New Heaven and New Ground will start, the life circuit diagram of human will be upgraded to more advanced one to support new spiritual civilization of new mankind. As human consciousness gets enlightened into higher consciousness of higher dimensions, the hidden function of mitochondria in human cells will also get activated in proportion.

Minimizing the amount of foods consumed, we could directly produce organic substances – which are needed for vital activity – in our factory of mitochondria. Then, the epoch that mankind is set free from eating will arrive.

Modern mankind eats too much. This is because digestive organs of Homo-Sapiens are inefficient, which are such programed in the life circuit diagram. If we assume the amount of foods consumed is 100, then only 40 is absorbed in human body through digestive procedures. What about the rest 60? They are just excreted from body.

This is why mankind have to adhere to eating. Sound eating means well living for mankind.

After the pole-shift of earth, as the atmosphere gets changed human body will also be upgraded and optimized to the altered environments.

In fact, those systems which could make human live without eating had been implanted in cells at the time of Homo-Sapiens being created. But for the purpose of spirit-soul experiencing the world of material, the life circuit diagram has been sealed for mitochondria not to work.

As new spiritual civilizations get stabilized and advanced, human consciousness is enlightened higher, the day will come when some part of animals and mankind will havet their sealings on mitochondria broken, thus eating foods minimally.  

As such shall it be. As such is it planned to be. As such was it done.

May 11, 2017.

Udeka writes.

* Translated by Metrica.
(Contact Us: metrica@naver.com)


The Final Unravelment on human clone

Among people who believe the existence of Shadow Government or Government in Darkness, conspiracy theory about human clone and Robotoid are widely spread. 

Now I feel it is necessary to clear up mystics about human clone, which has been produced, diffused and manipulated by the people in Shadow Government.

The existence of memory makes it possible that a human can feel himself, realizing that he exists. As what a human has experienced still lies in his memory, it guarantees that he is himself. The continuity of human memory produces the unique characteristics of a human being.

As born in this Earth with all the memories of past lives in the Earth or other planets erased, a human is just living one’s life only with the memory that he has learned and accumulated in this current life, forgetting his cosmic status and the fact that he is a spiritual traveler in the universe.   

The scientific technologies which are available inside the Shadow Government are far more ahead than the current scientific technologies. The gap is at least 30 years. For example, in the field of bio-engineering, the Shadow Government is utilizing a bio-technology to control the speed of cell division. Using this technology, they can manipulate the speed of aging or time of death.

Because the managers in the darkness have the role to preserve, manage and expand the matrix of science, they may well have advanced scientific technologies with more than 30 years ahead than current level of mankind. This is the power of the Darkness, which is granted by the Heaven.   

For the fellows of bio-engineering in the Shadow Government, cloning a human being is not challenging. Copying the physical appearance of a human being is quite an easy job for them. But cloning a life who can think, implement a consciousness and create falls into the realm of creation.

Copying a life and creating a life is entirely different. The capability of making a life through genetic manipulation is allowed for the managers in the Darkness. But the Heaven did not granted the authority of creating a life in the Earth.

By the means of life reproduction and genetic manipulation, the managers in the Darkness contribute in diversity of living things. The hardware of life forms can be reproduced by bio-engineering scientists but those invisible systems such as MCIS (Meta-Consciousness Implementation System) or LCD (Life Circuit Diagram) can’t be reproduced. This right is not permitted for the managers in the Darkness. This is not compatible with the rule of the great universe.  

Since MCIS and LDC for plants are not complex, life reproduction can be partially possible through genetic manipulation. But, for animals, life cloning is strictly managed and thus limitedly permissible, since the upgrade of MCIS and LCD is not granted.

The most critical point in human cloning is to symbolize and informationize memory. Just as we can download information from computer, we have to freely download all the memories of a human brain for the cloned person.    

Further, all the system such as meridian routes and LCD should be installed also. This is not possible. Experience is the path of spirit-soul and memory is experience of spirit-soul. All these are managed and controlled by the Heaven.

Consequently, human clone, which is frequent debate in the circle of conspiracy, is not possible. Reproducing a human being who resembles the physical appearance of a human is possible, but creating the invisible system such as MCIS and LCD can’t be installed.

Implementing consciousness can’t be achieved by chance. Reproducing animals which have lower level of consciousness could be attainable but still it is not complete since MCIS and LCD can’t be installed for them.

Life is not preserved alone by the visible systems such as internal organs, but rather the so many invisible systems should be installed and working.

Many talks in conspiracy about human clone are too much overstated and manipulated so far. If it were possible to reproduce a human, the human clone will be very unstable. Life forms which are reproduced by genetic engineering do not emit aura energies.

July 14, 2017.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Metrica
(Contact Us: metrica@naver.com)


Operating mechanism of the meridian system 8 - Circulation of “Pyo-Rhi” and three cycles in the meridian system

The “Pyo-Rhi” circulation of meridian system, which is about the relationship between the exterior and interior meridian routes, is very complicated compared to “Jang-Bu Sang-Tong” (the direct meridian interaction among the internal organs).

The energy exchange in “Jang-Bu Sang-Tong” means the energy circulation occurring in the same layers of meridian routes. The “Pyo-Rhi” relation considers the energy circulation which occurs between meridian routes lying in different layers, e.g., between a meridian route in the exterior layer and a meridian route in the interior layer.

The circulation of meridian system in the “Pyo-Rhi” relationship is called the circulation of “Yung-Ki(營氣; operating energy)”, which constitutes circulation in the twelve meridian system. Jong-Ki(宗氣; the most prominent energy), which is the energy clustered at “Dan-jung(膻中; acupoint which is located in the middle of chest)”, is transformed into “Yung-Ki” by the magnetic forces generated in heart. Yung-Ki circulates 50 times a day through the meridian routes of a triple layered structure.

“Wi-Ki(衛氣; guardian energy)” diverged from Jong-Ki is managed by lung and circulates through the outer layer in body (e.g., skin). The circulation of Wi-Ki is different from that of Yung-Ki. Wi-Ki circulates 50 times a day along the passage routes which takes the form of mesh. The passage route for Wi-Ki is like a tube with two layers.

The energy flow in the meridian routes with different layers is depicted as the following table. 

The circulation order in the twelve meridian routes are as follows:

n  “The First Cycle in the meridian system”:
Ø  Lung meridian(LU) Large intestine meridian(LI) Stomach meridian(ST) Spleen meridian(SP)

n  “The Second Cycle in the meridian system”:
Ø  Heart meridian(HT) Small intestine meridian(SI) Bladder meridian(BL) Kidney meridian(KI)

n  “The Third Cycle in the meridian system”:
Ø  Pericardium meridian(PC) Triple energizer meridian(TE) Gallbladder meridian(GB) Liver meridian(LR)

The energy circulation in the twelve meridian routes may be further explained in terms of layer and its characteristics as follows:

n  “The First Cycle”: coordination of “Jo-Seup(燥濕; dryness-dampness)”
Ø  Tae-Eum (Pyo; superficial) Yang-Myung (Rhi; deep) Tae-Eum (Pyo; superficial)

n  “The Second Cycle”: coordination of “Han-Yul(寒熱; chill-heat)”
Ø  So-Eum (Ban-Pyo & Ban-Rhi) Tae-Yang (Pyo; superficial) So-Eum (Ban-Pyo & Ban-Rhi)

n  “The Third Cycle”: coordination of “Poong-Hwa(風火; wind-fire)”
Ø  Gwol-Eum (Rhi; deep) So-Yang (Ban-Pyo & Ban-Rhi) Gwol-Eum (Rhi; deep)

Yung-Ki circulates in the meridian system in accordance with the timeline of Chun-Ki(天氣; Heavenly Lights) which come into human body sequentially everyday. For the first cycle, let’s illustrate it further for example. Tae-Eum meridians circulates throughout the exterior layer and are connected to Yang-Myung meridians in the interior layer. The energy of Yang-Myung meridians flow into Tae-Eum meridians in the exterior layer again. The energy exchange between exterior and interior meridian routes is called the circulation of Pyo-Rhi (the exterior and interior meridian routes): in other words, it may be described as followings: The exterior layer    the interior layer    the exterior layer.

The circulation of Pyo-Rhi (the exterior and interior meridian routes) may be summarized as follows:

n  “The First Cycle”
Ø  Energy exchange between Tae-Eum and Yang-Myung meridian routes
Ø  This cycle coordinates the function of energy which has properties of dryness and dampness in human body
Ø  Energy exchange between the exterior and interior layer

n  “The second cycle”
Ø  Energy exchange between So-Eum and Tae-Yang meridians routes
Ø  This cycle coordinates the function of energy which has properties of chill and heat in human body
Ø  Energy exchange between the Semi-exterior & Semi-interior layer and exterior layer

n  “The third cycle”
Ø  Energy exchange between Gwol-Eum and So-Yang meridian routes
Ø  This cycle coordinates the function of energy which has properties of wind and fire in human body
Ø  Energy exchange between the interior layer and Semi-exterior & Semi-interior layer

The circulations in the twelve meridian routes supply Jung-Ki, Sa-Ki and Tak-Ki which have characteristics of wind-coldness-heat-dampness-dryness-fire in the different layers of the meridian system. Notice that the twelve meridian routes do not flow in order from Lung meridian (LU) to Liver meridian (LR). Rather, the three meridian cycles are circulating simultaneously. For example, from 5:00 am to 7:00 am, when Lung meridian is activated, the first cycle to which Lung meridian belongs, is activated much more.

That is to say, in large frame the energy flows from Lung meridian to Liver meridian. But at the same time, energies also circulate in each cycle. In this way, the three cycles of meridian routes are connected to each other. This is the secret of the meridian system embedded in the life circuit diagram of Homo-Sapiens.

July 7, 2017.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Buchae-Dosa. Edited by Metrica.
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The Analysis of the Inter-Dimensional Spaces of the Planet Earth

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