The Tree of Life in the Light

Based on the Light channels and through communicating with the Heaven, ‘The Tree of Life in the Light’ as the spiritual organization has the mission for termination of the Earth material civilizations, ascension of the Earth and build-up & operation of the energy force field.

The Tree of Life in the Light has the role of transmitting the invisible Heaven to mankind as the visible Heaven.

The Tree of Life in the Light is the unique organization in the world to learn the principle of the invisible Heaven and the Great Cosmos.

The Tree of Life in the Light has been preparing for natural catastrophe and ascension of the Earth.

The Tree of Life in the Light has been enlightening our chakra system to obtain the Light channel, to help disposition of Providence to be manifested to the ground wholly.

The Tree of Life in the Light also has the role of preaching truths of the Heaven and knowledge of the Cosmos in the grounds via direct communication with the Heaven to help uplift of the human consciousness.

The Tree of Life in the Light has been established for the Light Workers to help them awakening, to let them recall their cosmic status, to let them know their roles and missions and to serve as the spiritual center for them.  

The Tree of Life in the Light is opening a Cosmic School Program to reveal actual details of the invisible Heaven and the great principle of the Cosmos through communicating with the Heaven and providing the accumulated texts and learning materials.

In the Cosmic School Program, you could study and learn knowledge of the universe by the guide of using new spiritual texts which have never been heard before and are revolutionary shocking.

The texts which are offered in the Cosmic School Program will be difficult and unfamiliar for the public and religious people to accept and understand.

The Tree of Life in the Light shall be the spiritual harbor for the few awakened Light Workers who could endure and bear burdens of life and truths. But our journey is challenging, threatening and painful. This is because we are asserting termination of the material civilizations and preparing for ascension of the Earth in peaceful periods.

The human races shall suffer from the natural disasters and social convulsions which have never been experienced before.

The Tree of Life in the Light is preparing for the catastrophes and awakening the Light Workers. Now we are living in the epoch which all the prophets had tried to warn and predict. Now we know it is coming.

Udeka shall start the Great Journey of the Cosmos on this Earth to open up the new 7th cycle of the Cosmos and to pioneer the new Heaven and Earth together with only the handful ones who are hearing voices of the Heaven and know the wills of the God.

The truth will set you free.

Now it is the moment of tuning up that the lost Heaven will be reclaimed to the mankind and the Heaven trapped in the religions will be back to the original one.

But please don’t be too naive to believe that the contorted Heaven will be given back to the mankind so easily.

So many people will be gone in the course of natural disasters, not knowing the reason why.

Only after suffering from so many pains, heart-breaks and partings…

Only after getting through the pure naked face of the Heaven…

Only after experiencing how the Heaven, which the mankind has known an believed, is distorted, polluted and destroyed…

The human race shall start to grant the new Heaven, Earth and Cosmos.

To the Light Workers who have been living on this planet of banishment, bearing the Cross of the Cosmos, holding their breaths…

To the ones who could hear sounds of the Golden Trumpet, which is blown to muster the Light Workers in accordance with their timeline…

The Tree of Life in the Light shall be the oasis of desert for the Light Workers.

The true meaning of the Cross is the intercommunication between the Heaven and the Ground. To manifest and realize the wills of the Heaven in this Ground soundly.

For the Light Workers who have come here beyond the Cross of their lives, bearing the Cross of the Cosmos…

It is The Tree of Life in the Light that the Heaven has prepared in its own way with nobody knowing and prevising.

As such shall be it.
As such was done it.

May 26, 2016
Udeka writes.

The Analysis of the Inter-Dimensional Spaces of the Planet Earth

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