25. Universe in a viewpoint of vibrational frequency

Everything in this universe – material and non-material – can be represented as volume of energy or brightness of light.  We might describe it as vibrational frequency.

The universe is power game, and the energy of higher vibrational frequency can contain and accept the lower one. It is the Law of Energy by which the universe circulates in harmony and balance with the energy of love, mercy and compassion. Not with opposition and struggle. This is the term Udeka prefers to use when he tries to express the principle of the universe in terms of energy.

The creation of universe proceeds from high to low vibrational frequency. The creation and change of universe is also like that. Differentiation and expansion also goes from high to low vibrational frequency. The light energy of love, mercy and compassion spread out in the form of service. This is the creation and evolution of universe.

The expansion of consciousness is made from low to high vibrational frequency, and so are the evolution of spirit and soul. The unification of spirit and soul is called “being ONENESS with higher-self”, “enlightenment” or “becoming a Buddha”.

The history of universe is the journey of spirit – spiritually differentiated from the Creator – who leaves for finding its universal parents, from low to high vibrational frequency.

To experience the world of low vibrational frequency, Udeka and you came down here the Earth which is located in Nebadon universe, the outer area of universe, wearing the clothes of soul. We are taking a journey of spiritual evolution from the world of low vibrational frequency to high.

To make a leap from low vibrated material-world (world in darkness-matrix) to high vibrated 5th dimensional light-world and to increase the vibrational frequency of the earth, there are mission holders dispatched from the universe with high consciousness, whom we call “the Light-Workers or the Light-Warriors”.

The soul-consciousness is in the domain of lower vibrational frequency in comparison with the spirit-consciousness, which cause various kinds of side effects by desires and adherences of human beings. We call these side effects “Ego”, or “Negativeness”.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Taejo. Edited by Metrica


The breathing of the Creator: phermiah energy

A life is just a breath. When the inhalation breath can’t be breathed out, life must die, and this is the fate of all livings. The being of life realizes consciousness. A life emits energy of life-force, and this is called ‘life-force energy’. As life-force energy expands, aura-energy is formed.

All things in the world were created by the Creator. In this creation, the energy of ‘phermion’ was used. Phermion is the love energy of the Creator. Phermion belongs to the world of elementary particle, and has the negative charge.

Phermion is invisible and the most primitive energy that compose of all matters. Phermion is symbol of the Creator’s love energy. The saying that the universe was created by Love is rooted in the fact that all matters are composed by phermion. The words that the divinity of the Creator is pervasive in all things also reflect that all things are composed by phermion.

Phermion energy is the basic stuffs with which the Creator creates all things. On the other hand, the Creator’s energy of positive characteristics emits from ‘the Tree of Life in the Light’ in 18th dimensional Paradise. This light is called ‘the Light of the Creator’s Divinity', which grows up all lives in the universe. This light is in charge by the Creator in 17th level of 18th dimension, who is known as ‘alpha’ in Bible, ‘Nosana Buddha’ in Buddhist scriptures and ‘the Infinite Spirit’ in universe.

When phermion energy (negative, -) is combined with 'the Light of the Creator’s Divinity' (positive, +), phermiah energy is generated. In the tradition of oriental wisdom, this phermiah energy has been called ‘Jung(精; the pure and primitive energy)’. The color of phermiah energy is white which represents the light of the Creator. This phermiah energy forms the first layer of aura-field which is nearest to the physical body. When phermiah energy is full in body, then the life could fully enjoy its greatest pleasure.

This is the circulation principle of the great universe, and the reason that the great universe exists in the Creator’s love. As ‘the Light of the Creator’s Divinity’ is delivered and spread over the life-energy continuously everywhere in universe, with being amplified by the great pyramid, the great universe can proceed in order and be operated without any errors.

When a life can’t receive ‘the Light of the Creator’s Divinity’, the life can’t form ‘Jung’. Then the life can’t maintain its life and finally can’t help dying. Likewise, when a planet and star can’t receive this light, the planet and star will stop their evolution and finally will lose their lights.

All beings that have life and all beings that possess consciousness are always accompanied by:

◆ the Creator’s love (= the Creator = phermion) 
◆ the Creator’s breath (= Alpha = the Light of the Creator’s Divinity) 
◆ the Holiness of life (= Omega) 

As it is the right time for revealation, I, Udeka, inform the truth of universe to the ones and lightworkers who are being awakened.

October 4, 2016.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Yeoyeo. Edited by Metrica.


The journey of spirit into the material world

What do you think of the reason that spirit takes the journey of spirit-soul with wearing physical body as clothes? All beings that belong to the Supervisory group in the Government of Heaven or that belong to the Supervisory groups in 13th ~ 15th dimensional world (the world of Tae-Geuk) or in 16th ~ 18th dimensional world (the world of Moo-Geuk) exist in the form of energy. Also, the higher-selves exist in the energy-form. What spirits exist in the form of energy is not such a romantic situation as mankind generally thinks about it.

What spirit exists in the form of energy means that spirit doesn’t sleep, nor eats any food, nor has any cares and anxieties. Spirit exists within the limit of range which is programmed in the though adjustor and fulfills the programmed contents. As such, spirit might be compared to computer’s program and also to artificial intelligence which is more excellent and outstanding than Alpago, further more beyond comparison.

Spirit is lifeless, and so spirit can exist forever in the form of energy. The reason why spirit chooses journey into the material world with wearing physical body as an overcoat is that only beings which possess life could realize the consciousness of high level and make a creation of high level. Also, it is because spirit could learn the creation principle of universe more quickly.

All spirits are allowed to experience all things which the Creator has created through the journey of spirit-soul and experiencing the world of materials. Certainly, this is the blessing time granted by the Creator. This is why spirit-souls do experience the materials, the cosmic school for material-experience is needed, and Heaven is operating various material based planets.

The cosmic school is where lots of spirits having various hierarchies of consciousness experience the materials in multi-dimensional space like the planet Earth, with removing their cosmic rank insignia and gathering into one place. The journey of spirit-souls is that spirit – which is advanced intelligence and energy-form – experiences various worlds of 1st ~ 18th dimension which the Creator has spread and the whole procedures of consciousness implementation from low to high level, with wearing physical body as an overcoat.

Spirit-souls learn the creation principle of universe, through sense, emotion and free will. The universe is the world of various energies. Experiencing and controlling various energies in universe, spirit-soul is on the track of being an energy alchemist. Emotion, mind and consciousness are energy. Dislike, hatred, love and compassion are also energy.

Like this, everything is eventually energy. You are born here, the planet Earth, to learn the technique of managing and controlling energy, just at your own level of consciousness. During the process of learning in life which is the crucible of energy, you are suffering from hardness and getting exhausted more and more, but you are the great being of spirit-soul.

The material world is spread out from 1st to 11th dimension. To experience the material world, spirit needs material clothes to wear, which is called ‘Baek’. Also spirit needs the soul-energy to experience the world of materials with limited life, restricted consciousness and limited emotion and sense. The journey of spirit-soul means that a spirit experience the world of materials – which are spread from 1st dimension to 11th dimension by the Creator – just together with soul and baek. In this way, spirit should complete process of experiencing and learning all things created by the Creator. This is the fate of spirit, and at the same time is the rule of universe.

For your easy understanding, let’s take an example. In the beginning of the second cycle of this universe, two spirits are born at the same time in the world of 1st level of 14th dimension, and simultaneously are bestowed the though adjustor by the Creator. The one spirit chooses to start its spirit-soul’s journey from experiencing elements or minerals in 1st dimensional world and ascend gradually dimension by dimension. We call this type of spirit as ‘ascending spirit’ in universe.

The other spirit chooses to start its role of service as member of the Supervisory group in 14th dimensional 1st level with existing in energy-form, and also run parallel with applying the program of material experiencing while doing service as the Supervisory group. This spirit is called ‘descending spirit’ in universe.  

Now, at the point of March 1, 2016, when it is the beginning time of the 7th cycle of this universe, let’s compare these two spirits’ degree of evolutions after 5 cosmic cycles had passed. The results are as follows: The ‘ascending spirit’ has evolved to 3rd level of 12th dimension, with experiencing all processes spread by the Creator, in dimension by dimension. On the contrary, the ‘descending spirit’ has evolved to 15th level of 14th dimension from 1st level of 14th dimension. This result shows that the evolving of ‘ascending spirit’ is faster than that of ‘descending spirit’. This is the reason why spirit does experience or prefers to experience the materials.

And then the ‘ascending spirit’ will start its journey from 3rd level of 12th dimension in 7th cycle of this universe. As the level and dimension go up, the spirit has to learn the intrinsic course of each level and dimension, and should comply with the processes of universe.

By the way, the ‘descending spirit’ has to run parallel with completing the spirit-soul’s learning course from 1st to 13th dimensional world, while learning intrinsic processes in 14th dimensional world. The distinction between ‘ascending spirit’ and ‘descending spirit’ is meaningless in bigger perspectives and it is a just simple discrimination. Only the evolving path of spirit-soul is different.

Spirit-soul who chooses the evolutionary journey of experiencing the world of materials is given more incentives, and this is the general law of universe. This is because exploring and learning the world of materials is difficult and challenging for spirit-souls. In the beginning of the planet Earth history, 2.5 million years ago, there was the Creator’s promise that spirit-souls who chose the spirit-soul’s journey in Earth could evolve by 3 levels or more.

For example, the yellow-colored spirit-soul could evolve from 10th dimensional 5th level to 10th dimensional 8th level. But, in general if the yellow-colored spirit-soul is to evolve by 3 levels, about 4.5 million years (in Earth time) is needed:

 10th dimensional 5th level → 10th dimensional 6th level: 1.2 million years
 10th dimensional 6th level → 10th dimensional 7th level: 1.5 million years
 10th dimensional 7th level → 10th dimensional 8th level: 1.8 million years

When the hard, tough and long times of 2.5 million years in this Earth have passed, all spirit-souls who had been implanted into Earth will be evaluated. The Terra-project had started 2.5 million years ago. The brave spirit-souls – who believed the Creator’s commitment that the participation in Terra-project could shorten the evolutionary time by 2 million years and more – volunteered for life in this Earth.

All spirit-souls – who had been implanted into Earth where the material-matrix was installed strongly with difficulty level 12 times higher than other material planets – have been living with their bests just for their spiritual evolution without knowing anything. And now the Terra-project is coming to an end.

Only the Earth’s dimensional ascension remains in the last timeline. All the spirits – who are the energy-form in Heaven and have been helping or watching mankind – are envying us who have lived dramatically and dynamically for experiencing all things with wearing physical body in Earth. This is the cosmic meaning of old proverbs that this world (the visible world) is better than the afterlife (the invisible world) even though the lives are so humble.

As the spirit is older, or in the higher dimension, the spirit has been given enough times of experiencing all things created by the Creator. The precedent spirits who had experienced ahead should take the role of servicing for younger spirits and spirit-souls who had been born late. ‘The descending spirit-souls’ are given a name of ‘lightworkers’ by Heaven, because they have to go the way of guider or servant as being a teacher of spirit-soul or a cosmic senior.

Now, the era of lightworkers has begun. The lightworkers are being prepared and trained as servants or guiders with sincere hearts, without knowing their surrounding energies and with surrounded by these energies.

Good luck to all of lightworkers.

As such shall it be.
As such is it supposed to be.
As such was it done.

August 28, 2016.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Yeoyeo. Edited by Metrica.


24. enlightenmnet is being aware and noticing

The worst illusion and obsession by human is those about enlightenment. So most people believe that the best way to enlightenment is self-discipline which varies from abusing one’s body such as self-mortification, practicing mudra and mantra all day, meditating by lotus position, to seeking samadhi.

The illusion for enlightenment was expanded and reproduced by various religions and meditation. It was inherited and spread out by Buddhists and Taoists in the East.

South Korea is the leading country in that there are so many people who tend to behave like guru and seek enlightenment. But, it is difficult to find a real guru and someone whose 12 chakra system is enlightened, even though there are lots of Buddhists and Taoists for enlightenment and truth.

Still so many people tend to think that for enlightenment they have to discard and sacrifice something and need special asceticism. They agonize over to find the best method for enlightenment.

There are still lots of Taoists who seek to find the best place where they could receive the best quality of Ki (氣; Chi, Pure Energy). For that purpose, many people wander away to find the mountains or places where they could pray and meditate for enlightenment.

Stop-thinking is an effective method that could control negative thoughts and ego energy by oneself. But more fundamental way is to discard the belief that you have to realize and to abandon the desire for enlightenment. Without any prejudice and illusoin for enlightenment, simply change your consciousness about enlightenment and expand your viewpoint.

Enlightenment could not be obtained by my desire that I want to be awakened. Someone might need 3 years, others might need 10 years to notice this lesson. For someone 30 years might be too short to realize this. Many people are just spending times with lotus posture and meditating for 60 years for enlightenment, but don’t realize the futility of those efforts.

The greatest enlightenment is to stop thinking that they have to be awakened and they want to be enlightened. And simply realizing and noticing that the universe exists in ONENESS. Nevertheless, many people still ask how to realize enlightenment and what kind of asceticism or meditation to seek. Enlightenment is nothing but noticing and awareness which is realized every moment when our consciousness expands.

The best self-teaching is to stop thinking and desire that we have to be awakened, to feel by heart that everything in the world is just myself, to exist every moment with gratitude and purity, and to notice that my consciousness is being awakened every moment . 

My presence creates me and universe every moment by my free-will. Few people notice that my presence is newly created every moment.
Do you still want to go into a cave or to Buddhist temple for enlightenment? Do you still think that you are not yet awakened by lack of time for asceticism? Do you think if you say your prayers at dawn, pray by making a sound, recite the sutras with lotus posture, you could be enlightened through winning the hearts of Heaven?

*Translated by Jeopalge. Edited by Metrica.


47. Attitude to face ghost

The invisible world controls and coordinates the visible world. During reading the messages of “Spiritual world” written by Udeka, you probably will come to realize Plato’s thought, “the visible world is the one imitated from the invisible world” is not the thing in vain.

It is the feature of universe that if the visible world is one, the invisible world is one hundred. The true meaning of the phrase “all the existing things are phantom” is that the visible is just the world which I feel and judge with my five senses. It advises us to figure out that all the knowledges prior to understanding the invisible world, are merely in vain.

Although the world of ghost is also invisible world, it is the order of invisible world arising from mankind’s mind or body. And it is the leading edge education system introduced by Heaven to make mankind learn the spiritual world, experience the variety of emotional richness, and solve each other’s karma.

The world of ghost is the world of lower light spectrum in 4th dimensional astral world. The 3rd dimensional material world is like an obstacle race to pass through the 4th dimensional matrix of darkness which were installed by the Brothers in Darkness of Heaven.

From the prospect of human evolution course, the 4th dimensional matrix of darkness given to spirit-souls living in the 3rd dimensional world are the required classes to take, which are installed in common to all over the universe.

The ghost is not the being from different world, but the one who is the specialist group having already gone through human’s material experiences. The ghost also might be my colleague, my friend, my wife or husband, my family and neighborhood having various kinds of experiences.

Viewing in the bigger frame of spirit-soul’s evolution, we should not forget that they are the special envoy dispatched to help my growth at the required time for change.

Ghosts are normally in the role to teach the ascending spirit-souls and they are under strict control of heaven. You need to keep in mind that they neither go away by exorcism nor step back until he/she (a spirit-soul) fills love in his/her heart or they (ghosts) achieve the aim of their visiting.

From time to time, unexpectedly if a thought unusual or abnormal arises in my mind, you need to grasp it quickly. At a moment to think why I’m doing this way…, why I’m thinking or feeling this way…, what’s up with me…, while looking back my life and my consciousness, you need to take a look into the purity in your mind, the emotions to be dissolved, and the covert desires which is not yet realized.

Try to talk to yourself with positive mind, love, faithfulness and sincerity. Because “learning” is to be free of adherence, to be empty, and to flower in the garden of our mind, no matter how strong ghost or Satan are, they cannot defeat the mind which is transparently vacant.

You should know that you can’t overcome them by the way of resisting, of being avaricious, of complaining or increasing your desire. Please keep taking a step forward while believing in yourself, loving yourself and relying on yourself.

Have a warm heart to others. Have a good mind to let myself and others stay well. Let your mind be free away from border between you and I. Keep your mind vacant, and maintain it all the time rather than a moment. You need to talk with them like friend, to ask them for easy treating, to share your mind to express appreciation, sorry for painful serving.

Once having such a room and richness in mind, you will finish the course of learning with ghost. Such a rare guest is the ghost teacher. Although Udeka team can talk with the ghost teachers visiting you, Udeka would like to support them rather than you.

Because it is the road of completing it only by yourself, Udeka would like to support you who are even not knowing their visiting and reading this article. We wish you to go well with them, to pass through the course and to do everything well in the end.

We would like to appreciate all of you for reading this “Spiritual world” series so far.

February 9, 2015.
Udeka wries.
*Traslated by Taejo. Edited by Metrica.


23. Spirit-consciousness and soul-consciousness (2)

Our spirits are under evolution with the experience of the material world during so many lives. On the contrary, soul-consciousness makes negativity and karma, which are accumulated as the type of emotional form. The accumulated emotional form is stored in each cell of our body as the type of black shine and is connected to the next life.

Soul-consciousness is represented as the emotional form of negativity and the ego which is manifested as fear. We roll two wheels of soul-consciousness, which are fear and negativity, living in the consciousness of deficiency of materials.

Sometimes familiarity is convenient, but negativity and ego are never separated from me. Because those are always with me, it is a very difficult process that I previse and notice the negativity and ego of emotional form in soul-consciousness, as a consciousness locked in a matrix is difficult to be awakened.

It is difficult that people – who live today like yesterday and tomorrow like today repeatedly – know their negativity and notice that the source of negativity is their soul-consciousness. It is also difficult that we grasp the negativity and ego embedded in someone's soul-consciousness before they do social aberration and unusual behaviors.

We can't notice and previse without consciousness-awakening. As spirit-consciousness monitors and objectify soul-consciousness, self-teaching is the skill which passes the fear energies of negativity and ego - which are twisted, tangled, and distorted - with relaxing, soothing, understanding, loving, and keeping whenever negativities arise.

The ultimate of self-teaching is a consciousness-awakening. The self-teaching not based on a consciousness-awakening is to strengthen another Ego and has a high possibility to be deceived by the various camouflage of ego. Please understand that consciousness-awakening is the process that spirit-consciousness monitor, lead and do self-teaching soul-consciousness.

June 27, 2015.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Buchae-Dosa. Edited by Metrica.


46. Conversion to the Light : Saying good-bye to the Brothers in Darkness

The hardship of ghost or angels in darkness is the course as painful as not to be described well. While accompanying human for long time and having indirect experience of human’s life, they perform their roles to make human’s emotion rich, to make human’s life be distorted against one’s will, sometimes to make human’s life hard or fully blocked, or to put human’s life in the course of harsh situation in order to make it flower from the muds of life.

As a colleague having indirect experience of your life, as a guide leading the way of your life, as a harsh spiritual instructor pushing your learning toward light, as a servant already having gone through the course of learning toward light, as an actor taking villains’ role, the ghost and angel in darkness are the beings taking various roles. They conduct various missions for the spirit-souls traveling in 3rd dimensional material world.

Ghosts are being in the 4th dimensional spiritual world and are supervised by the 4th dimensional divine world. The angels in darkness mainly belong to the Government of Heaven in the 6th dimension, and are directed by the Higher-Committee of Heaven in the 8th dimension.

As energy-form they are doing their missions as volunteer to serve the mankind traveling in 3rd dimensional material world. They exist with the unique waves and keep well cooperated relations without any collisions and conflict.

Their visiting is set for 30 to 50 years in the case of a long way course, or set for a few days in the case of a short way course. There are some cases that their own group spirit-souls serve them as ghost or angels in darkness, or that their own family members, friends or colleagues do.

When the Brothers in Darkness get back to Heaven after finishing their missions for very long and painful years, they leave us with their own features recovered as the bright light or angel’s light, taking off the looks like a snake, a cobra, a witch, a horned goat, a bat, a scorpion or a trident.

Despite staying as energy-form, even though their parting is not like that between humans, they leave us while presenting deep sorrow, regret, appreciation, and pity. Listening to their advising words, we naturally come to feel that all things in universe are connected together in love, are connected as the ONENESS and come to realize their sincere efforts serving as energy-form.

Because there are just a handful of people to be able to talk with them, “the Story of Ghost” introduced by Udeka is not easy to understand or to accept. But it will be a common sense to everybody when mankind’s consciousness is enlightened and when the earth is new-born as the light. By taking this opportunity, Udeka would like to appreciate all the beings for their painful efforts while accompanying the mankind.

We are the one in the ONENESS consciousness.

January 30, 2015.
Udeka writes.

*Translated by Taejo. Edited by Metrica.


The operating policy of “the Tree of Life in the Light”

“The Tree of Life in the Light” is not an organization of commercial purpose, neither aiming for increasing the number of members.

“The Tree of Life in the Light” will wake up the consciousness of lightworkers, and will tell the truths to the mankind who are helpless and enraged in their losing of all things, in the center of Earth’s ascension when they can’t see anything beyond their noses.

The truths are associated with the followings; what’s going on now, why this is happening, why ever Heaven is being like this, why Heaven has to do this, and what Heaven has to do, and so on. And “the Tree of Life in the Light” will guide mankind. These are the missions of “the Tree of Life in the Light”.

“The Tree of Life in the Light” will let persons who are angry against Heaven be outraged continuously as still they are, and also will let persons who blames against Heaven blame unceasingly as still they do. “The Tree of Life in the Light” will open its very strait gate to only persons who are ready to hear with their own hearts and sincerity, who are knocking with their opened-heart, and who are ready to accept the new truth.

“The Tree of Life in the Light” must fulfill missions of building and operating the PEFA (Protective Energy-Field Area) which is essential procedure in Earth’s dimensional ascension that will start in full-scale along with straightening up of the tilted Earth’s axis. The training sessions here will be focused on persons who have roles or missions of building and operating PEFA, through choice and concentration.

This is because we are not allowed for much time to be left for us to train them once the change begins. So the entrance will be limited strictly to such persons who have no serious problems to fulfill their roles and missions of lightworker even if they don’t come to “the Tree of Life in the Light”.

“The Tree of Life in the Light” will determine thoroughly the persons who should not come and who do not need to come, through our own evaluation criteria and guidance from Heaven. The strait gate of “the Tree of Life in the Light” will be opened to only persons who must come here.

“The Tree of Life in the Light” is not an organism that pursues its own interests. “The Tree of Life in the Light” trains at least the middle managers among the lightworkers. “The Tree of Life in the Light” is not the place where anybody could come here only if they want.

Also, the lightworkers can’t be the title that anybody could be only if they just want to be. “The Tree of Life in the Light” is the place where destined persons must come here inevitably and this shall be done by Heaven.

Not coming to “the Tree of Life in the Light” doesn’t mean not being the lightworkers.

Being the lightworkers doesn’t mean that they must come to “the Tree of Life in the Light”.

Whether they come to “the Tree of Life in the Light” or not, whatever they do anywhere, the lightworkers are the lightworkers.

Wherever you are, whatever you do, you, lightworkers, suffice to do your own job silently, with believing in the invisible Heaven and believing in your own higher-self.

Please don’t knock “the Tree of Life in the Light”, simply to avoid fear and awe, just to save your life, or just to satisfy your ego. Only the persons who are destined by Heaven will come to “the Tree of Life in the Light”, with hearing their own inner voices, by feeling of their inner minds, by guidance of their higher-selves, or by hearing Heaven.

So manty related organizations will join “The Tree of Life in the Light” once the changes begin. The prepared lecturers will be dispatched to the outside organizations. Only the representatives or the leading groups in their organizations will be trained selectively in “the Tree of Life in the Light”, and then they will spread out their learnings after returning to their organizations. This way is inevitable and effective method to train or to wake up the destined persons, considering that there is not enough time to be left to us.

The reason why recruiting for new members is not be taken before the changes come is that “the Tree of Life in the Light” can’t impose a burden of both truth and life – which the lightworkers should bear – to the new members who are knowing nothing, considering that the changes have not come yet.

The road of lightworkers is not easy, and also is not wearing an armband and showing off. It is the way to go with throwing away everything they have. So, we, “the Tree of Life in the Light”, can’t impose a heavy burden on new members before the time has come.

The lightworkers who are desired by Heaven are as followings.

The lightworkers are not just someone’s son, daughter, father or mother.

The lightworkers are not someone’s friend, brother, younger brother, or elder sister.

The lightworkers are not someone’s wife, husband or somebody. The lightworkers are just heavenly beings who do Heaven’s work.

The lightworkers are Heaven’s soldiers, and so they should obey only Heaven’s orders. Ignoring and forgetting all individual relations of present material world, closing their hearts, they must go with their own beliefs and obedience to Heaven, with their own free wills. Like this, the way of lightworkers is very hard and painful.

This is the required level of consciousness which the lightworkers should have. Please don’t knock “the Tree of Life in the Light”, just to solve fear and fright, just to save life, just to satisfy ego. We, “the Tree of Life in the Light”, will verify and judge the visitors thoroughly and deeply, and also will evaluate them fairly and impartially.

Good luck to all of the lightworkers.

As such shall it be.
As such is it supposed to be.
As such was it done.

October 5, 2016.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Yeoyeo. Edited by Metrica.


45. Matrix of light(Higher-self - Alpha and Omega)

Human beings who live in the 3rd dimensional material world have their higher-selves in the 4th dimension.
The energy field of aura, which is the evidence of that said above, is composed of 7 energy layers.
A human clone doesn't have the energy of aura.

My 1st higher-self who live in the 4th dimension is the first causer making to exist me.
He is always with me and also feels more than 80 percents of my emotion, thought, and consciousness.
When we pursue enlightenment and talks with the inner self, we are practicing hard asceticism, prayer and meditation to communicate with our higher-selves.

I can't die and exist without the help of my higher-self.
When ghosts, Satan and Devils in Heaven visit me, the most painful beings is the higher-self and the spirit-souls who entered my body.
Guide angels, dragons and guardian-divines are also painful.
For the case of persons who have the 2nd or 3rd higher-self, the higher-selves feel about 50 percent of your emotion and pain

Your higher-self is at the paramount of the light matrix.
I who live in the 3rd dimension with free-will have all responsibility and decision.
However, my spiritual sovereign is ultimately my higher-self.
The first higher-self have an effect from the second one and the third one communicate with the second one.
They are adjusting the fate of Avatars living in the 3rd dimensional material body.

The higher-selves are the commanders who supervise the play of life through adjustment between Government of Heaven and spirit-soul in order to perform the program of life well.
They are always under adjustment with Government of Heaven.
They help the evolution of our spirit-souls improve our life under adjustment up to small parts in large boundary, as a cycle of 5 year on the spiritual problem and a cycle of 7 year on the physical problem.

They play a role to request the visit of ghost, Satan, or Brothers in darkness at the Government of Heaven for the evolution and studying of spirit-souls and the dramatic experience and life.
There are nothing to arise without the agreement of your higher-self.

My higher-self can never separate from me.
He leads my journey of the 3rd dimensional life through the best way under communication of my spirit-soul.
He have the right to revise my program under communication with the Government of Heaven.
He help me perform my program to be designed when you are born as well.
My higher-self is my beginning and end.
He is also an invisible hand which plays a role of Alpha and Omega.

Udeka writes.

Translated by Buchaedosa.


44. Abortion and ghost

It is never easy that woman lives in the material world. Homo-sapiens is made of four genes such as the Carians (bird-man), the fishes, the mammals (Ju-ryu; all lives capable of running) and “Gap-ryu” (all lives having hard-shelled backs).

Because the cerebral cortex of Homo-sapiens stores a reptilian gene of Gap-ryu and reveals its characteristics, there are the structural characteristics which reveal violence, sex impulsivity, and aggression in the unbalanced state with other energies, especially excessive state of man energy.

Especially, the northern hemisphere is a place where energy unbalance is severe. This is because male superiority is conspicuous and capitalism is developed in this place.

Living as the underdog economically, psychologically, and religiously in life, woman cannot help but be daunted with holding internal sickness in their deep minds. Unstable psychological state brings about a chronic stomach disorder which is representative disease for woman.

To make a multi-dimensional Earth, to insert various cultures to the Earth, to allow various coexistence and collisions of civilizations and cultures, to provide matrix smoothly between ruler and subjects, to perform the special duty in the planet of Earth as a crucible to solve various problems arising in the universe, women in Earth are designed to be pregnant easily. In this context, problems on pregnancy and abortion emerge naturally.

Woman cannot help but play a role of the weaker and victim in an excess sexual urge of man, by commoditization of sexuality, and abortion problems arising with development in medical technology.

The abortion scale is so huge that someone says, “More spirits than the number of new babies disappear in the hospital.”

It is approximately 16 percent that spirits of fetus occupy in their mommy's tummy. It is about 67 percent that spirits enter their bodies just before birth. It is 17 percent that most spirits enter their bodies after birth.

It is a general case that spirit enters body after birth for higher dimensional spirit. Baek enters the body first. And then spirit and soul enter the body together or soul enters first and spirit later.

It is usual that spirit enters body early for younger spirits. In the case of abortion, there is no damage of spirit as the spirit – who entered body before abortion – leaves early.

These facts will become the clues to solve problems regarding to abortion and prenatal education. Considering all these, the programs are in progress as easy pregnant women in Earth.

Woman's guilt and responsibility regarding to abortion is a hard and difficult process although it is different a little bit in accordance with her social consciousness. Woman couldn't be free from negative energies coming from the social consciousness regarding to pregnancy, delivery, and sex. Man couldn't be also free from those.

Fear, horror, regret, and sense of frustration, which is the emotional body composed of negativity with guilt, are stored as ego.

At a crucial moment, those prevent people from expanding their consciousness and emerge as the energy preventing their growth and catching up with them. This is the negativity and the main energy of people's personalities.

When your consciousness expands with abundant love and you feel the fear and sense of frustration with your reduced consciousness, so many ghost matrices are installed and the abortion ghost exist to brush out this negative ego energy.

Women remember them as large as she goes burying in her heart. They are latent in her heart and unconsciousness for a long time. Abortion ghost and fetus ghost appear when the time is right and brush out.

I am studying through the ghosts to brush out the sense of frustration stored in my ego and the negative energies. When I trust myself, I love myself, and I lean on me, real I won the fight of ego and there is a service of ghosts in the process.

Not someone out there but myself only comfort me For forgiveness, the first thing is that I forgive me.

For love, the first thing is that I love me. For truth, the first thing is that I trust me. This state makes you free from the ghost matrix and awakes bigger me inside me. In order to awake your bigger I today, all ghosts do their best.

November 28, 2014
Udeka writes.

Translated by Buchaedosa.


22. Understanding how Heaven works

Subtle feeling,
which is the language of spirit-soul,
is the tool of communication with higher-self.
It is the language of higher dimension
and the means of communication between Heaven and Ground.

The inner conversation or
rising inspiration and words
may come up
without chakra awakening or invisible antenna.
When certain chakras are activated or
invisible antennas are installed temporarily,
we may hear the voice of Heaven
or see the holograms.
Through a dream, we may get inspirations and messages.

Without consciousness awakening or
enlightenment of chakra system,
communication with Heaven or higher-self may incur a number of risks.
It makes our bodies tired and exhausted.
To be worse, it may cause serious illness and side effects.
The work of Heaven is the same as the work of Ground,
in that nothing is free.
Please don’t forget that
without desperate efforts or paying reasonable price,
having a special ability is very dangerous.

Without the law of cause and effect,
nothing happens in this universe.
In the Ground, there are law and order of the Ground.
Heaven has its own rules.
Everything proceeds in accordance with the principle of love,
which is the rule and order of universe.
Please don’t forget it.

Just like a little child asking his mom the impossible,
however you ask Heaven something impossible,
blame Heaven,
play baby to Heaven,
and whine to Heaven,
but nothing is going to work.

Without awakening of consciousness,
self-teaching, stop-thinking, and brushing out negativities
have obvious limitations.
Nevertheless, if we are satisfied with little achievements,
the arrogance that
we are the rulers of our emotions and negativities
and we are the masters of stop-thinking
could emerge.

The essence of self-teaching and stop-thinking is
getting out of a small fence called myself
and shortening the distance
between individual consciousness (“my universe”)
and ONENESS-consciousness (“the great universe”).

When we are awakened,
self-teaching expands the meaning
as the inner path to meet higher-self.

If we want to do so,
in advance we have to understand how Heaven works.
To learn and be aware of how Heaven works,
we are experiencing this material world.
Please get a hint of it.

Stop negative thoughts. 
Block negative thoughts and consciousness to appear as acting. 
Make ‘Big I’ in me rule ‘Little I’ in me. 
As ‘Big I’ in me, understand how Heaven works. 
Life changes every moment. 
Even though it seems life deceives me, 
the essence of universe is connected to 
the ONENESS-consciousness as the ONE. 
Please be aware of it. 

Being awakened every moment,
have gratitude and appreciation
for all the beings
who are doing their bests
to make universe and nature go in order.
It is the purity of people
who are on the right track of self-teaching.
Please be aware of that.

*Translated by BB. Edited by Metrica.


The Creator is evolving by itself

The universe spread out by the Creator’s energy. The 18th dimension is the world of the Creators. Before everything in universe is created, the Creator differentiated its energy and spread out the 18th dimension into 18 levels just to direct the great universe. God, the Lord, or the Father, which is commonly referred to in our lives, means the Creator in 18th level of 18th dimension. We might call this being as God, the Source Creator, or simply the Creator.

In the beginning, the Creator differentiated its energy into 5 band of different vibrational frequency.

The First (18th Dimension – 18th Level): the Creator, alternatively the Source Creator
▶ The purest and highest energy
▶ Origin of the DAN(檀) Tribes
▶ Origin of the First Great Spirit in 16th dimension
▶ Origin of the Archangel Gabriel in 14th dimension
▶ Origin of the Gabriel archangel in 12th dimension
▶ In Buddhism, Birojanabul(毘盧遮那佛; Vairochana Buddha, the Buddha of Cosmic Energy, or the Wisdom of the Universal Law) or Maitreya(The Bodhisattva of Future Buddha) means the Creator.

The Second (18th Dimension – 17th Level): the Infinite Spirit
▶ It represents the Light
▶ It supervises the light of “the Tree of Life” in the Paradise
▶ It is in charge of the Photon Light
▶ In Bible, it is described as “the Alpha”
▶ In Buddhism, it is known as Nosanabul(盧舍那佛; Sambhogakaya or the Body of Pure Light)
▶ One of the Paradise Trinity (the Infinite Spirit, Universal Father, Eternal Mother)
▶ Origin of the Second Great Spirit in 16th dimension
▶ Origin of the Archangel Michael in 14th dimension
▶ Origin of the Michael archangel in 12th dimension

The Third (18th Dimension – 16th Level): the Universal Father
▶ It represents the Masculine of universe
▶ It takes the role of the Intermediate
▶ One of the Paradise Trinity (the Infinite Spirit, Universal Father, Eternal Mother)
▶ Origin of the Third Great Spirit in 16th dimension
▶ Origin of the Archangel Zadkiel in 14th dimension
▶ Origin of the Zadkiel archangel in 12th dimension

The Fourth (18th Dimension – 15th Level): the Omega
▶ It represents the Darkness
▶ In Bible, it is described as “the Omega”
▶ Origin of the Fourth Great Spirit in 16th dimension
▶ Origin of the Archangel Uriel in 14th dimension
▶ Origin of the Uriel archangel in 12th dimension

The Fifth (18th Dimension – 14th Level): the Eternal Mother
▶ It represents the Feminine of universe
▶ It represents the Love, Charity and Mercy
▶ One of the Paradise Trinity (the Infinite Spirit, Universal Father, Eternal Mother)
▶ Origin of the Fifth Great Spirit in 16th dimension
▶ Origin of the Archangel Haniel in 14th dimension
▶ Origin of the Haniel archangel in 12th dimension

From the Sixth Creator, the previous big five energies are combined to create various hierarchies of the Creators. They represents the Highest Supervisor Group who manage and direct the Supervisor Groups in the Great Universe. They are also created for the variety and diversity of universe. The principle of creation is as follows.

The Sixth (18th Dimension – 13th Level): the Galaxy Infinite Ruler
▶ It is created by the combination of the First (the Creator) and Second (the Infinite Spirit)
▶ Origin of the Sixth Great Spirit in 16th dimension
▶ Origin of the Archangel Metatron in 14th dimension

The Seventh (18th Dimension – 12th Level): The Trinitized Secret of Supremacy
▶ It is created by the combination of the First (the Creator) and Third (the Universal Father)
▶ Origin of the Seventh Great Spirit in 16th dimension
▶ Origin of the Archangel Samuel in 14th dimension

The Eighth (18th Dimension – 11th Level): The Eternal of Days
▶ It is created by the combination of the First (the Creator) and Fifth (the Eternal Mother)
▶ Origin of the Eighth Great Spirit in 16th dimension
▶ Origin of the Archangel Ramiel in 14th dimension

The Ninth (18th Dimension – 10th Level): The Ancient of Days
▶ It is created by the combination of the Second (the Infinite Spirit) and Third (the Universal Father)
▶ Origin of the Ninth Great Spirit in 16th dimension
▶ Origin of the Archangel Raphael in 14th dimension

The Tenth (18th Dimension – 9th Level): The Perfection of Days
▶ It is created by the combination of the Second (the Infinite Spirit) and Fifth (the Eternal Mother)
▶ Origin of the Tenth Great Spirit in 16th dimension
▶ Origin of the Archangel Azrael in 14th dimension

The Eleventh (18th Dimension – 8th Level): The Recent of Days
▶ It is created by the combination of the Third (the Universal Father) and Fifth (the Eternal Mother)
▶ Origin of the Eleventh Great Spirit in 16th dimension
▶ Origin of the Archangel Chamuel in 14th dimension

The Twelfth (18th Dimension – 7th Level): The Union of Days
▶ It is created by the combination of the First (the Creator), the Second (the Infinite Spirit) and the Third (the Universal Father)
▶ Origin of the Twelfth Great Spirit in 16th dimension
▶ Origin of the Archangel Ereniel in 14th dimension

The Thirteenth (18th Dimension – 6th Level): The Faithful of Days
▶ It is created by the combination of the First (the Creator), the Second (the Infinite Spirit) and the Fifth (the Eternal Mother)
▶ Origin of the Thirteenth Great Spirit in 16th dimension
▶ Origin of the 13th Archangel in 14th dimension

The Fourteenth (18th Dimension – 5th Level): The Perfector of Wisdom
▶ It is created by the combination of the First (the Creator), the Third (the Universal Father) and the Fifth (the Eternal Mother)
▶ Origin of the Fourteenth Great Spirit in 16th dimension
▶ Origin of the 14th Archangel in 14th dimension

The Fifteenth (18th Dimension – 4th Level): The Divine Counselor
▶ It is created by the combination of the Second (the Infinite Spirit), the Third (the Universal Father) and the Fifth (the Eternal Mother)
▶ Origin of the Fifteenth Great Spirit in 16th dimension
▶ Origin of the 15th Archangel in 14th dimension

The Sixteenth (18th Dimension – 3th Level): The Universal Censor
▶ It is created by the combination of the First (the Creator), the Second (the Infinite Spirit), the Third (the Universal Father) and the Fifth (the Eternal Mother)

The Seventeenth (18th Dimension – 2nd Level): The Trinity Teachers
▶ It is created by the combination of the First (the Creator), the Second (the Infinite Spirit), the Third (the Universal Father) and the Fourth (the Omega)

The Eighteenth (18th Dimension – 1st Level): The Trinity Spirits
It is created by the combination of the First (the Creator), the Second (the Infinite Spirit), the Third (the Universal Father) and the Fourth (the Omega)

The 18th dimension is the world of the Creators. They dwell on the Paradise and are the ultimate control tower to manage the great universe. The world of 16th through 18th dimension is called the world of “Mu-Geuk(無極)*” and is further divided into 18 levels respectively. The size of energy is different per each dimension and level. The Creators in the 18th dimension are assisted by the 15 Great Spirits and they all co-exist in the ONENESS consciousness.
*Mu-Geuk: the expression of the absolute beings which is beyond the barriers of time and space. Mu-Geuk is an important philosophical concept in the Confucianism and Taoism. The word ‘Mu(無)’ means ‘nothing, empty, void’.

The Creator in 18th level of 18th dimension is the ruler of the great universe. The energy of the Creator is far greater beyond the total sum of all the energies of the Creators in 1st through 17th level of 18th dimension. In fact, the energy of the Creator is total sum of all the energies which exist in the universe.

It is so much difficult to describe the world of the Creator by the terminology of human language. The Creator is evolving continuously by itself. In the very front, the Creator itself is creating all the things. The Creator is not a fixed being, neither evolving for filling in incompleteness. The Creator is expanding by the rule of creation. The Creator is creating space in space and time in time by the rule of energy.

The total sum of parts is the whole and the whole could be divided into parts. The creation is creation of energy, transformation of energy and alchemy of energy.

The evolution of your spirit-soul is itself the evolution of the Creator. You have the energy of the Creator and you are the alchemist to express the divinity and love of the Creator. You are the avatar of the Creator, learning and experiencing the rule of creation in your level of consciousness. The Creator is evolving by itself. This is the rule of evolution in the great universe and the reason the universe exists.  

As such shall it be.
As such is it planned to be.
As such was it done.

December 1, 2016.
Udeka writes.

*Translated by Metrica.


43. Conversation with angels

The ascending spirit-souls need to make a lot of efforts and learnings to communicate with the angels belonging to the Government of Heaven, besides one’s guardian angels.

For these spirit-souls, the spiritual groups in Heaven (Mountain-Divine, Marine-Divine, Land-Divine group) take place of the role and serve them, so that the ascending spirit-souls can communicate with them. In this way, the ascending spirit-souls are in the course of learning.

For ascending spirit-souls to communicate with the higher level of Government of Heaven, support of the group – they belonged in Heaven – is required. Also the approval of information release should be achieved by the Higher Committee of Government of Heaven. After these procedures are done, then they could communicate with angels belonging to the Government of Heaven, and receive information through channeling.

For descending spirit-souls, most of their communications beyond guardian angels are connected with the angel groups with whom they learned together in Heaven. In case of conversation with an angel, the angel might have similar rank (position) as the descending spirit-souls were in Heaven.

When listening to the voice of inner mind or receiving a channeled message, you must discriminate and validate the followings:

- Source of channel: order of higher-self (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, …), guardian angel, which angel group of Heaven?

- Matrix of channel: light, darkness or intermediate.

- Accuracy of channel: degree of truthfulness, e.g., 75% true

Normally, as most channelers or listeners to the inner-side voice don’t understand this structural characteristics, they do not realize where the message comes. Also they don’t even think about the truthfulness of channel. In consequence, they misunderstand the channeled message as the Voice of Heaven, 100% truth. And they get to believe themselves as the best and very special being.

In the misunderstandings above mentioned, we are facing the sad reality and tragic situation of the spiritual people and organizations. The channeling and voice of inner-mind do not come as gift for anyone, but come as the precise and thorough Heaven’s plan, which is under the perfect control for present and future.

If we do not fully understand this structure, we are likely to be filled with self-conceit and arrogance, not knowing the reason why this talent is given to us, with misunderstanding us as very special beings. We just come to live our lives with superiority complex, or self-confidence about the special abilities, without knowing our roles and missions from the viewpoint of wide framework. As our mind and body get bad, the channeling (passage way to the light) is to be blocked in the end. And we come to be left as ordinary people, losing all the abilities.

Always with the pure and sincere mind, place a piece of source-mind to the universal mind. At every moment, manage your negative mind and be careful not to hurt other’s mind or your own mind. Negativity comes from human desire or egoism.

You should do it in such way, so that you could pass down the voice of Heaven to the ground with high degree of truthfulness. As the lightworker you are kindly requested to be a good model of celestial person who achieves the will of Heaven on the ground.

As such shall it be.
As such is it supposed to be.
As such was it done.

January 7, 2015.

Udeka Writes


What’s the voice of inner mind?

Wise is the person who knows he can’t control his own mind by himself. Wise is the person who knows her present thought is not her own. Most people will realize these facts after a lot of time pass by or after they are awakened. So many things that influence human thoughts and emotions have been veiled. Now it’s time to reveal the truth. So, I, Udeka, will summarize and review the inner side of mind: How is this made up of? What’s the meaning of “return to your inner mind”?

The inner mind of human has been understood abstractly as unconsciousness, sub-consciousness, group unconsciousness, desire, and Sadan-Chiljeong* (four moral-emotions and seven basic-emotions). But it couldn’t have been understood fully in depth, and have been remained in incomprehensible realm of the unknown until now. Teachings of spiritual societies and religions are telling that the Spirit or the Buddha’s nature (佛性, Buddhata) exists in inner mind of human. However, it’s difficult for mankind to accept and feel these teachings.
* Sadan(四端, the four moral emotions): 1.Benevolence or human- heartedness, 2.righteousness or justice, 3.courtesy or propriety, 4.wisdom
* Chiljeong(七情, the seven basic emotions): Pleasure, anger, sorrow, fear, love, hatred, and desire

Lots of energy-forms are involved in our inner mind. Thought, emotion, feeling and inspiration are flow of energy. The voice and feeling of inner mind are also outcome of energy interaction.

Communicating with the inner mind means having interaction with various energy forms such as spirit-consciousness as well as ghosts, guide angels, and even darkness angels. So, it’s very tough to be aware the real subject of communicating partner. If we are not awakened fully, it’s impossible to know with whom we are talking. It might remain as unknown area. Now, I, Udeka, want to introduce various energy forms which have existed in the inner mind and most people have tried to know by meditation or practicing asceticism.

The type of energy forms which exist in the inner mind are as follows:

1. Spirit-consciousness: 1st, 2nd, 3rd higher-self, …

2. Thoughts-body in soul-consciousness: thoughts-body which have been generated in the process of dying

3. Karma energy in soul-consciousness: which have been accumulated and stuck to soul-consciousness in the cycle of reincarnations

4. Ghosts: energy form in 5th dimensional spiritual world (astral plane)

5. Guide angels: They belong to the Government of Heaven

6. Darkness angels: They belong to the Government of Heaven

7. Character lines: 7 energy lines at the back of human body. Human thinking and
feeling might be controlled by these energy lines. Higher-self or the Government of Heaven might intervene the operations of brain through seven energy lines.

8. Emotional lines: 12 energy lines at the abdomen of human body, which control desire and emotion partially.
* Heaven or higher-self could control human thinking and emotions, if necessary, by using these seven and twelve energy control lines.

Many people think “Once you focus your consciousness to the inner side of mind, everything will be OK.” But our inner mind is not so simple. Lots of energies are mixed together. It appears that our thoughts or emotions are just ours. But in fact, it is not.

This is just mankind’s life, not knowing this truth. The various forms of energies which have been mixed together in the inner mind could pop up anytime and anywhere. So, it’s time to learn how to discern righteously, how to recognize correctly or how to feel exactly.

Mankind has recognized the contaminated voices of inner mind as the voice of God and the will of God. Too easily, mankind has opened the Pandora’s box of “Yeo-Si-A-Mun”* in the name of God and in the name of religion, without serious verifications.
*Yeo-Si-A-Mun: Literally means "Like this I have seen and heard." This is also the traditional opening statement of a Buddhist sutra. But in our context, this word represents the fallacy of channeling and visionary experiences, which the initiators in the spiritual world frequently face. The messages from Heaven or other sources should be evaluated carefully with sincere insights and discernments.

In the meantime, the text of religion has begun to be contaminated, and still now lots of contaminated texts which are under mask of many names of Gods have been published. In the flood of knowledge and information, the voice of inner mind is regarded as divine realm where no one can touch.

Communicating with the inner mind is the first step to the invisible world, and is the route toward the strait gate of Heaven. It is also the battlefields where lots of religious and spiritual persons died, in their pursuit of being enlightened, and numerous tombs were piled up mountain-high. Communicating with the inner mind is one of the causes of our bursting emotions.

However the voice of inner mind can’t be understood easily by oneself. Nowadays, most people regard the voice of inner mind as absolute truth which has no errors. If you really want to learn how to understand and analyze feelings of the inner mind, then don’t hesitate to contact “the Tree of Life in the Light”.

September 30, 2015.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Yeoyeo. Edited by Metrica.


The Secret of Heaven #7: the program manager

If the matrix – light, intermediate, darkness matrix – which is installed in the soul is compared to hardware of computer, the program which is installed on seven membranes of aura energy is to software.

Heaven is operating various programs. Heaven is watching the human life behind the stage, tunes it in every moment, and manages it delicately with invisible hands.

Everything – from a human being to a planet, stellar, galaxy – is managed and tuned by the cosmic engineering systems such as Meta Consciousness System (7th dimension), Monano system (9th dimension) and Pandronix system (11th dimension) in the ONENESS-consciousness. This is the nature of invisible Heaven. This is far away from the God or Heaven which human beings had created from their fears and negativities.

The more distorted and contaminated is the God, the more the God judges human behaviors with right and wrong, and punishes human for misconduct. Mankind is perceiving the God as manager of “Heaven and Hell”. This is the present consciousness of mankind. All of these come from limits of restricted mankind’s consciousness. These beliefs are far from the essence of the God and Heaven.

Heaven is managed and operated by huge systems. The God or Heaven is not the one which could be personalized. Heaven is just the main operator of the enormous engineering system of universe. Heaven operates a program which allows human to act or function as independent beings with individuality. This program is called “MHCIS (Meta Humanoid Consciousness Implementation System”.

Heaven operates various cosmic engineering systems by each dimension. In each system, there are innumerable sub-systems and computers which control and tune various programs. By these programs lots of planets, stars and galaxies are managed. The Government of Heaven where the planet Earth belongs to is named as “Vessel of Jerusalem”, which is the vessel of “Universe United”*. 
*The Group of Supervisors boards various vessels in the Cosmos. The vessels are from Universe Federation, Universe United, Galaxy United, Stellar United and Planet United. 

Vessel of Jerusalem exists in 7th dimensional universe. The chief executive of Jerusalem vessel is avatar of Jesus who has been well known to mankind. The origin spirit of Jesus exists in 17th dimensional universe.

Heaven isn’t managed by certain beings of personality, but is managed by angels of specialized administrator group who are impersonal and of energy-forms. Heaven is sort of programmed world that is managed and operated efficiently.

Heaven is supervising and managing the journey of spirit-souls of all living creatures that possess consciousness by precise and complete programs. Heaven is the huge energy that is being operated in ONENESS consciousness without any errors.

Heaven is the role-player who is installing the hardware for setting up Heaven’s program, and is also the program operator who is installing, operating and updating with no errors continuously.

Heaven creates continuously new planets for spirit-souls’ journey, and is operating various “Adam and Eve projects” in other or newly created planets. Heaven is updating ceaselessly the MHCIS (Meta Humanoid Consciousness Implementation Systems) for new Adam and Eve. Endless creation is lasting, for creating new lives, for distributing or supplying newly created lives into the great universe, for growing and evolving of the great universe. And the programs which manage, control and tune all conscious beings are installed by Heaven. The regular updates of these programs are called as “dimensional ascension”.

Dimensional ascension is just the update of program, and is the process of evolution for all spirit-souls. Heaven is the main supplier of all the programs, and is the program operator itself. This is the real and uncontaminated nature of Heaven in the great universe. I, Udeka, inform these messages for records.

July 25, 2016

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Yeoyeo. Edited by Metrica


42. Conversion to light (1) - agreement among spirit-soul, higher-self and Government of Heaven

Among the persons who are installed the darkness matrix, there are a few persons who think about conversion to the light. Most people live and die according to their life programs and roles. The proportion of people who convert to darkness from light is approximately 4 percent among the lightworkers. This is the case that they give up the lightworker and determine to live by their free-wills. In this case, the higher-selves are waiting for you to come back to the light again, without giving up until the last moment of the Earth.

The proportion of people who convert to the light from the darkness is approximately 1 percent. Every human has one’s own life program which was designed by oneself and one’s higher-self before birth. This life program is readjusted every 5 years and partial fine-tuning is done periodically. Some lightworkers might have several programs to convert from the light to the darkness or reversely. Avatar who live in the material world has most rights in choosing specific program.

Life program might be progressed as prepared and planned. But unexpected situations or several variables could intervene a life program. Therefore, life program is designed to reflect this uncertainty. Also, life program is periodically fine-tuned, if necessary. If you complete 60 percent of your program, you are considered to have performed your program pretty well.

The conversion to the lightworkers from workers in darkness can't be realized by one’s own will. This should be done under the collaboration and agreement among the spirit-soul, higher-self, and Government of Heaven. Adjustable time is needed among higher-selves (e.g., 1st, 2nd and 3rd higher-self, etc). It is possible to convert to the light from the darkness in the collaboration and harmony.

It is rare for the higher-self to request this conversion. Rather, only when avatar – who play a role of the darkness – has the strong will and request, the conversion might be achieved only after agreement between higher-self and the Government of Heaven is done. After the darkness matrix is erased, the light matrix is installed in body again. And then plans of the light are reorganized and they can play a role of the light.

Every life is under the perfect control by the management and agreement among spirit-soul, higher-self, and Government of Heaven. Nothing happens without agreement of one’s higher-self in the universe. This is the secret of life, the way of life, and the way of operation of the universe. We could describe all these things as the one word “the matrix”. All of us live in this matrix for our roles, our learning, and the evolution of spirit-soul.

January 26, 2015.
Udeka writes.

*Translated by Buchae-Dosa. Edited by Metrica.


The Secret of Heaven #6: the supervisor of matrix

Heaven doesn’t exist to bless us. Heaven doesn’t exist just to keep good health of our family or to give a job. Heaven doesn’t exist to give awakening or to pour the holy spirits to ascetics and professional religious people. Knowing that Heaven doesn’t exist just to answer to our pray, mankind has been living in the era of abundance of practicing asceticism and pray.

Heaven doesn’t exist to realize a society of justice. Heaven doesn’t exist to realize a welfare society. Heaven doesn’t exist for realizing an ideal society.

Mankind has continuously made Heaven and Gods which are adjustable to the level of mankind’s consciousness, are very similar with human beings, are palatable to each mankind and have various spectrums.

To strengthen their own faiths, in illusion to complete their beliefs, to show off their rightfulness, people have convicted, judged and ignored other persons simply because they have different opinions. So many innocent people have been sacrificed as Witch, Satan or Pseudo in the name of God and Heaven. Besides, mankind has gone so far to bring on war and slaughter different opinioned persons. Still now, lots of murders and violences are happening everywhere in the world under the mask of God’s will and by the name of God.

Long time has passed after Heaven was contaminated by human beings. The bad or fishy smell stank up the whole world between Heaven and Earth, fully rotting from the roots to the fruits. Not knowing how this contamination had gone wrong, most humans are criticizing and judging others. Many people are still wielding the sword of justice to distinguish between right and wrong in the name of God.

Every day mankind is strengthening the matrix of God and Heaven which are in their own beliefs: The God they believe is greater and more powerful in answering their pray. The God in their belief is the highest. They consider themselves – who are believing this highest God – as the selected ones by God. They are in big illusions that strengthening of matrix in believing God or Heaven is the essence of belief. Being fallen into this great illusion, mankind became the slave of God and the slave of religion which was institutionalized and personalized by human beings. Human beings are locked in the matrix of religion.

Heaven doesn’t exist to judge good and evil of human. Heaven didn’t create “Heaven and Hell”. It was created by human beings and it does not exist. It is nothing but illusionary phantom.

Heaven allowed everything which could occur in the world of human beings. Heaven is operating the cosmic school, installing the material-matrix in the planet Earth Gaia for the spirit-souls to evolve through experiencing the materials. Heaven is managing and controlling the planet Earth as the experimental planet through the Homo-sapiens.

Heaven has installed the material-matrix in the planet, which is suited for the characteristic and purpose of planet. Heaven has migrated lots of spirit-souls into the planet from various places in universe, considering ages of spirit-souls. Heaven has delicately programmed the plan of life to experience the materials, reflecting independence and individuality of spirit-souls. Connected to the Monano system, all the lives spread out.

In this process, the karmas of universe have been implanted. For spirit-souls to evolve through the extreme experience of the materials, Heaven has installed the material matrix through the highly-advanced engineering system of universe. Heaven is the main agent to manage this material-matrix and also the main supervisor of that. This is the true nature of Heaven.

Heaven doesn’t have personality. All the angels in the Government of Heaven exist in the form of energy, not material body. They operate, manage and reset the material-matrix as programmed in the accurate system. They work as the program of thought adjuster which is bestowed on their spirits.

July 11, 2016.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Yeoyeo. Edited by Metrica.


The reason why Heaven is kind to you

There are reasons why mysterious experiences and special abilities are given to persons who are practicing asceticism and praying. Now I, Udeka, want to reveal the reasons kindly.

Most people do not notice the reason why Heaven is kind to them. They regard Heaven’s kindness as Heaven’s gift which is just the answer of their own pray or which was achieved by their own practicing asceticism. They get to think that they became special ones through Heaven’s answers to their own sincere and earnest pray.

Then they will become full of conceits and arrogance, deluding themselves as a great person. In fact, they are being trained by Heaven as false prophet, false missionary, false guru (master). They are being prepared unwittingly by Heaven as persons who enrich the darkness-matrix and as role-players who build various religion-matrices.

For the yellow-colored spirit-souls, Heaven visits them to inform that what is seen is not all and there are the invisible worlds. They might be given various mysterious experiences and special abilities.

Heaven will visit the spirit-souls, according to the spirit-souls’ learning process and contents which the spirit-soul has to experience. There is no free in Heaven’s rule. When Heaven is kind to you, please be aware that an aiming and intention must be prepared by Heaven.

Heaven never visits you, just to satisfy your ego, threaten you, destroy your life, or bother you. Heaven doesn’t love only you in particular, albeit Heaven gives you special abilities, answers your pray well, shows you the invisible world and let you hear the invisible world. Heaven doesn’t hate only you in particular. The reason why Heaven is kind is that you need these experiences.

That is, it means that you must be prepared by these experiences, Heaven’s training progresses have begun, your roles have begun on the ground, and Heaven’s information which you must deliver has been prepared.

Heaven is not kind. Heaven doesn’t exist just to satisfy your ego. Heaven doesn’t exist just to answer your own pray. Heaven will not give a piece of information and a figure of hologram to anyone who is not permitted or destined. This is the rule of universe.

When Heaven shows and let you hear the invisible world kindly, you must notice the real reasons and understand the weight of life caused by seeing or hearing Heaven. But there isn’t anything wrong in the universe.

All things are experiences and process for learning. Also the times of blessing. Mankind will realize this before long. Good luck to all of you.

August 20, 2016.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Yeoyeo. Edited by Metrica.


Heaven and Earth are not benevolent 2

Heaven and Earth are not benevolent. Heaven goes its own way, and Earth does just execute the unfolding of Heaven. As Heaven and Earth have no selfishness, Heaven and Earth are not always benevolent.

Also, Saint is not benevolent. Saint is not always benevolent because Saint has no selfishness.

The lightworkers are not benevolent. As the soldiers of Heaven, as the guard troops which support ruling of the great universe by the Creator, as the cosmic soldiers who correct the orders of universe, the lightworkers can’t be always benevolent.

Heaven is not benevolent. As the invisible world of Heaven exists, the visible world of Earth is unfolded. Heaven is parent of all things. Heaven is circulating in the rules of the great universe. As Heaven should roll the wheels of the great universe, Heaven is not benevolent.

Earth is not benevolent. Earth raise, grow and ripen all things. Nature completes itself only in changes. As both first frost and heavy frost exist, all things can prepare the next cycle. Earth is not benevolent.

The lightworkers are not benevolent. As they must have both the passion and the cool-headedness to protect love and expand love to the greater, the lightworkers are not benevolent.

Heaven and Earth are not benevolent. The civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis had disappeared just in a night. As Heaven’s plan and will, Heaven had gone its own way, closing its heart and mind.

Heaven and Earth are not benevolent. Heaven – who should execute the Earth’s dimensional ascension – shall not give enough time to mankind. To awaken mankind’s consciousness, only 6 months shall be allowed for mankind since the moment when the pole shift (straightening up of the tilted Earth’s axis) occurs. Heaven and Earth are not benevolent. When it is the right momentum, Heaven and Earth will go their own planned way with their heart and mind closed.

The lightworkers are not benevolent. Now, the correction time is coming to the planet Earth in order to keep the great universe’s order. Truths which have been contaminated by politics and religions will be corrected. Truths about God and human beings will be corrected. The lightworkers – who have been prepared for 2.5 million years long by Heaven – should anchor the great universe’s rules on the planet Earth through the time of correction (living and education in Protective Energy-Field Area), with their heart closed. So, the lightworkers can’t be benevolent always.

Heaven will not be kind to mankind. In the center of great changes, Earth will not be kind to mankind. Heaven and Earth will not be kind to mankind in process of Earth’s dimensional ascension. In process of great catastrophes, Heaven and Earth will not be benevolent for mankind who are locked in ego, not awakened and not prepared for disasters. Heaven and Earth will execute their own programs strictly and resolutely, with their heart and mind closed.

The lightworkers will not be kind to everyone, except for the persons who are eligible for Heavenly plan or who have passed the strait gate of Heaven. As it’s no use casting pearls before swine, the lightworkers could not wake up and go together with persons who are still resisting just in their own beliefs, and who can’t understand the wind of changes just in their big illusions caused by their own faiths, and who are living stuffy and heavily just locked in their own experiences.

The lightworkers can’t deliver Heaven’s truth to anyone. But they will inform Heaven’s truth only to persons who are ready to hear and who have an open mind.

The lightworkers won’t shout out the truth in wild field. They won’t ask your favor to believe it or they won’t compel you to believe it. They won’t incubate fears by telling heaven and hell. The lightworkers can’t wake up all sleeping mankind and can’t go along with all mankind kindly.

The lightworkers are the harvesters who execute the will of Heaven and the universal soldiers who conduct the order of Heaven. The lightworkers will separate the wheat from the chaff by distinguishing the awakened and the destined by Heaven. The chaff can’t go together with the wheat.

The lightworkers will not be benevolent, neither kind. The lightworkers are nothing but the universal soldiers who execute the order of Heaven. They are Heaven’s harvesters who resemble Heaven and Earth. The lightworkers are being prepared to be teachers and guides who will wake up and teach mankind in the time of corrections, with their heart closed.

The lightworkers are need to be trained and they should be shaped completely in the ground. Udeka in “the Tree of Life in the Light” is a merciless, splendid, marvelous and very skillful drillmaster who trains the lightworkers.

Soon will come the time when the lightworkers should enter the training camp of “the Tree of Life in the Light”. Good luck to all of lightworkers.

As such shall it be.
As such is it supposed to be.
As such was it done.

September 1, 2016.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Yeoyeo. Edited by Metrica.


41. Higher-self (1) - Supervisor of matrix

When the Brothers in Darkness – who belong to the matrix of darkness such as ghost, Satan and Devils – visit you, they enter your body in the coordination with your spirit-soul, your higher-self and the Government of Heaven. At this time, the coordinated contents are followings.

The visiting duration of Ghosts and Devils is to be prepared and planned at the beginning stage, depending on the following; how many ghosts visit you and what you must learn. The visiting program varies from a few days or months to several decades. The higher-self has a leading role in the course of coordination among three counterparties (spirit-soul, higher-self, Government of Heaven). This coordination is continuously tuned in the course of program. The time of leaving is also determined by the active request of the higher-self.

The energy sealing – which is necessary in life – is also coordinated by three counterparties. In the visit of light matrix such as guardian angels, dragons and guardians divine, the higher-self plays active role in the cooperative relationship among those who have the matrix of light.

Your higher-self introduces the matrix of light and darkness and make you experience the light and darkness. Through this experience, your higher-self leads you to find harmony and balance in the conflict of light and darkness.

Higher-self is a supervisor in the course of the lightworkers' coming back into the light. Even though the lightworker gives up one’s duty by free-will, the higher-self waits for the lightworker coming back again into the road of light, without giving up its avatar.

Like this, higher-self plays a role like conductor of orchestra, who coordinates and integrates the experience of light and darkness in the material world. The higher-selves of 240 thousand workers in darkness and the Denika group – who support and assist the workers in darkness – are also doing their bests to make sure that their avatars play a role of darkness perfectly.

Every spirit-souls – irrespective of who live as the lightworkers or common people – come to this material world with preparing multiple programs to meet and adapt to ever-changing situations, not just one program. Considering all the variables as mentioned above, the program is periodically modified. At this time, the higher-self plays the pivotal role that it respects the avatar’s selection and free-will but at the same time it coordinates the avatar not to get lost in the road of light.

Most situations chosen by avatar’s free-will are proceeded within the program and plan of higher-self. Everything is managed through tuning with the Government of Heaven and is under the perfect control. Knowing that my life is not my own thing and I exist with my higher-self's coordination and management is the beginning of enlightenment and the shortcut to understand myself.

Let me introduce a song, which describes well the earnest wish of higher-self.

“Back to you again”,
sung by Byeon Jin-seop (Korean singer)

How long have I prowled
in the thick darkness?

With my heart closed off,
I have been just letting time pass,
wandering around.

I wanted to forget everything
and sometimes
it felt like all had been forgotten.

Even when I shake my head, though,
the tear-stained face looking at me
keeps coming to my mind.

Even though I left you
without a word,
or sometimes
my harsh words bruised your heart
and made you cry,
your warm eyes have always watched me
through my intense wandering.

Why was it so hard
to come back to you again?

Now I know,
until the last day I die,
I won't be able to leave you.

January 12, 2015.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Buchae-Dosa. Edited by Metrica.

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