The truth will set you free

The truth is imbedded in everything. There is nowhere the truth does not exist in the universe. Where there is a life, there is the truth and love of the great universe. Human races are the travelers of spirit-soul to learn material experiences and grow up for the evolution of spirit-soul.

Now it is the time the role of Earth as the cosmic academy is closed down.

The true meaning of “The truth will set you free” is as following. Only when the material matrix is demolished and the material civilizations are closed down, the true nature of naked Heaven is revealed.

Ghosts and angels in darkness were managed by Heaven. Heaven also directed and operated the Shadow Government. Various religions were installed and managed by Heaven. In this way, various matrices were operated and managed by Heaven.

Heaven let the matrices work just for spirit-soul to learn and experience the material world and to travel journey of spirit-soul. For this purpose, Heaven installed and operated various programs and matrices, providing wide spectrum of truths. This is the way of Heaven working.

Humans will have to stop waste arguments about justice, truths and love. To open up the New Heaven and New Earth, the will of Heaven will be spread out on the ground. After the pole-shift, new spiritual civilizations will spread out all over the globe by the surviving humans in PEFA, starting from the Korean peninsula.

The truths will set you free.

As such shall it be. As such is it planned to be. As such was it done.

January 10, 2017.
Udeka writes.

*Translated by Metrica.


The secret of 144,000 in cosmic creation

Everything in this universe is made of energy and exists under the various laws of energy. Energy is light and the universe was created by the combination of lights.

The Creator created the Paradise in 18th dimension very first, differentiating its own energy. The 18th dimension is the world of the Creators and consist of 18 levels. Each level of 18th dimension has respectively hierarchy of 144,000 lights.

The energy of the Creator (18th level of 18th dimension) is called “Phermion”. Let’s say it becomes the independent variable, which has hierarchy of 144,000 lights. Then this independent variable interacts with other independent variables, where another 17 hierarchies of 144,000 lights come from 1st level of 18th dimension ~ 17th level of 18th dimension. In this way, the great universe was created by various, uncountably many combinations of lights.

All the minerals, plants and animals which had been created in the 6th Grand cycle of universe was implanted to Earth. All the variations which could be revealed under the laws of energy were experimented and the outcomes were recorded. For this experiments, it took 2.5 million years on Earth.

Based on the data which have been experimented and accumulated on Earth, the Creator will open the 7th Grand cycle of universe. For this project, the Earth has served as the planet of experiments and seed for 2.5 million years.

The Earth was the grand laboratory of the Creator, which has been prepared to correct the fallacy of creation, eliminate possible variations, and dissolve the karmas. All the necessary experiments were finished, all the outcomes were recorded and obtained. Based on this data, the 7th Grand cycle of universe shall start with the homo-sapiens as the main species.

What is visible is nothing but transformation of energy. All the required data which is needed for opening up the 7th Grand cycle of universe was obtained. Everything will be finished as the Earth achieves dimensional ascension.

As such shall it be. As such is it planned to be. As such was it done

October 31, 2016.
Udeka writes.

*Translated by Metrica.

Armageddon: The role of Shadow government

Armageddon means the state of extreme chaos and confusion which is brought about by Heaven just to awaken the consciousness of people on Earth before the collapse of material civilizations. Moreover, the great tribulations of natural catastrophes come into Armageddon. Hence all the matrices which back up the system of politics, economy, society, culture and religion will be destroyed.

The Earth has the matrix of material which is operated by the polarity of Light and Darkness. The shadow government* (cryptocracy, secret government, dark government or invisible government) consists of private individuals who are exercising power behind the scenes, beyond the scrutiny of democratic institutions.
 * The shadow government is closely related to foreign elements (such as aliens or the Vatican and Jesuits), internal minorities (such as the Jews, moneyed interests and central banks, or Freemasons), or globalist elites and supranational organizations, who seek to manipulate policy or conquer the world (source: wikipedia)

During 2.5 million years on Earth, the matrix of materials has been installed and managed by the workers in Darkness who have the role of Darkness. This is the true nature of Darkness power which has been granted by the Creator. By the existence of Darkness matrix, the Earth became the dark planet which has the toughest and most difficult degree of learning in the universe.

The Dark side might be divided into two blocks. One is the Darkness from 15th level of 18th dimension and the other is from 15th level of 14th dimension. The dark side consists of 13 families and the Earth has been controlled by the balance of powers among these 13 families.

In the early 15th centuries, the 13 families in Darkness have been seeded on Earth. Since then the pivotal events have been determined and managed by the meetings among the 13 families. The invisible powers of shadow government have manipulated politics and religions behind the curtain.

They have been in control of the authority figures of business, military forces, mass media and prosecution. At the surface, it might look like the spirit of ages, justice or the free-wills of individuals have led nations and civilizations. But in fact, the Earth history has been planned and executed by the Shadow government and Heaven.

On Earth, the polarity experiments between Light and Darkness have been done by the Light workers and workers in Darkness. Even though the 13 families in Darkness appears to fight for hegemony for their own interests, the top brains of 13 families have been in contact with Heaven, knowing their roles and missions exactly. Knowing their cosmic ranks, they have regarded their authorities as the holy missions from Heaven. Under the limit of their authorities, they have executed their jobs, controlled and coordinated by Heaven. They still have memories before births and are born with minimal energy sealings, so that they have outstanding capabilities and gifts, compared to ordinary people.  

The illuminati, Freemason, the Rothschild family or the Rockefeller family, etc. are nothing but sub-organizations which are to protect the 13 families of Darkness. These 13 families are never revealed to the public but continue to control the powers of politics, business & economy, military forces, mass-media and prosecution silently and secretly. They are beings in veil, never noticed by ordinary people.  

As of October 23 in 2016, two star-gates to receive the lights of the Creator (18th level of 18th dimension) and the Omega (15th level of 18th dimension) have been opened respectively, thus each light starting to anchor on Earth. Since then the fierce struggles between Light and Darkness, Armageddon between Love and Justice have begun.

Before the Pole-Shift, Heaven will drive the Shadow government into power struggles inside it and thus make it reveal the fictiveness of justice, which are widely spread in the matrix of materials. Going through the chaotic situations of politics and social disturbance, mankind will be driven to the choice of Love or Justice. Heaven will just watch human choices. 

The ultimate purpose of Armageddon is to awaken human consciousness and give birth to new spiritual civilizations centered on the Korean peninsula. In the beginning and end lies Heaven. The will of Heaven is realized on the ground. All these processes are just called Armageddon. 

As such shall it be. As such is it planned to be. As such was it done.

November 22, 2016.
Udeka writes.

*Translated by Metrica.


How to find a safe zone – PEFA (Protective Energy-Field Area)

The pole-shift (straightening up of the tilted earth axis) to terminate the material civilizations will begin with the Korean peninsula acting as the main rotating center. By this reason, the Korean peninsula will be damaged less, while other countries will be crashed severely. Most material civilizations will collapse.  

The border of countries and distinction of ethnic groups will have no meaning. Once the pole-shift begins, then everyone will notice this is the Last time. So swiftly and simultaneously, the material civilizations will be broken away all over the globe. So helplessly…

The metropolitan areas will have greatest shocks. The magnitude of damages will not be imaginable. Especially, the off-shore cities will be ruined by big earthquakes and tsunamis. The continents will be broken and some parts will be sunk into oceans.

The tsunamis will be as large as the mountains. Most of dams and reservoirs will be broken and lands will be torn. Humans will wander around fields, mountains and valleys to find water and foods and can’t but start communal living near hilly districts or rural areas.

There must be way out even when the sky falls down. Even in the course of pole-shift, the ones who are to survive will be guided by Heaven and get to hear inner voices. The leader group of tribes, religions, or nations in addition to the light-workers will be notified the day of natural catastrophes.

The information about safe-zones will also be given to the ones who have the role for it. They will wake up and prepare for the coming events. The communication with Heaven will be the most crucial factors to determine life or death.

The ones who have not lost the essence of belief, are not polluted by the established religions, still have the pure mind for Heaven will be guided by Heaven and get to survive. Life and death are to be decided just by Heaven. In the Bible, it is termed as “He who has received His testimony has set his seal to this, that God is true (John 3:33)”.

For every nation, tribe or ethnic group, there are sacred places or area to worship Heaven. The place related to myths or legends which have been handed down in secret, the place where there are abundant symbolic icons which are directly related to the Creator, Mother Mary, or the Second Coming Jesus. Otherwise, the monastery where the initial teachings of Jesus are still alive, e.g., the Essenes. Centered on these places, the safe-zone will be established by Heaven. We call this place as the PEFA (Protective Energy-Field Area).

We don’t have enough time to enlighten ourselves. Before the pole-shift occurs, there will be frequent omens such as earthquakes and other natural disasters. The process of straightening up of the tilted earth’s axis will proceed in total 7 times all over the globe. The light-workers and the ones who are supposed to open up the new spiritual civilizations will receive or hear the voice of Heaven in according to each one’s time-line before the pole-shift.

Led by the ones who receive the voice from Heaven, people will prepare and collect the foods. And they will gather together and start living in PEFA.

The PEFA is the place which is prepared and managed by Heaven. If someone is not the one who is granted by Heaven, he or she can’t enter into the PEFA, where the magnitude of gravity and magnetic forces are about 20% stronger than elsewhere. Therefore, the ones whose 12 chakra system is not open or vibrational frequency of body is not sufficiently high can’t enter into the PEFA.

The final supervisor of all these projects is the Creator (18th level of 18th dimension). The bestowal of Avonal will be granted in the PEFA, directed by the Creator.

The inhabitants in the PEFA will be corrected and gradually enlightened through communal living of around 2 years. They will be given the opportunity of recovering the divinity inside them, overcoming the polluted matrix of religion and comforts from material abundance.

The avonal group will lead the yellow colored spirit-souls in the PEFA, supported by the light-workers. Also there will be helps from the spiritual civilizations under the Earth such as Telos or Agartha. Already many beings have come here to help and guide humans with ordinary appearances and looks like us.  

As such shall it be. As such is it planned to be. As such was it done.

September 27, 2016.
Udeka writes.

*Translated by Metrica.


The reason most humans should go to Venus after death

All mankind should be separated into two categories in Earth’s ascending procedures without any exceptions, (1) ones who must leave this Earth through death and (2) ones who will live in new Heaven and Earth. Everyone shall go one’s own way which is fated by the Heaven. This separation has no relation with whether they have lived good lives or not. Also, this has nothing to do with each one’s religion. Neither, this has any relation with whatever such as to believe God or not.

Both the private karmas (which have been resulted by the abuse of individual free-wills) and the public karmas (which have occurred inevitably by conducting public roles) have been melt into ordinary lives of people, rather than fallen into hell after dying. By this reason, your life was weary, hard, tough, and so on. Generally, humans have transmigrated into another lives about by 35 times in 2.5 million years of mankind’s history.

And big programs of each human life had been planned and designed according to evolutionary procedure of each one’s spirit-soul 2.5 million years ago before the Earth’s project had begun. The spiritual journey for learning the material world had started in this Earth, just getting your agreement. Big pictures (programs) had been already set 2.5 million years ago.

All matters are determined by the age of spirit-soul which is represented by the color of Dan (core; 丹) located in Dan-jeon (丹田)*.
*Dan-joen: Also known as Svadhisthana. It is the center of Navel chakra.

White-colored spirit-soul: young spiritual groups. It is not so long after their spirits are created. It might be compared to the level of kindergarten in the universe. About 45% of world population belong to this category.

Silver-colored spirit-soul: This group might be compared to the level of between kindergarten and the lower grades of elementary school in the universe. About 30% of world population belong to this category.

Pink-colored spirit-soul: It might be compared to the higher grades of elementary school in the universe. Most pink-colored spirit-souls are avatars of angels who belong to the Government of Heaven, and their roles are to help both yellow-colored and green-colored (or higher) spirit-souls. About 10% of world population belong to this category.

Yellow colored spirit-soul: It might be compared to the level of middle school in the universe. This group is the target who is to be ascended in the course of Earth’s dimensional ascension. About 12% of world population belong to this category.

Green-colored or higher spirit-soul: They are the descending spirit-souls. They have descended from the world of Tae-geuk (13~15th dimension) or higher. The 144,000 light-workers (managed by 15th level in 14th dimension) and 240,000 workers in the darkness (managed by 15th level in 18th dimension) belong to this group. About 3% of world population belong to this category.

When the material school of Earth is closed, the white, silver and pink-colored spirit-souls should go to Venus whose environments are quite similar to those of Earth (about 75% similarity to Earth’s environment). There they will have to go on their learning processes for evolution of spirit-soul. Venus shall take on the 3rd (4th) dimensional material school on behalf of the Earth.

Pink-colored spirit-souls will be given the chance of dimensional ascension when the time of dimensional ascension comes again in future, after having lived in Venus. They are composed of two groups: One group is “Heyoka” who help the light-workers. The other group is “Denika” who help the workers in darkness. Their numbers are 120 million respectively. They play the roles of family, friends or other close relations.

Yellow-colored spirit-souls are the main characters in Earth’s dimensional ascension, and they will spread out new spiritual civilizations on the Earth. About 75% of yellow-colored spirit-souls (9% of total population) will live in New Earth, preserving their current physical bodies.

But about 25% of yellow-colored spirit-souls (3% of total population) will have to take off their current physical bodies and will be transferred into Earth’s spiritual world (4th dimension in terms of 15 dimensional universe; 5th dimension in terms of 18 dimensional universe). And then they will be reborn as the children of mankind who will live in New Earth after Earth’s dimensional ascension.

Green-colored or higher spirit-souls are the ones who have descended from higher dimensions. Among them, the light-workers will return to their home-stars after fulfilling their roles and missions in Earth’s ascension. Only a few of them (mostly they belong to administrative group) will be left in New Earth, and will play the roles of counselor or senator group. However, most workers in the darkness will leave the Earth with taking off their physical bodies.

This is the thin red-line between life and death which is inevitable in the process of Earth’s ascension. Heaven’s job had already been finished for this task. The shower of blessing lights from Heaven (Gam-ro-bi in Korean) had already fallen two times for the ones who will live in the New Earth. All the necessary procedures for light-workers’ being oneness with their final higher-selves have already been done.

And now, for the ones who will live in the New Earth, the energy tuning procedures of body are going on, and openings of chakra system (enlightenment of chakra system) to make vibrational frequency of body higher are occurring sequentially according to each one’s time-line.

The visible world is to be manifested only after the plans are determined first in the invisible world. All the plans for Earth project had been already designed 2.5 million years ago. The Earth have been the spaces of learning for growth of spirit-souls, and all the spirit-souls have achieved good grades in this cosmic school. God bless for all of them!

Each spirit-soul has its own way to go. The road for each spirit-soul is different, even though they are families or married couples. This is the law of Universe. The calm days before the storm will not be so long. Once the movement of changes for Earth’s pole-shift starts, there will be no time to notice what’s happening. There will be no time even to greet and say goodbye each other. There will be no time even to tie a shoestring. The current material civilizations will be destroyed all of sudden, very swiftly, without any delay, and simultaneously all over the globe.

Up to right now, all of you have gone through lots of hardships. The people who go to Venus after their deaths will continue their spiritual journeys in Venus, with all their memories being sealed. They will do their bests in their new environments in Venus.

As such shall it be. As such is it planned to be. As such was it done.

October 18, 2016.
Udeka writes.

*Translated by Yeoyeo. Edited by Metrica.


32. self-teaching#32 - 12 Angels Group in the Government of Heaven

12 Angels Group in the Government of Heaven

The universe runs on basis of 12-number. The 12-master spirits (or the 12-masters of God) born from the Creator are in the service to manage, control the universe while assisting the Creator. The avatars of 12-master spirits are 12-Archangels, who are the heads of 12-Angels Group belonging to “the Government of Heaven”.
In general the descending spirit-souls are related to minimally 2~3 groups, maximally 6~8 groups. The ascending spirit-souls are also in relation with 1~2 groups. The more is the number of belonging groups, the more roles and the higher positions they have and the more experienced (spiritually grown) existences in Heaven they are.
Being connected with the energy of a group which someone belongs to means that the life in 3rd dimensional world will go around in a similar way. If someone has channelling with the Gabriel Group, it means that he/she is connected with Gabriel Group in a single network system and also 12-Angels Group of the Government of Heaven.
Even connected to the Gabriel Group, he/she is not allowed to know everything of the Government of Heaven. According to the grade of his/her consciousness, within the roles assigned to himself/herself, the extent and level of information is already predetermined.

Ascending spirit-soul: 96% of all human beings in Earth, who are on the way of dimensional ascension to a higher level through the experiences of 3rd-dimensional material world in Earth.
Descending spirit-soul: the spirit-souls who have come down from 5th or higher dimensions to lead and help the dimensional ascension of the ascending spirit-souls.

12-Archangels of light and Luciel Archangel
Heaven’s messenger group to transport channel messages, image messages.
General managing group of this Earth’ dimensional ascension project
Warrior group with dauntlessness and intelligence to secure the human being’s life and safety and to purify the human being’s fear and negativity
Archangel in the position of absolute neutrality.
Currently, inter-bridge between light and darkness
Optimal maintaining of Earth’s environment by taking charge of Cosmic progression, Earth’s atmosphere (purifying water, air etc.)
“Angel of Love & Beauty” taking charge of animals, plants and awakening the consciousness
Managing Earth’ magnetic field (grid, vortex), star-gate, PEFA (Protective Energy Field Area). Especially, at the time of Earth’s dimensional ascension “PEFA” is the crucial place protecting human beings from natural disasters and transforming human body to body of light by amplifying the photon energy.
Evaluating the workers in light or darkness according to their achievements and adjusting (expanding or reducing) their roles and missions
Acting (assisting) as Chief secretary for the master of God like shade (being called “thunder of God”) and taking roles to make instant judge & decision by intuition.
Medical doctor Group in Heaven performing the physical or spiritual treatments for the human beings & spirit-souls and also conducting chakra-enlightenment, soul-consciousness purification
Performing very important mission of “decision of death & life”, which is strongly required for absolutely objective & neutralized attitude
Performing the affairs related to housing, building, architecture and facilities
Managing the regulations in documentation, official affairs and also the lawful issues, administrative procedures 
The Archangel serving & acting as sacrifice by taking “the role of Villian” to complete the “Earth’ dimensional ascension project”

12-Chakras : In Sanskrit, it means “wheel” or “round disk”, 12 main energy points in body. To obtain the light-passage route of 12-chakras, 12 chakra system must be truly activated (enlightened).

(crown chakra)
(brow chakra)
Spirit eye
(throat chakra)
(heart chakra)
(spleen chakra)
(Navel chakra)
(Root chakra)

8, 9: No-Gung (the Palace of Toil) - Control of heat energy of Shim-po           
10, 11: Yong-Chon (the Bubbling Spring) - Reinforcement of water (cold) energy of kidney
12: Dan-Jung (the Chest Center Chakra)

Udeka writes.
December 19, 2015.

*Translated by Tae-jo. Edited by Metrica.

The Analysis of the Inter-Dimensional Spaces of the Planet Earth

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