The tragic destiny of lightworkers 9 : Fierce life program of lightworkers

The number of lightworkers who know that they are the lightworkers is very small. They are just being attracted by subtle feelings inside their minds, knowing nothing. In fact, they are the universal soldiers who have been dispatched to the invisible spiritual war, with the role and missions which are adjusted for each one’s spiritual journey for the Earth project which is supervised by the Creator.

There are so many lightworkers who lost everything all of sudden without having any chances to recover, just like the ones possessed by ghosts, even though it seemed to be working so smoothly, so nicely. The time of material affluences was very short for them, even when they have enjoyed them for a while.

Even though it appears that everything was done by our free-wills, but in fact our lives were driven to here by the invisible Heaven just like hare and hounds. Every choice in the corner of turning points in our lives was the outcome of such inevitable forces from Heaven, if we look back the full picture of our lives. Even though we have tried our bests, the final outcome of our struggles is this current status and standings. This is because the final life of every lightworker was designed to reflect the role and mission for the lightworker and to dissolve each one’s karma.

Since the lighworkers who are not yet awakened can’t see the big picture of their lives, they are just living without knowing why they are living in this time. They just feel that their lives are unfair. Also they feel furious and they don’t want to live here any longer. Since their lives are so boring and they can’t find any interests or fun easily, they wander away to find wisdom, truths or new spiritual messages around various religious organizations, spiritual meetings or other spiritual gurus. Even though they have sound sense of life, they are getting along unsound lives. They prefer to truths and wisdom rather than money and fame. Some devote themselves to spiritual enlightenment by meditation or ascetic practice, but in vain.

They don’t know why they are different from others. They find that it is so tough to try to live just like others. Some experience the invisible world and esoteric mystery. Some devote their entire lives to finding and seeking the truths. Others take a vow of saving this world through spiritual enlightenments.

The lightworkers are the beings who came here, having big lights inside their minds irrespective of each one’s matrix (light, intermediate or darkness). These lights could not be hidden, however they want to hide them. Since these lights are the ones of love, charity, purity and truth, they could not escape from living as the role of lights. They tend to be cheated by others rather than cheating others.

For the lightworkers, the degree of brightness and size of spirits is ten times larger than that of ordinary people. That is why the lighteworkers are purer, more diligent, more faithful, and more transparent than others. If the readers who are reading this message feel that you are more miserable, your life is more unfair, you suffered from more painful trials than others, then you might be the one who have great light inside you. I hope that you could be aware of the reason why your life is so absurd and unreasonable.

You are the light. The light has such a property. Although your life seemed to be strange and contradictory in the viewpoint of mankind who are living to make money and to enjoy the material abundance, that is the destiny of lightworker. That is the life of lightworker. Since the light should be in the darkness, it is inevitable.

Thanks for the trials and efforts of the lightworkers. Now the time of lightworkers has come. The material civilization will collapse along with the pole-shift of Earth. They will open up new spiritual civilization in the PEFA (Protective Energy-Field Area) prepared by Heaven. This is why the lightworkers have lived so dramatic and troublesome lives.

The life of lightworker is like a lotus flower in the mud. It was difficult, tough, challenging and a series of abnormality. It was a part of special training course customized for the role and mission of lightworkers. As such, your life was scheduled and planned. Now at the final road for destination, you are reading this message.

Good luck to every lightworker.

As such shall it be. As such is it planned to be. As such was it done.

October 25, 2016.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Metrica.


The tragic destiny of lightworkers 8 : Die hard

The life of lightworkers in this last period is determined by the comprehensive analysis on the cosmic karma, public karma and private karma. Reflecting these karmas, a life program is made and matrix structure is selected as one of the light, intermediate or darkness.

The life of lightworkers is so programmed that they could not die – even if they would want to – before they complete their missions and roles which are to be fit into the 144,000 pieces of puzzle. Neither could they put off their bodies before all their karmas are dissolved.

The lightworkers who have the matrix of intermediate or darkness can’t enter into the PEFA (Protective Energy-Field Area). Because they should dissolve both cosmic and private karmas, they should go through the times of painful inflictions. They are from the beings of high dimensions, even though they have the matrix of intermediate or darkness.

The lightworkers with the matrix of intermediate or darkness have the roles and missions to awaken the consciousness of mankind, sharing the pains and trials of mankind outside the PEFA. They are planned to go the way of servant until they complete their roles outside the PEFA. Throughout this process their karmas will be dissolved and then they could enter into the PEFA or might put off their clothes of physical bodies.

Whether the lightworkers with the matrix of intermediate or darkness might get the permission of entrance for the PEFA or not depends on their time-line, degree of karma resolution, and degree of integration of light and darkness. The group of Melchizedek or Daynal belong to this case.

Most “workers of Darkness” – who have only the role for darkness and get injunctions from the Omega (15th level of 18th dimension) – will have to put off their physical bodies after the phase of “Light and Darkness Integration”. Only the top leaders of Darkness will leave this planet via spaceship after they complete their missions. Among the workers of Darkness, some will swing to the Light.

The workers of Darkness who take the role of darkness or are the core elite group of Shadow Government do not belong to the group of Lightworkers. They have the matrix of intermediate or darkness. They will be destroyed internally by the lightworkers with intermediate or darkness who are helping the Shadow Government.

The party of Darkness is working by the orders from 15th Level of 18th Dimension or 15th Level of 11th Dimension. They have the role of solidifying and maintaining the matrix of darkness of the planet Earth, utilizing the power and authority of Darkness.

The integration of Light and Darkness means that the role and mission of the elite group of Darkness from 15th Level of 18th Dimension is over. Also it implies that all the authorities which have been enjoyed for 2.5 million years long are finished. Most of them will leave this planet, putting off the clothes of physical bodies. The workers of Darkness who have received the order from 15th Level of 11th Dimension will take over the role of lightworkers, once their matrices of intermediate or darkness are erased.

The lightworkers with the matrix of intermediate or darkness are the class who are managed in special by Heaven. Since they are protected by Heaven with bodies which could endure the severe life outside the PEFA, they could not die even if they want to. This is the tragic destiny. Karma is so fearful like this and it should be dissolved by the ones who have caused it.

Even though they could not enter into the PEFA, they are scheduled to protect and help the mankind who has lost everything during the periods of great tribulations. They should awaken the consciousness of mankind and guide them into the PEFA. This is the tragic destiny.

“Even though I could not enter into the PEFA, I really hope that you could enter into the PEFA!” This is the tragic fate which the lightworkers with intermediate or darkness have. Until the integration of light and darkness is finished, their tragic destinies will be continued. The lightworkers with the matrix of light will be given the roles and missions in the PEFA with the pivotal role of “the Tree of Life in the Light”. 

Good luck to all the lightworkers.

As such shall it be. As such is it planned to be. As such was it done.

October 25, 2016.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Metrica.


12 tribes and the symbols

The 12 tribes are the 12 patterns of mankind which are classified by the same wave of energy. All those were initiated from the energy of the Creator, but the lights spectrum were differentiated to 12 types. These 12 light spectrums will be crucial in identifying the spirit-souls who belong to the same Grouped Spirit-Souls.

The fundamental number of change is 12 in the universe of 15 dimensions. But in the universe of 18 dimensions, the number is 15. The 12 tribes and their features are as follows:

The first tribe: Gabriel
- Differentiated from the Creator
- This tribe is composed of the First Great Spirit
- Symbolic Color: White
- Symbol: Pigeion
- Bible description: the tribe of Dan  

The second tribe : Michael
- Differentiated from the Infinite Spirit (Alpha)
- This tribe is composed of the Second Great Spirit
- Symbolic Color: Blue
- Symbol: Blue Dragon
- Bible description: the tribe of Benjamin  

The third tribe: Zadkiel
- Differentiated from the Universal Father
- This tribe is composed of the Third Great Spirit
- Symbolic Color: Purple
- Symbol: Leopard
- Bible description: the tribe of Zebulun  

The fourth tribe: Uriel
- Differentiated from the Omega
- This tribe is composed of the Fourth Great Spirit
- Symbolic Color: Black
- Symbol: Elephant
- Bible description: the tribe of Levites  

The fifth tribe: Haniel
- Differentiated from the Eternal Mother
- This tribe is composed of the Fifth Great Spirit
- Symbolic Color: Red Purple 
- Symbol: Peacock
- Bible description: the tribe of Gad  

The sixth tribe: Metatron
- This tribe is composed of the First and Second Great Spirit
- Symbolic Color: Dark Green
- Symbol: Whale
- Bible description: the tribe of Reubenites  

The seventh tribe: Samuel
- This tribe is composed of the First and Third Great Spirit
- Symbolic Color: Light Green
- Symbol: Bear
- Bible description: the tribe of Naptali

The eighth tribe: Ramiel
- This tribe is composed of the First and Fifth Great Spirit
- Symbolic Color: Orange
- Symbol: Lion
- Bible description: the tribe of Simeon

The ninth tribe: Raphel
- This tribe is composed of the Second and Third Great Spirit
- Symbolic Color: Red
- Symbol: Fire Bird
- Bible description: the tribe of Ashe

The tenth tribe: Azriel
- This tribe is composed of the Second and Fifth Great Spirit
- Symbolic Color: Brown
- Symbol: Black Eagle
- Bible description: the tribe of Joseph

The eleventh tribe: Chamuel
- This tribe is composed of the Third and Fifth Great Spirit
- Symbolic Color: Sky Blue
- Symbol: Monkey
- Bible description: the tribe of Issachar

The twelfth tribe: Ereniel
- This tribe is composed of the First, Second and Third Great Spirit
- Symbolic Color: Gold
- Symbol: Swan
- Bible description: the tribe of Judah

The 12 tribes will have to live the community life of the same tribe in PEFA (Protective Energy-Field Area). Each tribe will have to get together, live and work out the required jobs for each tribe. The living in PEFA will be carried out by each tribe.

As such shall it be. As such is it planned to be. As such was it done.

October 1, 2016.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Metrica.


29. Effect of “thoughts-body” on soul-consciousness

Spirit and soul are energy. Energy has its unique wave, which has two sides of light and darkness.

The spiritual consciousness is not affected by darkness-energy. But the soul energy becomes dirty, if it is exposed to darkness-energy. This is because it was created in lower vibrational frequency than that of the spirit.

By Heaven the soul energy was programmed to return to the darkness, losing its unique light-wave, once it is exposed to energy of negativity. If soul-consciousness forms “thoughts-body in soul-consciousness” in the 4th dimensional spiritual world, avatar’s soul energy living in physical world is affected by “thoughts-body in soul-consciousness”.

The deeper and bigger are grudges, fears or horrors, the darker becomes the soul energy. It comes to emit darkness energy (“negativity”), while losing the light of soul, maxim degree of 70% and minimum degree of 15%.

As long as “thoughts-body in soul consciousness” is left in the 4th dimensional spiritual world, the soul energy is affected by thoughts body. And hence our present lives are enormously affected. The soul-consciousness prisoned in thoughts-body – which is so called “Heaven and Hell” – starts to continuously make negative effects on avatar’s life or the grouped spirit-soul’s lives throughout reincarnations. It sometimes forms “unconsciousness” and “the collective unconsciousness”. If it penetrates into sub-consciousness, then it affects our thoughts, emotions and minds.

“Thoughts-body in soul consciousness” might bring about the following negative effects:
- Spirit-consciousness can’t control soul consciousness.
- In creating one’s own life, there are many difficulties and troubles.
- Avatar’s life might lose its way. 
- I might make us feel that another being exists inside us. 
- It might cause psychic disorders, emotional disturbance or explosive fury, depression or manic-depressive orders because our minds and emotions are not under control by our own wills. 
- It might cause personality-disorder, anxiety-disorder, or multiple personality-disorder. 
- It might make us suffer from insomnia (sleeplessness), bad dream, nervous prostration, or helplessness. 
- It might cause us to suffer from emotional insensitivity so that we could not laugh or cry even for 10 years.

The effects of thoughts body could last normally 1,000 to 3,000 years. The more recent is the time of forming “thoughts-body in soul consciousness”, the stronger is the negativity of it. In this case it could result in more serious emotional disturbance. To be worse, it could control avatar’s entire life in a severe case.

August 31, 2015.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Taejo. Edited by Metrica.


28. Self-teaching #25 - Birth of soul and evolutionary journey

In order to experience world of material, spirit leave a travel to the material world together with soul. This is called 'spirit-soul'. Spirit-soul exists as an energy body of non-material.

Spirit-soul enters a human body to have deep experiences about much more real materials. The energy which makes the physical body operate is called 'Baek'. The journey of spirit-soul in the Earth needed various type of body. That is coincident with the evolutionary process from Hominid to Homo-sapiens, which is learned in history class.

Like this, a human being is composed of three energies: Spirit, Soul and Baek. Spirit-consciousness descends to material world and travels together with soul energy. Baek energy is the manager of body. Therefore, Spirit, Soul and Baek exist as Trinity.

Soul was created in the Nebadon universe for experience of Light and Darkness and the material world. The creator of soul is Yahweh, who is the supervisor of the Orion Nebula and an Avatar of the creator of Nebadon universe, Christ Michael Aton. Yahweh granted souls to descending-spirits and ascending-spirits. As the results, Spirit joined with Soul and they stared the long and far journey of evolution in the Nebadon universe.

While soul does a travel with spirit, soul itself can be separated from spirit. Soul becomes an independent being with individuality, only if it is granted a thought adjuster from the Creator. By doing this, soul is re-born as a new spirit and can start a journey of spirit newly under the law of evolution.

Soul-consciousness is in charge of an emotional-body and has a lower vibrational frequency than spirit. It is general that soul is incomparably distinguished from spirit in terms of brightness and vibrational frequency.

In the view point of self-teaching, self-teaching is the process that Spirit (Light) with higher vibrational frequency teaches Soul (relatively Darkness) with lower vibrational frequency.

*Translated by Buchae-Dosa. Edited by Metrica


The tragic destiny of lightworkers 7: The burden of truths

It might be the case that even the lightworkers can’t do anything at their free-wills. Even if they want to save a person, they could not. The person – whom they think he/she must live – might fail in surviving. Sometimes, they should save people with whom they have bad relationships.

Heaven is not kind. Heaven does not warn the earthquakes or pole-shift in advance. Heaven does not kindly tell the timing of bad events so that many people could prepare for those coming. There is no use in trying to persuade others, knowing the working ways of Heaven. So the lightworkers could not but curse Heaven with hear-breaks, despairs and lethargy. This is the tragic destiny of lightworkers.

Heaven is not kind. Heaven does not trigger violent wars to awaken human consciousness. Heaven also does not cause natural catastrophes such as earthquakes or volcano eruptions for human to be aware of it. Heaven does not use horrors and fears, broadcasting in main news channel that the time is coming. These are not the way of Heaven’s working.

Frog does not realize that it is dying, if the pot where the frog is put is boiling very slowly. Human destiny is not different from this frog in the views of lightworkers. The lightworkers could not help but observing the fate of mankind. This is the burden of truths and lives which should be endured by the lightworkers.

No one knows when the Day is. But the lightworkers know that the Day is coming. They try to predict the timing of the Day, believing that the Day should come soon. In this way, they should live in different zone of time and space.

The enlightened people should break through the times of loneliness. They should wait and wait over and over again. The degree of sufferings and pains which the lightworkers feel could not be imagined. This is the tragic destiny of lightworkers.

Heaven is not kind. In the beginning, Heaven did not consider the plan that all the human beings should be enlightened and awakened so that they could enter into the Golden Age of New Heaven and Earth. Heaven is just conducting the original plan, following the promises which had been given to the spirit-souls 2.5 million years ago. Heaven is preparing the Day without any errors and hesitations, as no one knows it and as nobody is aware of it.

Heaven is not kind. It is not the way of all the people joining and walking together. Among so many disturbing thoughts and feelings, the lightworkers should find and rely on a subtle feeling, as the travelers who lost the way try to find a light in deep darkness. The road of devoting themselves to Heaven is never romantic. Consoling and trusting each other, patting on the shoulders of peers who got tired and depressed, the lightworkers should go their own ways.  

Natural catastrophes prepared by Heaven are coming to terminate the civilizations. They are not comparable to the catastrophes caused by human. The Day is coming as no one knows it and as nobody is aware of it.

The lightworkers just observe the grains which Heaven sowed and raised. Heaven will separate the grains from the chaffs. The lightworkers need not do this. The ones who are awakened will be the grains, while the others be the chaffs.

It will be enough that the lightworkers carry the grains to the PEFA (Protective Energy-Field Area). The lightworkers need not wear an armband. They need cool judgment rather than hot hearts. This is the tragic destiny of lightworkers.

Mankind shall see the bare unpainted face of Heaven. Mankind shall get to see natural catastrophes at each level of consciousness and ego. The rages and curses toward Heaven will soar up into the sky, shouting “We don’t need this Heaven! We can’t admit this Heaven! This Heaven can’t be Heaven! I would rather die than live in this Heaven! …” The screaming of lightworkers will be louder than those of mankind.

Good luck to every lightworker.

As such shall it be. As such is it planned to be. As such was it done.

October 5, 2016.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Metrica


Cosmic Status of the Lightworkers

The lightworkers of 144,000 are composed of three groups, which are DAN tribe, Daynal group and ordinary lightworkers. The portion of each group is DAN tribe (15%), Daynal group (15%) and ordinary lightworkers (70%).

The DAN tribe – born by spiritual differentiation of the Creator – is composed of three groups: Melchizedek group, Avonal group and the direct family line of the Creator.

The Melchizedek group usually takes the role of pioneering the opening of civilizations and they correspond to the role of civil servant. The progenitor of tribes, prophet or great scholar usually come from this group. People from this group design and spread the culture and history of mankind. The Melchizedek group will modify and correct the misled teachings of religions in the course of dimensional ascension. They tend to be working as public speaker or well-known celebrities in real life.

They are also active in publishing books on channeling messages or spiritual teachings. They are more professional in the area of enlightenment than the Daynal group. The key leaders of religions are mainly from the Melchizedek group. They are at the center of establishing civilizations and cultures and take the role of game changer or civilization changer.

The cosmic truths will be delivered to the Melchizedek group according to the time-line in the course of dimensional ascension. They are the royal guards of the Creator and take the role of Alpha (beginning).

The Avonal group is the universal soldiers who support the ruling of the Creator. They back up and assist the Creator in the last time of a planet where all the material civilizations is demolished. This is called “the Bestowal of Avonal”. Their main role is building and operating of PEFA (Protective Energy-Field Area) and correcting of planet’s civilizations.

The direct family line of the Creator was born from the special differentiation of the Creator. They are as followings:

- 17th dimension: “Christ Michael Aton” (the Creator of the Nebadon universe)
- 15th dimension: “the Grove of Dharma Garland Bodhisattva”, “the Bodhisattva of the Great and Marvelous Mark” (they rule the stellar system of the Nebadon universe)
- 13th dimension: “the Avalokitesvara” (also called “the Bodhisattva of Great Compassion”, “the Goddess of Mercy”); the ruler of the planets, the mother of all the beings
- 11th dimension: the supreme ruler of material worlds
- 9th dimension: the Higher Committee in the Government of Heaven (The chief is “the Great Jade Emperor”)
- 7th dimension: the ruler of the Government of Heaven
- 5th dimension: the ruler of the Spiritual World  

All of them combined are called “the Seven Star Buddhists”. They are the Top Administrators of each dimension in Nebadon universe. The Nebadon universe is ruled by the direct family line of the Creator. They are the core of core among the DAN tribes.

The Daynal group was born by the spiritual differentiation of the Creator in 2nd level of 18th dimension. The lightworekrs – who belong to the Daynal group – have descended from the world of 12th or 14th dimension. They have the mission of awakening the consciousness of mankind in the cooperation with the Avonal group in PEFA. The Daynal group tend to have jobs of teachers in real life.

The ordinary lightworkers comprise of the majority of the lightworekrs. The Life Carriers also belong to this group. The ordinary lightworkers are further divided into the 12 tribes except the DAN tribe. They are the Supervisory group of the world of 12th ~ 15th dimension.

The lightworkers had been selected from the Supervisory group of 12th ~ 17th dimensional world 2.5 million years ago. They are the key actors who have spread out the cosmic karmas on the Earth, bearing the Cosmic Cross on their backs. In the spirit of “Regression to the Origin”, they have the role and duty of conducting their missions to pay back their debts.

The lightworkers are parents of the universe and the guests who came to this Earth to congratulate their children’s graduation. Also they are the best administrative staffs of the great universe with special missions and roles.

The lightworkers are both assets and future of the universe. Good luck to all the lightworkers.

As such shall it be. As such is it planned to be. As such was it done.

October 3, 2016.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Metrica.


The Secret of Heaven #8: the Supervisor of dimension

Heaven is not kind. Heaven is taking huge efforts in maintaining, repairing and managing the matrix. To make the play more realistic and dramatic, the minimal information only is disclosed. Heaven is operating the Cosmic Academy, hiding the invisible worlds and the way of Heaven’s working.

In this way, Heaven is blocking all the star-gates – which is open to the Earth – to make the inhabitants on the planet Earth live blindly just like the frogs in a well without knowing anything. The Supervisory Group is in charge of this job.

The Brothers in Darkness – who maintain and manage the matrix of material – are directed and controlled behind the scene by this group. Also the non-material forms such as angels, ghosts, dragons and angels in darkness are managed by the Supervisory group.

In the worlds of material (below the 12th dimension), the Supervisory group exists in the even dimensions. In the worlds of non-material, the ordinary Supervisory group exists in the 12th and 14th dimensions. But this Supervisory group of non-material worlds is further directed by another Supervisory group which is the direct family line of the Creator and exists in the odd dimensions.

The direct family line of the Creator supervises the Supervisory group of the non-material worlds in the 13th, 15th and 17th dimension respectively. The direct family line of the Creator in the dimension of 11, 9, 7 and 5 is the Supervisor of the material worlds and they represent the Government of Heaven. Even though they are the direct family line of the Creator, they are again in the control of the Supervisory group of the material world, who exist in the even dimensions.

Among the Supervisory groups, the discipline of giving and taking orders is strict. They work as the military forces in the worlds of materials. The direct line of the Creator in the worlds of non-materials command the space vehicle armed with high-tech heavy fires and controls stellar systems and galaxies. This is the nature of Heaven.

Heaven is not kind as they work in the strict information control just like the military forces. The purpose of this strict control is to support the Creator’s sovereign and to make the great universe grow and proceed in the balance and harmony.  

The material worlds (first ~ 11th dimension) are each divided into 15 levels. The worlds above the 4th dimension are not visible and the Supervisory groups exist in the 15th level of each even dimension. In the non-material worlds of 12th ~ 15th dimensions (the world of “Tae-Geuk”), the supreme Supervisory group exists in the 15th level of 14th dimension. In the non-material worlds of 16th ~ 18th dimensions (the world of “Mu-Geuk”), each Supervisory group exists in 18th level of each dimension. For example, the 16th dimensional world is supervised in 18th level of 16th dimension. The 18th dimensional world is supervised in 18th level of 18th dimension.

This is the nature of Heaven, which could not be imagined nor understood. Neither has it been disclosed to anyone. Now it is the time of revelation. As the time when the Earth should join the ONENESS consciousness of the great universe, Udeka writes this message for records.  

July 26, 2016.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Metrica.


The tragic destiny of lightworkers 6 : The lightworkers whom Heaven wants

The lightworkers whom Heaven wants are as follows.

The lightworkers are not male nor female. They are not someone’s mothers nor fathers.

The lightworkers are not someone’s wives nor husbands. They are not someone’s mothers nor fathers. They are not someone’s sons nor daughters.

The lightworkers are not someone’s friends nor sweet-hearts. They are not someone’s human-being nor brothers and sisters.

The lightworkers are the soldiers of Heaven. They are the workers who came here to conduct the heavenly tasks. They are the heavenly people who resemble Heaven.

The lightworkers are the faithful reapers who should harvest the grains on the fields where the chaffs and grains are separated, with closing their hearts.

The lightworkers need not know everything. They are the best customized workers who should put their pieces into the puzzle, just conducting their roles and missions, not knowing the big picture.

The lightworkers should feel comfortable in the lowest place as they are the heavenly people. Also they should conceal themselves.

The lightworkers are not the ones who give orders to others and show off themselves to satisfy their egos.

The lightworkers should be the ones who could bear the burden of truths and stand the weights of their lives.

Good luck to every lightworker.

October 5, 2016.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Metrica.


The tragic destiny of lightworkers 5 : The Saints are not benevolent

The saints are not benevolent. As the saints have no selfishness, they cannot be always benevolent.

The saints are not kind. As the saints are another reflection of Heaven, they do not satisfy the human ego, nor demonstrates themselves at the level of human eyes. As there is a windy day or bright day, as there is an early frost or heavy frost, the saints just conduct their missions with both warm hearts and coldness, without any selfishness, to realize the spirit of the times, just following the relational causation of the times.

The saints do not have fine looks. They don’t try to behave as the guru with good mustaches. Nor do they look like the celebrities, nor are they popular just like idol stars. The saints resemble the nature of the grounds and they embrace all the things just as the Mother Earth holds and raise up everything on the ground. They do not distinguish between the beauty and ugliness, the right and wrong. They just stare at the world with the Mother’s heart. When the time is mature, they will appear before the human race just with so plain outlooks.  

The saints are not noble. Nor are they solemn. As the saints resemble the nature, they do manifest themselves in the change. The nature does not have a single face. For the nature, in the chaos there is an order and there is a chaos in the order. The saints do not express themselves as the stern outlooks which are described in the holy scriptures. They are not fixed nor do they adhere to a single image. They do not decorate themselves. They show themselves as they are in the balance and harmony.

If someone strikes a saint on one cheek, the saint does not turn the other. The saints don’t decide on right and wrong. Since they don’t halt at judgment, they need not turn the other cheek. If someone strikes a saint on both cheeks, the saint will behave just like running water with thundering words.

The saints do not reign at a high position. As their cosmic status are high, they don’t need to be dominant over people on the ground. As the saints are on the rank of giving orders in Heaven, they just conduct their missions and roles in the lowest places on the ground. As the saints are the master in Heaven, they work as the servants on the ground. They do not adjust themselves to the criteria of the ground. They just do the heavenly missions in the way of Heaven, as no one knows it.

The saints are not omniscient nor omnipotent. When a new matrix need to be installed, the saints come here with human body to balance the growth pace of spiritual and material civilizations. Heaven has the duty of managing and maintaining the material matrix of a planet.

The saints need not be omniscient and omnipotent. They don’t want to be worshiped by mankind. They don’t use the fears of human. They don’t have any intention to become a leader of religion. The saints just do their missions with best customized body to transmit the truths of Heaven.

The saints are not excellent in every aspect. As they are in close communication with Heaven, they don’t need various talents. It is enough that they transmit the message of Heaven which is planned to be delivered. As the ordinary men and women, they will accompany the human race.

The saints did not come here to solve the problems of ground at the height of human eyes. They did not come here to become a hero. They just come here to realize the plans and wills of Heaven. There is the role and mission of the saints at the place where the plan of Heaven and the unfolding of ground are in contacts.

The saints are living along with mankind as the common men and women. They are the terminators of material civilizations, the gurus of enlightenment, the lightworkers, and return of the Gods in accordance with the timeline of Earth ascension.

The distinction and discernment about the false and true saints, the fake and genuine lightworkers is given to the human race who are in deep sleeping, without knowing anythings. This is the tragic destiny of the human race.

The heroes come here to kill many people. But the saints come here to save millions people. Along the natural catastrophes, the epoch of mass-Buddhists and mass-saints is coming. To manage and resolve the great tribulations after the pole-shift (straightening up of the tilted Earth’s axis), Heaven has prepared and trained the lightworkers.

The human race will wait for the heroes who could solve their problems. But such heroes will not come. The saints will appear as the lightworkers with the role and duty of terminating material civilizations. The lightworkers and so many saints – who had walked on the ground – are on the verge of coming back as the outlooks of ordinary men and women.

Good luck to everyone.

As such shall it be. As such is it planned to be. As such was it done.

September 23, 2016.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Metrica.


The tragic destiny of lightworkers 4 : Return of the Gods

The institutionalized religions have put meanings on the nature of God and Heaven just to meet their interests and standards, exploiting the fears of human beings. They have created Heaven and Hell. They have fostered the beliefs that the God wants something from human and it judges human by the right and wrong. The Gods and Heaven have been colored with personalities just to meet the height of human eyes. The periods when human fears the Gods and worship them as idol have been the times of pain and history of religions to the human race who have lost Heaven.

The Gods and Heaven do not have any personalities. The Gods and Heaven just exist as the form of energy and do not have any emotions. In Heaven, there is not anything right or wrong. The right and wrong on the ground is nothing but the criteria of value on the ground. Also this criteria of right and wrong on the ground have been changed from periods to periods. The Gods and human are not separated just as beauty and ugliness are not. In essence, the Gods and human beings are the same one.

The spirit in human body is identical to the God which exists in the form of energy. When we put off the clothes of physical body, then we come back to the existence of spirit-soul. The human being is the God and the God became a human being. The God and human had not been separated in the beginning. The same beings chose the journey in different ways. One is experiencing the world of lights in the form of energy, while the other is experiencing the material world in the form of non-energy. Distinction of the God and human is made in the material world.

The journey of spirit-soul through body of Homo-sapiens is coming to an end. The Earth have been the planet which has both the brightest lights and the darkest matrix. The matrix of darkness was installed by Heaven. The subject who have conducted works of darkness and have blooded the grounds was the lightworkers. It were the lightworkers who have distorted and eliminated the truths of Heaven. They also have changed the planet Earth into the crucible of karmas, bearing the cosmic karmas and the Cosmic Cross on their backs and shoulders.

The planet Earth have conducted successfully the role of cosmic academy for young spirit-souls during 2.5 million years. The Earth which had been brightest had fallen into the darkest planet. The Providence and truths of Heaven have been distorted and are no longer left. Now the Earth is far away from the truths of Heaven. It is too long since Disposition of Providence is gone away.

Now is coming the time of “Great Opening of New Age” when the divine commitment of the Creator is manifested on the ground in order to break open New Heaven and New Ground. As it is the right timing, the truths of great universe are being disclosed. The human race will face the collapse of material civilizations. For the role of terminating the civilizations, the lightworkers are being awakened. For the time of correcting the Earth (Bestowal of Avonal), return of the Gods have just begun.

The human race will get to realize that everything in this world is avatar of the Creator and children of the Creator and is connected to each other. In the Great Tribulations such as the pole-shift, the human race will get through the time of corrections in PEFA (Protective Energy-Field Area) and be awakened in the end.

The role of lightworkers is to correct the distorted truths. To the people who believe the teachings – which the minister, priest or monks have told – as the absolute truths of Heaven, the lightworkers should preach the truth of universe.

To be sad and ironical, the lightworkers should awaken their consciousness ahead, not knowing who they are, not knowing that they are the lightworkers. This is the tragic destiny of lightworkers. As they are enlightened and pass the test of Heaven, they will be given the role and mission from Heaven.

Before you save others, you the lightworker should wake up first from deep sleeping. This is the fate that all the lightworkers face. 

As such shall it be. As such is it planned to be. As such was it done.

Good luck to the lightworkers.

September 23, 2016.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Metrica.


27. Inner-voice and degree of truth

Delve into your inner-mind. Know that all the truths of universe already exists in your inner-mind. If you can talk to your inner-mind and listen to the voice of your inner-mind, you believe that everything seems to be solved and all the secrets of universe could be revealed. There are innocent people who believe that I will soon be enlightened and reach nirvana. These people are called romantic spirituality-person. People – who don't know anything, are obstinacy and stubborn like a bull – are called sloppy men.

It is quite tough to delve into the inner-mind. Even when trying to meditate sitting cross-legged, all kinds of delusion, distracting thoughts, or negative thoughts come up. These are the phenomenon that most ascetics, religious people, spirituality-persons, and sloppy men experience.

The light, shape and voice are essentially the same one. The shape that I see by the eyes of my mind, the voice that I hear by the ear of my mind, and the light that I see by the third eyes. All these things are not to be seen by my will but to be seen and heard. All these things arise in our inner-mind under the perfect control of the Government of Heaven.

The recognition that a piece of my mind is not entirely mine means that my mind is affected from various energies, which are revealed throughout my energy body. We could only hear the voice and see the light and shape, which are allowed and directed by Heaven, through the energy body of my consciousness. In this process the inner-voice might be contaminated. Without consciousness-awakening, the inner-voice might be infected by virus and the light and shape be contaminated by negativity (attributes of darkness, soul-consciousness, and emotion).

If I could see and feel the invisible world of Heaven, this means that the Visual Team in the Government of Heaven is intervening on me. Heaven let us see images and hear voices, which are appropriate for our consciousness level. The lower consciousness-awakening is, the lower the degree of truth is. For people with strong emotions and ego, the degree of truth of channeled messages is lower than that of shamans. They insist that “I heard it like this.” and “I saw it like this.” in the name of God, in the name of Heaven. These are the cause of evil that human has done under the name of God.

As mankind was ignorant and did not have correct understanding on the nature of channeling, mankind did a trial-and-error. Mankind had to suffer from painful history. Religion were contaminated and refracted. It is still continuing. Beyond more serious level, it will devour the ideology of all faiths. There will be cultural impacts that mankind had never expected.

The people – who hear the voice of Heaven – do not always hear the voice of Heaven but the voice of darkness under the pretext of Heaven’s voice. The false disguised as the truth will become popular. Everything that they heard and saw will be believed as the voice of Heaven. The false prophets and missioners, shouting they are the delegates of God, will fill this world with darkness without correct understanding on the nature of channeling.

Among them, a ray of light shall begin with a single light and shine the whole world.

July 12, 2015.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Buchae-Dosa. Edited by Metrica.


The tragic destiny of lightworkers 3 : the lightworkers are made on the ground

The lightworkers do not fall from the sky or space-ships. They are made on the ground. Although it appears to be done by free-will, but in fact they are under the perfect control of Heaven and are controlled by the programs which are set up by their higher-selves. They get through so many frustrations and failures on the ground. In this moment, they are being trained and carved out by the severe ordeals and tests of Heave, with so many partings and heart-breaks.

The 144,000 lightworkers are the chief commanders, key expert group or the top administrators of planets, stellar system and galaxies. They had been selected and recruited among the Supervisory group who have cosmic karma and are brave. Each lightworker has its own distinct light which are differentiated from the Creator. Each one of 144,000 lights represent the unique vibrational frequency of the Creator’s lights.

The lightworkers are the supreme soldiers of universe, the top Supervisory group, the elite administrative group who had been dispatched into this Earth 2.5 million years ago. They are from the world of Tae-Geuk (16~18th dimension) or Moo-Geuk (12~15th dimension).

They are living in this last time-line, with every memory and capabilities blocked by energy sealings, not knowing anything. But when the time is mature, they will get to know their cosmic status and conduct their roles and missions. It might appear to happen by chance, but in fact it is not.  

Before each one’s time-line is triggered, most of lightworkers live so commonly, widening their viewpoints toward the outer worlds and getting interested in the invisible worlds. They are carved out and tempered by events and dramas which are suited for their roles and missions, not knowing anything. They are being trained and prepared in this way.

Being oneness with final higher-self is being done for the lightworkers in accordance with each one’s time-line. A lightworker need not know the whole picture. It is enough for a lightworker to put a piece of puzzle into the place where it is supposed to be done.

The dimensional ascension of Earth is the military operation of Heaven which is conducted by the lightworkers for the human race. Each lightworker need not know everything. All the blocks which are needed for the big picture is made all over the globe. When it is the right timing, then the full picture will surface before mankind.

Heaven does not work on a whim. Heaven does not work at the height of human eye. Heaven does not work to satisfy human ego. Heaven just works its own way as planned by itself. The project of lightworkers had already been started 2.5 million years ago. This is why anyone could not be the lightworker.

Nor is the lightworker determined by the degree of beliefs on Heaven, which is the usual arguments of the religious people. The life of yogi or ascetic does not guarantee it. It is not achieved by human desire and efforts. It is only trained and coordinated by Heaven, which is the tragic destiny of lightworkers. The strengths of training and contents of program is beyond human imaginations, nor predictable by human, nor satisfy human ego. It is really severe and heart-breaking.

As such shall it be. As such is it planned to be. As such was it done.

Good luck to the lightworkers.

September 17, 2016.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Metrica.


The tragic destiny of lightworkers 2 : the compression of free-will

The life programs of lightworkers are so specially designed that their rooms of free-will are reduced. Their lives are so tough. Their programs are to lead them to broader world so that they could embrace many people with their hearts and comprehend more others, experiencing various ups and downs throughout lives.

The life programs of lightworkers are programmed to dissolve the karmas of 2.5 million years and to coordinate and support the roles and missions for the lightworkers. Their lives are best customized for the job of lightworkers from beginning to end.

All the histories of Earth were rolled out by the programs which had been planned and prepared 2.5 million years ago by Heaven. The lightworkers were casted as the key player to turn the wheels of cosmos. Thus, the cosmic karmas spread out on this Earth. The great epics of universe were played on the ground.

For the lightworkers, the current life has meaning of the last life on this Earth. So they should dissolve all their karmas and leave here, as it is the last opportunity when the beginning and end of 2.5 million years emerge as the single one. This is why the free-wills of lightworkers are severely reduced in this re-incarnation.

For the ascending spirit-souls of white and silver lights, their proportion of free-wills in their lives are about 50%. The target of dimensional ascension in this time, the yellow-colored spirit-souls have the weight 40% of free-wills. For the Heyoka and Denika group, their weight of program vs. free-will is 70% vs. 30%.

About 70% of lightworkers came here by the way of walk-in, while the rest of lightworkers came into body in birth. For these ordinary lightworkers (not walk-in type), their weight of free-will is about 20%, while the walk-in type of lightworkers have only 10% weight of free-will.

The lightworkers who have great burden of karmas – public or private – might have disorder of soul-consciousness, so that they may suffer from schizophrenia or cognitive dissonance and tend to have difficulty in having sound communication with others. They manage to live to dissolve the karmas, not to create the creative lives

The tragic destiny of lightworkers is predetermined before birth. In the society of capitalism, they are blocked from the material abundance and their creative capabilities of free-will are bound by various energy sealings. Most of them get along as the outsider, not as the leader. Their appearances are so plain and humble.

Since 2.5 million years past, the lightworkers have been prepared for this last time of material civilizations on the earth with their free-wills bound and reduced. In the view point of Heaven, they are the masterpieces which have been elaborated during 2.5 million years long just in order to open up new Heaven and Ground.

The lightworkers – who are not yet awakened – are just living with great discomfort and dissatisfaction about their lives, not knowing who they are, not knowing what their cosmic status and positions are. This is the tragic fate of lightworkers who are still in deep sleeping.

As such shall it be. As such is it planned to be. As such was it done.

Good luck to the lightworkers.

September 16, 2016.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Metrica.


The principle of life creation

All things in the universe are composed of Phermion energy. Phermion is created by the Creator’s energy (18th level of 18th dimension) and has negative (陰; Yin; -) characteristics. This Phermion energy is the most primitive source energy which created the universe.

Phermion corresponds to the world of elementary particles. ‘The Divine Light of the Creator’ has positive (陽; Yang; +) characteristics, which is charged by ‘Alpha’ (17th level of 18th dimension). ‘Alpha’ is the Infinite Spirit who supervises the 17th level of 18th dimension universe, and is also in charge of ‘the Tree of Life in the Light’.

Phermion energy (18th level of 18th dimension) is converted into Phermiah energy by the Divine Light of the Creator (17th level of 18th dimension; the Alpha). Phermiah energy corresponds to the element and also to ‘Jung’. Phermiah energy has both Yin(-) and Yang(+):

- Negative energy of Phermiah : electron
- Positive energy of Phermiah : nucleus

When ‘Jung’ (Phermiah energy) is combined with ‘Ki(氣; Chi)’ energy, then the molecule is created, which we call ‘Jung-Ki’. ‘Jung-Ki’ corresponds to the molecule. ‘Ki’ is the Gaia energy of the planet itself and symbolizes the Gaia’s consciousness. ‘Ki’ is also the Gaia’s Baek energy.

The molecule is transformed into the cell which is the basic unit of life by the Omega energy (15th level of 18th dimension), which is known as ‘Life Carrier’. The ‘Life Carrier’ belongs to the Uriel group, and fulfills professional roles that are related to creation of life. The ‘Life carriers’ are the special differentiation of Omega energy. They help planet Gaia, and provide service in the spiritual world.

The ‘Life carriers’ are the expert group who have created all the tribes in the universe. The Homo-sapiens were also created by this group. This group is called ‘the Uriel group’ in universe and also known as ‘Bhaisajyaraja (King of Medicine; the Bodhisattva of Medicine; Healing Buddha) group’ in the Buddhist.

Life is composed of ‘Jung-Ki-Shin’. ‘Jung’ is the basic unit of matter and corresponds to element. ‘Ki’ is the Baek energy of Gaia. ‘Shin’ is the ‘Life Carriers’ and more specifically means the programs embedded in the ‘Life Carriers’.

The mechanism of life creation is as follows:

- Phermion: the energy of the Creator (18th level of 18th dimension)

- the Divine Light of the Creator: the energy of Alpha (17th level of 18th dimension)

- Phermiah energy: the creation of element, the Creator energy + the Infinite Spirit (Alpha) energy

- The Creation of Molecule: combination of Jung and Ki, Phermiah energy + Baek energy of planet Gaia

- The Creation of Cell: Molecule + energy of ‘Life Carriers’

- The Creation of Life: the Creator energy + the Infinite Spirit (Alpha) energy + Omega energy + the planet Gaia’s Baek energy

“I am the light (the Creator: 18th level of 18th dimension) and the life (the Creator + the Alpha energy + the Omega energy). And I am the Alpha and the Omega.” (Revelation 1:8) 

Such words in Bible are the cosmic secret of life creation.

Now it is the time. So I, Udeka, inform the secret of life creation and the truth of the great universe.

October 6, 2016.

Udeka wrties.

*Translated by Yeoyeo. Edited by Metrica.


26. What is the inner-mind?

We can't solve the problems related to the soul-consciousness - which is expressed by Ego - by ourselves' will. It is very difficult process to recognize, previse and notice that eliminating negativities, meditation, spiritual practices and believing in a religion does not yield satisfactory answers. It is also the process of extreme hardship to learn that through experiences of life.

Our inner-mind contains various energies such as ghosts, guide angels, angel in darkness as well as spirit-consciousness. So, detecting the subject of a conversation with inner-side is uncharted territory. It is nearly impossible to notice the nature of inner-side conversation without awakening consciousness.

Meditation and spirituality groups which emphasize conversation with inner-mind have structural limitation. It is difficult realities that romantic spiritual circles – who consider the self-teaching as the ultimate weapon – recognize their contradictions and limits by themselves. Our universal consciousness appeal the direction toward inner-side but fail to inform numerous beings within inner-side.

The type of energy forms which exist in the inner mind are as follows:

1. Spirit-consciousness: 1st, 2nd, 3rd higher-self, …
2. Thoughts-body in soul-consciousness: thoughts-body which have been generated in the process of dying
3. Karma energy in soul-consciousness: which have been accumulated and stuck to soul-consciousness in the cycle of reincarnations
4. Ghosts: energy form in 5th dimensional spiritual world (astral plane)
5. Guide angels: They belong to the Government of Heaven
6. Darkness angels: They belong to the Government of Heaven
7. Character lines: 7 energy lines at the back of human body. Human thinking and feeling might be controlled by these energy lines. Higher-self or the Government of Heaven might intervene the operations of brain through seven energy lines.
8. Emotional lines: 12 energy lines at the abdomen of human body, which control desire and emotion partially.
* Heaven or higher-self could control human thinking and emotions, if necessary, by using these seven and twelve energy control lines.

Mankind has recognized the contaminated voices of inner-mind as the voice of God and the will of God. The text of religion has been contaminated, and still now lots of contaminated texts which are under mask of many names of Gods have been published. Wars and violence are justified by the names of so many Gods.

Communicating with the inner mind is the first step to the invisible world, and is the route toward the strait gate of Heaven. It is also the battlefields where lots of religious and spiritual persons died, in their pursuit of being enlightened, and numerous tombs were piled up mountain-high.

July 6, 2015.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Buchae-Dosa. Edited by Metrica.


The tragic destiny of lightworkers 1: the cosmic karma

The lightworkers had started the journey of spirit-soul on the planet Earth – which is the experimental planet in the universe – 2.5 million years ago. In the viewpoint of the Creator, there are problems to solve in the wholeness consciousness, but also the role of executor to conserve the rules and laws of the universe. The Earth – which lies in a remote outside of the Nebadon universe – was selected to close a big cycle of the universe and to dissolve the cosmic karmas which had been accumulated in the evolutionary paths of planets, stars and galaxies.

There were experiments through Homo-sapiens, collecting all the karmas – which had been accumulated in the 6th cycle of the great universe – into the Earth. All the karmas were spread out on the Earth, perpetrators and victims interchanging their roles and experiencing the counterpart’s standings. At this time, these karmas are being spread out and also dissolved.

The conflicts which are caused by struggles for mutual interests, the strife between peoples and peoples, the conflicts between religion and religion, the fights between nations and nations appears to be brought about by mutual interests. Or they might be caused by the intervention of the forces in darkness. Otherwise, they might appear to be blamed for the conflicts of politicians. But the essence of problems is determined in the invisible world, which is called “the cosmic karma”.

The history of Earth was co-created by Heaven and mankind. It was the great cosmic epic of solving the cosmic karma. In this process, a group of spirit-souls had come to this Earth, bearing each one’s own cosmic karma. We call them “the Lightworkers”. They have spread out the cosmic karmas on this Earth through the history of Earth.

The lightworkers are the beings who roll out the karmas – which they had committed in the universe – on this Earth again. The lightworkers who had lived lives of a notorious person, hero or great general had led the lives of prostitute, slave or the lowest class of people to dissolve the karmas. They had balanced out their karmas through average number of 35 reincarnations.  

The lightworkers should dissolve their cosmic karmas through love, service and devotion for mankind, forsaking all their stakes. The lightworkers owe big debts to mankind. Throughout the 2.5 million years history of Earth, the lightworkers had played the role of leading actors. So they owe to the ascending spirit-souls who had played the supporting roles.

The higher their positions are in Heaven, the more humble they should behave on the ground. The lightworkers have been at the center of Earth history. Also they had lived out from elements and minerals to plants and animals. In this way, they had completed various experiences of the material world. Now it is the time to close out the material civilizations of Earth. So, the lightworkers should take the role of terminator by the principle of universe “Regression to the Origin”.

The lightworkers do not know who they are. Even though they are living without knowing anything, they will get to remember the key parts of their lives once the veils are gone. Then they will be notified the contents of the Oath – which they had sworn before the Creator 2.5 million years ago – in accordance with each one’s timeline for role and mission.

Anyone cannot take the role of lightworker. Nor can it be, even if a person wants to be. Nor can it be refused. Only the ones who had been selected 2.5 million years ago could conduct the role. The lightworkers are the causers of pains and sufferings which had been spread out on this Earth. In fact, they are the high executives, chief administrators, or leader group of the universe. At the same time, they are the key actors of the great cosmic epics created by the Homo-sapiens.

The lives of most lightworkers – who are in the last phase of lives on this Earth – are just too plain. The lives of lightworkers have been continuums of lives which are miserable but cannot be abandoned just to dissolve the public karmas which had been accumulated for 2.5 million years. Also their lives have been tough and challenging throughout paying back for the private karmas which had been accumulated by the abuses of free-wills.

Now it is the time when the lightworkers should wake up. Good luck to every lightworker.

September 16, 2016.

*Translated by Metrica.


The Characteristics of Earth Gaia Consciousness

Among the Gaia consciousness of planets, the planets – that the Creator’s direct-line family groups manage – have the strongest characters as experimental planets.

Venus has Gaia consciousness of 13th dimension, which is managed by the Creator family group consciousness. It is a planet where Homo-sapiens inhabit. It has already achieved the ascension from 4th dimension to 6th dimension ahead of the Earth. When the cosmic academy (the school for experiencing the material world) in Earth closes, the next cosmic academy will be open in Venus. It had been planned 2.5 million years ago to accommodate the inhabitants from the Earth.

The Creator family Gaia consciousness (11th dimension) is in charge of Mercury. For the next cycle of dimensional ascension in the universe, Mercury is prepared and evolving to open a cosmic academy after Venus. Various aquatic species live in Mercury with the most advanced ones in 7th level - 8th dimension. The rest are species of reptiles, birds and mammals (Ju-ryu; all lives capable of running).

Mars is the planet that the Omega (the Darkness) Gaia consciousness (13th dimension) manages. It is the planet where reptiles of standing type are the main species and cosmic academy for reptiles is installed. Zeta aliens – who are mixed type of humanoid and reptiles – live in the underground world. It is a multi-dimensional planet where a few other species are also living.

Earth is the planet which is managed by Creator family Gaia consciousness (17th dimension). It is a multi-dimensional planet where all the consciousness of the universe came in. It had been prepared and planned to experiment the universal ascension from 15th dimension to 18th dimension. Various experiments have been conducted to spread out the characteristics of Homo-sapiens as the mainstream race in the 7th cycle of the Great Universe. To close the 6th cycle and open up the 7th cycle of the Great Universe, the Earth has been utilized as both an experimental planet and seed planet to resolve the Universal Karma.

Jupiter managed by the Creator family Gaia consciousness (15th dimension) is the planet where the whale primates are living as the most advanced species (6th level - 11th dimension). Lower level of aquatic species and various whale primates also live there. The cosmic academy for whale primates is running. The felines (the lion-human species) are also living on land. Minority of Homo-sapiens who are the initial form of primitive human race are also living along with other species. Jupiter is getting ready to be the future sun of the consciousness. After the ascension of the Earth, it is planned to be the next Central Sun.

Saturn is managed by Eternal Mother family group, which has 15th dimensional consciousness. It is the planet where the Carians (the bird-man species) live as the single species among other six kinds of species. Various birds type species are living with the highest consciousness of 8th level - 13th dimension. 4th dimensional cosmic academy is operated for the Carians.

Uranus is the planet that Infinite Spirit Gaia consciousness (13th dimension) manages. The Carians are living there with the highest consciousness level of 4th level - 12th dimension. The universal academy for the Carians is opened and other species except humanoid type are also living together.

Neptune is managed by 13th dimensional Gaia consciousness that is Universal Father family group. The felines (the lion-human species) live there with the highest consciousness level of 4th level - 12th dimension. The cosmic academy is opened and some other types of species are also living in Neptune.

Pluto is the planet that the 11th dimensional Gaia consciousness of the Eternal Mother manages. Various reptilians live there.

The sun is a fixed-star. Dimensions of fixed-stars are even numbers such as 12th, 14th, and 16th. The sun has 14th dimensional consciousness and Creator family group (15th dimension) is in charge of it.

March 29, 2016.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by BB. Edited by Metrica.


25. Universe in a viewpoint of vibrational frequency

Everything in this universe – material and non-material – can be represented as volume of energy or brightness of light.  We might describe it as vibrational frequency.

The universe is power game, and the energy of higher vibrational frequency can contain and accept the lower one. It is the Law of Energy by which the universe circulates in harmony and balance with the energy of love, mercy and compassion. Not with opposition and struggle. This is the term Udeka prefers to use when he tries to express the principle of the universe in terms of energy.

The creation of universe proceeds from high to low vibrational frequency. The creation and change of universe is also like that. Differentiation and expansion also goes from high to low vibrational frequency. The light energy of love, mercy and compassion spread out in the form of service. This is the creation and evolution of universe.

The expansion of consciousness is made from low to high vibrational frequency, and so are the evolution of spirit and soul. The unification of spirit and soul is called “being ONENESS with higher-self”, “enlightenment” or “becoming a Buddha”.

The history of universe is the journey of spirit – spiritually differentiated from the Creator – who leaves for finding its universal parents, from low to high vibrational frequency.

To experience the world of low vibrational frequency, Udeka and you came down here the Earth which is located in Nebadon universe, the outer area of universe, wearing the clothes of soul. We are taking a journey of spiritual evolution from the world of low vibrational frequency to high.

To make a leap from low vibrated material-world (world in darkness-matrix) to high vibrated 5th dimensional light-world and to increase the vibrational frequency of the earth, there are mission holders dispatched from the universe with high consciousness, whom we call “the Light-Workers or the Light-Warriors”.

The soul-consciousness is in the domain of lower vibrational frequency in comparison with the spirit-consciousness, which cause various kinds of side effects by desires and adherences of human beings. We call these side effects “Ego”, or “Negativeness”.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Taejo. Edited by Metrica


The breathing of the Creator: phermiah energy

A life is just a breath. When the inhalation breath can’t be breathed out, life must die, and this is the fate of all livings. The being of life realizes consciousness. A life emits energy of life-force, and this is called ‘life-force energy’. As life-force energy expands, aura-energy is formed.

All things in the world were created by the Creator. In this creation, the energy of ‘phermion’ was used. Phermion is the love energy of the Creator. Phermion belongs to the world of elementary particle, and has the negative charge.

Phermion is invisible and the most primitive energy that compose of all matters. Phermion is symbol of the Creator’s love energy. The saying that the universe was created by Love is rooted in the fact that all matters are composed by phermion. The words that the divinity of the Creator is pervasive in all things also reflect that all things are composed by phermion.

Phermion energy is the basic stuffs with which the Creator creates all things. On the other hand, the Creator’s energy of positive characteristics emits from ‘the Tree of Life in the Light’ in 18th dimensional Paradise. This light is called ‘the Light of the Creator’s Divinity', which grows up all lives in the universe. This light is in charge by the Creator in 17th level of 18th dimension, who is known as ‘alpha’ in Bible, ‘Nosana Buddha’ in Buddhist scriptures and ‘the Infinite Spirit’ in universe.

When phermion energy (negative, -) is combined with 'the Light of the Creator’s Divinity' (positive, +), phermiah energy is generated. In the tradition of oriental wisdom, this phermiah energy has been called ‘Jung(精; the pure and primitive energy)’. The color of phermiah energy is white which represents the light of the Creator. This phermiah energy forms the first layer of aura-field which is nearest to the physical body. When phermiah energy is full in body, then the life could fully enjoy its greatest pleasure.

This is the circulation principle of the great universe, and the reason that the great universe exists in the Creator’s love. As ‘the Light of the Creator’s Divinity’ is delivered and spread over the life-energy continuously everywhere in universe, with being amplified by the great pyramid, the great universe can proceed in order and be operated without any errors.

When a life can’t receive ‘the Light of the Creator’s Divinity’, the life can’t form ‘Jung’. Then the life can’t maintain its life and finally can’t help dying. Likewise, when a planet and star can’t receive this light, the planet and star will stop their evolution and finally will lose their lights.

All beings that have life and all beings that possess consciousness are always accompanied by:

◆ the Creator’s love (= the Creator = phermion) 
◆ the Creator’s breath (= Alpha = the Light of the Creator’s Divinity) 
◆ the Holiness of life (= Omega) 

As it is the right time for revealation, I, Udeka, inform the truth of universe to the ones and lightworkers who are being awakened.

October 4, 2016.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Yeoyeo. Edited by Metrica.


The journey of spirit into the material world

What do you think of the reason that spirit takes the journey of spirit-soul with wearing physical body as clothes? All beings that belong to the Supervisory group in the Government of Heaven or that belong to the Supervisory groups in 13th ~ 15th dimensional world (the world of Tae-Geuk) or in 16th ~ 18th dimensional world (the world of Moo-Geuk) exist in the form of energy. Also, the higher-selves exist in the energy-form. What spirits exist in the form of energy is not such a romantic situation as mankind generally thinks about it.

What spirit exists in the form of energy means that spirit doesn’t sleep, nor eats any food, nor has any cares and anxieties. Spirit exists within the limit of range which is programmed in the though adjustor and fulfills the programmed contents. As such, spirit might be compared to computer’s program and also to artificial intelligence which is more excellent and outstanding than Alpago, further more beyond comparison.

Spirit is lifeless, and so spirit can exist forever in the form of energy. The reason why spirit chooses journey into the material world with wearing physical body as an overcoat is that only beings which possess life could realize the consciousness of high level and make a creation of high level. Also, it is because spirit could learn the creation principle of universe more quickly.

All spirits are allowed to experience all things which the Creator has created through the journey of spirit-soul and experiencing the world of materials. Certainly, this is the blessing time granted by the Creator. This is why spirit-souls do experience the materials, the cosmic school for material-experience is needed, and Heaven is operating various material based planets.

The cosmic school is where lots of spirits having various hierarchies of consciousness experience the materials in multi-dimensional space like the planet Earth, with removing their cosmic rank insignia and gathering into one place. The journey of spirit-souls is that spirit – which is advanced intelligence and energy-form – experiences various worlds of 1st ~ 18th dimension which the Creator has spread and the whole procedures of consciousness implementation from low to high level, with wearing physical body as an overcoat.

Spirit-souls learn the creation principle of universe, through sense, emotion and free will. The universe is the world of various energies. Experiencing and controlling various energies in universe, spirit-soul is on the track of being an energy alchemist. Emotion, mind and consciousness are energy. Dislike, hatred, love and compassion are also energy.

Like this, everything is eventually energy. You are born here, the planet Earth, to learn the technique of managing and controlling energy, just at your own level of consciousness. During the process of learning in life which is the crucible of energy, you are suffering from hardness and getting exhausted more and more, but you are the great being of spirit-soul.

The material world is spread out from 1st to 11th dimension. To experience the material world, spirit needs material clothes to wear, which is called ‘Baek’. Also spirit needs the soul-energy to experience the world of materials with limited life, restricted consciousness and limited emotion and sense. The journey of spirit-soul means that a spirit experience the world of materials – which are spread from 1st dimension to 11th dimension by the Creator – just together with soul and baek. In this way, spirit should complete process of experiencing and learning all things created by the Creator. This is the fate of spirit, and at the same time is the rule of universe.

For your easy understanding, let’s take an example. In the beginning of the second cycle of this universe, two spirits are born at the same time in the world of 1st level of 14th dimension, and simultaneously are bestowed the though adjustor by the Creator. The one spirit chooses to start its spirit-soul’s journey from experiencing elements or minerals in 1st dimensional world and ascend gradually dimension by dimension. We call this type of spirit as ‘ascending spirit’ in universe.

The other spirit chooses to start its role of service as member of the Supervisory group in 14th dimensional 1st level with existing in energy-form, and also run parallel with applying the program of material experiencing while doing service as the Supervisory group. This spirit is called ‘descending spirit’ in universe.  

Now, at the point of March 1, 2016, when it is the beginning time of the 7th cycle of this universe, let’s compare these two spirits’ degree of evolutions after 5 cosmic cycles had passed. The results are as follows: The ‘ascending spirit’ has evolved to 3rd level of 12th dimension, with experiencing all processes spread by the Creator, in dimension by dimension. On the contrary, the ‘descending spirit’ has evolved to 15th level of 14th dimension from 1st level of 14th dimension. This result shows that the evolving of ‘ascending spirit’ is faster than that of ‘descending spirit’. This is the reason why spirit does experience or prefers to experience the materials.

And then the ‘ascending spirit’ will start its journey from 3rd level of 12th dimension in 7th cycle of this universe. As the level and dimension go up, the spirit has to learn the intrinsic course of each level and dimension, and should comply with the processes of universe.

By the way, the ‘descending spirit’ has to run parallel with completing the spirit-soul’s learning course from 1st to 13th dimensional world, while learning intrinsic processes in 14th dimensional world. The distinction between ‘ascending spirit’ and ‘descending spirit’ is meaningless in bigger perspectives and it is a just simple discrimination. Only the evolving path of spirit-soul is different.

Spirit-soul who chooses the evolutionary journey of experiencing the world of materials is given more incentives, and this is the general law of universe. This is because exploring and learning the world of materials is difficult and challenging for spirit-souls. In the beginning of the planet Earth history, 2.5 million years ago, there was the Creator’s promise that spirit-souls who chose the spirit-soul’s journey in Earth could evolve by 3 levels or more.

For example, the yellow-colored spirit-soul could evolve from 10th dimensional 5th level to 10th dimensional 8th level. But, in general if the yellow-colored spirit-soul is to evolve by 3 levels, about 4.5 million years (in Earth time) is needed:

 10th dimensional 5th level → 10th dimensional 6th level: 1.2 million years
 10th dimensional 6th level → 10th dimensional 7th level: 1.5 million years
 10th dimensional 7th level → 10th dimensional 8th level: 1.8 million years

When the hard, tough and long times of 2.5 million years in this Earth have passed, all spirit-souls who had been implanted into Earth will be evaluated. The Terra-project had started 2.5 million years ago. The brave spirit-souls – who believed the Creator’s commitment that the participation in Terra-project could shorten the evolutionary time by 2 million years and more – volunteered for life in this Earth.

All spirit-souls – who had been implanted into Earth where the material-matrix was installed strongly with difficulty level 12 times higher than other material planets – have been living with their bests just for their spiritual evolution without knowing anything. And now the Terra-project is coming to an end.

Only the Earth’s dimensional ascension remains in the last timeline. All the spirits – who are the energy-form in Heaven and have been helping or watching mankind – are envying us who have lived dramatically and dynamically for experiencing all things with wearing physical body in Earth. This is the cosmic meaning of old proverbs that this world (the visible world) is better than the afterlife (the invisible world) even though the lives are so humble.

As the spirit is older, or in the higher dimension, the spirit has been given enough times of experiencing all things created by the Creator. The precedent spirits who had experienced ahead should take the role of servicing for younger spirits and spirit-souls who had been born late. ‘The descending spirit-souls’ are given a name of ‘lightworkers’ by Heaven, because they have to go the way of guider or servant as being a teacher of spirit-soul or a cosmic senior.

Now, the era of lightworkers has begun. The lightworkers are being prepared and trained as servants or guiders with sincere hearts, without knowing their surrounding energies and with surrounded by these energies.

Good luck to all of lightworkers.

As such shall it be.
As such is it supposed to be.
As such was it done.

August 28, 2016.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Yeoyeo. Edited by Metrica.


24. enlightenmnet is being aware and noticing

The worst illusion and obsession by human is those about enlightenment. So most people believe that the best way to enlightenment is self-discipline which varies from abusing one’s body such as self-mortification, practicing mudra and mantra all day, meditating by lotus position, to seeking samadhi.

The illusion for enlightenment was expanded and reproduced by various religions and meditation. It was inherited and spread out by Buddhists and Taoists in the East.

South Korea is the leading country in that there are so many people who tend to behave like guru and seek enlightenment. But, it is difficult to find a real guru and someone whose 12 chakra system is enlightened, even though there are lots of Buddhists and Taoists for enlightenment and truth.

Still so many people tend to think that for enlightenment they have to discard and sacrifice something and need special asceticism. They agonize over to find the best method for enlightenment.

There are still lots of Taoists who seek to find the best place where they could receive the best quality of Ki (氣; Chi, Pure Energy). For that purpose, many people wander away to find the mountains or places where they could pray and meditate for enlightenment.

Stop-thinking is an effective method that could control negative thoughts and ego energy by oneself. But more fundamental way is to discard the belief that you have to realize and to abandon the desire for enlightenment. Without any prejudice and illusoin for enlightenment, simply change your consciousness about enlightenment and expand your viewpoint.

Enlightenment could not be obtained by my desire that I want to be awakened. Someone might need 3 years, others might need 10 years to notice this lesson. For someone 30 years might be too short to realize this. Many people are just spending times with lotus posture and meditating for 60 years for enlightenment, but don’t realize the futility of those efforts.

The greatest enlightenment is to stop thinking that they have to be awakened and they want to be enlightened. And simply realizing and noticing that the universe exists in ONENESS. Nevertheless, many people still ask how to realize enlightenment and what kind of asceticism or meditation to seek. Enlightenment is nothing but noticing and awareness which is realized every moment when our consciousness expands.

The best self-teaching is to stop thinking and desire that we have to be awakened, to feel by heart that everything in the world is just myself, to exist every moment with gratitude and purity, and to notice that my consciousness is being awakened every moment . 

My presence creates me and universe every moment by my free-will. Few people notice that my presence is newly created every moment.
Do you still want to go into a cave or to Buddhist temple for enlightenment? Do you still think that you are not yet awakened by lack of time for asceticism? Do you think if you say your prayers at dawn, pray by making a sound, recite the sutras with lotus posture, you could be enlightened through winning the hearts of Heaven?

*Translated by Jeopalge. Edited by Metrica.

The Analysis of the Inter-Dimensional Spaces of the Planet Earth

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