Operating mechanism of the meridian system 1: Life Circuit Diagram (LCD)

Human is the ultimate creature in the evolution of universe. Passing through the grand 6th cycle of universe, the universe has expanded and evolved in every way. By the Creator’s will the great universe will continue to spread out to the limitless.

Human body is not simply a physical stuff. For human to implement emotion and consciousness, to achieve high level of scholarly attainments and creative activities, the plan, will and decision of invisible world should precede those.

Human body is imbedded with the energy of spirit, soul and baek. To make the energy of spirit, soul and baek work, firstly the work of life carriers should be assumed. And the life controller should act on the cells and organs. Also the LCD (Life Circuit Diagram) is required to connect the organic vital-phenomenon into a unified system. Lastly the thought adjuster as the final management system to control the LCD is necessary.

Every life form including human-being has accurate, elaborate but invisible system to support and maintain vital-phenomenon. Due to the precise mechanical devices hidden behind human skin and organs, the five viscera, six internal organs, cells, and cellular tissues could work organically in harmony.

Behind the human vital-phenomenon although not seen by the modern scientific technology, the elaborate mechanical devices which could be seen by the 7th dimensional scientific technology are working.

Eventually, a human body is nothing but a mechanical device which has been created by the universal engineering technologies.

The level of current scientific technologies corresponds to that of beginning stage of 5th dimension. If we could use the microscope which is adopted from 7th dimensional technology, then human race will realize that human body is composed of the elaborately organized mechanical devices.

At this moment only a few who have the special lens in their forehead (otherwise, the ones who have awaken the third-eye) are allowed to see the mechanical devices. Probably it’s natural for ordinary persons to feel it is unreasonable or non-scientific.

The upgrade of intangible elaborate mechanical devices for life on earth is another meaning of the Earth’s dimensional ascension. For a human-being to live for 1,000 years up to 3,000 years, just as Abraham’s wife in the bible had gotten pregnant at 800 years old, upgrade of the thought adjuster and LCD (Life Circuit Diagram) should be done in advance by the invisible world (Heaven).

At the same time, in terms of visible world, it also requires the higher oxygen density, decrease of gravity force, and increase of geomagnetic field of Earth. This is the meaning of the New Heaven and Ground, which is the material basis for the birth of New Spiritual-Civilization (New Golden-Age).

The meridian system passing through human body consists of the 12 main meridian routes, the 8 extraordinary meridian routes (including 1) Conception vessel (CV: “Im-Maek”, Sea of Yin), 2) Governor vessel (GV: “Dok-Maek”, Sea of Yang)) and the Thready vessel (TV: “Sae-Maek”, Fine vessel).

Moreover, in addition to the already-known meridian routes, there are many other meridian routes which are not known, Udeka will continue to expand the theological structure of the existing meridian routes. In this way, I will disclose the mystic meridian system.

The meridian system is affected by the following things:

Ø  1. food and medicine
Ø  2. LCD (Life Circuit Diagram)
Ø  3. thought adjuster

In every process of food digestion and absorption, the LCD reacts firstly and the meridian system works next. Even though the LCD and meridian system could be activated by special stimulation, it’s very hard to activate those by one’s free-will or disciplinary practice in general.

In the brand-new perspective of cosmic philosophy, the true working mechanism of acupuncture is revealed as follows:  

By using the special characteristics of meridian routes or points in human body, acupuncture stimulates specific part of human body. Then the LCD reacts to that stimulus. In sequence it restores the unbalanced state of “flow of energy (Ki) & blood”, “energy of Yin & Yang (energy of heat & cold)”, and “energy of dryness & humidity” to the balanced state.

In summary, the acupuncture works only when the following conditions hold:

Ø   The LCD should be activated
Ø   Acupuncturist should know which part of the meridian system to stimulate
Ø   Acupuncturist could control the transmission mechanism of energy (Ki), i.e., he/she could send the fresh and vital energy (Ki) to the right position of pain or illness

As such shall it be. As such is it planned to be. As such was it done.

May 11, 2017.
Udeka writes.

Translated by Taejo. Edited by Metrica.


Spirit of animal: We are the ONE

Every life in this world has a spirit-soul. Now we will explore the size of spirits for animals. For this purpose, we will set the spirit size of avonal group (typically 8th level in 12th dimension) as the benchmark.

²    A spirit of avonal group could differentiate its spirit up to 8 ~ 10 white-colored spirits (typically 6th dimension).

²    A spirit of avonal group could differentiate its spirit up to 6 ~ 8 silver-colored spirits (typically 8th dimension) or pink-colored spirits (typically 9th dimension).

²    A spirit of avonal group could differentiate its spirit up to 4 yellow-colored spirits (typically 10th dimension).

For fish, a spirit of avonal group could differentiate its spirit up to as followings:
ü    squid: 0.2 million
ü    mackerel: 0.15 million
ü    salmon: 80 thousand
ü    cod: 70 thousand
ü    tuna: 20 thousand
ü    grampus (killer whale): 15 hundred

For more evolved animals, a spirit of avonal group could differentiate its spirit up to as followings:
ü    rat: 50 thousand
ü    chicken: 7 thousand
ü    pig: 2 thousand
ü    sheep: 2.5 thousand
ü    horse: 4 hundred
ü    camel: 2.5 hundred
ü    cow: 3 hundred
ü    elephant: 1.5 hundred

For fishes, they have very small amount of spirit. Their level of consciousness implementation is low. For this group, it is quite common that they live as gregarious animals. The animals which have bigger bodies and are more evolved need larger size of spirits.

A spirit could enjoy the world of matter via a life. The choice of physical body determines the life of plant, animal or human. In this universe, there are various way of spiritual evolution: journey of spirit, journey of spirit-soul, journey of spirit-soul-baek.

A spirit is basically the energy of the Creator. A spirit is itself love of the universe. A spirit is the breath of the Creator, which can’t be separated from the ONENESS consciousness. Hence, everything in this world is connected to the energy of the Creator. This is why we are the ONE. The new spiritual civilization to be built on the Earth will be based on the life-priority philosophy at first, but it will be extended into the ONENESS consciousness in the end.

As such shall it be. As such is it planned to be. As such was it done.

June 26, 2017.
Udeka writes.

*Translated by Metrica.


Features of New Spiritual Civilization

Now the material civilizations of earth have the following characteristics:

Ø    Androcentrism
Ø    Suppression on female
Ø    Social status is determined by the economic power
Ø    Blood-oriented society
Ø    Pregnancy and birth is free
Ø    So many taboos and oppression on sexuality
Ø    The private property system
Ø    Goal of life is seeking for the material abundancy

The new spiritual civilization will have the following features:

Ø    Matriarchal society: gender ratio of female : male = 7 : 3

Ø    Pregnancy and birth is strictly managed
²    All the taboos and oppressions on sexuality vanish

Ø    Production and distribution is done cooperatively and collectively
²    The private property system is gone

Ø    Spirituality-oriented society
²    Preserving the purity of spiritual energy does matter

Ø    The notion of family is transformed into spectral integrality of spirit-soul
²    Spiritual differentiation replaces the blood-oriented family

Ø    Living is determined by the nature of spiritual tribes
²    The 12 tribes of spirits are the main block of living

Ø    The goal of life is learning and manifesting the rule of creation
²    The weight of eating foods and enjoying material life diminishes critically

Ø    The Earth will become the jewel planet in the universe    

The new spiritual civilization will inherit that of Lemuria who has already built advanced civilizations under the Earth by the will of the Creator. By the help of civilizations under the Earth, highly advanced scientific technologies of 7th dimension will be introduced into the Earth. Accordingly, the spiritual civilization to accommodate the advanced scientific technologies will build up gradually on the Earth.

As the human race awakens and the dimensional ascension of Earth advances much higher, other advanced scientific technologies will be implemented to the Earth. Thus the Earth will become the Earth of universe and join the whole-consciousness of universe.

As such shall it be. As such is it planned to be. As such was it done.

April 28, 2017.
Udeka writes.

*Translated by Metrica.

Illuminati and Freemason: Alternative and synthetic viewpoint

At the level of ordinary people’s eyes, the illuminati or freemason are the core group which constitute the Government in the Darkness or Shadow Government. They control the Earth effectively but are not seen. Also they are the main theme of conspiracy theory.

It is known that they are the elite group who manipulate politics, economy, mass-media and legal system with huge amount of money. It is generally believed that they are working behind the curtain and involved in all kind of evil events.

The illuminati or freemason are operated under the principle of secret. They are building up cartel for their own interests and the riches. Also it is widely spread that they are trying to establish the New World Order or One World Government.

In the area of conspiracy circle, it is known that they have the plan of diminishing the world population under 500 million. Also it is said that they have close relationship with reptilian aliens or are controlled by them.

By the plan of Heaven, the 13 families of darkness had been implanted all over the world by the year of 1592 (when the Japan had invaded the Chosun Dynasty of Korea). They had given the role of installing and managing all the matrices which were needed for operating the various matrices in the Earth.

Before the age when the material experience of Homo-Sapiens get advanced, the structure of society becomes complicated and the world population gets explosive by the industrial revolution arrives, all the managers who have the mission of controlling the material matrix of Earth had been spread out all over the glove.

The managers of matrix in the 13 families of darkness know their cosmic status and have the capabilities which are beyond human imagination. Their level of intelligence is 3 times higher than ordinary people. They operate their families by the rule of blood-ties. They have to undergo very severe educational training courses which are required by each family. They are closely connected and networked by the marriages with other families of darkness.   

They have the spiritual and intellectual capabilities which are far beyond the intelligence and creative abilities of human race. Also they can access the advanced scientific technologies in the universe. By the above reasons, they have been continuously and consistently exploiting and manipulating the various matrices such as politics, economy and religions without any errors.  

Now has the Earth just passed the turning point of dimensional ascension. All the top managers in the 13 families of darkness have received the master plan of Heaven. They will do their bests to maintain the material matrix of Earth. For their mission they will invoke scientific rationalism and justice. They will strive to preserve the matrix of religion and medicine. They will do their jobs to suppress the human race in the matrix of darkness so that the human races could not awaken.

The managers of matrix are ultimately controlled and directed by the Omega who are the one of Creators and the being of 15th level of 18th dimension. The illuminati, freemason or other figures and groups who belong to the Shadow Government are just the proxies which cover up the nature of 13 families of darkness.

All the 13 families in the darkness are in fact controlled and directed by the Heaven. The Shadow Government is just nothing but a veil which is not visible nor has any specific organizations.

The top head of each 13 family in the darkness are quite a few and the best-elite. Their cosmic ranks are extremely high. Ordinary people could not see, nor know them ever. This is the naked face of the Heaven which controls the Shadow Government.

As such shall it be. As such is it planned to be. As such was it done.

June 12, 2017.
Udeka writes.

*Translated by Metrica.


The New Earth after the Pole-Shift

The new face of our Mother Earth will be revealed only after the dimensional ascension and pole-shift of the Earth. Main features of new Earth are as following:

n    Oxygen Density : 21% (current) 46% (new)

n    Gravity : 9.8 m/s 7.5 m/s

n    Average of Air Density : 1.25 kg/m3 0.9 kg/m3

n    Size of Magnetic Force : 0.5 Gauss 1.2 Gauss

n    Build-up of Ice-Membrane in the atmosphere :
Ø    Blocking the harmful cosmic rays which come from the universe
Ø    Stabilizing the climate of Earth

n    All the lights in the 18th dimension (1st level through 18th level) will flow into the Earth uniformly

Every life which are to live in the New Earth should satisfy the following condition :

1.       Enlightenment of chakra system : level up of vibrational 
       frequency in body
2.      Upgrade of LCD (Life Circuit Diagram)
3.      Being ONENESS with each one’s final higher-self
4.      Upgrade of MCIS (Mea-Consciousness Implementation
5.       Spiritual awakening

*Note : 1, 3 and 5 apply to only human beings.

Good luck to every human being.

As such shall it be. As such is it planned to be. As such was it done.

April 26, 2017.
Udeka writes.

*Translated by Metrica.


Thought Adjuster and the Tree of Life

The Great Spirits are born by the spiritual differentiation of the Creator (18th Level of 18th Dimension). In turn, the Great Spirits create spirits.

Spirits might be compared to the automobiles. As there exists unique master key to each automobile which are manufactured in factory, every spirit is granted thought adjuster.  

Thought adjuster is granted by the Creator. Once a spirit is granted thought adjuster, the spirit obtains independence and individuality. And only after this is done, the spirit could step forward for a journey of spiritual evolution.

The beings which work in the Government of Heaven are energy-beings who are composed of thought adjuster and spirit. For example, ghost, angel, angel in the darkness belong to this category.  

For a spirit, who is granted thought adjuster, to have an opportunity of experiencing material world, it requires additional energy. This is the soul-energy. In soul-energy is imbedded the matrix of light, darkness and intermediate (mixture of light and darkness). Only when a spirit is combined with a soul-energy, then we call this being a spirit-soul. And this spirit-soul might choose the journey of material world as a chicken, pig, or cow. Otherwise as a mineral, plant or human being.

The content and method for material experience do not determined by a spirit-soul at its own free disposal. That rests upon the program of spirit’s thought adjuster.

Thought adjuster controls every aspect of a spirit. By the thought adjuster, life carrier, life adjuster and life circuit diagram are also directed. Life carrier manages birth of life. Life adjuster controls the frequency of cell division and the life span. The meridian system and MCIS (Meta-Consciousness Implementation System) is managed by the life circuit diagram.

Thought adjuster represents the Creator’s authority. Also thought adjuster might be described as the breath of the Creator or the will of the Creator.  

For a life which has heart, thought adjuster lies in the wall of heart. In general, heart is composed of three-layered membrane.
In the inner-layer, lies the life circuit diagram. In the middle of layer, there exists an invisible system which generates magnetic field. In the outer-layer of heart, thought adjuster exists. In the Korean medicine, this place in which thought adjuster lies has been called as ‘Sim-Po (心包: envelope of heart)’. Meanwhile, spirit is located in the middle area of heart and spine, whose size is about the magnitude of an egg.

The shape of thought adjuster resembles that of the Tree of Life in the Light, which is known to exist in the Paradise where the Creator dwells. In this context, a human body is described as the small universe. The complexity of thought adjuster is different according to the level of evolution for a life.

Good luck to every human being.

May 9, 2017.
Udeka writes.

*Translated by Metrica.


To be or Not to be : Upgrade of LCD (Life Circuit Diagram) shall be very Crucial

For every creature which has a heart, magnetic field is generated by its heart. By this magnetic field, both blood circulation systme and meridian system is activated.

Every creature has its own MCIS (Meta-Consciousness Implementation System) by which emotion and consciousness is implemented. All the procedures such as life preservation, emotion, sense and consciousness are basically rooted in the life circuit diagram which is located in the outer surface of heart.

The LCD (Life Circuit Diagram) determines the level of evolution and thus the level of pleasance for a life. All the necessary programs which drive genetic features, specific life evolution and consciousness implementation are imbedded in the life circuit diagram.

All the micro and macro programs are set in the life circuit diagram. For example, strength and weakness of internal organ is programmed. The degree of immunity system, the place and time in which cancer and mutation are triggered. The speed and frequency of cell division, etc.

The earth is scheduled to achieve the dimensional ascension. In this process the pole-shift is inevitable. After the pole-shift, the earth will go through dramatic changes. Of course, the air quality and surroundings will be transformed entirely new. Dramtic increase of oxygen density and magnetic force is expected. All the new sky and ground will be revealed.

In order for a life to adjust itself to new environments, its life circuit diagram must be upgraded. If not, it shall die out or gradually culled by natural selection or 

The dimensional ascension of earth shall start vigorously after the pole-shift. The selection and discrimination of those who survive and those who should leave will be done in this period when upgrade of life circuit diagram is crucial.  

The pole-shift shall occurr in total 7 times for less than 60 days. In this period, the LCD shall be upgraded by the Heaven.

The upgrade of LCD is naturally linked to that of MCIS. In this way, life and death is completely governed by the Heaven. This is the general law of universe. At the same time, the cold-hearted rule of love by the Heaven.

Even if those whose LCD’s are not upgraded happen to enter into the PEFA (Protective Energy-Field Area), they shall put off their clothes of physical bodies in less than 45 days. Also those who are outside the PEFA, they also shall leave the earth in less than 100 days. All of them are destined to Venus.

Those whose LCD’s are upgraded and enter into the PEFA, albeit they are not awakened fully, shall be vanished to the outside of PEFA. They shall have to survive and stand out all the difficulties out there until their level of consciousness are fully lifted. In this periods, they shall not die even if they want to. The days of great sufferings are waiting for the human beings.

Those who are to survive in the New Heaven and Ground, they should be qualified for the following criterias:

Ø  Enlightenment of chakra system: at least 48% degree of activation
Ø  Being oneness with the final Higher-Self
Ø  Upgrade of LCD
Ø  Upgrade of MCIS

All these procedures are not completely related with the type of God whom they had believed and the class of religions which they had worshiped. The rich and poor, academic career, social status also do not matter. Only the degree of spiritual evolution does matter. This is the true meaning of phrase: “The Heaven governs Life.”

The LCD is operated by the thought adjuster which is granted by the Creator (18th level of 18th dimension). By the help of thought adjuster, the individuality and independence of a spirit is allowed.

The great universe was created by the will of the Creator. The Creator’s will is reflected through thought adjuster which orchestrate the Life Carrier and LCD of every life. In this way, all the beings in the universe are linked with the Creator in the ONENESS consciousness.

As such shall it be. As such is it planned to be. As such was it done.

April 26, 2017.
Udeka writes.

*Translated by Metrica.

The Analysis of the Inter-Dimensional Spaces of the Planet Earth

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