The True Meaning of Consciousness Awakening

Consciousness is a frame of thought in which you recognize yourself. Consciousness is a way of thinking that you recognize others. Consciousness is a way you understand things. Consciousness is a way you live a life in the world. Consciousness is a way you resonate with the truth.

Consciousness is a way of communication between you and others, between you and all things in the world, and between you and the universe.

Consciousness enables you to communicate with yourself. Consciousness helps you understand others. Consciousness makes you resonate with the world. Consciousness connects you to the universe.

The spirit-energy is the origin of consciousness. Self-consciousness means that you are aware of yourself. The origin of self-consciousness is the thought adjusters that you received from the Creator when you were born. The origin of consciousness is the information you have brought from the universe.

Consciousness has three layers:

n  On the deepest layer of consciousness there is unconsciousness.
n  Sub-consciousness occupies the middle layer.
n  On the superficial layer, there is present consciousness that is aware of the present when you are awake.

The information stored in the layers of consciousness is different for each layer.
The amount of information stored in each layer of consciousness also varies from person to person.

The information you have brought from the universe determines your level of consciousness. The information you have carried from the universe is stored in the thought adjusters and the 7 consciousness-cords.

The amount and quality of information exchanged between the reservoir of information of the universe you have brought and the present-consciousness determines your current level of consciousness.

The more active the interaction of the information that is stored in un-consciousness and sub-consciousness with present consciousness, and the more the quantity and the higher quality of the information exchanged, the higher consciousness can be implemented.

The awakening of consciousness means that different layers of consciousness within yourself actively exchange information with each other.

When your consciousness is awakened, you become more active in communicating with yourself. When consciousness is awakened, it means that your communication with others becomes easy and smooth.

If you wake up your consciousness, you will begin to communicate with all things in the world. To awaken consciousness is to understand that you have been connected to and are being resonated with the universe.

The fact that consciousness wakes up means that you have started to find yourself.
The awakening of consciousness is accompanied by the situation where you have begun to look into your problems, to recognize the nature of your problems, and to honestly acknowledge your problems.

To wake up consciousness is to start your journey to know who you are.

When your consciousness is awakened, you will begin to believe what is invisible. When your consciousness wakes up, you begin to realize that all that is visible is not everything.

The awakening of consciousness is the journey to find the truth of the invisible world.
To awaken consciousness is to open your eyes to the Providence of the Great Universe beyond the world of logic.

When you wake up your consciousness, you will throw away the illusion of enlightenment.

To awaken consciousness is to remember the information of the universe you have brought. The awakening of consciousness allows you to access the information network of the Grand Universe.

To wake up consciousness is to find the seeds of truth that is within yourself. To awaken consciousness is to cultivate the seeds of truth within you.

When your consciousness wakes up, you will be aware that the seed of truth that is within you resonates with the truth when you meet the truth, when you hear the truth, and when you see the truth.

When your consciousness wakes up, you will get into a process in which the truth that resonates with your head comes down to your heart.

The awakening of consciousness coincides with a process of taking the truth that has come down to your heart to the hands and feet. If you wake up your consciousness, you will begin new interpretation about your life and the world.

The awakening of consciousness means that within your mind new space is created for reconciliation and forgiveness. When the consciousness wakes up, it is like a bird in the cage finally flies into the blue sky.

The fact that consciousness wakes up means that the thought adjusters are awakened.
To wake up consciousness is to unfold the Will of the Heaven on Earth. When consciousness is awakened, it means to deliver the information of the Heaven to people on Earth.

The awakening of consciousness means that the role and mission assigned to each avatar has begun according to each one’s cosmic rank.

I, Udeka, wish all the best to the Light-Workers and Heavenly people whose consciousness are now being awakened.

July 7, 2018.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Twinflame. Edited by Metrica.


The Principle behind the implementation of human consciousness

The human body is equipped with intangible devices that enable consciousness to be embodied. Intangible device that generates 7 types of consciousness is installed along the Governor Vessel in human body. These 7 consciousness-cords are installed on the region between the waist and the Dae-Chu-Hyul (大椎穴; GV14) in the neck of the Governor Vessel. These cords look like seven holes. However, if we look into the holes, we can realize how sophisticatedly these devices are set up.

The 7 consciousness-cords on the Governor Vessel serve to process and supply information. Here are some examples showing how your consciousness-cords are involved in. You may have experienced the following situations:

n  Certain thoughts come up with repeatedly;
n  You may feel you get used to something that you have never seen before;
n  You may feel you are able to do something that you have never done before;
n  You may be reminded of something very vividly, which you have seen or heard it long time ago;
n  You may not feel any difficulty in doing something that others said was very difficult to do;
n  You may feel that you know something spontaneously;
n  You may encounter the situations when you come up with some images or abstract ideas about something but have no idea how to describe it.

The 7 consciousness-cords are the indicator that determines humans’ creativity. The 7 consciousness-cords are the starting point of both logical thinking and inferential thinking. The 7 consciousness-cords give rise to the ability to make languages abstract and to symbolize languages. The 7 consciousness-cords provide the insight and intuition that enable humans to see through the essence of things. The 7 consciousness-cords generate transcendental thinking that allows humans to gain access to the essence of things beyond the veils.

The roles and functions of the 7 consciousness-cords are summarized as follows. The high-ranked cord lies from the proximity to the Dae-Chu-Hyul (大椎穴; GV14) in the dorsal side of the neck: 

n  The consciousness-cord #7:
Ø  Thinking beyond boundaries
Ø  Transcendental thinking

n  The consciousness-cord #6:
Ø  Abstract thinking
Ø  Conceptual thinking
Ø  Creative thinking
Ø  Ability to symbolize ideas or phenomena

n  The consciousness-cord #5:
Ø  The first step in starting to believe in the invisible
Ø  The capability of imagination
Ø  Beginning of thoughts to get out of courtesy and formality
Ø  The thought about the Wholeness Consciousness is born
Ø  The gain of Insight is completed

n  The consciousness-cord #4:
Ø  Serving as the reference point of the consciousness-cords
Ø  Beginning of “Knowing Something Spontaneously”
Ø  Beginning of intuition
Ø  Beginning of curiosity about the invisible world after getting over the tendency to believe only what is visible

n  The consciousness-cord #3:
Ø  Consciousness that believes only what is visible
Ø  The culmination of logical thinking about what is visible
Ø  Analytical and integrative thinking about what is visible
Ø  The capability of leading the level of the public consciousness
Ø  Serving faithfully to maintain the paradigm
Ø  The role to preserve and maintain matrices

n  The consciousness-cord #2:
Ø  Beginning of consciousness that I am different from others
Ø  Consciousness that defies common senses that the public believe
Ø  Consciousness to try to develop scientific thinking further
Ø  Consciousness to seek originality, instead of staying in universal thinking
Ø  Consciousness to attempt to expand the paradigm within the boundary of the paradigm

n  The consciousness-cord #1:
Ø  Universal thinking
Ø  Common sense
Ø  Consciousness to live just like everyone else

Spirit-souls must be able to embody emotions and consciousness in order to gain material experience. Plants and animals are also equipped with cords of emotions and consciousness. Every creature feels emotions. All living things can implement consciousness. The higher the degree of living creature’s free-will, the more number of cords of emotions and consciousness are equipped.

In case of humans, the energies emitted from the 12 emotion-cords and the products of the 7 consciousness-cords (such as information, images and ideas) are all integrated in the Simpo (心包). The Simpo refers to an invisible pericardial membrane wrapping around the heart. This organ harbors intangible device called “the Meta-Humanoid Consciousness Implementation System (MHCIS)” that integrates the emotions and consciousness, which mankind knows as the mind. The MHCIS determines human cognition and behaviors.

On the wall of the Simpo, the thought adjuster granted from the Creator when the human is born is set up. The MHCIS in the Simpo is connected to the thought adjuster and categorizes, stores, and integrates the information (energy) transferred from the cords of emotions and consciousness. The MHCIS is a sort of computing device that processes emotions and consciousness. The speed and performance of the system's computational processing determine the individual's cognitive competence and creativity.

The MHCIS installed in mankind differs from each other:

n  1.5 version: developmentally-disabled children
n  3.5 version on average: general people
n  5.0 version: the intelligent
n  7.0 version: the genius belonging to the top 1% of mankind

The 7 consciousness-cords installed in the human are linked to the information stored in the human’s thought adjuster. The consciousness and information essential for survival and for daily life are supplied by the 7 consciousness-cords by themselves.

On the other hand, the consciousness and information which can be regarded as higher-level of thoughts originate from the information system called the thought adjuster, which is linked to the 7 consciousness-cords. Such thoughts are shown as follows:

n  Advanced thinking or creative thinking
n  Artistic sense or aesthetic perspective
n  Unique consciousness or distinctive thinking
n  Ability to think abstractly or to symbolize things/phenomena
n  Ability to make languages highly abstract
n  Ability to grasp the whole picture of plans or phenomena
n  Sharp analytical skill and penetrating insight

It is the thought adjuster, which is given from the Creator when a human is born, that supplies higher-level of information to the 7 consciousness-cords.

The thought adjuster is connected to both 7 consciousness-cords and MHCIS. The emotional energies and information of consciousness generated from the MHCIS are reinterpreted by this system one more time. The information that passes through the MHCIS is sent to the brain, by which the information is perceived. The process of emotions and consciousness being embodied is very complicated. And thus if any minimal problems occur in any steps or even a step of these processes, the expression of normal emotions and consciousness is impossible to occur.

The greater the size of the spirit, the greater the magnitude of the soul energy. The greater the energy of the spirit-soul is, the more enriched emotions the human can feel. The greater the energy of the spirit-soul is, the wider range of consciousness and the higher level of creativity the human can manifest.

The greater the size of the spirit-soul and the higher the cosmic rank of the spirit-soul is, the more number of thought adjusters the human can carry when he is born. The more number of thought adjusters means that the wider range of emotions, the more complex and subtler emotions he can feel. And the higher level of creativity and the more abstract language, humans can implement.

The greater energy the spirit-soul has or the higher the one’s cosmic rank is, the more karmic energy-fields and energy-sealings the human is equipped with before his missions and roles are initiated. This also holds for the light-workers and Heavenly people.

Compared to ordinary people (white or silver-lighted spirit-souls), the light-workers (green-lighted spirit-souls) and Heavenly people (yellow-lighted spirit-souls or the ones from the higher dimensions) frequently have stronger karmic energy fields, which may be installed in their cords of emotions and consciousness, or their MHCIS. The spirits of the light-workers and Heavenly people are 5 to 32 times bigger in size than those of ordinary people. In order to make a fair game and to achieve effective equality, the light-workers and Heavenly people are thoroughly energy-sealed by karmic energy fields until the due time comes.

The light-workers and Heavenly people tend to be more obstinate and stubborn than ordinary people. Lots of them suffer from cognitive dissonance and emotional disorders, but nonetheless they seem to live as ordinary people, with their consciousness being dormant. They lead a less affluent life than others, they do not look better than others, or they are not as socially successful as others. However they believe in an invisible world that others do not believe.

Others enjoy their life so happily, by traveling, going out, eating out, or etc., whereas the light workers and Heavenly people do not find fun in anything, instead they make efforts to find the truth or to seek the true-self or God.

Consciousness is memory-based information. Consciousness awakening does not abruptly fall from the Heaven. Consciousness can’t be expanded by itself overnight. The awakening of consciousness is as difficult as the donation of all the wealth made by the rich to society.

The awakening of consciousness means that we approach the information we have brought for this life.

The awakening of consciousness is that you get to remember yourself by extracting information about who you are and what your cosmic rank is from the reservoir of your memory.

The awakening of consciousness cannot be made at your will. It is only possible with the help of the Heaven.

I, Udeka, would like to tell you the light-workers and Heavenly people. Your consciousness shall be awakened. By the light of the Heaven, you shall be awakened. You are the people who have gone through a life of endurance filled with long tribulations for the sake of your missions and roles on the experimental planet called the Earth. And on the prison planet called the Earth for 2.5 million years. Let me say that the Sound of the Golden Trumpet that awakens your consciousness has begun on July 3, 2018.

I wish you light-workers and Heavenly people all the best.

As such shall it be. As such is it planned to be. As such was it done.

July 7, 2018.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Twinflame. Edited by Metrica


The Principle behind the Implementation of Emotions and Consciousness of Plants

Every life form has emotion and consciousness. Lifeless materials do not feel emotions. Living creatures can feel emotions and embody consciousness just because they have the implementation system to embody emotion and consciousness. The substances (such as minerals) that do not have phenomena of life cannot feel emotions as they do not have a system for concretizing emotions.

The substances (such as minerals) contain consciousness within themselves. However, such materials do not have a system to implement consciousness. The substances (such as minerals) have consciousness, which contains information related to the manifestation of the unique characteristics of the substances. The consciousness contained in materials continues to vibrate, through which the properties of materials can be maintained.

The consciousness contained in substances refers to the characteristic possessed by element sprites associated with those substances. Regardless of the size of substances, the same substances contain the same consciousness. The consciousness contained in substances differs in size from each other, depending on the dimensions in which the substances exist. Each dimension has its own unique substances: The higher dimension a substance (a mineral) exists in, the higher consciousness (more information) it contains.

Plants are designed to feel only two types of emotions: the like and dislike. When plants are created, plants were designed to feel the like and dislike with the relative proportion of 80 vs. 20.

As long as the conditions of nature allow plants to grow, they do their bests to manifest the maximum vitality they bear within themselves as programmed, in the place where their roots settle down. They do not mind whether the place is a rocky crevice on a cliff, a crack in the sidewalk in the city, a fertile land, or a gravel field. Such characteristics of plants are called “the Pleasure of Plants” in the field of humanities.

The negative emotion of plant (accounting for 20% of the plant’s total emotions) are the minimum energy needed for its survival. Such emotion of plants can be compared to the case of human as follows: Let’s assume that the maximum value of fears a human feels when he undergoes death is 100. Then, the fear that a plant suffers when it experiences death is equivalent to 0.005.

Plants rarely feel pain. Humans just tend to transfer their emotions into plants and thus think that plants may feel stressed, pain, or sad. The programmed responses of plants are not expressing their pleasures, when they receive positive energy from the outside. 

Instead, plants are simply manifesting enrichment of their vitality. Positive energy increases not only the vitality of plants but also strengthens their immunity. Positive energy received by plants enables plants to grow healthily, so that such well-grown plants can become more fruitful and purify the negative energies around them.

When a plant receives positive energy and grows well, the plant’s vitality is abundantly radiated around it, so that fairies (plant sprites) are attracted to visit them. Thus thriving plants can be found accompanied by fairies. On the other hand, when a plant is exposed to negative energy (such as stress or harmful environments), the plant's immunity diminishes and its vitality decreases as it withers. Plants are doing their bests to maximize the vitality programmed to them while adapting themselves to their environments.

Plants have been created in such a way that they hardly feel distress or pain when humans or animals eat them or when parts of their body lose vitality. Plants do not feel sad when they lose some of their bodies to humans or animals. They do not have any feelings of sorrow because they do not have the emotion-cord that makes them feel sad. 

The shamrock being eaten by rabbits does not feel pain or hurt. The plant that goats graze does not have the feelings of grudge or hatred because they do not have the emotion-cord that enables it to feel grudge or hatred. The plants that are eaten by cattle do not even know what the feelings of resentment or hatred are.

Among the grass that cattle graze, the grass that goats graze, and the grass that humans eat, none of them expresses any resentment or fear although their vitality is reduced or the vitality of parts of their body is lost. They do not feel extreme pains. Herbivorous animals do not leave karmas behind although they eat plants. Those herbivorous animals that make plants as their stable foods do not go to hell. Rabbits and goats do not go to hell after death, nor do cows.

Humans do not go to hell either. Plants are always doing their bests in order to spread out and to expand the vitality programmed to them as much as possible, no matter where their roots settle down. Plants feel the pleasure of plants according to the content (information) of their thought-adjusters given to them, and live with absolutely-positive energy. Plants hear the news of the Great Nature through the wind, and also hear the news of the human world through the wind.

The plant has only “ONE” consciousness-cord to implement its consciousness. The plant consciousness is the information that is necessary for its survival, whose implementation is made possible by the consciousness-cord operated within the plant.

Information essential to the survival of a plant is harbored by the plant’s thought-adjuster. The thought-adjuster resides in the root of the plant. The information in the thought-adjuster in the root is implemented as the plant consciousness.

Plants can be divided into two categories: a family of Eul-Mog (乙木; the plants with the relatively-strong eum energy) coined to call small plants and the family of Gahb-Mog (甲木; the plants with the relatively-strong yang energy) referring to big plants like trees. 

Trees (Gahb-Mog) have more thought-adjusters than grass (Eul-Mog) and have more information in the thought-adjusters than those of grass. Plants have no organs like the brain. Plants are created in such a way that they do not take action after perceiving stimuli, but follow instincts programmed to the plants in order to survive even with very little consciousness.

The energy of the spirit-soul in a grass can be likened to the following metaphor: If a grain of wheat is finely crushed, it becomes the wheat flour. The smallest particle in the wheat flour is stored inside a single seed that will grow up into a grass. When the seed encounters an environment where a grass can grow, finally it grows into one grass. 

A seed expands into the field of life (the energy of the spirit-soul) called a grass, and as such it continues its life cycle. The energy of the spirit-soul in a grass is allocated evenly to each of all the seeds that the grass bears, by which the life cycle of the grass continues to take place.

Plants live in the pleasure of plants. Plants are living in the system of the life cycle operated by the Grand Universe. In the life cycle system and in the reincarnation system run by the Grand Universe, Plants, harboring the energy of the spirit-soul, lead their lives resonating with the Wholeness Consciousness of the Grand Universe.

July 9, 2018.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Twinflame. Edited by Metrica.


The Final Unravelment of the 11th Dimension: The Resolution and Management of Karma

The 11th dimension is a dimension with two functions added to the four functions performed by the 9th dimension. The first added role is the Council of Reincarnation and the Council of Karma.

The Council of Reincarnation is the final organization for reviewing the life program for the material experience of a spirit-soul. It is a dimension that makes a final approval of the program for a spirit-soul’s material experience submitted by its Original Spirit.

The Council of Karma is responsible for planning, designing, and implementing ways to resolve the two types of karma occurring during the process of a spirit-soul’s material experience: personal karma caused by the abuse of the spirit-soul’s free-will and public karma incurred through its public role necessary for the planetary evolution. It is also involved in the final deliberation and decision on how to resolve personal and public karma.

The Council of Reincarnation and that of Karma are managed by the supreme administrator group of the 15th level in the 11th dimension.

The second role added to the 11th dimension is to install the three types of matrices (light, intermediate, or darkness) for the soul energy and to manage them. In addition, they install the Soul-Consciousness program on the grid of the above-mentioned matrix and manage them.

All the spirit-souls should obey the following rules for their journey of material experiences:

n  Spirit energy + Thought adjuster Travel of Spirit
n  Soul Energy + Matrix for the Soul Energy (Light, Intermediate, or Darkness) + the Soul-Consciousness program Travel of Soul

Thus, the journey of material experience of spirit-soul is enabled in the following way:

n  Travel of Spirit + Travel of Soul Travel of Spirit-Soul

While the travel of spirit is coordinated by the inherent function of the 16th dimension, the 11th dimension has its own function to coordinate everything about the soul so that souls can travel. The 11th dimension, centered on the Council of Reincarnation and that of Karma, has roles in the management and supervision of material experiences of spirit-souls.

Among the 11th dimensional energy-beings, there are some special energy-beings who perform special duties in human body to solve the karma of the spirit-soul.

The 5th, 7th, and 9th dimensional energy-beings cannot enter human body alone without accompanying the 11th dimensional energy-beings for karma resolution. Instead, they must team up with the special energy-beings in the 11th dimension to enter human body for karma resolution. The energy-beings who actively work for 10, 20, or 30 years inside human body must have the consent of the Council of Karma and be subject to the strict management and supervision by the Council of Karma.

All the special energy-beings in the 11th dimension to infiltrate human body have the roles of team leaders and thus are granted the authority to direct the energy-beings in the lower dimensions.

The 11th dimensional energy-beings create a special energy-field inside human body. This special energy-field is so powerful that the human body is dominated so easily for a long period of time.

Once a human being is trapped in a special energy-field installed by the 11th dimensional energy-beings, the person will lose the control of basic emotions and consciousness to enjoy as a human being. In addition, the content programmed in the special energy-field strongly limits the person’s free-will so that the person cannot exert one’s free-will properly.

Karma ­­­is caused by infringing others’ free-wills, depriving others’ lives, hurting others’ hearts, or giving pains to others. Karma is resolved by returning the same level of sufferings to those who caused karma.

Karma is resolved by the way the Heaven works, without anyone knowing it and as a coincidental event. In the special energy-field set up by the 11th dimensional energy-beings, human emotions and consciousness cannot play relevant roles and people should go through their lives as the mentally-disabled, insane, or haunted people, being deprived of their free-wills.

A Human being, who is thrown into a special energy-field created by a team of the 11th dimensional energy-beings, is deprived of one’s free-will, and the karma is resolved little by little as the human goes through long-term sufferings, which is equivalent to the pains that the human has caused others.

Karma is never easy to get rid of. Karma is not to be resolved in a short period of time. It is a time of suffering and hardship in which humans have to be deprived of their free-wills for a long time, trapped in a special energy-field created by the 11th dimensional energy-beings.

Now when the time is ripe, I, Udeka, leave the record on this great secret of the Grand Universe: “The principle behind the resolution of karma through a special energy field installed by special energy-beings”. This is one of the hidden veils completely hidden by the Heaven.

The characteristics of the 11th dimensional energy-beings and their effects on human body are described in more details as follows.

∙ The Characteristics of the 11th-dimenstional Energy-Beings and Human Emotional and Body Responses


1.       When the energy power of the first level in the 5th dimension is 1, that of the first level in the 7th dimension is equal to 200, that of the first level in the 9th dimension is 500, and that of the first level in the 11th dimension is 950.
2.      The 11th dimensional energy-being has a role as a team leader: A team is composed of energy-beings in the 5th, 7th, and 9th dimensions. The 11th dimensional energy-being has a great energy enough to work alone. The 11th dimensional energy-being can create programs to be executed for mission.
3.      Special energy field is created and installed for the resolution of karma.
4.      A very high level of energy-sealing may be installed in organs.

April 18, 2018.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Twinflame. Edited by Metrica.


The Final Unravelment of the 9th Dimension: the Dimension that Superintends Devils Rampage

The main task of the 7th dimension is to coordinate material civilization. It's a dimension that plans and designs matrices for material civilization to be introduced to planets and that puts tasks in practice.

The main tasks of the 9th dimension are described as follows:

I.        The roles of the administrative specialist group performing unique tasks to the 9th dimension are as follows:
     Supervising and controlling higher-selves
     Supervising and controlling energy beings in the 5th, 7th, 9th dimensions
     Intermediating tasks of higher and lower dimensions
     They are officially called “the High Council of the Heavenly Government” and are deeply involved in the history and culture of a planet.
     They're running the Monano System.
Ø  The Monano System is a huge system in which details of the programs of spirit-souls for their material experiences are programmed and managed.
Ø  The Monano System contains information on human social networks related to spirit-souls.
Ø  The Monano System simulates the social phenomena that spirit-souls scheduled to experience a material world will encounter, removing variables so that complex social phenomena can be unfold on the ground of Earth without any error.
Ø  This system is operated to control and manage everything in social phenomena in an invisible world so that “Only What Should Happen” can happen and “Only What Is Approved by the Heaven” can occur on the ground and so that “Whatever Is To Be Unfolded in a Visible World” can be determined in an invisible world beforehand.

II.    After entering human body, they help spirit-souls to carry out programs for their material experiences.
     They help spirit-souls to enrich their material experiences.
     After infiltrating human body, they install special energy-fields with the properties of either darkness or light in order to resolve the karma through disintegrating human mind, emotions, and consciousness.
     In addition, they instigate humans to perform things that they would not do unless they are insane (such as murder, rape, superhuman ability or power exerted in extreme situations).
     In the process of Dimensional Ascension of the planet Earth, they will incite the Devils Rampage;
Ø  To show that there is an invisible world,
Ø  To help mankind to restore the Heaven, which has been lost from their hearts,
Ø  To show that there exists the Heaven,
Ø  To prove that everything is a world of energy.
     Human bodies shall be visited by powerful 9th dimensional energy-beings that will cause enormous pain in human bodies.
     They will also trigger extreme situations in which human mind is dissociated by them, resulting in its breakdown, the human emotions are segmented to so many parts that they are out of control, and the human consciousness is disintegrated, so that humans become insane and mad.
     It is a practical dimension to prepare for the Era of Devils Rampage, in which people become afraid of other people and cannot predict other people's behaviors.

III. There is an administrative specialist group which has the roles to support, supervise, and control the 7th dimensional works that are implicated in material civilization of the planet.
     The administrative specialist group is responsible for planning, designing, and implementing historical events in material civilization.
     That is, it is in charge of the following tasks:
Ø  Setting up, managing, repairing matrices for material civilization,
Ø  Determining the level of scientific and technological civilization,
Ø  Introducing scientific and technological civilization to planets,
Ø  Supporting scientific and technological civilization on planets.

IV.  The energy-beings in the 9th dimension also have the following roles:
     To plan the contents of spiritual civilization on the planet,
     To design the contents of spiritual civilization on the planet,
     To plan the degree of difficulty in spiritual civilization on the planet,
     To create physical and cultural environments so that spiritual civilization can settle down on the planet,
     To provide cultural diversity to the planet so that various spiritual civilizations can thrive on the planet,
     To be practically involved in the planetary civilization so that material civilization can co-exist with spiritual civilization in harmony and in balance.
     They install matrices of religion on planets and run them on planets. They set up matrices of politics on planets, and operate them on planets.
     They have a mission to introduce and maintain a matrix of economy based on currency (money) to the planet, as well as its management and repair.
     They are responsible for introducing various cultural matrices to planets, making efforts to maintain cultural diversity on planets.
     They also play a role in introducing a multitude of art matrices to planets, and in maintaining, managing, and repairing diverse art matrices on planets


In the process of the Dimensional Ascension of Earth, human beings shall go through a tremendous cataclysm of Earth, in which they will eye-witness that the matrix of material civilization will collapse and will experience the fall-down of the matrix of spiritual civilization. Everything will be destroyed, and everything will collapse.

Humans shall face the unprecedented battle of Armageddon and shall confront with extreme Devils Rampage.

For the sake of that time,

For the sake of most human beings who know nothing about an invisible world,

For the sake of a few light-workers who will wake up soon,

For the sake of the people whose consciousness has been awakened and who have mission to prepare for a new ground on Earth under a new Heaven,

When the time is ripe.

I, Udeka, feel the need to record and leave this article on the symptoms caused by the 9th dimensional energy-beings to enter the human body, in communication with the Heaven.

I wish mankind a good luck on its every effort.

April 12, 2018.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Twinflame. Edited by Metrica.

Power and Emotional and Body Responses per the Level of the 9th dimensional Energy Beings

- Level analysis of the groups acting on human body among the 9th dimensional working-level energy-beings (the 4th class group)

1.      When the energy power of the first level of the 5th dimension is 1, that of the first level of the 7th dimension is 200 and that of the 9th dimension is 500.

2.     The first level ~ fifth level: the matrix of darkness, the 6th level ~ 10th level: the matrix of intermediate, the 11th level ~ 15th level: the matrix of light.

The Analysis of the Inter-Dimensional Spaces of the Planet Earth

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