The Final Unravelment on Impaired Soul

Soul is the partner of spirit. Soul is a special energy which is granted to every spirit travelling the material world. Even for the angels who are working for the Heaven as energy-beings, their spirits are also on the spiritual journey together with their souls.

The reason why soul-consciousness is installed for spirit is that spirit could enjoy the material experience more fully with various feelings and energies. Thus, spiritual journey becomes more thrilling, exciting and dramatic by the partnership of soul energy.

Plants and animals have soul energy. The matrix of light, darkness and intermediate, which is installed in soul energy, operates as a sort of obstacle. This matrix determines the quality and quantity of penetrated lights, and index of refraction. In total, 360 different types of application programs are used to operate the soul-energy for each matrix. That is, 360 application programs for the matrix of light. Another 360 programs for the matrix of darkness. Also similar for the matrix of intermediate.

For soul-energy of plants and animals, far simpler soul programs are installed than for mankind. If we want to communicate with plants and animals, the soul programs which makes us to connect with the soul-consciousness of plants and animals, should be built in our soul-consciousness.

Spirit-Soul-Baek transmigrates. The material experience of spirit-soul can’t afford to escape from karmas. The energy of karma leaves the greatest effects on soul-energy. It also affects the Baek-energy. On the contrary, the spirit-energy, which is granted from the Creator, is not affected by the various events in material journey. After death, the energies of soul and Baek take enough rests and healings in the astral plane (5th dimension), while preparing for the next re-incarnation.  

Tragic and falsely charged death gives big impact upon the soul-energy in the course of death, producing dreadful energies in a spirit-soul’s memory. When one’s stubborn belief system collapses, one is betrayed by right-hand man, or emotions of love is suddenly diverted to strong addictions, the soul-energy is impaired most severely.

For instance, when a politician who failed in revolution is executed to death by being cut off his waist, the fears and horrors felt by his spirit-soul goes beyond our imagination. When a spirit-soul can’t accept its death as the natural order of life or the law of the universe, the spirit-soul leaves karma and its soul gets severely damaged.

After death, the spirit gets to know that its unfair and unacceptable death was its destiny and it was a necessary experience for its spiritual evolution. After all, the spirit acknowledges and takes all the things so naturally. And the spirit is ready for next re-incarnation.

The soul can’t implement high level of consciousness. Although its clothes (avatar’s body) is already dead, the soul does not accept the death and still stick to the situations surrounding its death. In this process, the soul-energy is severely damaged and the damaged part of soul-energy continues to adhere to the past events in the astral plane, albeit it has to participate in the preparation of next life in collaboration with its partner spirit. 

In this way, a part of soul-energy is still located in the astral plane, creating its own holographic world and refusing to re-unite with its original soul-energy. We call this damaged soul-energy locked in the astral plane as “the Impaired Soul”.

The hell and heaven, which is frequently dealt in various religions and stories, is nothing but the holographic world which is created in the astral plane, where all the impaired soul-energies stay and get together. The spirit is free from karma. But the soul has to endure karma fully. In death, the soul creates impaired soul-energy in astral plane.

In preparing for the next re-incarnation, the spirit don’t substitute another new soul for the original partner soul. This is because a spirit shares its spiritual journey together with its partner soul for at least so many millions years long. Therefore, the spirit takes the partner soul which is damaged with its impaired soul-energy locked in the astral plane. 

That is to say, the original soul energy as its whole energy (100%) can’t re-unite with its partner spirit. Of course, in the healing process of the soul-energy, the impaired soul-energy is healed but it may not be perfect.  

As far as the degree of damages felt by the soul is bigger, the harder is the purification process for the impaired soul-energy. In the case that the impaired soul-energy is caused by the public karma, its purification may be easier. But if it is caused by the private karma, then its purification process will be much harder.

The Hell, Purgatory and Heaven mean the special areas (holographic world) which are built in the astral plane by so many impaired soul-energies. The Hell, Purgatory and Heaven do not exist as the reality.  

The purification process of impaired soul-energy may take several ten years or several thousand years long. The bigger is the impaired soul-energy, the stronger are the side-effects for the avatar. This side-effects may cause schizophrenia, tristimania, or mental disorder for the avatar.

As your spirit is sacred and was granted from the Creator, it is never damaged by your experiences on earth. But the soul-energy can be locked in the matrix (prison) of impaired soul in the astral plane with its 50 percent at maximum. 

On the contrary, the energy of Baek can be recovered through the healing process in the astral plane with at least 70 percent recovery. The 30 percent of Baek energy not cured in the healing process is manifested as the form of various diseases for the avatar in the course of transmigration. In this way, the karma is dissolved through re-incarnations.

There is no hell or heaven after death. If it exists, then it is the holographic (NOT REAL) world in the astral plane which was created by the impaired soul. The bigger is locked in the astral plane an avatar’s soul energy, the harder becomes the avatar’s current life. This is because the avatar’s impaired soul-energy locked in the astral plane continues to affect the avatar’s soul-consciousness in this life.

Now in the very corner of the Earth’s dimensional ascension, most of the astral spaces which have been occupied by the uncountably many impaired soul-energies have been demolished by the Government of Heaven. All the impaired soul-energies caused by the public karmas have been cleared off. Only the impaired soul-energies brought about by the private karmas are still working for the mankind to pay back their karmas.

The Light-Workers have brought the Cosmic Karmas into the Earth, bearing the Cross of the Great Universe on their backs. This is why they have larger public and private karmas on their shoulders. Now they have to dissolve all their karmas before the dimensional ascension of the Earth.

This is why your life has been so boring, trouble-some and tough.

Good luck to every Light-Worker.

November 10, 2017.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Metrica.
(Contact Us: metrica@naver.com)


The Final Unravelment on Karma

The wheel of transmigration is running on the life cycle of living creatures.

In the world of plants and animals, they don’t leave any karmas. In the cycle of life, what should happen may just occur for plants and animals. They offer their bodies to others and take other’s fleshes for themselves.

Only humans who have free-wills may leave karmas through invading other’s free-wills severely in the course of spiritual journeys. Human is not a being who has been thrown away to this planet without any plans and programs.

A life is not long enough for a spirit-soul to learn much things. In the astral plane of 5th dimension, spirit-souls spend times three times longer than their life spans on earth just for preparing, planning and modifying their life programs of next lives on earth.

Through numerous simulations, the life program of spirit-soul is modified and fine-tuned. In this process, the difficulty level of life program is finally determined reflecting both private and public karmas. In the design of life program, state of a period which is optimally customized for the evolutionary program is determined at first. Once the macroscopic programs are settled, smaller microscopic programs are involved in the design process.

All the life programs of the light-workers, which are on average 35 times of re-incarnations on earth for each light-worker, had already been planned and prepared 2.5 million years ago. This is the way of Heaven’s working.

The Terra-Project, which is to open the 7th Great Cycle of the Great Universe with the Earth playing the role of both experiment planet and seed planet, had been planned by the Creator. The Earth had been prepared as the planet for Terra-Project far earlier than 2.5 million years ago.

After the design of Terra-Project is drawn, the spirit-souls as actors who are to participate in this project had been recruited all over the universe. They are called “the Light-Workers” or “the Light-Warriors”. After the casting of Light-Workers had been arranged, the other castings had been recruited all over the universe.

The 144,000 Light-Workers have brought the Cosmic Karmas which had been accumulated during the evolution of the great universe to the Earth. The Cosmic Karmas had been spread out in the life programs of the Light-Workers. As the Terra-Project goes on, various spirit-souls have been implanted to the Earth continuously through the periods of large cycles and small cycles.

When a program of spirit-soul is realized, overuse of free-will leads to karmas. A spirit-soul has taken the casting of admiral for his life program, then the program will be manifested on the ground. He conquered the world and established great empire. In the process of his historic act, several millions of human lives fell down. To someone, he was praised as the great admiral, but to another peoples he was blamed for cruel murderer. His achievements led to deep and severe grudges for many peoples and ethnic groups.

The history of Earth is that of wars. Behind the history of Earth, so many programs of individual spirit-souls are hidden. In the course of many nation’s histories, it is inevitable that so many karmas to infringe others’ free-wills are caused. These karmas may be divided into public karmas and private karmas.

The public karmas are caused mainly by conflicts and struggles between nations and nations, between tribes and tribes, or between groups and groups. Slaughters, sexual harassments, enslavements, oppressions and exploitations, conflicts between rulers and controlled classes are inevitable to occur.

In this way, karmas may get accumulated further and further, or dissolved by various events as the history of planet goes along. In the long-term perspective of planning and programming planet’s civilization, karmas may get balanced out. The process of creating public karmas in one side and dissolving public karmas in the other side makes the history of a planet.

As there exists the plan of the Heaven, on the ground its manifestation is realized. The public karma does not affect individual spirit-souls’ private karmas. The public karmas are dissolved and arranged by the Heaven as the small cycles and great cycles of civilizations are unfolded.

Now facing the termination of material civilizations and dimensional ascension of the Earth, most of the public karmas which have been being cumulated during 2.5 million years have been relieved by the Heaven. Now a little more time is just allowed for human race to clear off the remaining public karmas.

The private karmas usually take place between “Grouped Spirit-Souls” or “Collaborator Groups”, who share the similar paths of spiritual journey. They are in a similar course of spiritual evolution and help each other as soul-mates, twin-flames or spiritual partners. They may take the form of wife, husband, close mates or even rival who may harass or stimulate us. In various ways, they are closely related with our bumpy experiences and spiritual learnings thereby. 

We are also spiritually linked with our spirit-parents. They share our spiritual journey to help us, but usually may come from higher dimensions than us. They are called “the Collaborative Group”. They may give great influences upon you as the spiritual mentors, rigid parents, teachers or religious leaders. As lines of latitudes and longitudes, the Grouped Spirit-Souls and Collaborative Groups participate in our programs of life.

When our life program is run altogether with the Grouped Spirit-Souls and Collaborative Groups, we may play the good part for someone and bad against others. And in this course, we may compete each other, become enemy against each other or leave deep grudges to counterparts. It may be inevitable to infringe others’ free-wills. In this way, various private karmas are created.

An admiral who killed hundred thousand soldiers in a war leaves the public karma for him. But if he kills his wife in anger from arguing each other, then he makes his private karma of killing his wife.

The private karmas may be dissolved or accumulated through exchanging each other’s role and casting, which makes the pivotal axis of re-incarnations. The private karmas are never dissolved without price by the Heaven. Instead, the private karmas can be lessened only through human body’s direct experiences. This is the rule of the great universe.

The castings on earth depend on spirit-souls’ cosmic rank and their spiritual journeys for evolution. Usually the part of king may not be given to a young spirit-soul. The older and more mature spirit-souls, even better the ones who have higher cosmic ranks, may have better chances of taking harder castings which hold high degree of public karma.

The ones who have severe public karmas do not go to the hell. The Light-Workers who are struggling with the weight of public karmas may live so plainly as ordinary people, not knowing anything. Being ONENESS with their final higher-selves may lag in time for them. They are kept out of the limelight. In this way, they are dissolving their public karmas.

The private karma is quite like a homework left undone. The private karma is a debt which should be repaid in some time. The private karma reflects that your spirit-soul is growing up.

Thanks for all the spirit-souls who have been suffering from karmas on earth.

November 9, 2017.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Metrica.
(Contact Us: metrica@naver.com)


Tragic Destiny of the Melchizedek Group

There are three types of groups who have the role of installing and managing the matrix of materials on this planet. They are as follows.

l  The group who receive the order from the 15th Level of 18th dimension
l  The group who receive the order from the 15th Level of 14th dimension
l  The group who receive the order from the 15th Level of 11th dimension

They are “the Workers in the Darkness”. The hidden forces in which they work are alternatively called “the Shadow Government”, “the Dark Government”, “the Secret Government” or “the Government in the Darkness”. The terms such as “Freemason” or “Illuminati” have similar concepts. 

The number of “the Workers in the Darkness” is twenty four ten thousand. They are directed by the elites in the Darkness whose number is 3,500. These 3,500 elites in the Darkness are ruled by the 13 families of the Darkness. The top leaders in the Shadow Governments of the world are mainly from the family

Among the Workers in the Darkness, the group of Melchizedek comprises the largest part. The Melchizedek group has taken the role of installing and managing the matrix of materials on this planet. On the contrary, the Avonal group is the Terminator of material civilizations.  

Most of the Melchizedek group will leave the Earth, taking-off the clothes of human body. Only 4% will survive in the course of the Earth’s ascension and contribute in re-building new material matrix for new spiritual civilization on the New Earth under the New Heaven.

There is the Denika group who help the Melchizedek group with their total number being 120 million. Most of the Denika group will also leave the Earth with only 0.1% keeping to live on earth for their mission to help the survived Melchizedeks.    

Top leaders of the Melchizedek group know that their next post is Venus. Also they know their cosmic ranks. They have played their roles faithfully and successfully with communicating with the Heaven.

If we assume that the hierarchy of the Shadow Government can be divided into 10 levels (1: top, 10: bottom in hierarchy), then those belonging to first ~ third level know that their next post is Venus and they already have received the order. Finishing their remaining roles and missions, they will leave the Earth according to their time-lines in the course of natural catastrophes.

90 percent or more of the Melchizedek group don’t know that they are the workers in the Darkness. Nor do they know that they belong to the Melchizedek group. Most of the Melchizedek group are well-known celebrities. They are elite groups such as professor, famous artist, philosopher or scientist. They have established their big names and social ranks in the community.

The truths accepted by the public become the truth of today, while the truths not accepted by the public become the truth of future. The Melchizedek group have the role of providing justifications in that the truths accepted by the public are really true. This type of role is “the maintenance of the material matrix”.

Sometimes they resort to revolutionary approach in awakening the public’s consciousness to propagate that the truths believed today are wrong and there exist new ones. This role is “the installment of new material matrix”.

They also have the role of reforming the structural contradictions of society. They emphasize the procedural legitimacy and try to change the world by the way of justice. This role is “the maintenance of material matrix”.

The Melchizedeks who have the matrix of light do the works of light and others who have the matrix of intermediate or darkness do the works in the way of intermediate or darkness. By the nature of the Melchizedek, the proportion of intermediate or darkness dominate those with light matrix.

After the Pole-Shift of the Earth, it will be difficult to see those celebrities in the PEFA (Protective Energy-Field Area). As their duties and roles are over, most of them will have to leave the Earth.

There is no need for keeping the matrix of medical service. Nor need for keeping the matrix of religions. Nor for the matrix of science, politics and various cultures.

They do not die for doing their bad acts. Not for their works in the Darkness. By their villain roles, the Planet Earth could conduct the role of Cosmic School in success. The villain roles may be far tougher than the roles of good guys.  

All the events and histories on earth may seem to be the works by mankind. But in fact, those are the plays and dramas which have been planned and directed by the Heaven. Now as the play is coming to an end, the actors shall have to leave for the places where they should be.

Now the planet Earth is preparing for the new stage of play. Your spirit-souls who had been invited to this planet was excellent actors. Now the play is coming to an end. So many spirit-souls may leave this planet for a new journey of spiritual challenges. The Day is coming.

In anywhere you may have to go, there is no hell or heaven. You who are reading this message shall go to the place where you should be. If you received the message that you have to leave for Venus, then you must be the few members of the Melchizedek who have the high Cosmic Rank.

Only a few Melchizedeks who hold the energy of the Creator will survive and participate in building new spiritual civilizations. And they shall meet Udeka in time. Almost 90 percent of the Melchizedek group shall leave this planet, not knowing why they should have to die, not knowing who they are, not knowing where they came from. This is the way of Heaven’s working. This is the law of the universe. This is the tragic destiny of the Melchizedek. This is the unpainted face of the Heaven.

All the things on the ground came from the Heaven. The root of all evils is the Heaven. The root of every good is also the Heaven. 

"The things which came from the Heaven shall return to the Heaven, when it lies in the womb of time."

Now I, Udeka, on behalf of the mankind, would like to appreciate all the workers in the Darkness for their roles and missions to install the matrix of darkness on the stage of the Earth. Also to the Melchizedek group and the assistant group who have helped the Melchizedek group, Udeka gives the best wishes and gratitude. Thanks for their nice works on this planet!

As such shall it be. As such is it planned to be. As such was it done.

January 16, 2018.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Metrica.
(Contact Us: metrica@naver.com)


Wi-Ki Control Sensor and Internal Organs damaged by heats

l  The hierarchy of controlling sweat pores consists of two parts. One is the hypothalamus in brain which is connected with “Heart meridian(HT; 手少陰心經)”. The other is the Wi-Ki Control Sensors in the lung.
1.       Wi-Ki Control Sensor in the right lung opens sweat pores.
2.      Wi-Ki Control Sensor in the left lung closes sweat pores.
3.      Virus in itself has the imbedded mechanism to destroy the Wi-Ki Control Sensors in the lung.
4.      Fevers and heats are mainly caused from lung and heart.    

l  Skin troubles are inevitable in the course of pole-shift and dimensional ascension of the Earth. The triggering factors are varying as followings:
1.       Global dissemination of unknown viral diseases
2.      Effects of Photon-Belt (Band)
3.      Poor foods
4.      Poor surroundings and sanitation
5.      Transitory side-effects caused by the upgrade of LCD(Life Circuit Diagram)
6.      Collapse of medical systems

l  The Order of Internal Organs which are frail to heats
1.       Large intestine
2.      Bladder
3.      Stomach
4.      Liver
5.      Heart

l  The Order of Symptoms caused by heats
1.       Troubles from Bladder
Ø  Pain in lower abdomen
Ø  Great pain in overall body
Ø  Oedema
Ø  Body temperature gets high
2.      Troubles from Stomach
Ø  Nausea and throwing up
Ø  Difficulty in eating foods
3.      Troubles from Large intestine
Ø  Severe difficulty in a bowel movement leads to death
4.      Troubles from Liver
Ø  Higher heats caused by Liver lead to fainting.
5.      Troubles from Heart
Ø  Difficulty in breathing, Mental storm

l  The Symptoms caused by severely damaged Large Intestine
1.       Yellow complexion in face
2.      Abdominal distension
3.      Severe difficulty in a bowel movement
Ø  This symptom is most dangerous
Ø  When infectees show symptoms of yellow complexion and/or abdominal distension, it signals that they still have a margin of recovery.
Ø  If infectees begin to show symptoms of difficulty in a bowel movement, it signals that recovery chances are getting lower.
Ø  Treatment of Chung-Sim-Tang and fermented liquids should be taken for infectees intensively and consistently from the early stage.
Ø  The amount and frequency of treatment should be intensified for infectees, if they show symptoms of abdominal distension.   


Chakra Enlightenment Treatments for Viral Diseases

Chakra Enlightenment Treatments to close sweat pores

1. Take warm water dissolved with fermented liquids and/or bay sault.
    - Fermented liquids are the best. Bay sault is the second.
    - Mixture of fermented liquids and bay sault is good.

2. Rub the skins lightly.
     - You don’t have to take off the patient’s clothes.
     - Team-work with at least two men is recommended in the course of
        chakra enlightenment treatment.

3. Chakra Enlightenment Treatments to close sweat pores

1) Normalize the heating(steaming) process of Simpo(心包)

2) Inject the energies (Jung()-Ki()-Shin()) generated by the heating 
     process of Simpo into the generating meachanism of Wi-Ki (衛氣; Guardian 
     energy which circulates in the outer area of body to
     protect skin). Vitalize Wi-Ki creation.

3) Operate the “Wi-Ki Control Sensor” to close sweat pores. This
     sensor is located in the left lung.

4) Normalize the hypothalamus in brain which is connected with “Heart 
      meridian(HT; 手少陰心經)”

Chakra Enlightenment Treatments to open sweat pores

1. Repair the Wi-Ki Control Sensor which is out of order.

2. Normalize the heating(steaming) process of Simpo(心包)

3. Normalize the generating meachanism of Wi-Ki

4. Operate the “Wi-Ki Control Sensor” to open sweat pores. This sensor is 
     located in the right lung.

5. Normalize the hypothalamus in brain which is connected with “Heart 
     meridian(HT; 手少陰心經)”

Main Features of Viral Diseases

1. Virus in itself has the imbedded mechanism to destroy the Wi-Ki Control 

2. The infected shows two types. (Case A): sweat pores don’t open. (Case B): 
     sweat pores are not closed after being open. The proportion of (Case A) and 
     (Case B) is 65:35. (Case A) is far more dangerous than (Case B).

3. The fatality rate outside of the PEFA(Protective Energy-Field Area) is 90%. 
     Only 10% of the infected survive and will manage to enter into the PEFA.

4. The survival rate of the infected whose sweat pores don’t open is only 10%.

5. The survival rate of the infected whose sweat pores are not closed after        
     being open is 85%.

6. The survival rate of the infected in the PEFA is 36~45%.
     ☞ Note: 36% = 0.65 x 10% + 0.35 x 85% 


Treatment of Viral Diseases in the PEFA

Symptoms of viral diseases in PEFA are similar to those outside of PEFA
Each stage of viral diseases in PEFA takes longer with a day and half
Treatment should be taken intensively at stage 1 and 2 to prevent from illness           
   proceeding into stage 3 or more. 

* Note:

1. In the first and second stage of viral diseases, the infectee’s body temperature 
    gets higher as it is difficult to urinate and defecate.

2. In the first and second stage of viral diseases, if the infectee sheds sweats too 
    much, he/she gets exhausted, tired, dehydrated and torpid.

3. The traditional refrigerant medicine does not work for reducing body heats. 
    Chung-Sim-Tang is very crucial for removing body heats.

4. In the second and third stage of treatments, Chung-Sim-Tang is not helpful for 
    the infectee who is too much exhausted, dehydrated and torpid by the result of 
    shedding too much sweats.

5. In the second and third stage of treatments, if the infectee begins to urinate, 
    then reduce the treatment of Chung-Sim-Tang into second times per day and let 
    the infectee take Chung-Sim-Tang for two days additionally. If the infectee has 
    no problem in urinating and defecating, then stop the treatments of Chung-Sim-

First Stage
Second Stage
Third Stage
three times per day
six times per day (3~4 hours interval)
If eating food is possible, continue to take fermented liquids and Chung-Sim-Tang.
team-work with at least 2 men

fermented liquids
- critical for immunity power
- absorption rate better than other foods: fermented liquids(60%+), candy, sugar, chocolate(<40%)
foods (soup, porridge, rice gruel) helpful

things touched by patients:

If worsen into fourth or more stage, it is helpless.
Useful foods
warm water with fermented liquids and/or bay sault
Increase taking warm water with fermented liquids/bay sault
Infusion solution is helpful
Critical Treatments
Open sweat pore: For patients with severe fevers
Keeps body warm: Don’t take off clothes. Induce sweats.
Heating air: Heat stones with fire. Put heated stones in tin vessel with some waters (similar way of Sauna in Finland)
Helpful heating on body: Roast bay saults in pan. Put roasted bay saults into sack. Place the sack on patient’s lower abdomen.

Close sweat pore: For exhausted patients feeling a chilly
Depending upon patient’s conditions, repeat opening/closing sweat pore.
Among patients whose sweat pores are not closed, 85% could survive by right treatments in time.
If sweat pores are not closed, the patient dies eventually with exhaustion and dehydration.
Activate 12-chakra systems
Open the meridian routes for emission of Sa-Ki(邪氣) and Tak-Ki(濁氣): Palace of Toil(勞宮; PC8), Bubbling Spring(湧泉; KI1)
Intensive chakra healing: pour lights into major internal organs
20 minutes healing with 4 hours interval
Increase the degree of chakra healing
20 minutes healing with 3 hours interval
Things to remember
Explain the mechanism of viral diseases
If worsen, let them to notify.
Build trust and hope: Give them hope and build the close relationship with patients.
Put them in concentration camp

The Analysis of the Inter-Dimensional Spaces of the Planet Earth

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