The Operating Rule of the Shadow Government

The Shadow Government is the Government in Darkness, which is directed by the Heaven. Behind the Heaven, the CREATOR lies.

The Heavenly hierarchy of the Shadow Government is described in detail below.

The First Group: the 13 Families in Darkness

l  Each top leader of the 13 Families in Darkness is the avatar of the special administrators in the 14th dimension.

l  Among them, the top leaders of the 5 Families in Darkness receive the orders directly from the Heaven. Thus they are conducting the divine order of the CREATOR.

l  The top boss of the Shadow Government has the spiritual capabilities to deliver the will of the Heaven on the ground and his IQ reaches 300.

l  The 5 Families in Darkness are linked to other 8 Families in Darkness based on blood-ties and they hold shares of power.

l  The role of the Shadow Government is to install, maintain and manage the various material matrixes.

l  The assistant groups for the Shadow Government are so varying and include the followings:
Ø  The group of Melchizedek
Ø  The group of Daynal
Ø  The group of subterranean civilization
ü  This group has the role of handing over their advanced scientific technologies for the civilizations on the ground.
Ø  The head group of reptilian extraterrestrial beings

l  The 13 Families in Darkness are controlled by the supreme Government of the Heaven in the 15th Level of 14th Dimension.

l  The top leaders of each Family in Darkness are provided the secret documents from the Heaven. The secret documents contain the specific scenarios and plans to be executed on the Earth. There are many secret organizations to execute the secret orders from the Heaven.

l  The Shadow Government puts the most importance on blood-ties and is operated by the single command system from the top head.

l  The Shadow Government is the organization made by the Heaven. Each family in Darkness has its own unique symbol to represent the family. By this symbol, each family in Darkness identifies each other without any big trouble or conflict.

l  The Shadow Government effectively controls the Earth, executing the Will of the Heaven on the ground.

l  The top leaders of the Shadow Government are in the perfect control of the Heaven. The personnel in the lower ranks of the Shadow Government know only about their direct tasks, but not about the big picture. Thus, the Shadow Government is operated in full secret.   

l  The middle-rank personnel and lower sub-organizations working for the Shadow Government do not know what they are doing for, just conducting the orders they received. Their consciousness and even feelings are controlled by the Heaven.

l  The history of Korea was ruled and directed by the Family in Darkness which is in charge of the Korea.

l  The boss of the Family in Darkness of Korea in in charge of the top leader for the other 12 Families in Darkness.

The Second Group: the Melchizedek Group

l  While the Shadow Government has the firm organizations in the world, the Melchizedek group has no specific organizations. The personnel in the Melchizedek group work for Darkness individually.

l  The Melchizedek group is the spirit-souls who were specially trained for the role of Darkness. They are mainly from the 13th and 15th dimensions.

l  The 760 personnel in the Melchizedek group came from the 15th dimension. The 1,440 personnel in the Melchizedek group are from the 13th dimension.

l  Among the Melchizedek group, 24o personnel are connected to the Heaven. These 240 leaders of the Melchizedek group receive orders directly from the Heaven and control the Governments in the world through money. 

l  The leading group of 240 personnel has the spiritual capability with IQ 250 or higher level, which ordinary people can’t imagine.

l  The leading group of 240 personnel delivers information to other Melchizedek group and the Governments in the world under the cooperation with the Shadow Government.

l  There exists a unique spaceship to manage the Melchizedek group.

l  The others of the Melchizedek group except for the leading 240 personnel do not know their cosmic ranks and they usually work in the key government posts. Most of the Melchizedek group conduct the role of Darkness in all strata of society. They don’t have any spiritual talents. They hold great desires for success, are trained as the specialized workers of Darkness and mostly are living as the opportunists or hypocrites.   

l  The Melchizedek group are the experts of propaganda and they lead in installing the various matrices of material civilizations in close cooperation with the Daynal group. The spaceship for the Melchizedek group controls the emotion and consciousness of the Melchizedek group. Thus they are pin-point controlled through ideas, inspirations and intuitions. But they don’t know their destinies. This is their sad fates.  

The Third Group: the Daynal Group

l  The Daynal group make issues and spread out the tasks that the Shadow Government or the Melchizedek group have received from the Heaven.

l  They consist of celebrities, authoritative scholars and specialized elites.

l  They convert, distort and popularize the Heavenly truth to the eye-level of mankind. In this way, they solidify the material matrices.  

l  The leading personnel of the Daynal group are managed by the Melchizedek group and the Heaven. Among the Daynal group, 1,680 personnel are from the 13th dimension. That is to say, their Original Spirits exist in the 13th dimension. The others of the Daynal group are from the 11th or 9th dimension.

l  Except for the leading personnel of the Daynal group, the Daynal group don’t know their cosmic ranks. They are living as the celebrities or elite group. Their emotions and consciousness are also managed by the Heaven. They even don’t know that they are doing the works of the Darkness.

The Fourth Group: the Miscellany

l  There are miscellaneous groups who are supporting the Shadow Government and the Melchizedek group. The head personnel of this miscellaneous groups know their roles.

l  They know the way the Heaven works. They know the nature of the Heaven. They are the spirit-souls who have the experience of managing a planet.

l  They are involved in the technological assistance to install the material matrices on the Earth as a way of dissolving their cosmic karmas.

l  The mafias all over the globe are closely linked with the Top group of the cosmic pirates. They are also connected with the Shadow Government and the Melchizedek group.

l  The Reptilian aliens are delivering their advanced science and technologies to the planet Earth. As a part of “the Alien Reinforcement Teams”, they are linked to the Shadow Government, the Melchizedek group and the Daynal group. 

l  They are also being controlled by the Heaven.

All the spirit-souls who have the role of Darkness have the special thought-adjusters which are granted from the CREATOR when their spirits are born. 

The reason why the Heaven exists is that the Heaven installs and manages the material matrix which is needed for the material experiences of the spirit-souls. By the Heaven, good and evil are spread out on the ground. In the age of matter, the matrix of religion was installed and maintained by the Heaven.

The Heaven spread out democracy and socialism. In the age of matter, conservatives and progressives were installed by the Heaven. All the contradictions were built in the age of matter to help the spirit-souls to experience the most dramatic realities.

The age of matter was introduced by the Heaven. And at the center of it, there are the Workers of Darkness.

Now, to terminate the age of matter, the cosmic soldiers have come down to the Earth and are in operation. For the bestowal of Avonals directed by the CREATOR, the Avonal group is being prepared on the ground, which are the Light-Workers.

Everything on the ground came from the Heaven. The notion of Heaven and Hell, which are the best-selling fake products in the human history so far, was also from the Heaven. Behind the curtain of the Shadow Government that controls and manipulate the Earth, there is the Heaven. By the Will of the CREATOR, the Earth has fallen into the planet of Darkness and Prison.

Now it is the time of “Regression to the origin (原始反本)”.

The Last Time has finally arrived to demolish the material civilizations which were built by the Heaven.

Udeka writes in 2019.

*Translated by Metrica.

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