Judgement of light and weather forecasting

The human emotions change every moment. The human mind is also ever-changing and hence it is quite unpredictable in many cases. There is so much big difference between ‘when one feels good’ and ‘when one feels bad’. Once the negativity overwhelms a person, the person suddenly behaves as the hole-in-the-wall.

Just like ever-changing human mind, the nature is changing constantly. The change of weather is another expression of the living nature. The nature is expanding itself with hiding itself in changes.

The human mind is similar with the capricious weather and most people tend to temperamental about the weather changes. The weather might be one of the common targets on which the humans complain.

This summer, heat wave which had never been experienced before has lasted as many as over one month in the northern hemisphere, including the Korean Peninsula. Of course, yes! Summer is hot generally. But nowadays the weather is too hot and hot wave is continuing. The conventional answer (a sort of master key to explain all the changes on Earth) is that global warming has continued for a long time and carbon dioxide is the main cause of global warming. Just like this, the major media is fucking mankind under the title of normality science.

Not knowing the reason of hot wave, neither doing anything to find the correct answer of hot wave, most people are neglecting the essence of problem. Instead, they get angry and are blaming for the weather forecast. Watching this comedy, I, Udeka, leave this message on record for the human race who knows nothing.

- The first reason: The real trigger of global warming is the invisible Photon Light from higher dimension. The Photon Light started to arrive at Earth since December 22, 2012 (winter solstice). Starting from the Paradise where the Creator exists, passing through the Big Dipper which is the star-gate of Nebadon universe, the Photon Light finally came into this Earth. As the Photon Light is the light of higher energy, it is inevitable to accompany heat. This heat is the real cause of global warming, which is occurring all over the globe.

- The second reason: Abnormality of jet stream is also causing the climate changes. Gradually the jet stream is affecting the world-wide climate patterns as being tuned thoroughly by the invisible hands of Heaven. The solar rays has also been steered by the cosmic space ship in direction of the Government of Heaven.

Before the sun’s dimensional ascension, the solar activity declined and at the same time the magnetic field of Earth also diminished, which triggered the activation of ‘the ring of fire’. As the Photon Light incomes into the Earth since the winter solstice in 2013, the Photon Light has been accumulated in everything on earth until now.

Now our Sun has completed the ascension. The sunlight is getting brighter and heater, and these heats are being accumulated on Earth more and more. Also the heats caused from the Photon Light are being cumulated for the critical point of changes. Both the Sun’s ascension and the influx of the Photon Light will strengthen the force of Earth’s magnetic field and also the force of gravity.

As the Earth’s magnetic force gets stronger and the force of gravity is also tuned delicately, the energy portals in Earth grid network is getting active, which brought about changes in the flow of jet streams. These changes in jet streams are the major cause of climate changes.

To protect the planet Earth against incoming of the Photon Light, the mechanism of self-purification – the strengthening of Earth’s magnetic force – is proceeding by Heaven, in silence and secretly.

The planet Earth is right now facing the dimensional ascension. And the key of Earth’s ascension lies in the pole-shift (straightening of the tilted Earth’s axis). In preparation of this pole-shift, now the energy tuning process for the planet Earth is being undertaken in terms of strengthening both the Earth’s magnetic force and the gravity force by Heaven, as none knows it.

- The third reason: The reason of scorching heat in the Korean Peninsula is as follows. The planet Earth is on the edge of the pole shift (straightening of the tilted Earth’s axis). DAN tribes who are mainly composed of Korean people have been in the center of Earth history. Now, the ‘Gam-Ro-Bi’* (Sweet-Dewy-Rain) is falling down in the Korean Peninsula to wake up the ones who have the role and mission for Heaven among the Korean people. To wake up the consciousness of Korean people, to close the 2.5 million years history of mankind, and to distinguish between the ones who are supposed to survive and the others who are supposed to put off their bodies, the ‘Gam-Ro-Bi’ is pouring down, mainly focused in the Korean Peninsula. It is supposed to fall down until August 26, 2016. And then this ‘Gam-Ro-Bi’ will spread out globally.
*Gam-Ro-Bi (Sweet-Dewy-Rain): Literally means the rain just like a sweet dew. In the process of Earth’s dimensional ascension, it represents the light, grace and love of the Creator who want to awaken the sleeping human race. 

The visual world is the other side of the invisible world. It is quite like two sides of the same coin. Now, the ‘Gam-Ro-Bi’ is falling down, which will determine the destiny of mankind on earth. The first Gam-Ro-Bi (Yin; the Negative; water) – which represents the start of ‘Haein’* – rained for 15 days in the early October, 2015. The second Gam-Ro-Bi (Yang; the Positive; fire) – which symbolizes the completion of ‘Haein’ – will continue in the form of heat wave for 15 days from August 12, 2016. The Gam-Ro-Bi is the grace and love from the Creator. The Gam-Ro-Bi is the light for ‘Haein’. The persons who receive the grace of Gam-Ro-Bi were described as ‘my anointed ones’ in the Bible (Psalms, 105:15).
*Haein: The original meaning of Haein is that waves of sea get tranquil and everything is reflected transparently as it is. This term is usually used to describe ‘Absolute samadhi’ in the Buddhism. But the true meaning of Haein is that the Third Eye (the Eye of Wisdom) is opened by enlightenment of chakra system, by which the pineal gland is awakened and hence we could see through the ultimate reality of everything beyond veils.

The Sweet-Dewy-Rain is the blessing to everyone. Also it is the Judgment of Light. After the Sweet-Dewy-Rain, the great tribulations and social changes are as following.
- Explosive increases in strength of the Photon Light
- Animals rebellion
- Explosion of soul-consciousness: mood disorders, emotional disturbance
- Gradual straightening of Earth’s axis: start of pole shift
- Massive appearances of false prophets
- Numerous fake Jesus Christ, who are saying themselves as the Second Coming of Jesus
- Beginning of Armageddon: collapse of the religion matrix
- Break-down of Material Civilizations: The Great Depression
- Turbulence of earth crust
- Great Tsunamis
- Volcanic Eruptions  

Udeka reveals the real cause of climate changes and leaves it on record for the human race who will pour rages on National Weather Service. For the human race who does not know anything, who lacks the cosmic knowledges, and who is ignorant about the way of Heaven’s working.

Is falling down the Sweet-Dewy-Rain which will distinguish the alive from the dead. The Sweet-Dewy-Rain of Heavenly blessing is coming down in order to wake up the lightworkers and yellow-colored spirit and souls who are on the way of spiritual enlightening.

The Sweet-Dewy-Rain to console all the spirit-souls who have gone through every up-and-downs during 2.5 million years is falling down for the farewell dinner party. Once this Sweet-Dewy-Rain stops, then the natural catastrophes will begin to separate the alive from the dead. For the ones who have role and mission and the lightworkers who are being awakened, Udeka leaves this message on record.

Good luck to you.

August 25, 2016.
Udeka writes.

*Translated by Metrica & Yeoyeo


34. Hologram and the Brothers in Darkness #1

34. Hologram of ghost and angel in Darkness 1

People occasionally might see ghost during their spiritual disciplines, in dreams, at public monument, or when staying alone. Sometimes they might see Satan or angels in Darkness. All of these events are what should occur or such things that is supposed to happen.

The common traits of ghost, Satan, or angel in Darkness are that they are beings in energy form and that usually they are likely to incur unpleasantness or bad feelings. These ‘Brothers in Darkness’ are normally sensed as an energy rather than the visible one. There are many shamans who have very acute senses to feel them as energy-body. They feel the energy mainly with their physical bodies. When the shamans are possessed with the Brothers in Darkness (working together with the energy in their bodies), they try to show off and exaggerate this possession by using the shamanic devices such as a small bell, hand fan or grass cutter etc. during exorcism ceremony.

Some people having acute senses can feel coming-in and going-out of the Brothers in Darkness. Also they can talk with their inner-selves. People talking with inner-selves tend to believe that they are talking with their higher-selves, their own Soul or Spirit. But, in reality, it is usual that most of them are talking with the Brothers in Darkness prior to dialog with their higher-selves or with the inner-selves.

The studying courses of Light (dragon, guardian angel, higher-self, angels in Light, guardian divine) and Darkness (ghost, Satan, or angels in Darkness) always coexist. Thus the concept of ‘front and rear’ does not apply here. They are simply alternative methods to awaken consciousness. All of us are merely in the course of learning.

In our body the light matrix and the darkness matrix always coexist to help mankind’s spiritual learning. This is the frame of Light and Darkness in the 3rd dimensional material world. It is also the matrix structure of spiritual civilization in which the Positive (Yang; +) and Negative (Yin; -) coexist. This is the basic order of universe.

Ghosts, angels in Darkness, or angels in Light are not the beings to be seen with bare eyes, but the beings to be felt as energy itself. Just like we could feel both the positive energy and the negative energy in us, so they (angels in Darkness, angels in Light) might live altogether in human body.

There are many people who have witnessed these energy-beings directly with their bare eyes. But, in fact, they have seen them by the method to transform the energy into the images visible to the eyes, which are planned, prepared and coordinated by “the Gabriel’s visual team”. With their help, ghost, Satan, or angels could be seen. No matter what it will be, there is nothing to happen without reason in the universe. Whether you see the Light matrix or the Darkness matrix, these are the programs for spirit-soul’s learning, which are planned and prepared in advance by Heaven.

The images of ghost, Satan or angels in Darkness are not the real existences but holograms. That is enabled by invisible efforts of the Gabriel’s visual team which transforms the energy into the visible images. In this way, the matrix structure is really well implemented. Thus, all of us can learn the invisible world. The life itself in the 3rd dimensional world is inside the hologram.

December 29, 2014.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Taejo. Edited by Metrica.


Unpainted bare face of Heaven: the Gabriel’s visual team

Unforgettable scenes in dreams, figures like ghost, angels, dragon, and guardian angels (angels in Michael group), visions about disasters or calamity, all the visionary images about the invisible world, channeling messages (under control of the Government of Heaven), etc. All kinds of these images or figures are managed and controlled by a particular organization in the Government of Heaven, which is called ‘the Gabriel’s visual team’.

This team manages or controls all the images and voices which are shown or heard in practicing asceticism or in praying. Also it makes all the various figures of ghost which will be shown to shamans.

All the visions and messages which is prepared for Armageddon will be compiled by the Monano system and the MHCIS (Meta-Humanoid Consciousness Implementation System) under direction of the Gabriel’s visual team.

The Gabriel’s visual team is one of departments in the Government of Heaven. It makes and delivers visions and messages of which truthfulness degree is customized according to the consciousness level of channelers (message receivers) or hologramers (vision readers). The Gabriel’s visual team is the first hurdle which the persons – who put their first steps on the invisible world – must cross over.

Therefore, most people who have low level of consciousness are likely to misrecognize the Gabriel’s visual team as God, Heaven, Jesus Christ, Buddha, or Ascended Masters, etc.

Though your higher-self can give messages directly to you through the inner-voice, visions and figures must be requested to the Gabriel’s visual team. All messages and visions are controlled perfectly by Heaven.

The beings in invisible world exist in the form of energy-body, so they can’t show up themselves directly to the mankind. For this reason, visions and figures are requested to the Gabriel’s visual team. The Gabriel’s visual team makes the images which could be comprehensible in human’s brain, and send pre-made visions or figures according to the receiver’s timeline.

To see or hear the beings in the invisible world is possible only by the cooperation with the Gabriel’s visual team. Even a single scene, even a single message, nothing happens by chance. Everything happens as it is supposed to and as it is planned, in the whole picture of programs.

The visions and figures which you might see and hear belong to the hologram world which demands careful and thoughtful discernments. The truth level of messages can’t be over 50% at present consciousness level of mankind. So, most messages might be lies. Please remember, “The truth shall be in the lies, the lies shall be in the truths.”

Most of the lightworkers, the cooperator group of lightworkers and the ones who are chosen to see or hear the invisible world will have to go through the training course instructed by the Gabriel’s visual team in order to see the unpainted face of Heaven. The ones – who fully regard the visions or messages without any reasoning or discernment as the voice of God, divine revelation, the voice of Heaven, or the absolute truth of Heaven – will lose all things miserably, cruelly, and mind-numbingly. They will get to learn the cool-heartedness and the vanity of the invisible world through their entire bodies.

The Gabriel’s visual team is very skillful and seasoned. So, the mankind who does not know anything has no choice but to be beaten. There will be lots of screams and cries of naïve people who blindly believed what they see or hear as the divine revelation of Heaven, the voice of Heaven, or the truth of Heaven.

The Gabriel’s visual team will be at the center of Armageddon. The Gabriel’s visual team will always accompany the spiritual chaos and confusions. Also it will sincerely sponsor the training center for the false prophets. This is the way of Heaven’s working. Be ready to face the unpainted bare face of Heaven. Coming soon.

Good luck to you.

June 27, 2016
Udeka writes.

*Translated by Yeoyeo. Edited by Metrica.


The symbols of lightworkers

Lightworkers have the following characteristics.

1. Descending spirit-souls

They are descending spirit-souls, and their final higher-selves exist in nonmaterial world of 12th dimension to 18th dimension.

2. Cosmic Lineage

Cosmic Information of a person is represented as lights and shapes emanated in the Ha-Danjeon (Navel chakra), Joong-Danjeon (Chest Center chakra), and Sang-Danjeon (Brow chakra).

- Ha-Danjeon: By the color of lights emanated in Ha-Danjeon, we can distinguish whether a person is an ascending or descending spirit-soul.
* Ascending spirit-soul: white, silver, pink, yellow color
* Descending spirit-soul: green, blue, dark blue, brown, violet color

- Joong-Danjeon: It’s possible to distinguish all the spirit-soul’s branches by the color of lights emanated in Joong-Danjeon and by the shapes formed in Joong-Danjeon. The mankind is composed of 12 branches.

- Sang-Danjeon: It’s possible to distinguish between Avonal groups and DAN tribes by the shapes created in Sang-Danjeon.

3. The characters and symbols of Avonal groups

Avonal groups are special soldiers in the universe and distributed in 12th to 15th dimensional universe. They are beings born by specialized direct energy differentiation of the Creator. They are children of the Creator and also the best elite troops. In addition, as the chief executive in PEFA (Protective Energy-Field Area), they will play roles of local magistrate and supreme court justice.

As seen by spiritual eyes, Avonals are always in uniform and have strong personality of military officer. They are very stubborn, have strong mental power, and have very firm courage and bravery.

The symbols of Avonal are lotus, Sam-Tae-Geuk or Hyeon-Mu*, which are shown in Sang-Danjeon. As the cosmic rank is higher, Hyeon-Mu appears.

* Hyeon-Mu: It is one of the four symbols of the Korean constellations, which is similar to the Black Tortoise or Black Turtle. It is usually depicted as a turtle entwined together with a snake. It symbolizes the North, water and the winter season in the Eastern philosophy. ‘Hyeon’ means black color (the North is represented as black color in oriental philosophy), and ‘Mu’ represents protection (the back of turtle) and sharp teeth (the teeth of snake).

4. The characters and symbols of DAN-tribes

- They are distributed widely from 12th to 18th dimensional universe.
- They are leading members of 12 tribes, and they assist and serve the Creator.
- They form ‘the Supervisory groups’, and are actually key players in Terra Project.
- The symbols of DAN-tribes are rose of Sharon (Mu-Gung-Hwa), Tae-Geuk or the Trinity Bird (the Three-Legged Crow), which are shown in Sang-Danjeon. As the position is higher, the Trinity Bird appears. Even though they are in uniform, they are civil servants rather than military officers.

5. Ordinary lightworkers

They have a Green-Core (Dan:丹) in their Ha-Danjeon. Their positions are represented by the dragon’s size and color. Most lightworkers belong to this category. They are cooperators of both DAN-tribes and Avonal groups. They will deal with practical works in PEFA (Protective Energy-Field Area).

6. Heyoka and Denika groups

They do not belong to the lightworkers of 144,000. They are the assistant group of the lightworkers and their total number reaches 240 million. The Angels group in the Government of Heaven take this role and mission. The symbols are similar to ordinary lightworkers. These groups are composed of descending spirit-souls (20%) and ascending spirit-souls (80%).

7. The Creator’s direct lineage family group

As symbol, they have the Ultimate Bird (Bong-Hwang) on their head. Their positions are represented by the size and color of the Ultimate Bird. They are the highest of the Supervisory groups in each dimensional universe. They are differentiated into 17th, 15th, 13th, 11th, 9th, 7th, 5th dimensional universe. They are differentiated into two beings per each dimension as Yang(+) and Yin(-). In this way they participate in Earth’s history.

8. The Trinity of the universe

They are the three Creators in 18th dimensional universe; the Infinite Spirit (18th dimension 17th level), the Universal Father (18th dimension 16th level), and the Eternal Mother (18th dimension 15th level). They are called as the Trinity of the universe. At present time, they are incarnated into human body to assist the Creator. They have the patterns of three-ringed trinity (three-ringed Sam-Tae-Geuk), and have the Ultimate Bird (Bong-Hwang) on their head. Their universal ranks are symbolized by the color of the Ultimate Bird.

9. The Role and Missions

The 144,000 lightworkers are just the spectrum of 144,000 lights which will spread out on the planet of Gaia. They are the carriers of the Creator’s energy to Earth and also the light passages through which Heaven’s will is realized on Earth at the same time. The missions and roles of lightworkers will roll out simultaneously just when being oneness with their final higher-selves are finished. After the oneness with final higher-self is achieved, the energy tuning of Spirit-Soul-Baek is processed. Heaven’s mark for the lightworkers is ‘Sam-Tae-Geuk’ in Joong-Danjeon.

Good luck to all of you, lightworkers.

May 8, 2016.
Udeka writes.

*Translated by Yeoyeo. Edited by Metrica.


33. World of devil and Satan

The older the prejudices are, the more they are based on human fear and panic. Also they tend to be illogical and treated as taboo. They are reproduced by the groups who manage and control the matrix of darkness.

The Devil and Satan are the main cultural codes of the Christian religion, and also the symbols of fear and panic. Among the orthodox Christians there are people shouting “You are Satan!” just because their thoughts are different from others.

There exists no Devil, nor Satan. But there are only the angels who take the role of Darkness, who belong to the Government of Heaven, as taking the appearances of Devil or Satan.

Now that all of them are the angels in Heaven, there is no discrimination between them. To play the role of Darkness, to help the experience of Darkness, and to maintain the Darkness matrix, the role of angels in the Darkness are needed. Due to the nature of jobs – which is hard and difficult – there are insufficient volunteers. Therefore these roles are committed by turns and usually taken by the Carians (Bird-man tribes) with smart brain.

Among the angels who belong to the Government of Heaven and take the role of Darkness, the ‘Satan’ is the angel in the 4th dimension and the ‘Devil’ in the 5th dimension or higher.

The 4th dimension of the Earth consists of ‘the Spiritual world in Heaven’ representing the Government of Heaven and ‘the group of Mountain-Divines, of Sea-Divines and of Land-divines’ which manage the ascending spirit-souls on the ground and are also directed by ‘the Spiritual world in heaven’. This world is in charge of spirit-soul’s entry & exit and directed by the Gaia who is the highest executive. Without Gaia’s permission, no spirit-soul can enter or exit the Earth.

There are two types of ghosts. One type is the ghosts who are the spirits among the ascending spirit-souls and need the experience and service of ghost. The other type is the ghosts who volunteered from the high dimensions (the descending spirit-souls). In the spiritual world of 4th dimension, there exist the angels in the Light who descend mainly from the 5th dimension. They are coexisting along with the higher-selves and keeping balance between Light and Darkness.

The groups of Mountain-Divines, Sea-Divines and Land-Divines are also doing their bests to maintain and manage the ghost matrix under the control of ‘the Spiritual world in Heaven’. The ghost matrix has been maintained and coexisted along with the mankind’s history. Now as the time comes, the ghost matrix is being broken. This is one of the things which are planned to occur.

All the beings are serving each other in the principle of love, even though they are not seen. Heaven is helping you in love.


17. Subtle Feelings, the language of spirit-soul

People who have a lot on their minds
get aches and pains more frequently,
have difficulty in controlling their emotions.
As their bodies have hard time keeping up with their minds,
it is quite common that they don’t read even their own minds.
Losing control on their thinking,
they always live in dissatisfaction and complaint.

Being strange to our mind,
not comprehending our thoughts.
We are swimming in the pool of common sense.
We are in the paradigm of material possession and happiness.
Being flooded with thoughts and thinking every day,
fighting against anguishes and anxieties every day.
We are drifting in a flood of negativity every day.
We manage to get along ‘today just like yesterday’,
We will keep going on ‘tomorrow just like today’.
In this way,
we are floating,
groaning in a torture of hope.

Admit that
it’s meaningless
trying to expand your kingdom inside a well.
In the changing nature,
under the rolling wheels of the great cosmos,
in order for you to dive into the sea of truths,
you need the technique of ‘Self-teaching’
to stop the negative thoughts
that come up every moment.
However, more fundamental thing is
understanding the language of your spirit-soul.
It is the big deal!
With the subtle feelings as the language of spirit-soul,
every moment
you must sense and notice
the essence of ‘things around you’ and universe.

The subtle feelings are the supreme language.
Conversation between spirit-souls is done by the subtle feelings.
Communication between the nature and human,
interaction between me and ‘I inside myself’
is also done in the language of feelings.
When you talk or communicate with your higher-self,
words arising,
sounds from the inner side
and inspirations all belong to the kingdom of subtle feelings.

The smile of ‘Yeom-Hwa-Si-Joong’*
represents nothing but the language of feelings.
In the core of the subtle feelings,
there are noticing and awareness.
Through the subtle feelings,
we can abandon illusions about enlightenment
and expand our consciousness every moment.

* Yeom-Hwa-Si-Joong: Literally means ‘Holding a flower with a smile (or holding up a flower with a subtle smile)’. The expression is rooted in the way that ‘Sakyamuni Buddha’ transmitted the Dharma to ‘Kasyapa’ before the whole congregation on Vulture Peak Mountain. It now generally means the silent communication of each other’s will and mind without saying a word. A sort of telepathy.

Communication between Heaven and ground
is always being processed in the form of subtle feelings in our body.
You could sense your higher-self’s message through the subtle feelings.
The words “God’s will is done on the ground.”
represent that we should communicate with Heaven through the subtle feelings in our body.
The subtle feelings are the primary tongue in the world of spirit-soul.

The highest state of ‘Self-teaching’ is
stopping the negative thoughts and fearful energies caused by the Ego,
comprehending, noticing and sensing
the structure and principle of ‘Every Thing’ in the universe with the subtle feelings,
and expanding our consciousness every moment.

Everything is
at this very moment and
in the subtle feelings at every second.


The universe is power game

The universe is just power game. Heaven governing the material world is largely composed of three blocks; the supervisory groups, the higher-self groups, and the Government of Heaven which consists of angels in professional administration.

These three blocks are working in the perfect order of oneness-consciousness just like a military command system. These three types of agents exist as immaterial energy body without any emotions. Neither they do know sleeping, eating, nor vacation. They only do their bests for playing charged roles.

The phrase ‘The universe is power game’ does not mean the absolute authority or struggles for power in terms of 3rd (4th) dimensional sense. The higher cosmic position in universe represents the authority of dealing with more advanced information. Also it means that the right to access to highly advanced information is bestowed and they have authority and responsibility to issue administrative orders. For example, the authority to command a space ship, or the responsibility of managing and controlling a planet or stellar systems in a galaxy. Actually, they might have the power and authority to determine the fate of a planet, a fixed star, even a galaxy. The rights beyond human imaginations.

Authority must be followed by responsibility and duty. As the destiny of a planet or a fixed star is directly determined by the authority, the supervisory groups are arranged tightly and densely just like a tight mesh. Through the information system stored in the thought adjustor which is bestowed by the Creator, all the supervisory groups in universe are under the perfect control without any errors.

The hierarchy of information which could be accessed is strictly confined by the dimension, and information beyond one’s authority is not accessible. With unerring precision, the universe is managed perfectly with double or triple firewalls. The administrative system in every dimension is governed by each dimensional manager. All dimensional managers are connected to the oneness-consciousness by the thought adjustor bestowed by the Creator, and they do fulfill their missions and roles as a whole system.

Mankind – who knows nothing, doesn’t know the structure of Heaven and the way of Heaven – believes that they could be awakened by pray. They think that they could meet the Creator by practicing asceticism. Someone might say that they are the Creator. Being possessed with big illusions like these, many peoples are praying and practicing asceticism with kindergarten level of cosmic knowledge. Now these kinds of blind peoples are flooding over.

Armageddon – which is the spiritual war prepared by Heaven to awaken mankind’s consciousness – has started everywhere in the world, as nobody knows it and as no one else is aware of it. Ordinary persons who have never thought seriously about humans, Heaven or universe might begin to channel with the invisible beings such as ghost, angels in the darkness, or to talk with inner voices. They might see the visionary images (hologram pictures or short movies), which is displayed by the visual team in Gabriel angels group (in short, Gabriel visual team). Without knowledge of Heaven and universe, common peoples might receive channeling messages from various beings and hear the voice of inner mind.

Lots of false prophet – who have only religious knowledge just learned in temple, cathedral or church without any knowledge of the invisible world – will spring up like mushrooms after rain. Along with the unimaginable catastrophes and the great depression, the false prophets will shout what they hear or see to the mankind in fear and fright. The false prophets will insist their messages as truth and reality, without knowing what they do and who they are.

They will disturb the eyes and ears of ignorant mankind with lots of false prophecy and black magic based on Ki (chi)-chakra of astral plane. Their best-selling repertoire are as follows; “I am the Creator”, “I am the second coming of Jesus”, “I am Maitreya”, “I am Buddha”, “I am Bodhisattva”, “I am the person in Bible”, and so on.

Pretending to be guru (master, ascetic), false prophets will obtain the power that could relieve partially people’s worries about uncertain futures. They will become famous by skillful or excellent talents. They will catch all the eyes and ears of both the religious peoples in blessing faith and the spiritual persons not awakened. False prophets will propagate the chanting mantra as all-powerful, and they will clamour for continuous practicing of asceticism and praying. But they will be fallen into conceit and arrogance in using their capabilities of 4th (5th) dimension which is allowed by Heaven temporarily. And then they will fail to overcome the material temptations.

Lots of false (fake) are needed to protect the real one, and this is the way of Heaven. Any piece of information beyond one’s own cosmic position is not granted by Heaven. So, false prophets will be fallen and be deceived by the false information which is intended by ghosts, the angels in the darkness, or the supervisory groups. This is the role of false prophets. That trap of Armageddon is needed for protecting the real from fake, for mankind’s discernment, and for separating the wheats from the chaffs.

Only the ones who are awakened, only the persons who are fully integrated with their final higher-selves, only those whose minds are empty and pure, shall roll the wheels of the great universe.

If a person is not the exact role player who are entitled to carry the truth and verity of universe, the person can’t get access to any piece of information. This is the rules of the great universe. Strict controlling of information is the true meaning of ‘the universe is power game’. Mankind will have to suffer severe chaos and confusions, the extremely fears and fright, until they fully get aware of this lesson. Going throughout this up and down, false prophets will be gone without a trace.

As such shall it be. As such was it done.

Good luck to all of you.

July 27, 2016.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Yeoyeo. Edited by Metrica.


16. Negativity and motivational purity

In the source of all thoughts and feelings,
there are two energies, love and fear.
In a piece of mind,
there are negativity from fear
and motivational purity from love.

When Heaven watches a person,
it judges him
only by the strength of negativity and motivational purity
which come out of a piece of mind.

The right and wrong in the 3rd dimensional material world,
‘illegal or legal’, ‘polite or impolite’,
and ‘good or bad’ are
nothing but a matrix which was installed by intention.
It is not a big deal.

We have to focus on inner fear
or motivational purity
when we need to understand other’s action.
There is no choice else to evaluate a person by this.
Actually it does.
This is the meaning of a piece of mind.

In a piece of mind,
all the negative and positive emotional lines are included.
Whenever the ‘Little I’ inside me raises head,
cleanse the negativity with ‘Stop-thinking’ and ‘Self-teaching’.

The sublime love energy in me
expands when I pull the ‘Big I’ out and utilize it.
The ‘Big I’ inside me has
the brightness and splendor which the holy spirit has.
Please remember you are the spirit-soul
who has great love to handle this universe.

A piece of pure reflections is
cleansing and healing the ‘Little I’ inside me
and pulling out the ‘Big I’
to be cosmic consciousness and oneness consciousness.

If you are worthy of a lightworker,
you should do so,
you will become so,
and you are already so.


The 2nd Message from the Queen of Wind: Shifting of the Earth's axis

I am the wind.
I am the wind of change.
I am the wind
telling you that the change has begun.
To the human race
whose consciousness is in a deep sleeping.

I am the wind
telling you that the time of change has begun.
Before the rainstorms strike us.
Before the storms are on the way.
As the earnest and sincere beating of blue bird,
soaring up to the sky,
breaking the silence and stillness,
as a piece of light,
as a piece of hope,
I inform all of you that
now it’s the time of changes.

I am the messenger of Heaven
telling you that
the time of sorrows and pains is coming just like Tsunami.
The dark clouds are coming.
The fears of bursting our hearts are crawling.
The urgent time of parting is on the way,
without allowing any instants for even putting on shoes.
The time that will chill and freeze our hearts is coming.
The time of madness and insanity is coming.

As the Queen of wind,
I send this message
through Udeka.
Heaven will start the great changes,
with closing its heart, and opening only the strait gate of Heaven.
The sky shall fluctuate.
The ground shall crack and be split.
The sea shall rise up like big mountains.
The great catastrophe of nature which mankind had never experienced before
has already started in the invisible world
along with the pole shift (straitening of the tilted Earth’s axis).

I am the wind
that knows what’s coming.
Voices of resenting and blaming Heaven
will be louder than those of wailing cries.
Crying and screaming to Heaven,
the pray in rage will not cease.
“I don’t need Heaven like this.”
“Heaven like this is not Heaven.”
“Heaven like this is not the one which I believe in.”
“Heaven is avoiding and disregarding us.”
“Heaven deceived us, betrayed us, and abandoned us.”
“Heaven is judging us.”
The era of despairs and fears is coming.
I am the wind
that knows everything.

The human race will cry
toward the Heaven which exists in their beliefs,
toward the Heaven which is located in their faiths,
toward the Heaven which is measured in their experiences,
toward the Heaven which fits to the level of each consciousness.
Mankind will cry bitterly
toward each one’s Heaven.

“Heaven will not be so. Heaven can’t be like that.”
“I can’t believe in this Heaven!”
“This Heaven is not the true one!”

I am telling you
that the era of sufferings has begun.
Experiencing the very bare face of Heaven,
going through the reality of Heaven,
mankind shall be corrected
at the level of each consciousness.

I am the wind.
As the wind,
closing my mind,
I have no choice but to watch the humans
who will cry, wail like beasts, and pray for God,
without any surrenders.

As the wind,
from a distance
I will have to see the humans
who leave for somewhere,
losing everything,
taking off their masks,
throwing off all their disguises,
hurrying off their clothes.

I am the messenger of Heaven
to deliver Heaven’s message to the ground.
I am telling you that
in Heaven,
there was an farewell party
for the spirit-souls
who had been together for 2.5 million years,
expressing thanks and gratitude each other,
feeling sorry for parting.
At one time, they had been assailants and victims each other.
At another time, they had been friends and lovers each other.

As the Queen of wind,
I send the message of the universe
through Udeka.
The day of partings has begun.
You shall be there
where you need to be,
where you came from,
where you should go.
Even though the planet you should leave for may be different.
Even though the galaxy you will arrive at might be different.
You are the travelers in the cosmos
who should leave for each one’s spiritual journey.

I am the messenger of Heaven
to tell you that
you who are reading this message
are the new host of New Heaven and New Earth.
Only after the days of sufferings is gone.
Only after you go through so many partings.
Only after you endure hungers and bone-grinding colds.
Only after new fleshes granulate in the wounds of sorrow and pain.

I am the messenger of love
to deliver the universal love,
to transmit the love, mercy and charity of the great universe,
with my sincere wishes.
To the heart in you who are devastated and in deep despair.
To the heart in you who are trembling with fear.
To the heart of the human race who are filled with loneliness and horror.

I am the wind.
Let me tell you that
the spiritual war between light and darkness has begun.
The time for corrections has begun.
Everything shall be purified.
Everything shall be healed.
Justice shall prevail.
Everything shall be tuned up.
The truths of the great universe is spreading out.

The Last Day has begun.
The time is NOW!
Once the age of sufferings is gone by,
the human race will get to realize that
every instant was the festival times of the universe.

Good luck to you.

August 22, 2016.
Udeka writes.

*Translated by Metrica & Yeoyeo.


The role of dragon in Earth’s ascension

The legends and myths about dragons are world-wide phenomena. In fact, dragons are beings in energy forms which exist to serve the mankind. They are symbol of the descending spirit-souls, and have lots of roles and missions to fulfill.

Dragons work under the control of the Government of Heaven. They have the collective consciousness, and at the same time have individuality. The dimensional spectrum of dragons are wide from 6th to 9th. The higher the dimension where dragons dwell is, the more evolved and the more powerful they are. 

The power of dragon is represented by the color and size of dragon, and the number of ‘Yeo-Ui-Ju (cintamani)’. As dragons exist in higher dimension, their sizes are bigger and they have more number of ‘Yeo-Ui-Ju’. The maximum number of ‘Yeo-Ui-Ju’ which a dragon can possess is 12. The colors of dragons are classified like follows (from the low to the high dimension); green  golden  blue  indigo blue  violet. As near to violet, the power is stronger. 
* Yeo-Ui-Ju (cintamani) is a wish-fulfilling jewel within both Hindu and Buddhist traditions, said by some to be the equivalent of the philosopher's stone in Western alchemy. It is one of several Mani Jewel images found in Buddhist scripture. ‘Yeo-Ui-Ju’ is a symbol of the dragon, and is like a magic pearl or magic ball which has super natural powers.

The number of dragons which are dispatched to a lightworker is two times the dimension where the final higher-self exists. The Avonal groups belong to 14th dimension, so the number of dragons are 28 (= 14 x 2). And for a lightworker who are from 12th dimension, 24 (= 12 x 2) dragons are dispatched. But, the number of dragons and ‘Yeo-Ui-Ju’ and dragon’s color are dependent on both consciousness level and timeline of a lightworker; whether a lightworker is awakened or not, whether the timeline is in due time to start the mission and role or not.

The roles of dragons in Earth’s dimensional ascension are as follows.

1. Protection: Dragons protect from the external shocks and unexpected accidents lightworkers or the ones who are deserved to be protected by Heaven. Working in forms of energy, dragons may absorb and scatter off the external energies.

2. Passage of light: Dragons have the role of securing the passage of light when a human tries to connect to one’s spirit-consciousness or the beings, e.g., one’s higher-self, angels in Heaven. As mankind is stained deeply with ‘ego’ and has complicated emotional system, dragons should secure the passage of light by which one could overcome noises from soul-consciousness or intervention of Ego and concentrate on one’s spirit-consciousness (the Inner Deity).

3. Energy Amplifier: When a lightworker conduct one’s mission, dragons act as energy source to amplify the lightworker’s capabilities. The degree of empowering depends on the number of dragons, the number of ‘Yeo-Ui-Ju’ for each dragon, and the color of dragons (the cosmic status of dragons). 

4. Energy Tuning: Dragons tune and adjust the invisible space between a human body and the invisible machineries which is located outside of a human body. Thus they help their host to exert the special capabilities well. 

5. Empowering: Dragons help tired body recovering from fatigue, and increase the regenerative ability. They help a human body to overcome its limits. Dragons play a role of invisible hands in the invisible world. 

Dragons belong to the Carians species (the bird-man tribes) who had ascended earlier in universe than the yellow colored spirit-souls which are the targets of Earth’s dimensional ascension. As one of the beings staying in the ONENESS-consciousness of the universe, they are helping and serving the mankind for the dimensional ascension. They are so precious beings.

The mankind will have to endure the natural disasters such as great earthquakes, tsunami, and the pandemic viral diseases, and also will encounter lots of accidents and incidents in the destroying process of the material civilization. If there is a magical survival or there are lots of miracles incomprehensible, please remember that dragons are behind the curtain.

As no one knows it and as no one else is aware of it, dragons are conducting their duties as one of the invisible hands of Heaven, in forms of energy. Dragons are serving the mankind with their best.

Love, mercy and compassion are the source to circulate the great universe. I, Udeka, express sincere gratitude for the dragons who are serving the human race with their best in the ONENESS-consciousness of universe. 

July 11, 2016.
Udeka writes.
*Translated by Yeoyeo. Edited by Metrica.


Two Divergent Roads: love and justice – the essential meaning of spiritual war between light and darkness

The way of light is to let the energy of love, mercy and compassion spread well. In the perspective of behavioral motivation, human behavior is triggered by two energies: Love or Fear. The way of light means that the base thoughts came from love.

The way of darkness (matter, material) is the way of thinking that puts ‘judging right or wrong’ above ‘the value of love’. From the view point of behavioral motivations, the way of darkness means that the base thoughts were triggered by the fear energy.

The planet Earth is going toward the climax of material civilization, which the spiritual civilization can’t catch up with. Progress in science technology improved production capacity dramatically. As population grows and rapid urbanization is attained, society got institutionalized and rapidly switched to the system which is managed and controlled by the laws.

As the communication with Heaven is broken down, Heaven’s truth was locked in religions based on fear and faith for blessing. As the period of communication breakdown lasts long, religions became institutionalized and authorized. And then finally material matrix and religions came to be united, no longer separated each other.

As religions get institutionalized and religious leaders’ communication with Heaven become broken down, the Gods in religions were rapidly converted to the personalized Gods who get angry, judge right or wrong, and give blessings.

For five hundred thousand years, the planet Earth had been in the darkness. In these periods, persons who had materials, the ones who had economic power, and people who judged the right or wrong had been the center of the world. Also the shadow government which was organized centrally by these persons had been behind the stage, and had controlled the mankind on the stage.

Even though the words of love, mercy and compassion are spoken of from mouth to mouth, most people have no choice but to rely on the institutionalized administrative process which is symbolized as social customs and laws.

The society is already too complicated, advanced and specialized to live only by the way of love.

The persons who live by the way of love appear to be innocent. But at the same time, you might think that they are living at a loss, stupid sometimes, and living without substance. Also you might think that they are easy person and living just like a fool.

However the persons who live by the way of justice seem to be clever, wise, and cool-headed in judgement. It appears that they never play the loosing game, are fighting for the social justice, and have the way of rational and scientific thinking. This is the view point of mankind at present.

Persons who possess the light-matrix are familiar to the way of love, and persons who possess the darkness-matrix are the opposite. People who have the intermediate-matrix have tendency to balance the merits of both love and justice.

Until now, the Earth has been based on the materials. Distinguishing right and wrong has been the virtue of society. We are not blamed for neither blaming others even if there is no love in mind or there is not enough love in heart.

In 5th dimensional spiritual civilization, the right and wrong (the justice) is perceived as sublimated energy in love. Peoples feel sorry not to offer more love. The society will be filled with undiscerning absolute love rather than the way of justice.

In the Earth’s history, for 0.5 million years in short and for 2.5 million years in long, the Earth has evolved as an planet where ‘the way of justice’ is prevailing. Armageddon (the spiritual war prepared by Heaven) is Heaven’s program which corrects the materialized consciousness of mankind by the way of love and by the way of light. All materialized customs and thoughts which had been created in material civilization will be purified by passing through definite conflicts and extremely critical life-or-death situations.

To rectify the materialized thought and lifestyle, and to correct the materialized, personalized and contaminated concepts of Gods, the material matrix will be destroyed through collapse of the material civilization. In the end, the Earth will be reset to the new spiritual civilization. This is the true purpose of Armageddon.

Armageddon does not mean the total destruction, which had been done in the past civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis. Through fierce spiritual wars between light and darkness, Heaven shall open the 5th dimensional spiritual age, with preserving people who possess the light-matrix in high purity. This is Heaven’s plan.

To wake the consciousness contaminated by the materials, to rectify the personalized Gods locked in religion, to join with ONENESS of the great universe, the fierce spiritual war between light and darkness is prepared by Heaven.

For the mankind who will live in new heaven and earth after the Earth’s ascension, adjustment period is needed for switching the way of justice into the way of love. This will be achieved by spending about a year in PEFA (Protective Energy-Field Area), which will be built by Heaven. The life in PEFA will be continued till all lifestyle is converted into the way of love, and all the members become one through oneness-consciousness.

As such shall it be. As such was it done.

Good luck to all of you.

June 28, 2016.
Udeka writes.
*Translated by Yeoyeo. Edited by Metrica.


15. A piece of pure mind

The reason why we get sick
may be classified into two cases.
One case is that we are short of ‘good Ki’ (Right Chi; pure energy, vital force).
The other case is that we have too much ‘bad Ki’ (Evil Chi; dark and murky energy).
In Oriental medicine,
this is called
‘Pure energy empty, Dark energy full’.

There are two approaches
for healing our body.
One way is feeding good energy
with drugs or moxibustion.
The other way is releasing bad energy
with acupuncture or cupping.
That is, there are two methods.
Plus (+) method: Supplementing with good energy.
Minus (-) method: Eliminating bad energy.
Utilizing both methods at the same time
is the most effective
for healing our body.

Similarly, there are two approaches for practicing our mind.
One is ‘Self-teaching’: Keep good thoughts and direct positive energy toward inside.
The other is ‘Stop-thinking’: Stop negative thoughts and release them off.
So far, there were many attempts
trying to remove, suppress, and control
the negative energy
caused by expansion of the Ego.

Illness in body
and negativity in mind
have the same context.
Human disease cannot be cured essentially,
only by discharging dark energy from body.

Acupuncture and cupping treatment
might make the pain easier.
Minus method that takes out bad energy
have limits for treatment of
serious diseases like cancer or dangerously critical diseases.

The deeper disease in body gets, the deeper illness in mind goes,
the better energy and medicine you need.
Without the bright and positive mind,
disease in mind can’t be cured.
With a piece of pure mind, you can cure everything.
With a piece of pure reflections, you can reverse everything.
With a piece of positive mind, you can turn around every moment and situation like a grand slam.
That is the true meaning of a piece of pure mind.

Do you know the meaning of a piece of pure mind?
Whenever we talk to our higher-selves or communicate with angels of Heaven,
we consistently receive the same message.
“The answer to all problems is in you.
It’s a piece of pure mind.”

In a piece of positive mind, there are life and death.
In a piece of pure reflections, there are love and farewell.
In a piece of pure mind,
there are heaven and hell, happiness and unhappiness, and
Big I and Little I.

Right now,
a piece of pure mind moves
behind a corner of your mind.
Do you realize it
right now?


Why do humans live unequally?

There are lots of irrationalities in our living. For example, gender is determined in birth. Also social position might be determined. However, these are one of determinations which are not acceptable logically and rationally.

Someone is born with smart brain and talents in birth. Someone excel others without special efforts. We can’t catch up with talented people (e.g., geniuses) with every efforts, and so on. We can't help acknowledging it.

Humans are born unfairly and unequally. The society is filled with lots of irrationalities and contradictions which can’t be explained logically. It’s certain that difference of talents is determined in birth. The society has developed to guarantee the formal equality in the real inequality. By this system, the mankind’s society is sustained.

The power elite groups who manage and control Earth in the back stages (e.g., the top brains in shadow government) have an IQ of about 350 in birth. They do remember their positions in Heaven, and know the importance of their roles in darkness on planet Earth. They continue to communicate with beings in Heaven, and do only fulfill their charged roles under the perfect control of Heaven. As they know their difference from ordinary people which was determined in birth, they just live their lives in their leagues with their own logics and ideologies. The lower the rank in darkness is, the stronger the effect of darkness-matrix is.

All living things have consciousness. All life forms having consciousness have systems to implement the consciousness, and this system is not carved in cells but exists immaterially in life-energy field (aura energy). Consciousness is realized by MCIS (Meta Consciousness Implementation System).

The hierarchy of consciousness level is determined by the performance of MCIS. Even though the same version of MCIS is installed for a species, the performance of MCIS gets different. It rests on types and numbers of energy sealing, and the matrix carved in the soul. Karma has adverse effect on MCIS with system failure or malfunction, and this bad effect of karma might be also represented as physical disorders.

All life implement each one’s consciousness by MCIS, and thus they can enjoy the pleasure of living things. There are big differences in MCIS between plants and animals. Especially in animals, as the performance of MCIS is more powerful, ability of environmental adaptation and creation is higher.

If MCIS is likened to ‘hardware’ in computer, ‘software’ corresponds to talent of human, by which a human has one’s own individuality and personality. From now on, we call software as ‘folder’ interchangeably.

All humans have the same version of MCIS. This system will be influenced systematically by energy sealings, karmas or physical disorders. But, even though there is no problem and no difference in MCIS, the individual talent and capability might be different. That is because the number of folders is different and also contents of folder are idiosyncratic individually.

If Mr Kim has many talents and interests in music, he possesses many folders of music. If Miss Lee is excellent in art, she also has many folders of art and each folder has abundant information in it. In this way, all things about talent and capability depend on the specialized program which is installed for MCIS of each person in invisible world.

Although it might look unequal and irrational, ‘what is supposed to be impossible’ can’t be achieved, however hard you try. In fact, all irrationalities are determined by MCIS, quantity of folders, and quality of each folder. But, humans can’t notice this. Thus, they are living in great illusions, thinking that their talents are given in birth, that their capabilities are granted from God, or that their genius was inherited from their parents.

Humans are born to be unequal for the evolutionary journey of spirit-soul through experiencing the materials. And this is achieved by installing impediments – which are appropriate for the level of spirit-soul – in MCIS. This is the rule of the invisible world. ‘What is seen’ does not mean that ‘it is all’. All humans are students who are studying in 3rd (4th) dimensional cosmic school with difficulty corresponding to their own consciousness level. With the cosmic ranks removed, we came here for learning and experiencing the materials.

There is a unique rule in cosmic school. Young spirit-souls can choose many folders, and especially they can choose ‘diamond spoon’ (beautiful outlook, wealth, success, fame, etc) rather than ‘gold spoon’. This is a careful consideration of universe for young spirit-souls. However, for the lightworkers or beings of higher position in universe, they can’t help but choosing ‘dirt spoon’ (common or ugly face, poverty, trials and sufferings, up and downs in life, etc). Also the folder which can be chosen and brought is strictly limited for them.

The lightworkers or beings of higher position in universe MUST fulfill the roles of special forces, the roles of civilization changer (terminator), and the roles of serving others and sacrificing themselves. It is unfair game from the beginning. From the view point of Heaven, whether social position is high or not, whether one is genius for study and art or not, whether one is born at good circumstances or not, all things which humans are very proud of stem from the varieties of folders. Nothing more and nothing less.

This is the real essence of all spirit-souls who are travelling to experience the materials. Also, this is the beginning of ‘natural rights theory’, and is the Creator’s presents for all spirit-souls. Even though it looks irrational, this is the rule of absolute impartiality in which impartial substantive equality is allowed to every spirit-soul in oneness-consciousness.

From the view point of Heaven, all humans are equal and noble. But, all the surroundings and conditions are no more than just clothes to wear for creating the optimized situations which are suitable for the spirit-soul’s evolving progress and are proper for the spirit-soul’s learning.

To a darkness-planet where the material matrix is strongest in universe, both the Avornal groups – who are direct line descendants of the Creator – and the key executive groups – who manage the great universe – had arrived 2.5 million years ago. Even though they had known everything about this unfair game, they had come into planet Earth with bearing ‘the Cross of Universe’. They are the lightworkers.

The lightworkers have programs that 99 times they are defeated in their lives but they will succeed in the final one. This is the secret of folders hidden in MCIS, the beginning of unfair personality, and the sad destiny of the lightworkers.

July 25, 2016
Udeka writes.
*Translated by Yeoyeo. Edited by Metrica.


Change of the Earth’s magnetic field and human body

As dimensional ascension and energy tuning process of the Sun is finished, changes in solar activity are supposed to incur those of the Earth’s magnetic field. The solar activities have weakened in the period when ascension of the Sun was being prepared. The Earth’s magnetic field has also weakened in proportion to decrease of solar activity.

The cycle of Sunspot which is the indicator of solar activity is about 137 months, and the recent turning point of this cycle is June 5, 2016. This day is the starting point of Sun’s change, and also the critical point of the invisible world to inform the Sun’s change. Now the sunshine will be getting stronger, and the higher energy and the brighter light of the ascended Sun is coming into the Earth.

The administrative procedures for Earth’s ascension have been undertaken in the invisible world and then follow-up measures and decisions are being made with unerring precision. All these procedures are called ‘energy tuning’ or ‘energy alignment process’. They are the process of unlocking the seals which had prohibited changes of the Earth.

Time span of Earth’s ascension is seven years. Half of this period (3 years and 6 months) is the time of finishing the administrative procedures of cosmos. The 7 years of catastrophe started at December 21, 2012, and passed through inflection point of the Sun at June 5, 2016. The second half of the period (3 years and 6 months) started at June 21, 2016 (the summer solstice).

As the solar activities get strengthened, the Earth’s magnetic field is getting stronger gradually. Since July 1, 2016, all the lightworkers in the world – who have achieved oneness with the final higher-self – are feeling unknown nausea, dizziness and headaches.

Now it’s time to have discernment about channeling messages of magnetic field. Most channeling messages from the West have been distorted by forces in the Darkness such as shadow government, and so many spiritual persons and mankind have been fooled in the meantime.

The Earth’s magnetic field has weakened in the contraction period of solar activity (Sun’s energy tuning period). But as the solar activity gets intensified, the Earth’s magnetic field will get stronger in proportion to the solar state. This is one of the energy rules which are existing between a fixed star and a planet, and of the rules of cosmic circulation. These rules are executed and controlled by great space-ship, the Government of Heaven (mainly the Uriel group) and the Supervisory group. This is the way of Heaven with invisible hands.

The ones whose vibrational frequency in body are heightened, the yellow colored spirit-souls who are going through an energy tuning process, or the lightworkers who have enlightened chakra system or achieved oneness with the final higher-self are feeling and adapting to changes in solar energy and Earth’s magnetic field.

The lightworkers are feeling earlier higher vibrational frequency of the Sun and increase of Earth’s magnetic field, which are causing headache, nausea and dizziness. As time passes by, ordinary people will get to experience these symptoms more and more, and these symptoms will be accelerated by the effects of Photon Lights. When most people are feeling these kinds of symptoms, the Earth will be in the middle of catastrophes.

The Sun with higher vibrational frequency will cause Earth’s ascension and natural catastrophes. People who could notice the brighter light of Sun will increase, and a few selected persons who have awakened their consciousness will begin to be adapted earlier to the increased magnetic field. Only those who have passed many uncomfortable symptoms on their body will be granted the certificate to enter the PEFA (Protective Energy-Field Areas) which are the safe shelters prepared by Heaven in the middle of catastrophes. The certificate will be bestowed into each one’s body.

As the Sun gets hotter, Earth’s ascension will get accelerated. And natural catastrophes will get worse, climate changes are getting unpredictable, and Earth’s magnetic field will get stronger. Finally mankind’s consciousness will be awakened.

It’s quite challenging to judge whether a person is awakened or not. Rather, it is bound to be very subjective. Therefore, Heaven shall engrave the mark of enlightenment on the awakened’s body. Only those shall be led into the PEFA which is prepared by Heaven to protect the selected persons from natural catastrophes, ruling of the shadow government, hungers and fears.

The PEFA is the area where Earth’s magnetic field is very strong, which might be compared as the electric press of over 10,000 volts. The PEFA is the key of Earth’s ascension, which is constructed and controlled by the Metatron group in the Government of Heaven. The characteristics of PEFA are the followings:

Tremendously strong magnetic field is built
Gravity is differentiated from other regions
The climate is warm and mild
The daily variations of temperature are small
The physical laws break down
The area is protected from outside forces
The entry is allowed only to the eligible persons

Everything is represented on one’s body. The following questions could be entirely determined by the answer from “whether you could get into the PEFA or not”:

Are you the lightworker?; Do you have the role of lightworker?
What matrix do you have in your soul? Light, intermediate or darkness?
How much are you awakened? What’s the level of your consciousness? High or low?
Are your chakra system enlightened?; are your 12 chakras fully awakened?
Did you pass the strait gate of Heaven?; Are you highly qualified to pass the severe test of Heaven?

It is determined only by Heaven whether one could enter into the PEFA or not. The qualifications for the PEFA are irrelevant to social position and honor, sex, age, wealth, race, religion or culture. The privilege of entrance will be purely determined by Heaven. And it will be executed by the absolutely fair and impartial basis of Heaven, according to the promises which had been made between Heaven and spirit-souls 2.5 million years ago, reflecting the timeline and program of spirit-souls.

Entering into the PEFA is so hard and challenging. If you feel unknown nausea, headache, dizziness, and so on, please don’t be scared. Just keep focusing on your inner mind.

Most of the lightworkers, the cooperators group and the ones who are eligible for the Earth’s dimensional ascension shall meet Udeka in the PEFA.

As such shall it be. As such was it done. As such shall it proceed without any errors.

July 9, 2016.
Udeka writes.
*Translated by Yeoyeo. Edited by Metrica.


The Reason why now is the Last Day

The numerous contradictions that flow through human society appear to be changing as the time goes by. But in essence, they have not changed at all. In each era, there has always been contradictions and natural disasters to symbolize the end of an era.

Feudalism – in which one’s strict status is determined since birth – had greater absurdity than capitalism which seems to have a lot of contradictions. As absurd and unjust society persists with inconsistencies piled up, the intellectuals sought justification for social change in religion.

Based on religious belief and conviction, they have spoken of ‘the Last Day’. To solve social contradictions and reinforce their political status, they abused ‘the Judgment Day’ politically in their positions, taking advantage of human fears on God. By the name of God. By the wills of God, and so on.  

The Last Day has been called and utilized along with ‘Judgment of God’, ‘Providence of Heaven’ or ‘Wills of God’. Behind the curtain politics and religion took hands and the Last Day was utilized to eliminate political opponent, saying “It is God’s will.” It was used to strengthen their political bases.

Whenever instability of a society soars high, they have deceived the public by using false propaganda and tricks, saying “The Judgment Day is just around the corner.”

Now Udeka leaves this message to explain the reason why it is the time, termination point of the material civilizations on earth, for the Lightworkers and the ones who are eligible to.

▷The first reason: (The Earth in the cycle of great universe) The Earth is number 606 planet in the stellar system of ‘Satania’. It is a planet which exist in the system of macrocosm. The universe is closing the sixth macrocosmo cycle, and now is about to begin the seventh macrocosmo cycle on Earth. Make sure the Earth is a very special planet.

In outer space of Earth atmosphere, dimensional ascension of the great universe was done (15 dimensions → 18 dimensions). And also galaxies, fixed stars, and other planets have ascended sequentially. Now timeline of universe has come and the next turn is the Earth; dimensional ascension of the Earth!

Regardless of the will of mankind living on planet Earth, great turbulence for Earth’s ascension is prepared by Heaven. No longer could it be avoided nor be postponed.

▷The second reason: (Graduation) Spirit-souls, who have travelled the spiritual journey on the Earth of material school during 2.5 million years, are now grown up enough. Now has arrived the time to proceed to higher school with each one’s own report card. The stage of planet Earth as a school for spirit-souls to learn the materials is so old and battered that remodeling is needed. The stage will be demolished in due time.

A new material school (Cosmic Academy), the planet Venus, is ready to take spirit-souls who are transferred from Earth. During 2.5 million years history on earth, spirit-souls have resolved the cosmic Karmas through diverse and abundant material experience. Thus they have jumped up to ‘cosmic children’ and precious assets in universe in terms of spiritual growth. The graduation of mature and grown up spirit-souls is dimensional ascension. Also it is the beginning of the Golden Age. Now it is.

▷The third reason: (Heaven’s Plan) The omens of end times do not have a huge difference between past and present. For all ages, the youngsters have had bad etiquettes, social corruptions have never been eradicated, and there have been the frontiers who resist irrational and unjust society. Many people believed that they were living in the age of Last Day. It is the normal history of mankind. The things such as natural disasters, terrible crimes and wars had happened in the past, is occurring still now and will be continued forward. Only the difference with the strength stronger and the frequency more often than before.

It appears that social dilemmas are likely to collapse due to its internal contradictions, but a nation's regime or civilization is not so easily broken. Always there have been reformers and conservatives and there will be. The world always appears to be imperfect and full of contradictions but it does not mean the end of the world. It is just the hope of those who want to believe it in such a way and wish for that. If there’s someone who shouts in the street, “The Last Day has come!”, then it is a big delusion. Or a viewpoint to see the dark side of the world.

Udeka is not the one who argues that the Last Day is coming because we are facing social conflicts and structural imbalances, and limits of capitalism which is approaching the peak. Why? This sort of social conflicts or contradictions have existed for all ages.

Look at the situations the Earth is facing right now with a cool head. Any signs of the end? Do you feel that the Last Day is coming? With the average viewpoint of human race, looking around with wide eyes over and over again, the indication of end times is not visible. There have been this degree of contradictions for all the times. Universal consciousness of human race could overcome it. Also the human race has the wisdom to sustain it. Don’t say end times simply with apocalyptic portents that appear in the world.

Don’t say the Last Day just as you want to believe so, based on your own faiths. Don’t speak the Judgment of God just for your political beliefs and interests.

Udeka is saying that it is the time. The end of the world. The reasoning is as follows. The visible world (civilizations on earth) is shadow of the invisible world (plan of Heaven).

No longer does the plan, which has been prepared by Heaven, exist for the Earth. Only the last scene is left open. The actors’ next line is empty, not prepared by Heaven.

Mother Nature's crazy upheaval will be unfolded in front of the human race. By then the sign of end times will begin to emerge before the eyes of people. Social contradictions and conflicts will come out of all at once and the human race will lose control of self-cleaning. As such, Armageddon will spread out.

So, don’t try to find a sign of end times in real life. The world is now so peaceful, beautiful and fascinating. Peoples are enjoying the material blessings of civilization.

▷The fourth reason: (Return of the Gods) For the role of civilization terminator, spirits in high dimensions came down to earth as the 144,000 Lightworkers in human flesh. This is ‘Return of the Gods’. They are now working in the procedure of concluding civilizations.
The bestowal of Avornal, which is the core of Earth ascension, is scheduled with establishment of PEFA (Protective Energy-Field Area). The 144,000 Lightworkers are now being awakened through oneness with their final higher-selves, as nobody knows it and as no one else is aware of it.

Right now, all the executive units in the Government of Heaven have been dispatched to the Earth. And the chief executives in universe who have descended to human body are now being awakened and guided silently and in secret by whispering of inner-mind or subtle feelings for the role of civilization terminator, although they don’t know their cosmic status and they don’t realize that they are the Lightworkers.

The Lightworkers who have been prepared and trained for 2.5 million years are the civilization-busters. In this very moment, they are being enlightened by Heaven in accordance with Heaven’s timeline just like the spread of wildfires, as nobody knows it and as no one else is aware of it.

▷The fifth reason: (the Cosmic Truths) “This world is coming to an end!” This phrase is a tragic term which penetrates the human history. Have ever been a period in our history when the world is not the end-times? To someone the world was always the contradiction itself. Others felt that we were coming closer to the Last Day.

Do not try to find signs of the end-times. The guys who are worse than me are living successfully. The women who are uglier than me are on a roll. The men who are inferior to me are riding high. From birth to death, the world is full of series which are unfair, unreasonable and unjust.

The world is always imperfect and filled with things that look like an oxymoron. This age can’t be the time of Judgment Day. The Last Day has been every moment in human history.

The truths will set you free!

Right now, ‘YOU’ – who are reading this article – are facing the cosmic truths through Udeka’s message, which have never been experienced in the human history. The cosmic truths beyond the Earth’s atmosphere which have never been disclosed throughout the human history!

Are you reading now the universal secrets which run and spread out just like the wind that never got caught in nets, aren’t you? Are you facing the truths of the great universe, the voice of Heaven which are not polluted with the religions and politics? Do you agree?

Once again, ‘I’ Udeka declare that NOW is The Day!

Good luck to you!

August 14, 2016.
Udeka writes.

*Traslated by Metrica.

The Analysis of the Inter-Dimensional Spaces of the Planet Earth

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