Two Divergent Roads: love and justice

Two Divergent Roads: love and justice

The way of light is to let the energy of love, mercy and compassion spread well. In the perspective of behavioral motivation, human behavior is triggered by two energies: Love or Fear. The way of light means that the base thoughts came from love.

The way of darkness (matter, material) is the way of thinking that puts ‘judging right or wrong’ above ‘the value of love’. From the view point of behavioral motivations, the way of darkness means that the base thoughts were triggered by the fear energy.

The planet Earth is going toward the climax of material civilization, which the spiritual civilization can’t catch up with. Progress in science technology improved production capacity dramatically. As population grows and rapid urbanization is attained, society got institutionalized and rapidly switched to the system which is managed and controlled by the laws.

As the communication with Heaven is broken down, Heaven’s truth was locked in religions based on fear and faith for blessing. As the period of communication breakdown lasts long, religions became institutionalized and authorized. And then finally material matrix and religions came to be united, no longer separated each other.

As religions get institutionalized and religious leaders’ communication with Heaven become broken down, the Gods in religions were rapidly converted to the personalized Gods who get angry, judge right or wrong, and give blessings.

For five hundred thousand years, the planet Earth had been in the darkness. In these periods, persons who had materials, the ones who had economic power, and people who judged the right or wrong had been the center of the world. Also the shadow government which was organized centrally by these persons had been behind the stage, and had controlled the mankind on the stage.

Even though the words of love, mercy and compassion are spoken of from mouth to mouth, most people have no choice but to rely on the institutionalized administrative process which is symbolized as social customs and laws.

The society is already too complicated, advanced and specialized to live only by the way of love.

The persons who live by the way of love appear to be innocent. But at the same time, you might think that they are living at a loss, stupid sometimes, and living without substance. Also you might think that they are easy person and living just like a fool.

However the persons who live by the way of justice seem to be clever, wise, and cool-headed in judgement. It appears that they never play the loosing game, are fighting for the social justice, and have the way of rational and scientific thinking. This is the view point of mankind at present.

Persons who possess the light-matrix are familiar to the way of love, and persons who possess the darkness-matrix are the opposite. People who have the intermediate-matrix have tendency to balance the merits of both love and justice.

Until now, the Earth has been based on the materials. Distinguishing right and wrong has been the virtue of society. We are not blamed for neither blaming others even if there is no love in mind or there is not enough love in heart.

In 5th dimensional spiritual civilization, the right and wrong (the justice) is perceived as sublimated energy in love. Peoples feel sorry not to offer more love. The society will be filled with undiscerning absolute love rather than the way of justice.

In the Earth’s history, for 0.5 million years in short and for 2.5 million years in long, the Earth has evolved as an planet where ‘the way of justice’ is prevailing. Armageddon (the spiritual war prepared by Heaven) is Heaven’s program which corrects the materialized consciousness of mankind by the way of love and by the way of light. All materialized customs and thoughts which had been created in material civilization will be purified by passing through definite conflicts and extremely critical life-or-death situations.

To rectify the materialized thought and lifestyle, and to correct the materialized, personalized and contaminated concepts of Gods, the material matrix will be destroyed through collapse of the material civilization. In the end, the Earth will be reset to the new spiritual civilization. This is the true purpose of Armageddon.

Armageddon does not mean the total destruction, which had been done in the past civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis. Through fierce spiritual wars between light and darkness, Heaven shall open the 5th dimensional spiritual age, with preserving people who possess the light-matrix in high purity. This is Heaven’s plan.

To wake the consciousness contaminated by the materials, to rectify the personalized Gods locked in religion, to join with ONENESS of the great universe, the fierce spiritual war between light and darkness is prepared by Heaven.

For the mankind who will live in new heaven and earth after the Earth’s ascension, adjustment period is needed for switching the way of justice into the way of love. This will be achieved by spending about a year in PEFA (Protective Energy-Field Area), which will be built by Heaven. The life in PEFA will be continued till all lifestyle is converted into the way of love, and all the members become one through oneness-consciousness.

As such shall it be. As such was it done. 

Good luck to all of you.

deka writes.

Edited by Metrica.


The relationship between the material and spiritual civilization

The relationship between the material and spiritual civilization

Spiritual civilization is able to grow on the basis of material civilization. Both material and spiritual civilization are mutually complementary, and are closely linked to each other.

Lots of experiments have been tried on earth. Both the Maya and Inca had constructed highly advanced spiritual civilizations, but they did not last for long time. That is because they have failed in constructing the material civilizations which could support the highly advanced spiritual civilization.

When spiritual civilization is on the base of material civilization, the spiritual civilization could be maintained stably. For example, even though the spiritual civilization in the book ‘Mutant message down under’ is highly advanced, but this spiritual civilization can’t last for long. That is because under the circumstance like deserts, the survival of a human is so tough and hence the material civilization can’t prosper enough to back up the spiritual civilization.

It is a basic rule in the universe that the material civilization makes progress one step ahead the spiritual civilization. The spiritual civilization can flourish on the basis of material productivity and foundation. The spiritual civilization could be a bumper to prevent material civilization from collapsing by its own contradictions.

It is the most ideal that material civilization goes one level ahead spiritual civilization. When a human being is born into this material world, the spirit has to wear coat of soul in order to experience the materials. And every spirit must choose one of the three matrices: the light-matrix (pursuit of spiritual value), the darkness-matrix (oriented for growth of material civilization, development of science technology, growth of productive capacity), the intermediate-matrix (balance in material and spiritual value). With wearing one of the three matrices on their souls, human beings are striving for learning the material world, helping each other just to find the harmony and balance of energy.

The ones with light-matrix try to keep and elevate the spiritual value through the roles of light. The ones with darkness-matrix have the role to construct the material base for blooming of the spiritual civilization, through advance in science technology and productive capacity.

The earth’s history has been the search for harmony and balance between the material and spiritual civilization. It is the process of mankind’s struggles to realize the ideology and value of the age, wearing the clothes of matrix at every samsara, which is customized for each one’s spiritual evolution. The history on earth is the outcome co-created by all the participants to learn and experience the material world, exchanging mutual roles each other and altering the matrix at every reincarnation.

The level of artificial intelligence AlphaGo is 5th dimension 1st level from the point of cosmic view. The growth speed of material civilizations on earth is getting accelerated. The material civilizations on earth are reaching to the degree of opening the 5th dimensional science technology. But yet the spiritual civilization is being locked in the old paradigms.

The revolution and drastic change for opening new ages breaks out when human’s customs and ideologies can no longer meet the ever-changing social environment and the growth speed of material civilization. This is a general principle. The revolution of information technology is changing our lives day by day. But the spiritual civilization is being locked in the matrix of religion. The gap between the spiritual and material civilization is getting bigger.

If the material civilization continue to run away just like an automobile without break pedal, the future of Earth will follow the past Atlantis and Lemuria. The Earth will be destroyed by human’s desires tinged with material greed, by contradictions of itself, or by nuclear wars. Or it might be immerged into ocean overnight by Heaven.

The material civilization cannot be sustained without help of the spiritual civilization, and vice versa. The spiritual civilization-oriented ascension that the spiritual civilization keeps pace with the accelerated development of material civilization has been planned by Heaven, and is being manifested on earth.

Finding balance between material and spiritual civilization is a process of planetary evolution and provides very crucial opportunity for inhabitants on a planet to achieve a jumping of consciousness level and spiritual evolution.

Highly advanced spiritual civilization cannot spread out under the condition of starvation and life threatening environments. The spiritual civilization will play roles of light in the night of satiety and materialized greed, and flourish as lotus bloomed out of the muds.

The flower of spiritual civilization in which the harmony and balance between the material and the spiritual is achieved will be completed by the ascension of Earth. The Earth shall be transformed like that. However, there is no free pass in the universe. In the process of dimensional ascension, destruction of material civilization will be inevitable in order to awaken mankind’s consciousness. Both the new material civilization and the new spiritual civilization will be completed in Protective Energy-Field Area and in the Korean Peninsula. And then brand new civilization will be supplied all over the globe.

As such shall it be. As such was it done.

Udeka writes.

Edited by Metrica.


The Integration of Light and Darkness

The Integration of Light and Darkness

The frame of light and darkness is the fundamental law of the universe, which is inseparable just like Eum-Yang (陰陽; dark-bright, negative-positive, light-shadow).

The ones who have the matrix of darkness have the following characteristics:

l  They introduce and develop the material civilizations.
l  The way of perceptions are based on the matter, material, and wealth.
l  They consider victory and success through competitions as the whole meaning of life.
l  They believe only what is visible.
l  They are logical and rational.

The ones who have the matrix of light have the following characteristics:

l  They pursue the truths, although those are not visible.
l  Their minds are full of innocence and love.
l  They value people rather than materials in their hearts.

And the intermediate group has the role of balancing the light and darkness, as they have both matrices of darkness and light.

These three matrix structures (Light, Darkness, Intermediate) are installed when the soul is attached to the spirit, and cannot be erased with one’s free-will. All the human beings have one of these three matrices carved in their bodies like the Scarlet Letter and are connected to the planet's reincarnation system.

After the spirit and soul are combined, the spirit-soul receive the Baek (; the astral body) from the planet’s Gaia and then the combined spirit-soul-Baek starts a journey of the material world. If the light matrix is compared to a transparent and clean window with no grids on it, the intermediate matrix can be compared to a window with grids of about 40 percent concentration. The matrix of darkness can be compared to a window with grids of 80 percent concentration.

All the human beings are composed of the following proportions of three matrices:

l  40% of the light matrix, 20% of the intermediate matrix, and 40% of the darkness matrix

The matrix structure, carved in the soul like a scarlet letter, determines the frame of cognition and thought. By the working of these matrices, so many people meet together and battle against themselves.

The PEFA (Protective Energy Field Area) programs, which are the highlight of the Earth Dimensional Ascension, are directly directed by the Creator after the outbreak of natural disasters. The PEFA refers to a special area that is created by the combined working of magnetic field, gravity and photon light.

The PEFA (Protective Energy Field Area) has the following properties:

l  The electro-magnetic energy in the PEFA is 20 to 80 times stronger than the current one on Earth.
l  The Heaven builds this area to help people to maintain their body conditions as the optimum like the time when the Homo-Sapiens were first created.
l  The gravity is reduced in the PEFA.
l  The light of the photon gets stronger in the PEFA.

The following conditions are critical to enter into the PEFA:

l  The chakra system should be fully enlightened.
l  More than 87% of the intermediate matrices should be erased.
l  More than 89% of the darkness matrices should be erased.

The structure of the matrix will be cleared by the Heaven. After the natural catastrophes, humans whose matrix structure are cleared by the Heaven shall still be able to enter the PEFA as their consciousness wake up.

Life totally depends on the Will of the Heavens. The matrix structure cannot be erased by one’s free-will. Humans will experience the fear and coldness of the Heaven at the gate of the PEFA.

This is the beginning of “the Integration of the Light and Darkness” directed by the Heaven. After the global scale of natural disasters, the society and countries will subject to the direct control of the Dark Government (Shadow Government). When people try to enter into the PEFA to avoid their persecution, they can’t make it unless their dark or intermediate matrix structures are cleared enough. This will be the judgement of the Heaven.

The true integration of the light and darkness means the end of material civilizations. It also means that the matrix structure carved in the soul is dismantled. The conventions of life that have been in the body for a long time should be sublimated into the Wholeness Consciousness. To convey the truth, to correct the contaminated history of the earth, it will be done after the dark government collapses. This is the Will of the Creator.

Anyone whose matrix structure is not cleared should stay outside of the PEFA. As time goes by, the know-how on the installation and operation of the PEFA will be expanded into overseas from the Korean Peninsula. As the PEFA expands over time, the entire Korean peninsula will be integrated into the single PEFA.

Living outside of the PEFA shall be extremely difficult to survive due to natural disasters or social disorders.

I hope to see you in the PEFA.

I wish you good luck.


Judgement of light

Judgement of light

The human emotions change every moment. The human mind is also ever-changing and hence it is quite unpredictable in many cases. There is so much big difference between ‘when one feels good’ and ‘when one feels bad’. Once the negativity overwhelms a person, the person suddenly behaves as the hole-in-the-wall.

Just like ever-changing human mind, the nature is changing constantly. The change of weather is another expression of the living nature. The nature is expanding itself with hiding itself in changes.

The human mind is similar with the capricious weather and most people tend to temperamental about the weather changes. The weather might be one of the common targets on which the humans complain.

This summer, heat wave which had never been experienced before has lasted as many as over one month in the northern hemisphere, including the Korean Peninsula. Of course, yes! Summer is hot generally. But nowadays the weather is too hot and hot wave is continuing. The conventional answer (a sort of master key to explain all the changes on Earth) is that global warming has continued for a long time and carbon dioxide is the main cause of global warming. Just like this, the major media is fucking mankind under the title of normality science.

Not knowing the reason of hot wave, neither doing anything to find the correct answer of hot wave, most people are neglecting the essence of problem. Instead, they get angry and are blaming for the weather forecast. Watching this comedy, I, Udeka, leave this message on record for the human race who knows nothing.

l  The first reason: The real trigger of global warming is the invisible Photon Light from higher dimension. The Photon Light started to arrive at Earth since December 22, 2012 (winter solstice). Starting from the Paradise where the Creator exists, passing through the Big Dipper which is the star-gate of Nebadon universe, the Photon Light finally came into this Earth. As the Photon Light is the light of higher energy, it is inevitable to accompany heat. This heat is the real cause of global warming, which is occurring all over the globe.
l  The second reason: Abnormality of jet stream is also causing the climate changes. Gradually the jet stream is affecting the world-wide climate patterns as being tuned thoroughly by the invisible hands of Heaven. The solar rays has also been steered by the cosmic space ship in direction of the Government of Heaven.

Before the sun’s dimensional ascension, the solar activity declined and at the same time the magnetic field of Earth also diminished, which triggered the activation of ‘the ring of fire’. As the Photon Light incomes into the Earth since the winter solstice in 2013, the Photon Light has been accumulated in everything on earth until now.

Now our Sun has completed the ascension. The sunlight is getting brighter and heater, and these heats are being accumulated on Earth more and more. Also the heats caused from the Photon Light are being cumulated for the critical point of changes. Both the Sun’s ascension and the influx of the Photon Light will strengthen the force of Earth’s magnetic field and also the force of gravity.

As the Earth’s magnetic force gets stronger and the force of gravity is also tuned delicately, the energy portals in Earth grid network is getting active, which brought about changes in the flow of jet streams. These changes in jet streams are the major cause of climate changes.

To protect the planet Earth against incoming of the Photon Light, the mechanism of self-purification – the
strengthening of Earth’s magnetic force – is proceeding by Heaven, in silence and secretly.
The planet Earth is right now facing the dimensional ascension. And the key of Earth’s ascension lies in the pole-shift (straightening of the tilted Earth’s axis). In preparation of this pole-shift, now the energy tuning process for the planet Earth is being undertaken in terms of strengthening both the Earth’s magnetic force and the gravity force by Heaven, as none knows it.

l  The third reason: The reason of scorching heat in the Korean Peninsula is as follows. The planet Earth is on the edge of the pole shift (straightening of the tilted Earth’s axis). DAN tribes who are mainly composed of Korean people have been in the center of Earth history. Now, the ‘Gam-Ro-Bi’* (Sweet-Dewy-Rain) is falling down in the Korean Peninsula to wake up the ones who have the role and mission for Heaven among the Korean people. To wake up the consciousness of Korean people, to close the 2.5 million years history of mankind, and to distinguish between the ones who are supposed to survive and the others who are supposed to put off their bodies, the ‘Gam-Ro-Bi’ is pouring down, mainly focused in the Korean Peninsula. It is supposed to fall down until August 26, 2016. And then this ‘Gam-Ro-Bi’ will spread out globally.

*Gam-Ro-Bi (Sweet-Dewy-Rain): Literally means the rain just like a sweet dew. In the process of Earth’s dimensional ascension, it represents the light, grace and love of the Creator who want to awaken the sleeping human race.

The visual world is the other side of the invisible world. It is quite like two sides of the same coin. Now, the ‘Gam-Ro-Bi’ is falling down, which will determine the destiny of mankind on earth. The first Gam-Ro-Bi (Yin; the Negative; water) – which represents the start of ‘Haein’* – rained for 15 days in the early October, 2015. The second Gam-Ro-Bi (Yang; the Positive; fire) – which symbolizes the completion of ‘Haein’ – will continue in the form of heat wave for 15 days from August 12, 2016. The Gam-Ro-Bi is the grace and love from the Creator. The Gam-Ro-Bi is the light for ‘Haein’. The persons who receive the grace of Gam-Ro-Bi were described as ‘my anointed ones’ in the Bible (Psalms, 105:15).

*Haein: The original meaning of Haein is that waves of sea get tranquil and everything is reflected transparently as it is. This term is usually used to describe ‘Absolute samadhi’ in the Buddhism. But the true meaning of Haein is that the Third Eye (the Eye of Wisdom) is opened by enlightenment of chakra system, by which the pineal gland is awakened and hence we could see through the ultimate reality of everything beyond veils.

The Sweet-Dewy-Rain is the blessing to everyone. Also it is the Judgment of Light. After the Sweet-Dewy-Rain, the great tribulations and social changes are as following.

l  Explosive increases in strength of the Photon Light
l  Animals rebellion
l  Explosion of soul-consciousness: mood disorders, emotional disturbance
l  Gradual straightening of Earth’s axis: start of pole shift
l  Massive appearances of false prophets
l  Numerous fake Jesus Christ, who are saying themselves as the Second Coming of Jesus
l  Beginning of Armageddon: collapse of the religion matrix
l  Break-down of Material Civilizations: The Great Depression
l  Turbulence of earth crust
l  Great Tsunamis
l  Volcanic Eruptions  

Udeka reveals the real cause of climate changes and leaves it on record for the human race who will pour rages on National Weather Service. For the human race who does not know anything, who lacks the cosmic knowledges, and who is ignorant about the way of Heaven’s working.

Is falling down the Sweet-Dewy-Rain which will distinguish the alive from the dead. The Sweet-Dewy-Rain of Heavenly blessing is coming down in order to wake up the Light-Workers and yellow-colored spirit and souls who are on the way of spiritual enlightening.

The Sweet-Dewy-Rain to console all the spirit-souls who have gone through every up-and-downs during 2.5 million years is falling down for the farewell dinner party. Once this Sweet-Dewy-Rain stops, then the natural catastrophes will begin to separate the alive from the dead. For the ones who have role and mission and the Light-Workers who are being awakened, Udeka leaves this message on record.

Good luck to you.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Metrica


Gaia ‘Ge’ and Photon energy as the Cause of Earth Changes

Gaia ‘Ge’ and Photon energy as the Cause of Earth Changes

The Gaia’s ‘Ge’ energy is light, vibrational frequency and energy. It is both energy of life - which makes all living things alive - and light of the Creator. It is the enormous energy to stimulate change of life. 2.5 million years of earth history are agglomerated and stored as Ge energy in nucleus of Gaia. The color is red purple. The light is spreading all over the planet, following the grid network.

The Photon light originated from the Paradise - where the Creator inhabits in the 18th dimensional – passes through the Central Universe (17th dimension) and finally comes to the Earth via the Nebadon universe. 

This light - also known as ‘Judgment of the God’ or ‘Judgment of the Light’- is closely related with dimensional ascension of a planet. It is the energy that activates the Gaia’s Ge energy and earth changes.

The Photon energy has positive (Yang, +) character as light of the Creator. This light has the role of both killing and harvest. The Photon light itself is the light of candor. However, when it comes through the matrix of soul-consciousness, it has the nature of both love and destruction. By the law of same energy attraction, it may save people, or kill people. It may make good people better, or bad people worse. It is the light for harvest to separate the wheat from the chaff.

This universe could not exist nor be maintained for a moment without the Creator’s energy. Gaia’s Ge energy is basically the light of Creator. It gives birth of lives and of consciousness, and grows all the living things. It is the light that makes the Galaxy’s night - which is a festival for all the spirit-souls - more enriched.

Gaia’s Ge energy is the negative (Yin, -) light from the Creator in the Paradise. When it meets the photon energy, it acts as the judgment light which destroys the civilization and terminates the Galaxy’s night.

The physical changes of earth will be carried out by these two energies, the Photon energy and Gaia’s Ge energy, which is invisible and unknown to the public. Both Gaia’s Ge energy and Photon energy are frequently met in the Western channeling messages and are well-known to the spiritual circles.

They are the lights that the Heaven has prepared and planned before for changes of physical environments and dimensional ascension of the earth.

Gaia’s Ge energy is the core of earth project. This energy will play the role of antivirus energy that could solve all the problems in the Great Universe.

By the Gaia’s Ge energy, the circulation of lives on earth could be done. This Life-energy exists for each planet in each universe. To put it in another way, it’s called the lattice energy or the life field.

To open the door of a planet, to run a planet, Ge energy is necessary. To close the door of a planet, to terminate the civilization, and for dimensional ascension of a planet, the photon light is needed.

Gaia’s Ge energy is getting stronger rapidly by the photon light. It is close enough to the threshold to stimulate the earth change. Under the complete control of the Heaven, it has been accumulated for the change and in the human bodies, too.

The accumulation of Gaia’s Ge energy promotes activation of Life-energy and chakra system in the body. At the same time, it enlightens the human consciousness and increases the vibration frequency of body. 

Gaia’s Ge energy revives lives and organizes the energy and movement of the ground, while the light of Photon belt plays the role of killing and harvest, just like autumn frost.

If Gaia’s Ge energy is likened to the energy of spring and summer, then the Photon energy might be to that of autumn and winter. Here is the reason we call the Photon light as the Light of Judgment.

The fact that the Photon light is coming to a planet means the cycle of a planet has reached the critical point. In other words, the planet is entering a new cycle. In the area of newly created religions in Korea, many prophets had recognized the light as the one to expedite creation of the brand-new world.

The Photon light and Gaia’s Ge energy is invisible to the public so that their existences and roles had not been treated actively. The Photon light is white, which represents the color of the Creator. Out of 12 levels of CSL (Capability of Seeing the Light), it has to be at least 6th level to see the color. There is quite a few who can see this light on this earth.

If Gaia’s Ge energy is compared to the ‘Earth’s Ki’, the Photon energy to the ‘Ki from the Creator’. These two energies will determine the changes of Heaven and Earth.

They are the lights in charge of massive changes on earth. Volcano eruptions and earthquakes all over the world are triggered by these energies.

The natural disasters to come could be classified into two types in terms of ‘energy propagation mechanism’. One is through change of the sunspot cycle, which is triggered by the Photon energy. This will cover up about 70% of natural disasters on Earth. The other is through Gaia’s Ge energy.

The outbreak of virus and unidentified epidemic will be brought about by changes of nucleus, which is affected by the Photon energy. Through deformation process of virus, it will come as fatal disease.

The time has begun.

Udeka writes.

Edited by Metrica.


Meaning of the Integration of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism

Human consciousness has gradually become materialized throughout the age of spirituality, the age of religion, the age of science, and the age of capitalism.

Now, at the height of our material civilization, we live in the richness of matter.

“Regression to the origin…”

“The beginning and the end are the ONE.”

The era for “the end of material civilization” and “the emergence of new spiritual civilization” has arrived.

The material civilization of the planet Earth is a very old magnetic civilization.

After the collapse of the material civilization, the new spiritual civilization will be unfolded brilliantly on the basis of a new magnetic civilization and a six-dimensional science and technology civilization.

The new spiritual civilization will also be unfolded on the basis of the integration of the spirit of Lemuria, the spirit of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism in Northeast Asia, and the spirit of Christianity.

Confucian culture was one of the unique cultural heritage of Northeast Asia and one of the religious matrices set up by the Heaven.

Confucianism and Confucian culture are unique cultural paradigms that appear only in the Northeast Asia, while also playing a very important role in shaping the family-oriented culture of the East.

Confucianism and Confucian culture remain a cultural specialty that allowed the spirits born in Northeast Asia to experience the unique evolutionary path of the spirit-soul.

In each planet, its own cultural symbol codes and religious matrices are installed and tested.

Confucianism and Confucian were very unique experiments that took place in the Northeast Asia on Earth.

Confucian culture was necessary for an agricultural people. It was a unique form that could have appeared in a farming-centered society and one of the various experiments conducted on the planet Earth. It has existed as a unique culture that defines human-human relations.

The basic norms that humans treat humans and surround “people and society” are well expressed in the framework of agricultural culture. It was a characteristic of norms and relations, rather than the nature of religion. It is a Confucian culture that has strong characteristics as a norm between humans and society.

As there are advantages and disadvantages in everything, the unique values of Confucian culture still exit in the spirit of the Korean people.

Buddhism has grown into a universal religion in the world and has contributed in elevating the human consciousness to the next level.

As Buddhism, which disappeared in India, became indigenous to Chinese culture through Tibet, Buddhist culture, was able to grow as a center of Eastern thought and culture together with Confucianism.

Buddhism contains the truth of the great universe, and has been nativized through merging it with the Taoist thought and the nationalistic tradition that is the basis of our Korean people.

Buddhism also had important roles that could not be missed in talking about the spirit and thought of the Korean people. Buddhist culture also succeeded in approaching into the public and getting the hearts of the people.

The culture of Buddhist practice was able to form a unique culture of Korean peoples’ spiritual practice through being combined with the Do-Ihn-Beob*, Yang-Saeng-Beob* and the Respiratory Training (Breathing Practice) in the traditional practices of Korean people.

Do-Ihn-Beob (導引法) means the rules for health by moving the hands and feet to achieve the stage that the Ki() and blood() in human body are evenly connected to each part of the body usually in the fields of taoism or Ki-based practice.

Yang-Saeng-Beob (養生法) is a way to live a long life by maintaining good health. There are various ways to develop physical strength through special exercises, taking special drugs or food and cultivating the mind.

The culture of the unique Chun-Do-Jae* was formed by the combination of Confucian culture and Buddhist culture. And the Buddhist culture and the practice of the Taoist tradition met each other and formed the unique Culture of Chant Practice.

Chun-Do-Jae (薦度齋) is a soul evocation ceremony originating from the Buddhist rite that was held to evoke and appease the spirit-soul of the dead in order to send him to the afterlife where he would prepare for reincarnation.

Korean unique spiritual culture is the Practice Culture based on Taoism.

Unlike the mind-centered Buddhism, the various understandings and perspectives of the human body, which is the subject of human will to achieve enlightenment, appear in all cultural forms that try to reach the ultimate world through the practice of body. This is called the Seon (; Enlightened Man, Ascended Being) Culture or the Seon-Beob (仙法; The way of Man Becoming God).

There are many practices that have been passed down from mouth to mouth in Korean people. In large parts, there are various forms of secrets related to Do-Ihn-Beob (導引法), Yang-Saeng-Beob (養生法) and martial arts that train the body. We call all of them Seon ().

The aspirations for opening a new era remained in the hearts of the people in the form of Maitreya faith or secret books. Many prophetic books emerged, foretelling that the era of spiritual civilization would spread around the Korean people.

The cultural foundation and base of the Northeast Asia were based on the idea of Taoist, rather than Confucian culture and Buddhist culture.

There has always been an integration movement to take advantage of Seon culture based on Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism. Under the background mind of the Korean people, there was the following belief:

“When the Integration of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism is achieved,
a new era shall be unfolded.”

The integration of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism is a basic process for the awakening of the Korean people. The integration of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism has an important role in the construction of a new Korean-centered spiritual civilization. The integration of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism is the completion of the Korean spirit, and it is a value that should always be preceded by future human beings in unfolding their spiritual civilization.

Our ancestors have recognized the Seon () by dividing it into Dong-Seon (東仙; Eastern Seon) and Seo-Seon (西仙; Western Seon) from ancient times.

Dong-Seon refers to thoughts and religions centered on Taoism, and Seo-Seon is a Christian-centered thoughts and religion, including Catholicism and Islam.

The secret that the lineage of Jesus was originated from the Korean people and he is the DAN() tribe, will be revealed in the PEFA (Protective Energy-Field Area).

The Jesus of Second Coming was born in the Korean Peninsula. He shall spread great love for humanity in the course of the Dimensional Ascension of the Earth, but will not be revealed so much.

He will faithfully fulfill his role as the Second Coming Jesus in the PEFA (safe zone).

He has a big role in spreading new spiritual civilization from the Korean peninsula along with the sufferings and trials of mankind. This is the mission and role given to the Second Coming Jesus in the process of the Dimensional Ascension.

The Korean Peninsula is both the beginning and end of important material civilization and spiritual civilization on earth. It is the special place to reap the beauties of the end, where the summing of material civilization is achieved. It is a sacred place.

The Integration of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism is an agenda for the Heaven to prepare for the beginning of the new spiritual civilization on the Korean Peninsula. In the PEFA, the new normative culture based on the Integration of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism and the theoretical foundation for new spiritual civilization will be completed.

The symbolism of the Integration of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism is the emergence of a new spiritual civilization.

The integration of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism will be the integration and completion of all the religious matrices on Earth’s planet.

The values that the Korean people have not lost in the course of their historical trials will be the spiritual prototype of the future planet Earth.

The integration of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism will be completed in the PEFA.

As such shall it be.
As such is it planned to be.
As such was it done.

February 7, 2017.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Mool.
*Edited by Bu-Chae-Do-Sa 
*Final Edited by Metrica.

The Analysis of the Inter-Dimensional Spaces of the Planet Earth

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