[LifeTree TV] Life Circuit Diagram (LCD)

Life Circuit Diagram (LCD)

Human beings are at the apex of the evolution of the universe. Passing through 6 major cycles, the grand universe has expanded and evolved in every way. By the CREATOR’s will, the grand universe will continue to spread out infinitely.
The human body is not just simple flesh. The visible phenomena of the human body should be supported by the invisible world of the human body. In addition, the plan, will and decision of the invisible world (the Heaven) should be preceded for humans to implement emotions and consciousness and to achieve high levels of learning and creative activities.
The energies of spirit, soul, and Baek () dwell in the human body. To enable these energies of spirit, soul, and Baek to function, the “Life Carrier” should work in advance and the “Life Controller” should act on cells and organs. Furthermore, the “LCD (Life Circuit Diagram)” is required to connect the life phenomena that occur in an organism to each other to make them a unified system. Finally, the “Thought Adjuster” is necessary as the final management system to control the LCD.
Every life form including a human being has elaborate and precise systems to support and maintain life phenomena, although they are invisible. Due to the invisible functions of the sophisticated mechanical devices, human internal organs as well as cells and tissues are working systematically in cooperation with each other.

These sophisticated mechanical devices will be identified not by the equipment of modern technology, but by that of the 8th-dimensional technology in the future. Human beings are the latest Humanoid model which was created by integrating all the cosmic engineering technologies in the grand universe. For now, the mechanical devices are being disguised by using the high-dimensional cosmic engineering technology of the Heaven, so that humans can only see skins and internal organs, etc.
By the invention and development of microscopes, human beings are now able to see the human body in the cell unit, or even the molecular and atomic unit. It is the great achievement of modern science and technology, especially in the areas of biochemistry and molecular biology.

However, the current level of human science and technology is belonging to the early stage of the 6th-dimensional level. If we can make a progress in inventing microscopes with the 8th-dimensional level of technology, the human race will realize that the human body is composed of the elaborately organized mechanical devices, and so are the plants and animals.

At this moment, only a few who have the special lens in their forehead (the third eyes) are allowed to see the mechanical devices. Probably, it’s natural for ordinary people to feel it is unreasonable or non-scientific.

The upgrade of such intangible mechanical devices for the living creatures on Earth is another meaning of the Earth’s Dimensional Ascension. A human being can live for 1,000 years up to 3,000 years, just as Abraham’s wife in the Bible had got pregnant at 800 years old. To this end, the upgrade of the Thought Adjuster and LCD (Life Circuit Diagram) should be made in advance by the invisible world (the Heaven).
At the same time, in terms of the visible world, the atmospheric oxygen concentration and the geomagnetic field of Earth should be increased whereas the gravity of Earth needs to be decreased. This is the material basis for the birth of a New Spiritual Civilization (another Golden-Age) and also another meaning of the New Earth under the New Heaven.

The meridian routes circulating around the human body are as follows: (1) the 12 main meridian routes (2) the Se-Maek (細脈; Thready or Fine Meridian Vessel) (3) the 8 extraordinary meridian routes including Conception Vessel (CV; 任脈, Im-Maek, Sea of Eum) and Governor Vessel (GV; 督脈, Dok-Maek, Sea of Yang).
Moreover, there are many other meridian routes which are unknown to mankind. Udeka will continue to expand the theory of the existing meridian system and will reveal the invisible world of the meridian system as the visible one.

In a broad sense, the meridian system is affected by the following: 
(1) food and medicine (2) the LCD (Life Circuit Diagram) (3) the Thought Adjuster.
In every process of food digestion and absorption, the LCD reacts firstly, followed by the function of the meridian system. Even though the LCD and the meridian system could be activated in response to special external stimuli such as acupuncture, it’s very hard to activate them by one’s free will or spiritual practices

In the novel perspective of cosmic philosophy, the true working mechanism of acupuncture can be described as follows:
By using the special characteristics of acupoints and meridian routes in which Ki-energy flows, acupuncture is applied to the human body. Then, the stimulus generated by this application exerts influence on the LCD, which corrects the imbalanced states in “the circulations of Ki-energy & blood”, “the energy of Eum & Yang”, “the energy of heat & cold”, and “the energy of dryness & humidity”. As a result, the treated human body can return to the balanced state.

Our members in ‘the Tree of Life in the Light’ could learn how an acupuncture-mediated stimulation can affect the operation of LCD, which parts of acupoints are opened or closed, and what kinds of meridian routes are activated. We could witness all of these through spiritual abilities and in communication with the Heaven.

In summary, the acupuncture works only when the following conditions hold:
(1)     The LCD should be activated by the stimulation of acupuncture.
(2)     The healer must know which part of the meridian system to trigger for activating the system.
(3)    The healer could send the Ki-energy to the locations of pain or the lesioned areas of illnesses

May 11, 2017.
Udeka wrote.

Translated by Genesis.


[LifeTree TV] Abandoning the Illusion of Enlightenment

Abandoning the Illusion of Enlightenment

The worst illusion and obsession of human is those about enlightenment. 
To get enlightenment or meet God people have often tried self-discipline abusing their bodies such as “O-che tu-Ji” (meaning praying with touching the ground with 5 parts on body-forehead, palms, knees and toes).

Human efforts for seeking enlightenment and seeing God through prayer and meditation is the really painful, patient process beyond our imagination.
Many people are believing that the most ideal discipline is practicing and praying and meditating all day, sitting with a cross-legged position to reach in the state of “samadhi”.

It is hard to find the people who are awakened through pray and spiritual practice even for 10, 20, 30 years or more years.
Many people are still trying to get the mind of Heaven to help mankind, devoting themselves to spiritual disciplines up to even 40 to 50 years.

Most people believe that “the Heaven does not answer to them since their efforts and devotion are not good enough.”
Between the spiritual and religious people, many disciplinants are still practicing themselves for spiritual enlightenment, closing their eyes, rubbing their sleepy eyes, thinking it’s not enough to reach the goal even though they’ve been training for 60 years.

To gain the mind of Heaven, to achieve the enlightenment, to win the Mind of God, so many spiritual seekers are concentrated on prayer and meditation, dropping out and releasing the negative energies constantly arising.

You may have closed your eyes for prayer, meditation and practice.
When you stay with closed eyes, you may have been bothered because unexpected distracting thoughts pop up without cease.

“Stopping-Thought” is different from traditional meditation in that we control all the negative energies through Meta-Cognition.
Also for prayer and discipline, the key-points are focused on eliminating negative thoughts and energies.

The most fundamental way of clearing the negative energies is to drop the thought to be awakened rather than stop-thinking, prayer, spiritual discipline. 
It is to convert your paradigm about the enlightenment, 
with dropping down the desire of being awakened,
without knowing what the awakening is,
without any prejudices about the awakening.

It is to drop your mind to gain supernatural power, to put down your intention to save mankind nd to gain the will of Heaven.
Erase your mind to achieve spiritual enlightenment through prayer and spiritual practices.
Instead, convert your paradigm of consciousness.
The illusion of enlightenment has been reproduced by religions or meditation.

In the Orient, between the spiritual seekers who believe in Buddhism or Taoism, the matrix of enlightenment has been inherited and expanded.

Even though many people are seeking spiritual awakening it is really rare to find someone as considered fully awakened, whose 12-chakra system is fully activated.

The enlightenment of your consciousness is ready when you cease your thoughts that “I should be awakened”, drop the illusion about God and understand the way the Heaven works.

You need to be free from the thought that you should make your mind empty to get awakened.
A lot of people are looking for the master key to guide themselves to be awakened.

There are still lots of Taoists trying to find the good place where they could receive the best quality of Ki (; Chi, Pure Energy). 
Up to the time to realize that enlightenment could not be obtained by my desire, someone takes only 3 years, but for someone even 30 years is not enough to realize it.

The best way for enlightenment is to stop thinking that “I want to be enlightened.”
The desire and belief for the being awakened is nothing but the matrix of religions, which was installed by the Heaven.

The essentiality for the being awakened is that the universe exists in ONENESS. 
Enlightenment is nothing but the awareness that we have never separated from the Heaven.
The essentiality for awakening is to realize that you don’t need any prayer, spiritual practice and anything else.

The spiritual enlightenment is realized when your consciousness is expanded.
The being awakened means that the conversion of consciousness arises and consciousness is awakened.
The being awakened is to realize that the consciousness is instantly expanded at every moment.

The best Self-Teaching is to aware that you’re being awakened 
when you feel with the heart that everything in the world is just myself, nothing exists without me, with the feeling of gratitude and purity at every moment, putting down the desire that I want to be awakened.

The reality of being awakened is to notice that myself creates me and the universe by my free-will and that myself is being newly created every moment.

Do you still want to go into a cave or a Buddhist temple for enlightenment? 
Do you still think that you are not yet awakened because the time was short? 
Do you still think you could win the heart of Heaven through praying at dawn, praying in a loud voice and reciting the sutra with the lotus position.

The mind of Heaven is the Cosmic Mind.
The mind of Heaven is not the thing that you could obtain.
The Heaven goes its way as planned.

What should happen will occur regardless of your prayer.
Even without your prayer, discipline or effort, no matter how you have a grudge to the Heaven, what is to happen to you will occur.
This is the way the Heaven works and this is the mind of Heaven.

Do you still believe that you could be awakened by obtaining the mind of Heaven?

April 21st, 2015 
Udeka wrote.


[LifeTree TV] The Way the Reincarnation Program is Organized

The Way the Reincarnation Program 
is Organized

Reincarnation means that the spirit-soul continues to gain its material experiences for the sake of its evolution by repeating the process of taking off its existing coat called the physical body that it has worn and of restarting another life in a different physical body.

Reincarnation means that the spirit-soul repeats entering and leaving living creatures continuously.

Reincarnation means that the spirit-souls, which belong to a planet’s Spiritual Hierarchy, gain material experiences through repeating their cycles of life in line with the evolutionary cycles of that planet.

Reincarnation refers to the journey of the spirit-soul in which the spirit-soul  repeats life and death in the cycles of life in order for the spirit-soul to evolve itself.

Reincarnation is not only the disinterested rock that has neither beginning nor end but also the fate of the spirit-soul, as well as the evolutionary process of the spirit-soul.

There is not much that a spirit-soul can learn through one life. There is not much energy that a spirit-soul can experience through one life. It is too short a time for a spirit-soul to evolve itself through one life. Therefore, for the spirit-soul in the time and space of the Grand Universe with no beginning and no end, reincarnation is the time of blessing given by the CREATOR as well as the time of the festival that the CREATOR has given.

Spirit-souls, which belong to a planet’s Spiritual Hierarchy, make their reincarnation programs in progress while matching their cycles of evolution to the evolutionary cycle of the planet. The reincarnation program is executed in line with the major and minor cycles of the planet’s evolution and in accordance with the schedules for the planet’s dimensional ascension and the planet’s Galactic Night.

The reincarnation program is not carried out in such a way that a spirit-soul program its next life after it finishes up a previous life. The reincarnation program is meant to be run in accordance with the evolutionary cycles of the planet’s Spiritual Hierarchy.

Let’s take an example, the Earth’s Dimensional Ascension is a project that lasts 2.5 million years. In this case, the reincarnation program of a spirit-soul is organized in line with the evolutionary cycle of the planet for 2.5 million years from a macroscopic perspective.

How many times a spirit-soul will be reincarnated is determined first in accordance with the 2.5 million-year evolutionary process of the spirit-soul. A big picture for the spirit-soul’s reincarnation process is to be drawn from the beginning to the end and then detailed plans begin to be established.

At the time when the reincarnation program is created and organized, a big plan is set up for what kinds of lives a spirit-soul will pass through for 2.5 million years, and the total amount of karma that the spirit-soul is destined to make throughout those lives is determined accordingly. 

The reincarnation program will let the spirit-soul experience diverse human lives and play various human characters. In this process, the spirit-soul is destined to inevitably build the public karma while carrying out its public roles in its human lives, and it cannot avoid accumulating the personal karma by the abuse of its free will. Surprisingly, both the public karma and the personal karma are also determined when the reincarnation program is designed. In addition, when and how the spirit-soul will resolve those public and personal karma is set up in the reincarnation program, as if small jigsaw puzzle pieces were put together to complete a big picture.

Each spirit-soul, which has its own unique characteristics, has its own unique reincarnation program. There are no spirit-souls that share the same reincarnation program. It is because that each spirit-soul differs in its creation process done by the CREATOR and that the thought adjusters the CREATOR has given to spirit-souls are all different for each spirit-soul.

The reincarnation program is organized under the command of the Council of Karma and the Council of Reincarnation, both of which are located in the 11th dimension and conduct this process through the discussion with the Original Spirit. The reincarnation program can be run only after the detailed contents of spirit-soul’s human lives stored in the program have been thoroughly reviewed by utilizing the previewing function and intensive simulation process.

When the reincarnation program is created and organized, the recruiting process for the human characters around the spirit-soul’s avatar must be conducted so that the avatar can make its life story with them. Those who are supposed to be recruited include all the people who the avatar will have to meet for its lifetime such as, parents, family members, spouse, lovers, friends, colleagues, and foes, etc. In addition, spirit-souls which are destined to play the role of perpetrator or of victim must be recruited and be consent with their roles.

The way the reincarnation program is created and organized can be likened to the process by which a screenwriter creates a drama scenario. When your Original Spirit and the Heaven design the program, they create it at a level that your spirit-soul can withstand, considering your spirit-soul’s age and its evolutionary process. In this way, your life is prepared in the Heaven like a play script, and you are now living your life as shown in the script, and as dictated by the reincarnation program.

There is nothing that happens by chance in the world. There is nothing happening by accident in this universe. Do you believe that your spirit-soul happens to live on  Earth by chance at this moment? Do you think that you have to live because you were born, not knowing why you live?

There is nothing that occurs coincidentally in the world. There is nothing that exists meaninglessly in this universe. If you are destined to die at the age of 80, it means that your Original Spirit and the Heaven have to plan and spend at least 160 years to 240 years of Heavenly time in preparing and designing your reincarnation program for your 80-year life.

What has been planned and prepared in the invisible world is revealed to the visible world. Thanks to your reincarnation program created and organized in the Heaven, your spirit-soul can wear a coat called a living creature and experience the material world, and your life is being unfolded like this here now.

If you belong to the Light-Workers, your spirit-soul was implanted on the planet Earth 2.5 million years ago. If you are a member of the Light-Workers, your spirit-soul has gone through about 36 times of reincarnation wearing coats called the human body for 2.5 million years. If you are scheduled to participate in the Terra Project (the Project of the Earth’s Dimensional Ascension) as a Light-Worker, your reincarnation program is set up in a way that you must be prepared as a Light-Worker at this very moment, which is the last moment of the civilization on the planet Earth. In other words, your reincarnation program is elaborately and precisely prepared so that your consciousness must be awakened as not only a Light-Worker but also a Heavenly person in this last moment of the current civilization on the planet Earth.

Udeka wishes good luck to those who have been prepared as the Light-Workers as well as the Heavenly people.

November 1, 2018.
Udeka writes.

*Translated by Windvoice.


[LifeTree TV] New Earth after the Pole-Shift

New Earth after the Pole-Shift

The new face of our Mother Earth will be revealed only after the dimensional ascension and pole-shift of the Earth. Main features of new Earth are as following: 

Oxygen Density: 21% (current) 46% (new)
It’s currently 21% but will be more than double density of 46% on the new Earth.

  Gravity : 9.8 meters per second(m/s) will be dow to 7.5 meters per second (m/s)

▪  Average of Air Density : 1.25 kilogram per cubic metre(kg/m3) will be down to 0.9 kilogram per cubic metre (kg/m3)

  Size of Magnetic Force : 0.5 Gauss will be increased to 1.2 Gauss

  Build-up of Ice-Membrane in the atmosphere: It helps the blocking the harmful cosmic rays which come from the universe.  And also the stabilizing  the climate of the Earth

  All the lights in the 18th dimension which is from 1st level through 18th level, will flow into the Earth uniformly

Every life which is to live in the New Earth should satisfy the following conditions:

1. Enlightenment of chakra system through level up of vibrational frequency in body
 2. Upgrade of LCD which is Life Circuit Diagram
 3. Being ONENESS with each one’s final higher-self
4. Upgrade of MCIS which is Mea-Consciousness Implementation System
5. Spiritual awakening

(*Note: 1, 3 and 5 apply to only human beings.)

In above cases, the first, third, and 5th ones apply only to human beings. If I say again in detail, First one, Enlightenment of chakra system through level up of vibrational frequency in body. Third one, Being ONENESS with each one’s final higher-self. Fifth one, Spiritual awakening.

Good luck to every human being.

As such shall it be. 
As such is it planned to be. 
As such was it done.

April 26, 2017.
Udeka writes.

*Translated by ET.


[Life Tree TV] The secret of the Holy Spirit

The secret of the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is known as a blessing of God and a gift of God at the consciousness level of mankind. 
From the standpoint of the Heaven, the Holy Spirit refers to “the spirit of Holiness”, which is one of the three elements to make up a spirit.

At the level of human-being’s consciousness , the Holy Spirit means ‘sacred spirit’. 
The advent of the Holy Spirit to you is considered a sign of faith and blessing of God, which means that God is with you and Jesus is with you.

In the viewpoint of the Heaven, the coming of the Holy Spirit means that “the Spirit of Holiness” is being awakened, 
which is one component of “the Trinity of the Spirit 
(the Spirit of Holiness, the Spirit of Truth, and the Thought Adjuster)”,

At the level of human’s consciousness, the presence of the Holy Spirit in you means that the Heaven has forgiven your sins, the Heaven has listened to your prayers, and the Heaven is blessing you.
They understand and believe so.

From the perspective of the Heaven, if you experience the presence of the Holy Spirit, it means that “the Spirit of Holiness” has been awakened and become active.
The Spirit of Holiness is the energy that manifests spiritual abilities such as extrasensory perceptions, intuition, and inspiration.

At the eye level of the Heaven, ‘being filled with the Holy Spirit’ means that you become able to comprehend the true nature of things through your feeling.
It also means that through intuition, you get to know the essence of things by yourself and that the spiritual ability
to do Dong-Ki-Gam-Eung (同氣感應: meaning resonating with and being drawn to the same energy) is realized.

At the consciousness level of mankind, the fullness of the Holy Spirit is believed as a token indicating that God loves you so specially, and regarded as the evidence that you are being loved by the Heaven.

At the eye level of the Heaven, the fullness of the Holy Spirit means that it is the process of consciousness awakening
and also, the expansion of consciousness has begun.
When you come to understand the world and people differently from before even though you still see and hear the same thing at the same time and in the same space as before, it is said that the Holy Spirit has been awakened
or the Holy Spirit has come.

At the level of human’s consciousness, the presence of the Holy Spirit means that you are empowered to have supernatural experiences, speak in tongues (perform glossolalia), and heal illnesses.
On the other hand, from the standpoint of the universe,
the fullness of the Holy Spirit means that the Heaven and humans have begun to communicate with each other.

From the viewpoint of the Heaven, it means that the Spirit of Holiness has been awakened and the right time has begun to wake up “the Spirit of Truth” and “the Thought Adjuster”,
which are connected to the Spirit of Holiness.

At the consciousness level of mankind, the fullness of the Holy Spirit means that you are reborn as a child of God from that of man.
It also means that you have become a child of Christ from that of man.

From the perspective of the universe, the fullness of the Holy Spirit means that the consciousness is being awakened, and you are in the state of awareness, and also in the state of ‘Meta-cognition’.
Furthermore, it means that the Spirit-consciousness is being awakened through the enlightenment of “the Spirit of Truth” and “the Thought-Adjuster” to open the dimensional doors of the universe.

From the viewpoint of the Heaven, the coming of the Holy Spirit means “the being-oneness with the higher-self”.
In other words, it means “Man becomes Divine’’.
The presence of the Holy Spirit is a sign of the Heaven
that makes a human recognize that he is a Heavenly person.

Feb. 11th, 2019.
Udeka wrote

Translated by BigBird.


[LifeTree TV] The Final Unravelment on the Reincarnation system

The Final Unravelment on the Reincarnation system

Reincarnation means the cycle of life. Life forms have their own life cycles of life and death. Life forms end their life cycles by leaving their descendants through self-replication and reproduction.

Spirit-souls enter into the bodies of his descendants. The cycle of life is the cycle of the spirit-soul. Reincarnation is a series of processes, in which Spirit-Soul-Baek energies enter into and exit from the body of life form in the cycle of life.

Reincarnation means the system of life cycle in the Grand Universe, which is the cycle of life accompanied by the circulation of spirit-soul. Life form evolves through life, and spirit-soul evolves through material experience.

Reincarnation is a system of circulation of Spirit-Soul-Baek energies aligned to the life cycle. The reincarnation system is aligned to the planet’s cycle, also to the star’s cycle, and is operated in conjunction with the cycle of the galaxy.

The existence of the reincarnation system enables the evolution of spirit-souls. The reincarnation system is a gift of the blessings that the CREATOR gives to spirit-souls. Because of the reincarnation system, spirit-souls can experience all things in nature that the CREATOR has unfolded in the Grand Universe.

There is not much to learn or experience in one life. As the world that the CREATOR unfolds in the Grand Universe is so large, vast and diverse, things to learn and experience in a single life are too small.

The reincarnation system allows the spirit-souls as energy-being to experience the world of energy permeated to all things in the nature that the CREATOR unfolded in the Grand Universe. The existence of the reincarnation system enables the spirit-souls to evolve while they are in the cycle of life.

Because of the reincarnation system of the Grand Universe the wheel of the Grand Universe never stops, and the truth of the Grand Universe is spreading into the living creatures, which is a microcosm, as the life truth.

The reincarnation system of minerals is run in the form of elemental sprites. The elemental sprites in minerals are replaced at the time of minor-cycle and major-cycle of the planet.

The reincarnation system of plants and fishes is run in the form of a collective spirit, in line with the circulation cycle of life forms.

The amount of spirits in plants and fishes is very small. If you grind a grain of barley finely, you can get a myriad of particles.

The spirit that enters plants and fishes, divides its energy into tens of thousands of units and enters in the form of a colony of spirits, and is incorporated into the reincarnation system of the Grand Universe, which joins with the life cycle and the cycle of the spirit-soul.

At an inflection point of the planet’s cycle, the spirits that have evolved as a colony of spirits, and that have reincarnated in line with the cycle of the planet, are merged into one again and start a new material tour of the spirit.

A new spirit take over the duties and roles of a colony of spirits for plants and fishes. This is the universal reincarnation system of the Grand Universe.

The reincarnation system of animals is operated in the form of a collective spirits. A spirit corresponding to the size of white colored spirit (6th Dimension) can enter into the herd of six deer.

A spirit divides itself and enters into the bodies of six deer, and then it is incorporated into the reincarnation system of the Grand Universe and continues the material tour of the spirit-soul for millions of years.

The spirit-soul, which enters into the bodies of six deer, is incorporated into the reincarnation system of the Grand Universe and evolves independently. The divided spirits reincarnate by forming a family relationship or forming a same group relationship of animals. After a certain period of time set by the Spiritual Hierarchy of the planet, the six divided spirits are agglomerated together to form one spirit.

The spirits that have existed in the collective spirits of deer for millions of years, are agglomerated together and incorporated into one with the results of each evolution. The integrated spirit-soul from the spirit-souls of six deer, receives a new body according to the course of the evolution of the spirit-soul and is incorporated into the reincarnation system of the planet to continue the new life cycle.

The reincarnation system of human beings is complicated and diverse. Human beings can implement high level of consciousness, and human beings have the highest level of free will. Between human beings who can implement high level of consciousness and have high level of free will, there are clashes of free wills, abuse of free will, and violation of the free will of others.

Being given a high level of free will means that the level of desire is high. If they don’t maintain the harmony and the balance between consciousness and the emotion, then conflicts and confrontations between selfish and unstable emotions will inevitably occur.

Because of the abuse of free will, because of the conflict between free wills, various karmas are formed, between man and nature, between man and man, between group and group, between race and race, between country and country.

The characteristic of the human reincarnation system is that it works by the interaction between free will and karma energy. Each spirit-soul has its own course of evolution, and its own independence is ensured. Free will is guaranteed as much as possible, depending on the direction and purpose of the spirit-soul's evolution.

The free will is the accelerating pedal given to the spirit-soul and the karma energy is the brake that can limit the free will of the spirit-soul, when compared to the car.

After strict coordination between your free will and karma energy by your Original Spirit, the Committee of Karma and the Committee of Re-incarnation (11th  dimension) in the Government of Heaven, your life program has been decided, and now you are living here.

The human reincarnation system includes the Karma system. The Karma system is being applied to the intelligent life forms with a certain level of free will.

As the karma system meets the reincarnation system, the cartwheels that move the Grand Universe became advanced. The cartwheels that move the Grand Universe, became the path of Heaven set by itself, and it became the law of the Grand Universe.

The karma system does not apply to minerals. There is no karma in the life cycle of plants. In the life cycle of animals karma does not occur, too.

On the planet Earth, only humans are subject to the rule of karma due to the abuse of free will. Even if humans commit sins, they are not born as plants or minerals, because minerals and plants do not apply to the karma system.

In the life cycle of animal, karma system does not work either. So even if humans commit sins in their own lives, humans do not transmigrate to animals.

There is no heaven in this universe. So even if he wants, he can’t go to Heaven. Even if humans commit sins, he does not go to Hell, because there is no Hell in this universe.

What we can admit as sin in the universe is that the living creature with free will seriously violates the other’s free will by the abuse of the free will. Only at this time karma energy will be generated, and only if someone severely violates the other’s free will to satisfy his own interests and desires, then karma occurs.

The karma energy can only be eliminated by the person who caused the karma. Even the CREATOR doesn’t interfere with the karma energy.

There are traces of my past life in my present life. My future life is affected by my present life. My current life is together with my past life and living together with my future life through my karma energy.

The ignorance of mankind about the reincarnation system has created heaven and hell that doesn’t exist anywhere in the universe. By denying the reincarnation system, Christianity took its path into the corruptive world. The ignorance of mankind about the reincarnation system has created a virtual illusion (matrix) of religion.

The ignorance of mankind about the reincarnation system has alienated us from the truth of the Grand Universe. The ignorance of mankind about the reincarnation system has made impossible to understand the life truth included in the life cycle.

By the timely relations Udeka keeps a record of the inconvenient truth about the reincarnation system and the karma energy, for the Light-Workers who are waking up and for the Heavenly people whose consciousness are being awakened.

June 27, 2018.
Udeka writes.

*Translated by Windvoice.

The Analysis of the Inter-Dimensional Spaces of the Planet Earth

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