The symbols of lightworkers

Lightworkers have the following characteristics.

1. Descending spirit-souls

They are descending spirit-souls, and their final higher-selves exist in nonmaterial world of 12th dimension to 18th dimension.

2. Cosmic Lineage

Cosmic Information of a person is represented as lights and shapes emanated in the Ha-Danjeon (Navel chakra), Joong-Danjeon (Chest Center chakra), and Sang-Danjeon (Brow chakra).

- Ha-Danjeon: By the color of lights emanated in Ha-Danjeon, we can distinguish whether a person is an ascending or descending spirit-soul.
* Ascending spirit-soul: white, silver, pink, yellow color
* Descending spirit-soul: green, blue, dark blue, brown, violet color

- Joong-Danjeon: It’s possible to distinguish all the spirit-soul’s branches by the color of lights emanated in Joong-Danjeon and by the shapes formed in Joong-Danjeon. The mankind is composed of 12 branches.

- Sang-Danjeon: It’s possible to distinguish between Avonal groups and DAN tribes by the shapes created in Sang-Danjeon.

3. The characters and symbols of Avonal groups

Avonal groups are special soldiers in the universe and distributed in 12th to 15th dimensional universe. They are beings born by specialized direct energy differentiation of the Creator. They are children of the Creator and also the best elite troops. In addition, as the chief executive in PEFA (Protective Energy-Field Area), they will play roles of local magistrate and supreme court justice.

As seen by spiritual eyes, Avonals are always in uniform and have strong personality of military officer. They are very stubborn, have strong mental power, and have very firm courage and bravery.

The symbols of Avonal are lotus, Sam-Tae-Geuk or Hyeon-Mu*, which are shown in Sang-Danjeon. As the cosmic rank is higher, Hyeon-Mu appears.

* Hyeon-Mu: It is one of the four symbols of the Korean constellations, which is similar to the Black Tortoise or Black Turtle. It is usually depicted as a turtle entwined together with a snake. It symbolizes the North, water and the winter season in the Eastern philosophy. ‘Hyeon’ means black color (the North is represented as black color in oriental philosophy), and ‘Mu’ represents protection (the back of turtle) and sharp teeth (the teeth of snake).

4. The characters and symbols of DAN-tribes

- They are distributed widely from 12th to 18th dimensional universe.
- They are leading members of 12 tribes, and they assist and serve the Creator.
- They form ‘the Supervisory groups’, and are actually key players in Terra Project.
- The symbols of DAN-tribes are rose of Sharon (Mu-Gung-Hwa), Tae-Geuk or the Trinity Bird (the Three-Legged Crow), which are shown in Sang-Danjeon. As the position is higher, the Trinity Bird appears. Even though they are in uniform, they are civil servants rather than military officers.

5. Ordinary lightworkers

They have a Green-Core (Dan:丹) in their Ha-Danjeon. Their positions are represented by the dragon’s size and color. Most lightworkers belong to this category. They are cooperators of both DAN-tribes and Avonal groups. They will deal with practical works in PEFA (Protective Energy-Field Area).

6. Heyoka and Denika groups

They do not belong to the lightworkers of 144,000. They are the assistant group of the lightworkers and their total number reaches 240 million. The Angels group in the Government of Heaven take this role and mission. The symbols are similar to ordinary lightworkers. These groups are composed of descending spirit-souls (20%) and ascending spirit-souls (80%).

7. The Creator’s direct lineage family group

As symbol, they have the Ultimate Bird (Bong-Hwang) on their head. Their positions are represented by the size and color of the Ultimate Bird. They are the highest of the Supervisory groups in each dimensional universe. They are differentiated into 17th, 15th, 13th, 11th, 9th, 7th, 5th dimensional universe. They are differentiated into two beings per each dimension as Yang(+) and Yin(-). In this way they participate in Earth’s history.

8. The Trinity of the universe

They are the three Creators in 18th dimensional universe; the Infinite Spirit (18th dimension 17th level), the Universal Father (18th dimension 16th level), and the Eternal Mother (18th dimension 15th level). They are called as the Trinity of the universe. At present time, they are incarnated into human body to assist the Creator. They have the patterns of three-ringed trinity (three-ringed Sam-Tae-Geuk), and have the Ultimate Bird (Bong-Hwang) on their head. Their universal ranks are symbolized by the color of the Ultimate Bird.

9. The Role and Missions

The 144,000 lightworkers are just the spectrum of 144,000 lights which will spread out on the planet of Gaia. They are the carriers of the Creator’s energy to Earth and also the light passages through which Heaven’s will is realized on Earth at the same time. The missions and roles of lightworkers will roll out simultaneously just when being oneness with their final higher-selves are finished. After the oneness with final higher-self is achieved, the energy tuning of Spirit-Soul-Baek is processed. Heaven’s mark for the lightworkers is ‘Sam-Tae-Geuk’ in Joong-Danjeon.

Good luck to all of you, lightworkers.

May 8, 2016.
Udeka writes.

*Translated by Yeoyeo. Edited by Metrica.

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