The Final Unravelment on the 17th Dimension

The Creators of the local universes (galaxies) inhabit in the 17th dimension. There are more than 2 million local universes in the great universe.

The Nebadon galaxy (local universe), to which the Earth belongs, has the dimensions up to the 18th level of 17th dimension, while the Magellan galaxy of the 14th level and the Andromeda galaxy of the 15th level in 17th dimension.

All the galaxies could be classified into the 18 categories according to the dimensional hierarchies to which each of the Local Creators of the galaxies belong.

Our galaxy (the Nebadon local universe) is governed by a member of the Creator’s Direct Lineage Family Group, who is the Local Creator of our galaxy in the 18th level of 17th dimension. In other words, our galaxy was created directly from the Creator’s energy. The governing structure of our galaxy could be further classified into the 18 administer groups which span from the first level to the 18th level of 17th dimension.

This hierarchy of governing structure might be comprehended in terms of spectral wavelength of lights. Let’ say our galaxy’s light color is white. Then the white light could be divided into 18 different wavelengths of light spectrum. These 18 different wavelengths represent the 18 different governing hierarchies of our galaxy.

All the governing groups in the 17th dimension are assisted by the 12 Source Spirits of the 17th dimension. Every 17th dimension in the great universe are operated in the same way of our galaxy.

All the matrices of religions on earth have been installed, operated and managed from the 17th dimension. Buddha of about three thousand years past was the avatar of the chief executive of the 18th level in the 17th dimension.

In fact, Buddha was the manifestation of the Nebadonia, who is the feminine representation of the Local Creator of the Nebadon galaxy, Christ Michael Aton. The 12 Source Spirits of CM Aton became the 12 Disciples of Buddha and they gave foundation to build the matrix of Buddhism.

Jesus was the masculine manifestation of the CM Aton. Also the 12 Source Spirits of CM Aton became the 12 Disciples of Jesus and they helped to build the matrix of the Christian religion.

In summary, the Original Spirit of Buddha and Jesus is the same one. The 12 Disciples of Buddha and Jesus also originated from the same source of energies. But their individual characteristics were different, which is due to the program contents of their thought adjusters.

The thought adjusters of Buddha and Jesus were chosen and determined to help their unique missions. In that determination, the circumstances of the times and geographical distinctions were also considered.

For a spirit, there is no distinction of sex. Only when a spirit wears the coat of physical human body, it needs the choice of sex. It is not the unique spirit energy but the program contents of thought adjuster that strongly affects the avatar’s characters.

In the PEFA (Protective Energy-Field Area), the Bestowal of Avonals is to be granted by the Creator groups in the 18th dimension. The role of Buddha and Jesus with their 12 Disciples had been finished already about three thousand and two thousand years ago.

In fact, all the religions which have been installed on the Earth was directed by the 17th dimension.

The dimensional ascension of the Earth is the project that all the matrices of religions built by the 17th dimension are dismantled by the Creator groups in the 18th dimension. The Earth’s ascension is directly supervised by the Source Creator in the 18th level of 18th dimension. To assist and support this Holy Project of the Great Universe, the Avonal groups have been dispatched from the 12th and 14th dimension. They are being prepared and awakened now by the Heaven. They are called “the Light-Workers”.

In the process of the Earth’s ascension, the role of Jesus and Buddha altogether with their 12 Disciples are reduced. Their spiritual capabilities will not be allowed greater than those of the Light-Workers. The avatars of Jesus and Buddha will have to see that the matrix of religion such as Buddhism and the Christian collapse totally.

In this way, their public karmas will be dissolved along with the collapse of religion matrix. By the Law of inter-person interactions and karmas, some of the avatars of the 12 Disciples will not be able to enter into the PEFA.

Even though the avatars of the 12 Disciples could come into the PEFA, they will not receive such a great attention as before. They will play only the role of attestor.

As such shall it be. As such is it planned to be. As such was it done.

November 14, 2017.

Udeka writes.

*Translated by Metrica.
(Contact Us: metrica@naver.com)


  1. I came from the 17th at the beginning of this Earth project. I will be here till it is done. But I will ascend to the 21st Dimension at that point. Thank you for sharing this. Now I know.


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