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20. Matrix structure of light and darkness

Human life depends on
the direction of mind,
either positive or negative.
Which one do you empower on?
We see two kinds of people.
People in one category emit positive waves
as they have strong light.
The others have strong fear
so they produce negative energy.

Without consciousness expansion or enlightenment,
it is quite challenging
to glimpse and realize the matrix structure
of Light and Darkness.
Even if we know it,
it’s just the tip of an iceberg.
Grasping the big picture is nearly unattainable.

People believe
their minds and free wills are purely their own.
They think they make thoughts and consciousness by themselves.
This is the current address
of thinking and consciousness
found in most mankind trapped in this material world.

Thought, mind or consciousness
are created and affected
by the interaction and tuning of
the following four energy categories;

① Spirit energy: Will of spirit, effect by higher-self
② Angels in Light: angels working for the role of Light 
③ Angels in Darkness: angels working for the role of Darkness
④ Soul energy: Ego, soul-consciousness created by ‘I’ who is not awakened

When you take a look
a little closer to the mechanism that
a piece of mind is formed, cultivated and represented,
you can tell
it comes out through a complex and delicate process.

Most people are stuck
in the darkness matrix
and hooked on the negativities
produced by that matrix.
This is our reality.
A piece of pure mind
that we thought it’s fully ours
is being eaten and dominated
by the negative energy forms
such as ghosts and angels in darkness.

When negative thoughts or emotions
rooted in fear and negativities come up,
be aware
those four energies forms inside you
begin to wriggle.

Before your negative thoughts or emotions
turn into the will or actions,
be aware of your negative energy working.
And then stop thinking.
Just observe it.
Ignore it.
And let it go through.

Do not react.
Do not empower on the negative energy.
Don’t say anything negative.
Don’t hurt other people’s feelings.
Don’t make any troubles.
Just look at what it is.

Right at that moment,
Spirit-soul and your higher-self start caressing.
As the matrix of light angles expands,
sound and behavior begin to come out of light.
This is how thoughts and emotions occur in every moment.

In a piece of pure mind,
love and light are originated.
In a piece of pure reflections,
everything you have to learn lies there.

*Translated by BB. Edited by Metrica

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